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Fearless (2008) by Taylor Swift Song Ranking

16 Feb

16.7% Awesome; 33.3% Good; 50% OK; Meh; Skip out of 18

3 Awesome

love story

You Belong with Me

You’re Not Sorry

I call this the rain album, because I feel like it’s mentioned at least once in the majority of the songs. With this era, Taylor, while still cheeky, really went into a privlaged, patriarchal princess stage. Which did not resonate with me that much. And today, as a feminist, I find it problematic. But still, there are some catchy songs here, and it’s definitely sentimental to that time in my life.

6 Good

Forever & Always

Come in w/the Rain



white horse

hey stephen

9 OK


Jump then Fall


Other Side of the Door

Tell Me Why

The Way I Loved You

Superstar (bridge salvaged)

The Best Day

Change (end jam)