Question… Good Girl or Wrong Choices? [Part 2]

24 Nov

Taylor wins the pronoun game.  I’m not even going to try to untangle the speaker/recipient/changing characters in this song.  It was written so convoluted that I haven’t even seen a satisfactory answer to this yet.  Instead, I took lyric snippets from other songs featuring the same word, to get a feeling about Taylor’s sentiment and even subject. Don’t get overwhelmed with the length of this post.  The word I’m trying to point-out from Question… lyrics is highlighted.  

Good girl, sad boy, big city, wrong choices

We will look at good girl, city, wrong, and choices in other songs.

Good girl:


Sad, Beautiful, Tragic

Good girl speaks of innocence and socially acceptable passive femininity.

Big city:

There’s a long, long list of songs that mention “city” so I chose ones that I thought went with the vibe of Question…  Here’s the others just for consistency:  The Lucky One, Never Grow Up, The Last Great American Dynasty, Holy Ground, I almost do, Mine, mean.

Cornelia st

false god

King of my Heart

In these songs “city” is NYC.  Screaming your name is many ads and campaigns that feature the subject of Cornelia Street (Karlie).  Taylor says, “I’m New York City” the place Karlie calls home.  Taylor is saying she is Karlie’s home.  Finally, in King of my Heart Taylor reveals that her and Karlie have a private relationship inside her room, because the boys never took her where Karlie does (same, girl).  Taylor’s priorities changes from men/money to sexing Karlie in private.

Wrong (Choices):

Here’s a couple that I thought were more loosely related:  long story short, only the young.  End Game for Choices (but I think it’s the Ed Shereen part).


state of grace

tolerate it

new years day



The trend in all these “wrongs” is a stigmatized type of love.  Loving in shades of wrong.  Took a wrong turn.  Staying when it’s wrong.  Something went awry in Taylor’s world.  And Taylor is a wealthy, white, cis(I’m guessing), female in America.  Loving some dude, any dude is not socially unacceptable.  I would say it’s welcome and expected.  The love that is “tolerated” the love that ruins relationships (Betty) because it has to be hidden, is WLW love.  The hiding brings complications. They must both beard. But Taylor gets a sense she’s been betrayed when she sees Karlie “dance” with him. As told in Betty. And to try to salvage Kaylor, Taylor keeps writing letters to come out, but fear wins out and she throws them into the fire.

Good girl, sad boy, big city, wrong choices

Taylor wants to remain appropriately feminine to the public. Hiding her authentic self makes her depressed, makes her lover sad, and is destructive to the relationship = sad boy. Big city is the setting and personification of the Kaylor love story. Wrong choices indicates a desire to love and really feel it rather than be palatable, but also the stigma of gay love. It is “wrong” to the majority and Taylor fears that more than she fears losing her true loves. She can’t bring herself to come out.

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