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beauty queen sister (2011) Song Ranking

31 Jan

(7.7% awesome, 38.5% good, 23.1% OK, 15.4% meh, 15.4% skip out of 13)

1 awesome


5 good

beauty queen sister


mariner moonlighting

making promises


3 ok/neutral

we get to feel it all

share the moon

war rugs

2 meh


able to sing

In the past, I thought Emily was the better writer, and more professional(?) singer. And Amy was the cooler, more rock & roll, edgy one. But this album, I could tell Emily was settled and happy, which is really good for her! I’m glad she’s more stable and loving her life. But it did not make for very compelling songwriting. So I had an unusually high meh and skip count because of that.

2 skip

birthday song

feed and water the horses