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1200 Curfews (1995) Song Ranking

23 Jan

48.1% Awesome; 25.9% Good; 11.1% OK; 14.8% Meh; Skip out of 27

13 Awesome


Least Complicated

Pushing the Needle Too Far

Tangled Up in Blue

World Falls

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (live at Atwood)


Land of Cannan

This Train Revised


Closer to Fine

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Go Go Go

I thought I liked live albums less, than studio b/c I like the way I know the song. And when they deviate from that I thought I liked it a little less. But when I listened to this album it was very sentimental both in remembering the time period I first listened to it a lot (my first year at college, living in the dorm) and also for concerts I’d been to over the years. So even though there are many slow songs on here, there are enough amped up songs to keep it exciting.

7 Good

I Don’t Wanna Know

Thin Line

Love’s Recovery (too much brass)

Jonas Ezekial

Down By the River (instrumentals!)

Back Together Again

Midnight Train to Georgia

3 OK

Language or the Kiss (bike bell)

Virginia Woolfe


4 Meh

Strange Fire

Power of Two

Dead Man’s Hill