Taylor Swift’s Gay Moments: Lover ~ Afterglow

21 Mar

I split the songs up on the Lover album as well so we can delve into each one a bit more.


It’s on your face, and I’m to blame, I need to say/Hey/It’s all me in my head/I’m the one who burned us down/But it’s not what I meant/Sorry that I hurt you/I don’t wanna do, I don’t wanna do this to you/I don’t wanna lose, I don’t wanna lose this with you/I need to say, hey/It’s all me, just don’t go/Meet me in the afterglow…/…Tells me this love is worth the fight, oh/I lived like an island, punished you with silence/Went off like sirens, just crying/Why’d I have to break what I love so much?/It’s on your face, don’t walk away, I need to say…/…Tell me that you’re still mine/Tell me that we’ll be just fine/Even when I lose my mind/I need to say/Tell me that it’s not my fault/Tell me that I’m all you want/Even when I break your heart

***Trigger Warning***

I’m not making any accusations here. Writers can deviate from complete non-fiction, and exaggerate and embellish for the sake of entertainment. I don’t know Taylor, I don’t know the context of Afterglow, and I don’t know details of her behavior. I’m going to give some information about a real problem in the LGB community to help raise awareness. [T was not part of this particular study, and their stats are very bad so probably would have skewed results if they had been included].

I thought it would be interesting to share all of the questionnaires that lead to the research conclusions:



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