Holly Happy Days (2010) Song Ranking

30 Jan

23.1% awesome; 38.5% good; 15.4% 23.1% OK; meh; skip out of 13

3 awesome
I Feel the Christmas Spirit
The Wonder Song
Happy Joyous Hanukkah

I’m not really a fan of Christmas music. Only because I’ve been oversaturated with it. The songs are nice, but then there are 800 remakes of the same 10 songs. So you hear them over, and over, and over. That is why this album is in my top 3 for Christmas all time (after TSO & Michael Buble’). The Indigo Girls made an all-inclusive, unique album, and I love that.

5 good
I’ll be Home for Christmas
It Really Is (A Wonderful Life)
Angels We Have Heard On High
Your Holiday Song
O Holy Night

2 ok
I’ll Be Home for Christmas
In the Bleak Midwinter

3 meh
Peace Child
There’s Still My Joy


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