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Confusion: Why Do People Treat Me Like I’m Stupid???

6 Oct

Remember I had switched markets at work, because my supervisor was treating me well, and knowledgeable help was available-and that’s the WHOLE thing.

I did excellent in training, got it, could tell I was doing better than the others in my class because we were doing claims as a group.  My trainer told we I was doing really well, and I’m certain gave a good report to my supervisor.

The day after training was over, my supervisor called me and had me share my screen.  She was nasty to me, making the conversation negative and as awkward as possible.  She was treating me so dumb, even though I feel confident after training.  I had a couple of questions here or there, but felt like I really got it.  But she treated me like I didn’t know even basic things, and was guiding me on things I didn’t need help with.  It was a really strange and horrible encounter.  It was a 180 switch for no reason I could think of.  I was upset and confused.

She spent a half hour micromanaging me and really talking to me like $hit.  Then scheduled a whole hour to watch me process claims.  The thing is, we spent most of the time in training processing claims with our peers.  And I was having to assist every teammate with every step of every claim.  I could tell the others weren’t getting it.  But I did, so it was frustrating we had to go so slow, and I was obligated to help everyone all the time.  I knew my stuff–you know except for a few questions that popped up here or there.  But my supervisor was acting like I was remedial…

It made me paranoid that I give off flaky-vibes, or portray myself as dumb in some way.  Because this isn’t the first time this has happened to me at this company.  Remember last year how I was bullied, harassed, and retaliated against by both my TL and supervisor? 

see this post:

For the whole year.  They were always treating me like I was confused.  Even though I wasn’t, and even though any mistakes that got called out by our quality auditors were overturned, because I had actually done the claim correctly. 

I just couldn’t understand why they always treated me dumb–because they got my production data, quality, and could see the claims I worked.  They both had the data to know I had good quality, and was constantly producing like 50% over our production goal.  

Anyway, this situation reminded me of that, so I thought I must be doing something, saying or acting in some way that led others believe I am confused and dumb (even though I’m neither!).  I went on YouTube to see what I needed to do to convey confidence and knowledge and that I get it.  In the search I typed, 

“My boss treats me like I’m dumb”

And every YouTube video that came up was like, “My boss is a narcissist” and when I watched several–mind blown.  I had many realizations and revelations.

But this is getting long so now that I set up HOW I discovered it, I’ll tell you the details in the next post.