Don’t bother with HR/EEOC [lessons of 2021]

8 Jan

And piggy-backing off of that, they say they can’t follow up w/o documentation. But they don’t read it or do anything w/that documentation. Corporations are always gonna win. It’s not cynical if it’s true.

I had always been told:  Document, document, document!  And because there wasn’t really anything else I could do about my work situation, that’s what I did.  I diligently kept up on dates, times, incidents until I had about a million instances of unprofessional, harassing, retaliatory behavior in there. 

Despite many attempts at explaining there was a problem, my supervisor couldn’t be bothered, and just found my repeated pleas annoying.  Then he harassed me low-key, I guess because he was annoyed? Solution: If you’re tired of hearing from me, take ANY action what-so-ever. And his stuff against me was worse, because he had more power.

When I escalated to HR, the guy was overwhelmed and just looked at my documentation as another task he didn’t have time to address.  HE DIDN’T READ ANY OF IT.  I thought he was the anomaly, and lamented at my bad luck of getting the lazy HR rep. 

The constant work problems still persisted. So I escalated my concerns to the U.S. Government (big mistake). I had a literal 3 hour call with my case worker one Friday. And she was supposed to open my case. I didn’t see it in the portal and thought I must be looking in the wrong place for it after a month. I had emailed a zip file of all the documentation, labeled neatly, and added on the email to let me know if she was unable to open the zip so I could send it a different way. No word. Then after 5? 6? weeks, she emailed asking me to call. That day. During work hours of course (government). But I work? So I had to call on my 30 min lunch break. And from her first question to me I could tell: She didn’t remember me. She hadn’t taken notes during our first call. And she didn’t read ANY of my documentation. As a matter of fact, I could tell she kinda wanted to start aaaaaaalllllllll over during that 30 min call, but I didn’t have time. Then, in passing she said she couldn’t open the zip file, could I email her this date, and that incident, and a picture of such and such? Confirming, she hadn’t looked at anything. Then, before my work day was over, before I could email her the materials she had requested–she had already opened my case. Just without anything. Did not wait a couple hours for me to email the documentation she had requested (somebody had a deadline). My case, which had been going on from Feb 2021 to August 2021 (and still continues, but this happened in Aug) got exactly one paragraph. And it said fragments of what she asked during that day’s lunch call. She didn’t even get the primary concern correct, because she never laid eyes on one sentence of one document. In short, she did not give a FUCK.

I realized right then HR and EEOC are not there to help or protect little employees. It’s a croc and they’re meant to protect companies. And for optics. What a colossal waste of time! I also realized documentation is just a road block.  It’s something HR-types tell people they should have had to paint any inaction by HR and the company as the victim’s own fault.  You didn’t have enough, so we couldn’t prove it or act! If you don’t have documentation, that is the reason given for not helping you. 

Here’s the secret:  Nobody read any part of my documentation, and nobody helped me.  My documentation was complete. It was organized. It proved a lot of things. It’s not about documentation.  It’s about corporations having 100% control of the situation.  They will protect themselves.  You are replaceable.  By law, they have to give you spiels about harassment, retaliation, etc, etc…  And I took screenshots of the definitions and examples of “harassment,” “hostile workplace,” and “retaliation” directly from our mandatory (why? WTF for? They don’t actually do anything when it happens?) training videos. And beside each I put a date/time/situation that exactly matched those definitions. Actually, many examples. My supervisor didn’t care. HR was just mad I was creating more work for them and didn’t care. And the EEOC was so lazy/incompetent that they never even saw it.

Why didn’t I just get a lawyer? Because I do think I have a pretty good case that could be proven in court. Here’s the reason, and it’s why I KNOW the system is not set up to help the employee. You can’t get a lawyer and sue your employer, until the EEOC not only writes up your case, but decides it worth taking. They have to believe you have a valid dispute, and want to take it on. And first, they do an investigation of your workplace. My caseworker said that investigation could take years! They also try to get you to arbitrate with your company before anything else. After all those hurdles are cleared, and only then, does the state allow you to secure an attorney to deal with it. And when my gal didn’t even fucking listen or read??? How could I move forward?

So they are never going to choose the worker-bee over management or the company.  If you are being harassed at work, don’t bother with documentation, or escalating your concerns up the chain as you are instructed in the training videos.  Just find a new job.  It’s probably not going to get better.

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