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My Un-Scientific Indigo Girls Albums Ranking

3 Feb

To be differentiated between the quantitative ranking by song. I listened to every song on the album. Then listened to something completely different to cleanse the palate, so to speak. Then I listened a 2nd time. If I ranked any songs differently between the 1st and 2nd listen, I gave them a 3rd listen. Then I worked out the percentages of awesome, good, OK, meh, and skips. From those calculations, I put the albums in order from the most liked songs to least. So it was a big process. But this is just my feeling. Which I guess is more judging the vibe of each album.

I’ll give you 3 words I think of when I see these albums:

1 Staring Down the Brilliant Dream

featuring, southern-reconciliation, concerned

2 Become You

sentimental, lonely, quietly-righteous

3 Nomads Indians and Saints

raw, dark, novel

4 Holly Happy Days

diverse, inclusive, interesting

5 Despite Our Differences

angry, real, personal is political

6 Poseidon and the Bitter Bug

concerts, introspective, hooks

7 Self-Titled

staples, grammy, #1 song all time

8 Come On Now Social

rabble-rousing, political, call-to-action

9. 1200 Curfews

romantical, covers, sing-alongs

10 Beauty Queen Sister

compassion, retro, punk-vibes

11 Look Long

country, children, looking back

12 All That We Let In

George W Bush, community, hopeful

13 Shaming of the Sun

race, grass roots, immigrants

14 One Lost Day

travel, memories, geography

15 Strange Fire

repeats, before my time, yearning

16 Swamp Ophelia

gay, covers, slow

17 Rites of Passage

rural, history, classical