Indigo Girls: GOODs (not final)

4 Mar

ig good
a= almost awesome
b= exactly good
c= almost OK
1 = top of category
2 = bottom of category
i = top of almost awesome
ii = bottom of almost awesome

The groups were too big so I had to narrow them down to a, b, and c almost awesome, exactly good, and almost OK respectively.  Than those groups were too big so I did 1 as top of their category and 2 as the lower part.  And still, some of those groups were too large so I split those into top and bottom (i and ii). 


a= almost awesome
1 = top of category
Philosophy of Loss (CoNS): a1 ugh–this song.  It’s a secret song only.  And the song it’s attached to is on a different ranking list, so it’s always harder to rank…  I did it after I published this post.

a= almost awesome
1 = top of category
i = top of almost awesome
Beauty Queen Sister (BQS): a1i
Believe in Love (SDtBD): a1i
Blood & Fire (ST): a1i
Burn All the Letters (SotS): a1i
Center Stage (ST): a1i (ending)
Collecting You (BY): a1i
Fugative (SDtBD): a1i
I Don’t Wanna Know (1200); a1i
Kid Fears (LwtUoCSO): a1i
Land of Cannan-radio single (ST): a1i
Last Tears-acoustic (DOD): a1i
Love of Our Lives (LwtUoCSO): a1i
Midnight Train to Georgia (1200): a1i
O Holy Night (HHD): a1i (high difficulty notes)
Our Deliverance (BY); a1i
Rock and Roll Heaven’s Gate (DOD): a1i
Sugar Tongue (LwtUoCSO): a1i
Tether (SDtBD): a1i
You and Me of the 10,000 Wars (NIS): a1i
Yoke (LwtUoCSO); a1i

a= almost awesome
1 = top of category
ii = bottom of almost awesome
Airplane (RoP): a1ii
Angels We Have Heard On High (HHD): a1ii
Closer to Fine (SDtBD): a1ii
Cut it OUt (SotS): a1ii
Damo (LwtUoCSO): a1ii
Faye Tucker (CoNS): a1ii
Fugative (SO) = a1ii
Happy in the Sorrow Key (LwtUoCSO): a1ii
Lay My Head Down (DOD); a1ii
Little Perennials-live (DOD): a1ii
Secure Yourself (ST): a1ii
Three County Highway-live (DOD): a1ii
Tried to be True (ST); a1ii
World Falls (NIS): a1ii
You’ve Got to Show (BY): a1ii

a= almost awesome
2 = bottom of category
Able to Sing (LwtUoCSO): a2
Crazy Game (SF): a2
Free in You (AtWLI): A2
Damo (BQS): a2
Galileo (LwtUoCSO): a2 (good, but I like original better)
Gone Again (CoNS): a2
Leeds (SotS): a2
Let it be Me (RoP): a2
Love of Our Lives-acoustic (PatBB): a2 (stronger singing)
Making Promises (BQS); a2
Pendulum Swinger (DOD): a2
Romeo and Juliet (RoP); a2
Shed Your Skin (SofS): a2
Southland in the Springtime (NIS): a2
Starkville (BY); a2
Strange Fire (SF): a2
Sugar Tongue (PatBB): a2
Tether (AtWLI): a2
They Won’t Have Me (DOD): a2
This Train Revised (SO); a2
Three County Highway (SDtBD): a2
Three Hits (RoP): A2
Trouble (CoNS): a2
Watershed (SDtBD):a2 (5d, live singing = less)
Welcome Me (NIS): a2
What Are You Like (PatBB): A2

A lot of the songs in this section remind me of Seattle ZooTunes.  Whatever year I went it seemed like they played most of these.

b= exactly good
1 = top of category
Change My Heart (LL); b1
Down by the River (1200): b1
Elizabeth (OLD): B1 (DETAILED STORY)
Fleet of Hope-acoustic (PatBB); b1
The Girl w/the Weight of the World in Her Hands (NIS); B1
Jonas and Ezekiel (1200): b1
Jonas and Ezekiel (RoP): b1
K.C. Girl (LL): b1
Keeper of My Heart (NIS): b1
Love of Our Lives (SDtBD): b1
Mariner Moonlighting (BQS): b1
Muster (LL): b1
Ozilline (CoNS): b1
Ozilline (SDtBD): b1
Reunion (SO): b1
Run (DOD): b1
True Romantic (PatBB): b1
What Are You Like-acoustic (PatBB): B1
The Wood Song (SDtBD): b1
Woodsong (LwtUoCSO): b1
Your Holiday Song (HHD); b1

b= exactly good
2 = bottom of category
Come a Long Way (LwtUoCSO): b2 (ending!)
Dead Man’s Hill (SO): B2
Digging for Your Dream (PatBB) = b2
Fly Away (SDtBD): b2
Get Together (SF) = b2
Ghost of the Gang-acoustic (PatBB): b2
I’ll Change-acoustic (PatBB): b2
Nashville (RoP): b2
Peace Tonight (CoNS): b2
Perfect World (AtWLI): b2
Sorrow and Joy (LL); b2 (WTF is this song about?)
Southern California is Your Girlffriend (OLD): b2
True Romantic-acoustic (PatBB): b2
War Rugs (LwtUoCSO): b2
We are Together (CoNS): b2
Wild Horses (SDtBD); b2
The Wood Song (SO): b2

c= almost OK
1 = top of category
Come a Long Way (OLD): c1
Digging for Your Dream (SDtBD): C1
Dirt and Dead Ends (DOD): C1 (BLEAK)
Feel this WAy Again (LL): c1
I’ll Be Home for Christmas (HHD): c1
It Really is (A Wonderful Life) (HHD): c1
Love Will Come to You (RoP); c1
Salty South-acoustic (PatBB): c1
Something Real (AtWLI): c1
Spread the Pain Around (OLD): c1
Walk Away (SF): c1

I suspect these songs are ranked relatively low bc they’re a bummer.  They all have serious, heavy (very important) topics, but the bleakness just gets to me.  In all this ranking, I learned I prefer upbeat and fast songs.

c= almost OK
2 = bottom of category
Alberta (OLD): c2
Back Together Again (1200): c2
Country RAdio (LL): c2
Everybody’s Waiting for Someone to Come Home (SF): c2
Ghost (RoP); c2
Gone (BQS): c2
Love’s Recovery (1200): c2 (too much brass)
Thin Line (1200): c2

Ironically, Spotify and Lastfm will probably say I listened to this section most.  But only bc I’d either tune out, or it wasn’t clear where they should be ranked on the list…

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