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Red (2012) by Taylor Swift Song Ranking

18 Feb

20.8% Awesome; 58.3% Good; 8.3% OK; 4.2% Meh; Skip out of 24

5 awesome


The Moment I Knew

Girl at Home

Stay Stay Stay

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Because Taylor Swift wouldn’t go on Spotify, I missed this entire era (1989 too). I had been a big fan, but then totally lost track of her b/c I couldn’t listen without paying money… So as a result, I always feel a bit disconnected from this album. But I do like that the songs start to be more coded here. There are some les/bi-vibes for sure! And reading into the true meaning of songs is fun for me. I consider it a 2nd job really.

14 Good



All Too Well (over-rated–yeah, I said it)


Come Back Be Here

The Last Time

Holy Ground

The Lucky One

Everything Has Changed


Begin Again

Trecerous (demo)

Red (demo)

State of Grace (acoustic)

2 OK

I Almost Do

Sad Beautiful Tragic

1 Meh

State of Grace