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The Squad Changes Taylor’s Image from Boy-Crazy to Friend

28 Nov

I’m not certain the entire squad assembled organically.  Sure, Brittany, Abigale, Emma Stone, Selena met Taylor in school and in her early work events.  But the sudden influx of models just might be P.R. trying to break the narrative that Taylor Swift is boy crazy.  Think for a moment if Taylor and her team realized she liked women and overcompensated to maintain her good girl, all-American image by arranging fake boyfriends (beards)?  It might look like a lot of short, sudden, superficial relationships with guys that benefit from promotion or other gays…

In order to do that we have to talk about “The Squad” and in order to do that I need to intersperse Taylor’s history with men:

Sounds like a Cowboy Like Me situation.

Here’s what else I found:

Showmance P.R.

Ugh-no quotes from this piece of $hit.

Cover for Dianna.

True or false?

The smartest thing you could do if you want to hide that you’re bisexual or gay (aside from bearding) is do a gay project.  It overwhelms the Google search and makes you look like an ally.  Insert:  

Or is it?

Look what else happened in 2011:

Showmance for P.R.

Maybe it was more about the house than the boy?

Uck.  Can you believe a woman wrote this?

8 queers wearing I love TS tanks…

Joe, Taylor, John, Jake, Connor, Harry, Calvin, Tom = 8 beards to this point

Two words:  Getaway Car.

So they were at the same event, him randomly (Mastermind) but I couldn’t find a picture of them together at any point…  


So Taylor is dating Calvin.  But danced with Tom and traveled everywhere together.  But also she met Joe that same night.  And then, lemme leave this here:

Another female writing this $hit?!  Shame on you.

Same ACM awards Karlie presents TS with song of the year:

Karlie and kelsea: