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Taylor Swift Self-Titled (2006) Song Ranking

15 Feb

20% Awesome; 46.7% Good; 20% OK; 13.3% Meh; Skip out of 15

3 Awesome

Picture to Burn

Should’ve Said No

Our Song

I like this album as a fresh, innocent, spunky offering. Taylor was a totally different person then, but I thought she seemed feisty so I was attracted to her songs.

7 Good

Time McGraw

Teardrops on My Guitar (radio single)

Cold As You

Tied Together w/a Smile

Stay Beautiful

I’m Only Me When I’m w/You (fiddle & bass)

Tear Drops on my Guitar (pop)

3 OK

A Place in the World

Mary’s Song (oh my my)


2 Meh

The Outside

A Perfectly Good Heart