2023 Goals and Resolutions

29 Jan

Last year I was just trying to keep my head above water. Everything fell off. This year, I want to ease into it, not come in too hot. But I do have some things I would like to move toward.

use all the stuff we have

When we were ambushed by the rent renewal price, I had been stocking up on groceries and toiletries. During the pandemic things would be sold out, certain brands/sizes/types weren’t available, and things were slower to get here. So I had been buying in bulk, ordering early, stocking up when something was a reasonable price. This made for a huge move. You’re not just going to throw away multiple tubes of toothpaste, for example, you have to pack and carry them.

This time I want to eat down everything so we’re not moving pounds of sugar and gallons of oil. I want to keep inventory sparse, so we have the bare necessities to pack and store.

What goes along with this is saving money by eating those weird things in the back of the cupboard, reading books we own instead of buying new ones, and playing our Wii instead of spending money for entertainment.

So we need to use up odds and ends.

use up: chapstick, deodorant, face lotions, face masks, toothpaste

get rid of things we don’t use

dehydrator? ice cream maker? shoes, toaster, vacubot

Throw things away

cutting board

Diet (Angus) the cats

feed less, use T/D for light snacks, feed canned food


it’s all about doing this in the morning before work. Get it done early in the day before I’m tired, busy, stressed out.


fill it before work, drink it every hour,

call parents more frequently, for shorter times

use the video app to talk more about daily things, chat to keep up, plan a strict time limit and set the microwave clock, do chores while talking

start weights again

do this after mile on weekdays

re-start creative intervals

start reading at the tail end of work if we have no time, take a short break at work to draw if there’s no time



walk up a hill again

read about narcissism

stay safe

cross the street if ANYONE else is near, go in a pair when people aren’t everywhere/it’s dark, pay attention to our surroundings, use the alarm,

save money

buy everything we can from Save A Lot, do grocery pick up instead of paying delivery fees, clean air filters more frequently, clean fountains more frequently, cook at home more, shorter showers, turn off lights, turn power bars off when not in use,

rein in the calories (log them)

stay under 300 calories before dinner, track them on the app

organize and pack

fancy clothes, work-only clothes

have my resume all updated just in case

click into the job emails to see if something will work, apply for equal or better positions at least once a week, make a cover letter template, make several resumes tailored to different kinds of positions,

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