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Best Lessons Learned from 2021

5 Jan

2021 wasn’t the best year.  But I did learn some things.

I guess I had a lot to say about my lessons, because this got too long for a reader’s attention span.  I’m going to keep the sparse list here and spin off each item into its own post.

-Don’t bother with HR/EEOC

-instead of documenting a list date/time/incidents do headings of specific problem & under it date/time supporting incidents/evidence.  But also:  Don’t bother.

-What is Gaslighting

-working for a narcissist

-to stick to a habit do ‘in a row’

-water alleviates tiredness more than caffeine

-a walk helps get rid of sleepiness

-I get excited to write then lose motivation & traction before I finish the writing piece.

I think it’s bc I get discouraged about the writing phases behind the scenes that don’t get published.

-I’m afraid to start a book while I’m in the middle of one: confusion, won’t finish 1st book, take too long, don’t know how to read 2 at a time.