Writing helps me work through events in my life. I like to write about nothing, including what I’ve been watching on TV or what the work day entailed. I also write about more substantial subject matter such as my (feminist) values, strong opinions, and the more traumatic things that have happened to me.

I am attempting to work less at my veterinary asisstant job so I can pursue a doctorate in audiology.  This blog is mainly devoted to my starting over (or I guess getting started at all) at an age that is more advanced then I prefer.  This career-plan is totally new for me, and was brought about from 10 rejections to veterinary school–which I will talk too much about.

One day, I would like to live somewhere that I like.  Somewhere that isn’t super expensive, yet has the restaurants and concerts I like within close proximity.  Someplace that has nice weather, including clear blue skies, but not very many crazy/pretentious people (CA, FL, TX are out).  I want to own a loft, but not a house because it takes too much time and money for the upkeep.  I want cats, a tortoise, hedgehogs, and a salt-water fish tank, but only when I can afford to pay someone else to maintain them (especially the fish tank).  I would like to write a book series outlining my experience working in vet hospitals for 12+ years, my worst ex (Douche), and my mid-life crises ex-mentor.

So I guess that is everything and nothing about me.  I am just your normal music-loving, animal-owning, young adult that works too much at a dead-end job, yet never has enough money, with bitterness at the past and ever-evolving future goals.


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