Familiar Lyrics…

25 Nov

I do an albums of the year post, and was listening to the new album Lady Gaga put out with Tony Bennett (which is pretty good if you like ’30s-’40s swing, P.S.) and some lyrics stopped me in my tracks. On the 3rd track Bennett sings, “…smile looks like a smirk…” What?! And the track is called, “Love for Sale” so that’s pretty pointed, am I right? Just thought I’d share my excitement at another “konnection” kidding, not kidding.


**edited to spell out what I’m getting out more clearly**



#1) Jesus, why do I always get such rude responses to my excited and earnest posts?! Unnecessary. Can we tone it down, everybody? Nobody needs to attack. You guys seriously hurt my feelings when you undermine my posts. I’d rather you either tell FACTS/logic of why you disagree, or just scroll along…

#2) Ever heard of a little song called ‘Happiness’ where the lyrics include:

[Verse 2]

Tell me, when did your winning SMILE


When did all our lessons start to look like weapons

Pointed at my deepest hurt?

I hope she’ll be a beautiful fool

Who takes my spot next to you

No, I didn’t mean that

Sorry, I can’t see facts through all of my fury

You haven’t met the new me yet

#3) According to Wiki:

“Love for Sale” is a song by Cole Porter introduced by Kathryn Crawford in the musical The New Yorkers, which opened on Broadway on December 8, 1930 and closed in May 1931 after 168 performances.[1] The song is written from the viewpoint of a prostitute advertising “love for sale”.

#4) There is much speculation who Happiness is about. But New York! Selling out?! Like a marriage to a rich person or something??? Two guesses who that might be about–and it’s not Abigale.


I have no idea why my post was removed?!  It has everything to do with Gaylor?  Like, sorry if you don’t know Taylor and Karlie (probably) dated.  And Karlie married a rich, rich politically involved family, which Taylor might see as selling out or ‘Love for Sale’???  Cause it might not be the true love Kaylor shared, but a love of a lifestyle that a straight marriage can provide.

Love for Sale

Cole Porter

When the only sound in the empty street
Is the heavy tread of the heavy feet
That belongs to a lonesome cop
I open shop
When the moon so long has been gazing down
On the wayward ways of this wayward town
That her smile becomes a smirk,
I go to work.

Love for sale, appetizing young love for sale
Love that’s fresh and still unspoiled
Love that’s only slightly spoiled
Love for sale
Who will buy?
Who would like to sample my supply?
Who’s prepared to pay the price
For a trip to paradise?

Love for sale.

Let the poets pipe of love
In their childish way
I know every type of love
Better far than they.
If you want the trill of love,
I’ve been through the mill of love,
Old love, new love,
Every love but true love.
Love for sale.

Source: LyricFindSongwriters: Cole PorterLove for Sale lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc

Also: Why are they so mean to me???

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