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A Taste Review: Did You Know Kit Kats Come in 10 More Flavors Than You Knew About?!

29 Oct

And now a break from Taylor’s Midnights series for


I found all manner of flavors not offered in the U.S. (at least that I know about) from a Japanese retailor on Amazon. They sent 21 random flavors-some repeated. And there’s even more flavors out there! I did the taste test months and months ago, so I can’t remember details, but here some of the flavors are!

Refrigerator mango

Mango and chocolate don’t sound great, but this one was actually really good. And very summery.

Blue wrapper spaceman
Like berry cereal?

Do you like blueberry beer? Same kinda thing minus the alcohol.

Regular kit kat

How can I ever go back to the boring plain stuff again??!

Weird fake mango w/cookie

Latte or malt?
Couldn’t tell, dry

The texture was a put-off. Also, keep a beverage nearby as this one is a choking hazard.

Sweet good

I did NOT think these light fruity ones would be good, but I was wrong. They really make it work.

Cinnamon apple
Smells sugar, sweet Lt apple, cinnamon candy aftertaste

I think it’s funny how we usually see apple as red or green packaging, but this one is purple-huh.

Just like the chocolate orange slices

Ever had that coffee (maybe mocha) that has an orange peel in it? What’s it called? Anyway, I had it all the time when I lived in Seattle and it’s so heavenly a combination. This is too.

Green matcha tea
Lt subtle

If you like the Jamba Juice ones you’ll like this one.

I can’t remember what this one is. It might be just dark chocolate which is why I may not have written it down…

Cookies and cream
Exactly as stated

Melon–which was surprisingly good!

Happy trick-or-treating! I guarantee none of these will be in your bag at the end of the night.

Midnights and the Lover-Era Coming Out Foiled

29 Oct

It is speculated all the rainbows and butterflies and bi-colored wigs were building up to something aside from just “allyship” during the Lover era.

Taylor was crying prior to this announcement.

She answers, “I have a lot of emotions about the whole thing…”

Robin asks what the BIG reveal is:

Taylor announces. . . a song.

Note that both of them seem very tense in their faces.

Robin tries to get her to give the actual BIG announcement a second time:

Taylor deflects:

Robin brings out the big guns and motions to the fans waiting in the rain for a BIG announcement:

It’s a very pointed–tell the REAL announcement:

Taylor downplays the rain and does not announce anything else:

Look closer at the facial expressions and body language [Robin Asks. Taylor Answers]:

You’re going to do your big coming out announcement. mmmmm, probably not.

YOU’RE going to come out in the announcement. Absolutely not.

You did that?! You announced a single. During the NFL draft… This is all you’re getting.

Bringing the suffering and loyalty of the fans into it. This is not going to work on me.

Pride Month 2019:

all the cameos remind me of this moment in (gay) history:

Taylor was really leaning into Pride:

The LAST day of Pride month, June 30, 2019, Taylor sent this message to fans:

This masters heist was a major turning point.

New York Pride Parade. June 30, 2019;

But here’s the thing:

A deleted tick-tock video was saying that the panels in the pride dress did not match Billy’s skin tone, but would have matched Taylor’s. And this theory was substantiated by the designer who did a duo drinking tea! It’s BIG proof.

Taylor couldn’t come out and possibly alienate her fans/the general public/the industry, because she wanted to rerecord her masters in order to devalue the “stolen” ones. So coming out was scrapped last minute.

And we got confusion in the lover era.

The rainbows and light happiness came to a screeching halt.

Sadness was palpable:

London Boy was added to the Lover album last minute.

And UK listeners didn’t think it made regional or cultural sense:

Also, the placement of London Boy on the tracklist is jarring:

Why. the fuck. would anyone place the lightest, most buoyant song immediately next to a song dealing with Cancer and possible, impending death of her mother???!

I marked songs on Lover that I think were placed on the album after the coming out was scrapped.

So what songs on Midnights might have been on the Lover album in the place of those 3-4 out of place songs, or in addition to the tracks?

I need to think about this more, but right away I lean toward Question… and The Great War. But when I analyze each song, I’ll mention the “fits the Lover-era better” songs.