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Indigo Girls: GOODs (not final)

4 Mar

ig good
a= almost awesome
b= exactly good
c= almost OK
1 = top of category
2 = bottom of category
i = top of almost awesome
ii = bottom of almost awesome

The groups were too big so I had to narrow them down to a, b, and c almost awesome, exactly good, and almost OK respectively.  Than those groups were too big so I did 1 as top of their category and 2 as the lower part.  And still, some of those groups were too large so I split those into top and bottom (i and ii). 


a= almost awesome
1 = top of category
Philosophy of Loss (CoNS): a1 ugh–this song.  It’s a secret song only.  And the song it’s attached to is on a different ranking list, so it’s always harder to rank…  I did it after I published this post.

a= almost awesome
1 = top of category
i = top of almost awesome
Beauty Queen Sister (BQS): a1i
Believe in Love (SDtBD): a1i
Blood & Fire (ST): a1i
Burn All the Letters (SotS): a1i
Center Stage (ST): a1i (ending)
Collecting You (BY): a1i
Fugative (SDtBD): a1i
I Don’t Wanna Know (1200); a1i
Kid Fears (LwtUoCSO): a1i
Land of Cannan-radio single (ST): a1i
Last Tears-acoustic (DOD): a1i
Love of Our Lives (LwtUoCSO): a1i
Midnight Train to Georgia (1200): a1i
O Holy Night (HHD): a1i (high difficulty notes)
Our Deliverance (BY); a1i
Rock and Roll Heaven’s Gate (DOD): a1i
Sugar Tongue (LwtUoCSO): a1i
Tether (SDtBD): a1i
You and Me of the 10,000 Wars (NIS): a1i
Yoke (LwtUoCSO); a1i

a= almost awesome
1 = top of category
ii = bottom of almost awesome
Airplane (RoP): a1ii
Angels We Have Heard On High (HHD): a1ii
Closer to Fine (SDtBD): a1ii
Cut it OUt (SotS): a1ii
Damo (LwtUoCSO): a1ii
Faye Tucker (CoNS): a1ii
Fugative (SO) = a1ii
Happy in the Sorrow Key (LwtUoCSO): a1ii
Lay My Head Down (DOD); a1ii
Little Perennials-live (DOD): a1ii
Secure Yourself (ST): a1ii
Three County Highway-live (DOD): a1ii
Tried to be True (ST); a1ii
World Falls (NIS): a1ii
You’ve Got to Show (BY): a1ii

a= almost awesome
2 = bottom of category
Able to Sing (LwtUoCSO): a2
Crazy Game (SF): a2
Free in You (AtWLI): A2
Damo (BQS): a2
Galileo (LwtUoCSO): a2 (good, but I like original better)
Gone Again (CoNS): a2
Leeds (SotS): a2
Let it be Me (RoP): a2
Love of Our Lives-acoustic (PatBB): a2 (stronger singing)
Making Promises (BQS); a2
Pendulum Swinger (DOD): a2
Romeo and Juliet (RoP); a2
Shed Your Skin (SofS): a2
Southland in the Springtime (NIS): a2
Starkville (BY); a2
Strange Fire (SF): a2
Sugar Tongue (PatBB): a2
Tether (AtWLI): a2
They Won’t Have Me (DOD): a2
This Train Revised (SO); a2
Three County Highway (SDtBD): a2
Three Hits (RoP): A2
Trouble (CoNS): a2
Watershed (SDtBD):a2 (5d, live singing = less)
Welcome Me (NIS): a2
What Are You Like (PatBB): A2

A lot of the songs in this section remind me of Seattle ZooTunes.  Whatever year I went it seemed like they played most of these.

b= exactly good
1 = top of category
Change My Heart (LL); b1
Down by the River (1200): b1
Elizabeth (OLD): B1 (DETAILED STORY)
Fleet of Hope-acoustic (PatBB); b1
The Girl w/the Weight of the World in Her Hands (NIS); B1
Jonas and Ezekiel (1200): b1
Jonas and Ezekiel (RoP): b1
K.C. Girl (LL): b1
Keeper of My Heart (NIS): b1
Love of Our Lives (SDtBD): b1
Mariner Moonlighting (BQS): b1
Muster (LL): b1
Ozilline (CoNS): b1
Ozilline (SDtBD): b1
Reunion (SO): b1
Run (DOD): b1
True Romantic (PatBB): b1
What Are You Like-acoustic (PatBB): B1
The Wood Song (SDtBD): b1
Woodsong (LwtUoCSO): b1
Your Holiday Song (HHD); b1

b= exactly good
2 = bottom of category
Come a Long Way (LwtUoCSO): b2 (ending!)
Dead Man’s Hill (SO): B2
Digging for Your Dream (PatBB) = b2
Fly Away (SDtBD): b2
Get Together (SF) = b2
Ghost of the Gang-acoustic (PatBB): b2
I’ll Change-acoustic (PatBB): b2
Nashville (RoP): b2
Peace Tonight (CoNS): b2
Perfect World (AtWLI): b2
Sorrow and Joy (LL); b2 (WTF is this song about?)
Southern California is Your Girlffriend (OLD): b2
True Romantic-acoustic (PatBB): b2
War Rugs (LwtUoCSO): b2
We are Together (CoNS): b2
Wild Horses (SDtBD); b2
The Wood Song (SO): b2

c= almost OK
1 = top of category
Come a Long Way (OLD): c1
Digging for Your Dream (SDtBD): C1
Dirt and Dead Ends (DOD): C1 (BLEAK)
Feel this WAy Again (LL): c1
I’ll Be Home for Christmas (HHD): c1
It Really is (A Wonderful Life) (HHD): c1
Love Will Come to You (RoP); c1
Salty South-acoustic (PatBB): c1
Something Real (AtWLI): c1
Spread the Pain Around (OLD): c1
Walk Away (SF): c1

I suspect these songs are ranked relatively low bc they’re a bummer.  They all have serious, heavy (very important) topics, but the bleakness just gets to me.  In all this ranking, I learned I prefer upbeat and fast songs.

c= almost OK
2 = bottom of category
Alberta (OLD): c2
Back Together Again (1200): c2
Country RAdio (LL): c2
Everybody’s Waiting for Someone to Come Home (SF): c2
Ghost (RoP); c2
Gone (BQS): c2
Love’s Recovery (1200): c2 (too much brass)
Thin Line (1200): c2

Ironically, Spotify and Lastfm will probably say I listened to this section most.  But only bc I’d either tune out, or it wasn’t clear where they should be ranked on the list…

Indigo Girls: Neutral/OK Songs (not final)

2 Mar

These are the songs that aren’t meh or skip, but also aren’t great enough to make the goods. They’re A-OK. I split it into 3 parts: OA which are nearly good, OB = exactly neutral, and OC which are just above a meh. Then, I split the 3 groups into top of that list (1) and bottom of that list (2)–just to make it a bit more manageable. The songs within each group aren’t in order quite yet.


Bitterroot (BY): C =OA1
Compromise (CoNS): C, I, L, N, P = OA1
Ghost (LwtUoCSO): I, L, N = OA1
Ghost of the Gang (PatBB); C, L, P = OA1
In the Bleak Midwinter (HHD): I, N = OA1
Pendulum Swinger-live (DOD): C, L, P = OA1
Prince of Darkness (SDtBD): C, N, P, S = OA1
Rise Up (AtWLI): C = OA1
Three County Highway (DOD): L, S = OA1
Three Hits-live (RoP): C, I, L, P = OA1
Virginia Woolf (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N = OA1
War Rugs (BQS): C, I, L, P = OA1 (instruments!)
We Get to Feel it All (BQS); C, I, L, N = OA1
What are You Like (SDtBD); C, I, L = OA1

It was tough narrowing down each group, and it took many, many listens to get the Awesomes, goods, neutrals, mehs, and actually the skips were easy bc you know what you don’t like. And these just weren’t as good as the good-list. But it’s VERY close!


Caramia (SotS): C, I, L, N = OA2
Come On Home (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N = OA2
Crazy Game (SF): C, N = oa2
Don’t Give that Girl a Gun (SotS): C, L, N, P = OA2
Fleet of Hope (PatBB): C, L = OA2
Share the Moon (BQS): C, I, L = OA2
She’s Saving Me (BY); L, N, S = OA2


Digging for Your Dream-acoustic (PatBB): C, L, P = OB1
Dirt and Dead Ends (PatBB): L, N, P =ob1
Driver Education-acoustic (PatBB); C, L, P = OB1
Fly Away-acoustic (DOD): L, N =OB1

I pretty much like all these songs a lot, but picked better versions of each to rank higher.

I’ll Be Home for Christmass (HHD); N, S = OB1
Sister (CoNS): L = (too quiet) = OB1
Sugar Tongue-acoustic (PatBB): C, L = OB1
Virginia Woolf (1200); C, L, N = OB1


Center Stage-live (ST): C, L, P = OB2 (little off-key)
Come On Home (SDtBD): C, L = ob2
Cordova (SDtBD): C, L = OB2
Everything in it’s Own Time (SotS): C, I, L, P = OB2

These are good songs, and in any other catalogue would be ranked that way. But relative to the other good songs, they just don’t hold up as well.

Fishtails (OLD): L, N, P = OB2
Ghost-live (1200): L, N = OB2
Look Long (LL): C, L, N, P = OB2
Soon be to Nothing (CoNS); C, L =ob2
Virginia Woolf (RoP): C, L = OB2


All That We Let In (AtWLI): C, L = OC1
Fly Away (DOD): C, L, N, P = OC1
If I Don’t Leave Here Now (OLD): N = OC1

Language or the Kiss (1200): L, N = OC1
Power of Two (SO); L = OC1

The fans love these 2, but I find them overrated. I just find them OK, no matter how many times I listen.


Findly, Ohio 1968 (OLD); L, P = OC2
Language or the Kiss (SO); L = OC2
Closer to Fine (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, P = OC2 (Emily sounds out of breath; slow)
Hey Kind Friend (SotS): I, L = OC2
Love Will Come to You-live (RoP): L = OC2
Mystery (SO): L, N = OC2
Texas was Clean (OLD): L = oc2

Indigo Girls: The MEHs

27 Feb

You know when you’re listening to your playlist and you just kinda tune out?  And like 10 min later you’re like, what songs just played, I don’t even know.  The funny thing is that it’s not an anomaly (usually, unless you had to focus hard on work, or actually got distracted doing something) these songs are just meh.  Even in trying to re-listen several times to rank these, my mind would wander.  I listened to this set the very most bc of tuning out.  You know what you don’t like pretty readily, you know what you love, and even the songs that aren’t quite love, but really good.  But the neutral to meh are the most difficult to decipher.  So here are the below neutral/OK and above skip songs:

Meh (in order)

-Strange Fire (1200):  C, I, L, P

-Come On Home (AtWLI):  C, L

It’s a nice little song, and fits perfectly with the vibe of the All That We Let In album.  But as a stand alone song–It’s just meh.

-Dead Man’s Hill (1200):  N, P

-Able to Sing (BQS):  C, N

-Mystery (LwtUoCSO): I, N

-Neuvose Senorita (BY):  L, P

-Cordova (AtWLI):  C, L, N, P

I like the Latin-X (is this the proper term now?) flair in these two, but I guess I’d like a little more going on.  Maybe live, or with the orchestra or something would be better.

-Mistletoe (HHD):  C, L

-John (BQS):  L, N, P

I like the sentiment, and it tells a detailed story, but *yawn*

-Peace Child (HHD):  C, L, N

-There’s Still My Joy (HHD):  L, N

-Cedar Tree (RoP):  I, N, U (bag pipe sounding)

-Power of Two (LwtUoCSO):  I, L, N

-Power of Two (1200):  L, N

I know, this is a travesty–this is a fan-favorite.  But yup, I think it’s over-rated.  I just can’t get into it.

-Andy (CoNS):  L, N

-When We Were Writers (LL):  N

P.S. Spotify ranked this my very top listened to song in 2020.  Which is…  I just tuned out EVERY damn time I tried to rank it.  This song is pretty much the ultimate definition of meh.

-Mystery (1200):  L, N

Taylor Swift Skips

26 Feb

Let’s be real:  Taylor Swifts skips are still OK songs.  Nothing she does is bad.  OK, maybe that lazy, repetitive voting song, but she had good intentions with it, like maybe some people voted when they heard her encouraging it.  But the following songs would be OK to other artists.  It’s just that Taylor has set the bar so high that these are the couple weaker ones.  PS–I normally don’t care for Christmas music, as it’s nothing but stale covers, so I did not bother listening to that early cookie-cutter Christmas album.  Maybe if she does an original holiday album, I’ll add it to the rankings later.

Epiphany (8)

As you’ve heard me say before, I think this song was thrown on the album at the last minute to speak to current events.  And I think it’s bad writing, from a normally genius-level song-writer.  It especially bothers me that Taylor didn’t delve into one topic, or cover three subjects more superficially.  There is a rule of threes for a reason.  So it doesn’t make it on to my playlists.

Soon You’ll Get Better (7)

This song is a totally different story.  It’s a good, good song, and has backing from one of my favorite groups-The Chicks!  The lyrics are relatable, and personal, and universal.  What a brave topic to cover, than can resonate with every single person at some point.  But it’s a bummer.  A FUCKING bummer to listen to.  I don’t wanna be bee-bopping around to Shake it Off then have this mood-killer come up.  So it’s a skip.  Until I need it, that is…

Superman (3)

I never look at song credits, but did Taylor even write this one?  It’s not on-brand at all.  It’s too light and superficial, and meh.  I think it’s really weak, and it seems like it was curated to be radio-friendly more than written to evoke feelings, or convey a story, or symbolize anything.  Not my fave.

Indigo Girls: SKIPS

25 Feb

I’m ranking the entire catalogue, which is a big project.  But I thought I would start releasing the rankings in pieces.  Here are the few songs from the Indigo Girls I don’t care for.


-Sister (CoNS):  C, L

This version is after the Faye Tucker track as a short interlude before the secret song, Philosophy of Loss.  I usually like the song, but this one is too short and too quiet.  Note–don’t have secret songs anymore.  And now that there’s streaming, release the secret songs as their own track.  It’s been hell trying to rank Philosophy… when it’s tied to another song.  I think it’s the only track in their entire catalog that was never re-released on another album, put on a live album, or it’s own song.  This needs to change.


-Feed & Water the Horses (BQS):

-Birthday (BQS):  N

Emily was too happy and content when she was writing for Beauty Queen Sister, and as a result her songs are bland vanilla.


-Left Me a Fool (SF):  L

-History of Us (ST):  L, N

-Fare Thee Well (SO):

There are very few IG songs I genuinely dislike (pretty much these 3) and it’s mostly bc of the singing style. It may be the proper way to sing, but it isn’t my thing.

Taylor Swift Album Ranking Based On Song Ranking

24 Feb


50% Awesome; 31.3% Good; 18.8% OK; Meh; Skip out of 16

Speak Now

40% Awesome; 35% Good; 20% OK; Meh; 5% Skip out of 20


35.3% Awesome; 35.3% Good; 17.6% OK; 11.8% Meh; Skip out of 17


33.3% Awesome; 40% Good; 20% OK; 6.7% Meh; Skip out of 15


29.4% Awesome; 29.4% Good; 29.4% OK; 5.9% Meh; 5.9% Skip out of 17


27.8% Awesome; 27.8% Good; 27.8% OK; 11.1% Meh; 5.6% Skip out of 18


20.8% Awesome; 58.3% Good; 8.3% OK; 4.2% Meh; Skip out of 24


20% Awesome; 46.7% Good; 20% OK; 13.3% Meh; Skip out of 15


16.7% Awesome; 33.3% Good; 50% OK; Meh; Skip out of 18

Evermore (December 2020) by Taylor Swift Song Ranking

23 Feb

35.3% Awesome; 35.3% Good; 17.6% OK; 11.8% Meh; Skip out of 17

6 Awesome

No Body No Crime


Long Story Short




I like this album because TS is showing a lot of gay here. The writing is better than the music for the most part, but it does encourage multiple listens to dig in to the content. Double-meanings are becoming Taylor’s specialty, and I love trying to decode the songs.

6 Good

Willow (ambiguous)

Champagne Problems

Gold Rush

Tis the Damn Season

Tolerate It

Cowboy Like Me

3 OK



It’s Time to Go

2 Meh

Coney Island (The National Ruins It)

Right Where You Left Me


folklore (July 2020) by Taylor Swift Song Ranking

22 Feb

29.4% Awesome; 29.4% Good; 29.4% OK; 5.9% Meh; 5.9% Skip out of 17

5 Awesome

The 1


Tears Riccochet

Invisible String


Full disclosure–Dream Pop is not the genre for me. And don’t you dare call this “alternative” as it is absolutely not that. Alternative is my favorite genre, and this does not match the characteristics. Nor is it Indie, as the music still has a lot of production. Also, I don’t care for the era with the snaggle-hair, and weird un-matching clothes. I get that it’s quarentine–but even in lock-down is it asking to much to match?! What I can appreciate is the lyrical content. I like the coding, the complexity, the “plausible deniability” that makes up each twisted track. Even though I DO NOT like the vibe, the music does inspire me to analyze and write, which I find really cool.

5 Good


The Last Great American Dynasty


This is Me Trying


5 OK



Illicit Affairs (depressing)



1 Meh

The Lakes (too pretentious)

1 Skip


Lover (2019) by Taylor Swift Song Ranking

21 Feb

27.8% Awesome; 27.8% Good; 27.8% OK; 11.1% Meh; 5.6% Skip out of 18

5 Awesome

I Forgot that You Existed


The Man

Paper Rings

You Need to Calm Down

The first half of the ERA is so Me! The latter half, with the dark colors and over-sized men’s wear stuff is decidedly NOT my aesthetic. Also, the era felt interrupted and incomplete with the masters, a possible Kaylor break-up, and Covid-19. This album? Overall, my gripe is that it’s over-produced. Too much is going on and it’s as if someone is playing with all the new sounds, trying everything available. I think it would be better if the production was designed around the song. But there’s a lot of catchy hooks here, and lyrics working double-duty.

5 Good

Cruel Summer

Death by a Thousand Cuts

Me (originally a skip, but grew on me & high notes)



5 OK

I Think He Knows

Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince

London Boy

False God

Cornelia Street (who’s story is this?)

2 Meh

The Archer

It’s Nice to Have a Friend

1 Skip

Soon You’ll Get Better (nice, but too depressing)

Reputation (2017) by Taylor Swift Song Ranking

20 Feb

33.3% Awesome; 40% Good; 20% OK; 6.7% Meh; Skip out of 15

5 Awesome

…Ready for It?

I Did Something Bad

Don’t Blame Me

Look What You Made Me Do

Dancing with Our Hands Tied

If you asked me I would say Reputation is my favorite album. I like how gay it is. How unapologetic. That moag! Most of the songs are fast and energetic. I can dance through pretty much the whole concert video. But numbers don’t lie. When the songs are ranked, Reputation does not top the list. It’s a surprise to me, but there’s still a lot to like here. Oh, and P.S. Taylor absolutely needs to stop doing duets or featuring men in her songs. And not because I’m anti-men or anything. I have a lot of favorite male singers. Just EVERY time she does = song ruined.

6 Good

So It Goes

Getaway Car

Dress (sexy)


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

New Years Day

3 OK

Gorgeous (b/c it’s ambiguous)

King of My Heart

Call It What You WAnt

1 Meh

End Game (don’t like featured)