Emergency Move

26 Jan

Well, there goes all my goals/resolutions.

We were planning on re-signing our lease when it was up 2/28/22, and in Early January the landlord said that would be fine bc we’re good tenets.

This Monday the landlord texted and said he would be raising the rent by 25%. That’s $400/mo than we pay now 🀯😱🀬😱😱

To make matters worse we looked up housing in the Phoenix metro area and nothing (that accepts pets) is in our price range anymore 😳😬😒😭😱

Tucson is cheaper, but there are limited jobs, and the crime map looked terrible.

So with 35 days notice, totally unprepared emotionally, physically, financially we have to move to Missouri to afford to live.

Consider me off the grid for a bit, dear readers.

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