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Indigo Girls: AWESOMEs (not final)

6 Mar

1= elite awesome
1a top ever songs
1b = exactly elite
1c = better than your avg awesome
2= solid awesome
2a = top of list
2b = bottom of list
3 = better than good
3a = top of list
3b = bottom of list

1A top of the top

Become You (BY): C, I, L, P, S = 1a
Closer to Fine (ST); C, L, N, S = 1a
Closer to Fine (1200): C, L, N, S, U (pennywhistle?) = 1a
Compromise (LwUoCSO): C, I, N = 1a
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (SDtBD): C, L, N (harmonies), S, U (Brandi!) = 1a
Fill It Up Again (AtWLI); C, L, N, S = 1a
Galileo (RoP): C, L, P, S = 1a
Go (LwUoCSO): C, I, L, N, P = 1A
Kid Fears (ST): C, L, N, S, U (feat Michael Stipe) =1a
Prince of Darkness (ST): C, L, N, P, S =1a
Pushing the Needle Too Far (NIS): C, L, P, S = 1a
The Rise of the Black Messiah (OLD): C, I, L, N, P, U (haunting) =1a
Second Time Around (SDtBD): C, I, L, P, S, U (live = more emotional) 1A
Watershed (NIS): C, L, N, S = 1a

1B (exactly elite)

Become You (SDtBD); C, L, P, S, U (accordian?) = 1b
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (1200-live @ atwood): C, L, N, P, U (feat artists, drumming) = 1b
Chickenman (1200): C, I, L, N, P, U (harmonica?) = 1b
Cold Beer & Remote Control (SDtBD): C, L, N, P = 1b
Deconstruction (BY): C, L, N, S = 1b
Devotion (SDtBD): C, L, N = 1b
Fugitive (LwUoCSO): C, I, N = 1b
Galileo (1200): C, L, P, S = 1b
Go (CoNS): C, I, L, N, P, U (talking about activism in background, chanting) = 1B
Hammer and a Nail (NIS): C, L, N, P, S = 1b
Happy in the Sorrow Key (OLD): C, I, L, N = 2B (ENDING!)
Happy Joyous Hanukkah (HHD): C, I (BASS!), L, P, U (mandolin?) = 1B
I Feel the Christmas Spirit (HHD): C, I, L, N, U (blue grass) = 1b
Joking (1200): C, I, (bass @ end) L, N, P, S, U (false ending) = 1b
Kid Fears (SDtBD): C, L, S, U (feat Shreena Mead sounds good) = 1b
Land of Cannan (ST): C, I, L, S = 1b
Least Complicated (1200): C, L, N, P, S = 1b
Love of Our Lives (PatBB): C, L, N, S = 1b
Moment of Forgiveness (BY): C, L, N, S =1b
Moment of Forgiveness (SDtBD): C, L, N, S = 1b
Money Made You Mean (DOD-live): C, I (banjo-wow!), L, P = 1b (don’t like plosives)
Pushing the Needle Too Far (1200): C, L, P, S = 1b
Second Time Around (PatBB): C, I, L, P, S, U (harmonica?) = 1B
Tangled Up In Blue (1200); C, I, L, N, P = 1b
World Falls (1200-live): C, L, N, S = 1b
World Falls (LwUoCSO): C, I, L, N, P = 1b
Yield (BY): C, I, L, N, S = 1b
Yoke (BQS): C, I, L, P, S = 1b

1C (better than your avg awesome)

Get Out the Map (SDtBD): C, L, N, P = 1c
Go (SDtBD): C, I, L, N, P = 1C
Heartache for Everyone (AtWLI): C, I, L, S = 1c
Hope Alone (BY): C, L, N, S =1c
Howl at the Moon (LL): C, I, L, N, U (tribal) = 1c
Land of Cannan (SF): C, L, N, S, U (harmonica) = 1c
Last Tears (DOD: C, L, N, S = 1c
Little Perennials (DOD): C, L = 1C
Make It Easier (SF): C, I, L, N, P = 1c
Money Made You Mean (DOD): C, I, L, P = 1c
Philosophy of Loss (CoNS): C, I, L, P, S = 1c
Rock and Roll Heaven’s Gate (SDtBD): C, L, N, P =1C
Salty South (SDoBD): C, I, S = 1c
Scooter Boys (SotS): C, L, P, U (wail) = 1c
Second Time Around (PatBB-acoustic): C, L, P 1C
Shame On You (SotS): C, L, N, P, S, U (road block trippin’ break-down) = 1c1
Shame On You (SDtBD): C, I, P, U (cajin instrument) =1c2
Shit Kickin (LL): C, I, L, P, U (choral backing) = 1c
The Wonder Song (HHD): C, L, N, U (country) = 1C


1,2,3 (NIS): C, N, S = 2a
All the Way(DOD): C, L, S = 2a
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (1200): C, I, L, P = 2a
Chickenman (LwUoCSO): C, I, L, N, P = 2a
Cold Beer & Remote Control (CoNS): C, L, P, S = 2a
Driver Education (PatBB): C, L, S = 2a
Fill It Up Again (SDtBD); C, L, S = 2a
Joking (RoP): C, L, P, S, U (false ending) = 2a
Least Complicated (SO): C, L, N, P, S = 2a
Sugar Tongue (SDtBD); C, N = 2a


Chickenman (RoP): C, L, P, U (harmonica?) = 2b
Dairy Queen (AtWLI): C, I, S = 2b
Faye Tucker (CoNS): C, L, N, P, U (laugh, chanting) = 2b
Get Out the Map (SotS): C, L, N, P, U (banjo?) = 2b
Hand Me Downs (NIS): C, I, L, S = 2b
Heartache for Everyone (SDtBD): C, L = 2b
I Believe in Love (DOD): C, L, S = 2b
I Don’t Wanna Know (SF): C, I, N, U (harmonica?) = 2b
I’ll Change (PatBB): C, L, S = 2b
It’s Alright (SotS): C, L, P, S = 2b
Learned It On Me (OLD): C, L, N (harmonies) = 2b
Olympia Inn (OLD): C, P = 2B
Run (DOD): C = 2b
This Train Revised (1200-live): C, I, N = 2b
Touch Me Fall (SO): I (really rocks at end) = 2b


Favorite Flavor (LL): C, L = 3
Love’s Recovery (ST): C, L, N, S = (don’t like Emily’s deep singing) = 3

Taylor Swift GOODs (not final)

5 Mar

a= almost awesome
b= exactly good
c= almost OK
1 = top of category
2 = bottom of category

a= almost awesome
1 = top of category

Cruel Summer (7): C, G, L, N = A1b
Cowboy Like Me (9): C, D, G, I, L = A1
Death by a Thousand Cuts (7): C, D, G, L, = A1b
Dress (6): C, G, L = A1 (SEXY)
Getaway Car (6): C, D, G, P = A1
Gold Rush (9): C, G, L = A1b
Haunted (3): C, I (!), N, P = A1a
Haunted-acoustic (3): C, I, N, P = A1
Mine (3): C, D, I, N = A1
New Year’s Day (6): C, D, I, N =A1
Red (4): C, I, L, P = A1
Teardrops On My Guitar-POP (1): C, I, L, N = A1
Teardrops On My Guitar-RADIO (1): C, I, L, N = A1
tolerate it (9): G, I, L = A1
willow (9): C, G, L, N = A1

a= almost awesome
2 = bottom of category

Betty (8): C, D, I, G, L = A2a
Champagne Problems (9): C (bridge), D, G, L = A2a
Clean (5): C, G, L, P = A2
Delicate (6): C, D, G, L, P = A2
Me! (7): C, G, I, N = A2
Mine-pop (3): D, I, N = A2
So It Goes…(6): C, G, P, L, N = A2
This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (6): a2
Tim McGraw (1): C, D, G, I, N = A2
Welcome to New York (5): C, D, G, N, P = A2
Wildest Dreams (5): C, N, S = A2

The story and detailed writing really puts many of these this high on the list.

b= exactly good
1 = top of category

Afterglow (7): C, P = B1
Come Back…Be Here (4): C, N = B1
Daylight (7): C, G, L, N = b1
Everything has Changed (4); C, N = B1
Fifteen (2): C, D, I = B1
Forever & Always-piano (2): C, I, N = B1
Holy Ground (4): C, D, G, L = B1
I’m Only Me When I’m w/You (1): C, I(!) = b1
The Lucky One (4): C, D, N, = B1
P Mirrorball (8): C, G, L = B1
This is Me Trying (8): C, I, L(!) = B1
Treacherous (4): C, G(!), L =B1

b= exactly good
2 = bottom of category

Cardigan (8): C, D, G, L = B2
How You Get the Girl (5): C, D, G = B2
If this was a Movie (3): C, D, I, N = B2
The Last Great American Dynasty (8): C, D = B2
Never Grow Up (3): C, D, I, N = B2 (problematic sentiment)
Red-demo (4): C = B2
Stay Beautiful (1): C, I, N = B2
’tis the damn Season (9): C, D, L, B2
Treacherous-demo (4): C, G(!), L = B2
White Horse (2): D, I, N = B2
You are in Love (5): C, N = B2

All of these are so catchy!

c= almost OK
1 = top of category

22 (4): C = c1
All Too Well (4): D, I, L, N = C1 (almost a powwow beat)
Come in w/the Rain (2): C, I = C1
Sparks Fly (3); C, I = C1
Starlight (4); C, I = C1
Untouchable (2): C, I, N = C1

c= almost OK
2 = bottom of category

Begin Again (4): D, I, L = C2
Cold as You (1): I, N = C2
Hey Stephen (2): C, D = C2
The Last Time (4): C, I = C2 (weird collaboration)
State of Grace-acoustic (4): C, L = C2
Tied Together w/a Smile (1): C, D, I, N = C2

Indigo Girls: GOODs (not final)

4 Mar

ig good
a= almost awesome
b= exactly good
c= almost OK
1 = top of category
2 = bottom of category
i = top of almost awesome
ii = bottom of almost awesome

The groups were too big so I had to narrow them down to a, b, and c almost awesome, exactly good, and almost OK respectively.  Than those groups were too big so I did 1 as top of their category and 2 as the lower part.  And still, some of those groups were too large so I split those into top and bottom (i and ii). 


a= almost awesome
1 = top of category
Philosophy of Loss (CoNS): a1 ugh–this song.  It’s a secret song only.  And the song it’s attached to is on a different ranking list, so it’s always harder to rank…  I did it after I published this post.

a= almost awesome
1 = top of category
i = top of almost awesome
Beauty Queen Sister (BQS): a1i
Believe in Love (SDtBD): a1i
Blood & Fire (ST): a1i
Burn All the Letters (SotS): a1i
Center Stage (ST): a1i (ending)
Collecting You (BY): a1i
Fugative (SDtBD): a1i
I Don’t Wanna Know (1200); a1i
Kid Fears (LwtUoCSO): a1i
Land of Cannan-radio single (ST): a1i
Last Tears-acoustic (DOD): a1i
Love of Our Lives (LwtUoCSO): a1i
Midnight Train to Georgia (1200): a1i
O Holy Night (HHD): a1i (high difficulty notes)
Our Deliverance (BY); a1i
Rock and Roll Heaven’s Gate (DOD): a1i
Sugar Tongue (LwtUoCSO): a1i
Tether (SDtBD): a1i
You and Me of the 10,000 Wars (NIS): a1i
Yoke (LwtUoCSO); a1i

a= almost awesome
1 = top of category
ii = bottom of almost awesome
Airplane (RoP): a1ii
Angels We Have Heard On High (HHD): a1ii
Closer to Fine (SDtBD): a1ii
Cut it OUt (SotS): a1ii
Damo (LwtUoCSO): a1ii
Faye Tucker (CoNS): a1ii
Fugative (SO) = a1ii
Happy in the Sorrow Key (LwtUoCSO): a1ii
Lay My Head Down (DOD); a1ii
Little Perennials-live (DOD): a1ii
Secure Yourself (ST): a1ii
Three County Highway-live (DOD): a1ii
Tried to be True (ST); a1ii
World Falls (NIS): a1ii
You’ve Got to Show (BY): a1ii

a= almost awesome
2 = bottom of category
Able to Sing (LwtUoCSO): a2
Crazy Game (SF): a2
Free in You (AtWLI): A2
Damo (BQS): a2
Galileo (LwtUoCSO): a2 (good, but I like original better)
Gone Again (CoNS): a2
Leeds (SotS): a2
Let it be Me (RoP): a2
Love of Our Lives-acoustic (PatBB): a2 (stronger singing)
Making Promises (BQS); a2
Pendulum Swinger (DOD): a2
Romeo and Juliet (RoP); a2
Shed Your Skin (SofS): a2
Southland in the Springtime (NIS): a2
Starkville (BY); a2
Strange Fire (SF): a2
Sugar Tongue (PatBB): a2
Tether (AtWLI): a2
They Won’t Have Me (DOD): a2
This Train Revised (SO); a2
Three County Highway (SDtBD): a2
Three Hits (RoP): A2
Trouble (CoNS): a2
Watershed (SDtBD):a2 (5d, live singing = less)
Welcome Me (NIS): a2
What Are You Like (PatBB): A2

A lot of the songs in this section remind me of Seattle ZooTunes.  Whatever year I went it seemed like they played most of these.

b= exactly good
1 = top of category
Change My Heart (LL); b1
Down by the River (1200): b1
Elizabeth (OLD): B1 (DETAILED STORY)
Fleet of Hope-acoustic (PatBB); b1
The Girl w/the Weight of the World in Her Hands (NIS); B1
Jonas and Ezekiel (1200): b1
Jonas and Ezekiel (RoP): b1
K.C. Girl (LL): b1
Keeper of My Heart (NIS): b1
Love of Our Lives (SDtBD): b1
Mariner Moonlighting (BQS): b1
Muster (LL): b1
Ozilline (CoNS): b1
Ozilline (SDtBD): b1
Reunion (SO): b1
Run (DOD): b1
True Romantic (PatBB): b1
What Are You Like-acoustic (PatBB): B1
The Wood Song (SDtBD): b1
Woodsong (LwtUoCSO): b1
Your Holiday Song (HHD); b1

b= exactly good
2 = bottom of category
Come a Long Way (LwtUoCSO): b2 (ending!)
Dead Man’s Hill (SO): B2
Digging for Your Dream (PatBB) = b2
Fly Away (SDtBD): b2
Get Together (SF) = b2
Ghost of the Gang-acoustic (PatBB): b2
I’ll Change-acoustic (PatBB): b2
Nashville (RoP): b2
Peace Tonight (CoNS): b2
Perfect World (AtWLI): b2
Sorrow and Joy (LL); b2 (WTF is this song about?)
Southern California is Your Girlffriend (OLD): b2
True Romantic-acoustic (PatBB): b2
War Rugs (LwtUoCSO): b2
We are Together (CoNS): b2
Wild Horses (SDtBD); b2
The Wood Song (SO): b2

c= almost OK
1 = top of category
Come a Long Way (OLD): c1
Digging for Your Dream (SDtBD): C1
Dirt and Dead Ends (DOD): C1 (BLEAK)
Feel this WAy Again (LL): c1
I’ll Be Home for Christmas (HHD): c1
It Really is (A Wonderful Life) (HHD): c1
Love Will Come to You (RoP); c1
Salty South-acoustic (PatBB): c1
Something Real (AtWLI): c1
Spread the Pain Around (OLD): c1
Walk Away (SF): c1

I suspect these songs are ranked relatively low bc they’re a bummer.  They all have serious, heavy (very important) topics, but the bleakness just gets to me.  In all this ranking, I learned I prefer upbeat and fast songs.

c= almost OK
2 = bottom of category
Alberta (OLD): c2
Back Together Again (1200): c2
Country RAdio (LL): c2
Everybody’s Waiting for Someone to Come Home (SF): c2
Ghost (RoP); c2
Gone (BQS): c2
Love’s Recovery (1200): c2 (too much brass)
Thin Line (1200): c2

Ironically, Spotify and Lastfm will probably say I listened to this section most.  But only bc I’d either tune out, or it wasn’t clear where they should be ranked on the list…

Taylor Swift: Neutral/OK (not final)

3 Mar

1 = almost good
2 = exactly neutral
3 = nearly meh


OK1 = almost good

Back to December-acoustic (3): C, D, I, N, S = 1A
Call It What You Want (6); C, G, L, P = 1A
Change (2); C, I (@ END!), N = 1A
Cornelia Street (7); C, D, G, L, N = 1A
Gorgeous (6): C, D, L, N, P = 1A
King of My Heart (6): C, L, N, P = 1A (ENDING)
New Romantics (5): C, D, G, L, N, P = 1A

I Think He Knows (7): C, G, L, P = 1b
London Boy; C, D, L, P = 1b
Mary’s Song (oh my my) (1): C, D, I, N = 1B
This Love (5): C, G, L, N, P = 1b

OK2 = exactly neutral

Breathe (2): C, L = 2A
Dorthea (9): C, D, G, L, N = 2A
I Wish You Would (5): C, G = 2A
The Way I Loved You (2): C, D, I, N = 2A
False God (7); C, G, L = 2A
Happiness (9): C, D, L = 2A
Long Live (3): C, D, I, N = 2A
Seven (8); C, D, G, L, N = 2a

August (8); C, G, L = 2B
Illicit Affairs (8); C, D, G, L = 2B
It’s Time to Go (9): C, D, G, L, N = 2B
Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince (7); C, D, G, L, N = 2b (end chant is too much)
Peace (8): C, D, G, L = 2b (hate pulsing; lyrics condescending(?))
A Place in the World (1): C, I, N = 2B

OK3 = nearly meh

The Best Day (2): C, D, = 3A
Fearless (2); C, I, N = 3a
The Other Side of the Door (2); C, I, L, N = 3A
Innocent (3): C, I, N = 3A
Last Kiss (3): C, D, N = 3A


Superstar (2); D = 3B
Hoax (8): C, D, G = 3b (too sad)
I Almost Do (4); C = 3 (too needy/pathetic/un-feminist)
Jump Than Fall (2): C, I = 3B
Sad, Beautiful, Tragic (4): C = 3B
Tell Me Why (2): C, I, N = 3b

Indigo Girls: Neutral/OK Songs (not final)

2 Mar

These are the songs that aren’t meh or skip, but also aren’t great enough to make the goods. They’re A-OK. I split it into 3 parts: OA which are nearly good, OB = exactly neutral, and OC which are just above a meh. Then, I split the 3 groups into top of that list (1) and bottom of that list (2)–just to make it a bit more manageable. The songs within each group aren’t in order quite yet.


Bitterroot (BY): C =OA1
Compromise (CoNS): C, I, L, N, P = OA1
Ghost (LwtUoCSO): I, L, N = OA1
Ghost of the Gang (PatBB); C, L, P = OA1
In the Bleak Midwinter (HHD): I, N = OA1
Pendulum Swinger-live (DOD): C, L, P = OA1
Prince of Darkness (SDtBD): C, N, P, S = OA1
Rise Up (AtWLI): C = OA1
Three County Highway (DOD): L, S = OA1
Three Hits-live (RoP): C, I, L, P = OA1
Virginia Woolf (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N = OA1
War Rugs (BQS): C, I, L, P = OA1 (instruments!)
We Get to Feel it All (BQS); C, I, L, N = OA1
What are You Like (SDtBD); C, I, L = OA1

It was tough narrowing down each group, and it took many, many listens to get the Awesomes, goods, neutrals, mehs, and actually the skips were easy bc you know what you don’t like. And these just weren’t as good as the good-list. But it’s VERY close!


Caramia (SotS): C, I, L, N = OA2
Come On Home (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N = OA2
Crazy Game (SF): C, N = oa2
Don’t Give that Girl a Gun (SotS): C, L, N, P = OA2
Fleet of Hope (PatBB): C, L = OA2
Share the Moon (BQS): C, I, L = OA2
She’s Saving Me (BY); L, N, S = OA2


Digging for Your Dream-acoustic (PatBB): C, L, P = OB1
Dirt and Dead Ends (PatBB): L, N, P =ob1
Driver Education-acoustic (PatBB); C, L, P = OB1
Fly Away-acoustic (DOD): L, N =OB1

I pretty much like all these songs a lot, but picked better versions of each to rank higher.

I’ll Be Home for Christmass (HHD); N, S = OB1
Sister (CoNS): L = (too quiet) = OB1
Sugar Tongue-acoustic (PatBB): C, L = OB1
Virginia Woolf (1200); C, L, N = OB1


Center Stage-live (ST): C, L, P = OB2 (little off-key)
Come On Home (SDtBD): C, L = ob2
Cordova (SDtBD): C, L = OB2
Everything in it’s Own Time (SotS): C, I, L, P = OB2

These are good songs, and in any other catalogue would be ranked that way. But relative to the other good songs, they just don’t hold up as well.

Fishtails (OLD): L, N, P = OB2
Ghost-live (1200): L, N = OB2
Look Long (LL): C, L, N, P = OB2
Soon be to Nothing (CoNS); C, L =ob2
Virginia Woolf (RoP): C, L = OB2


All That We Let In (AtWLI): C, L = OC1
Fly Away (DOD): C, L, N, P = OC1
If I Don’t Leave Here Now (OLD): N = OC1

Language or the Kiss (1200): L, N = OC1
Power of Two (SO); L = OC1

The fans love these 2, but I find them overrated. I just find them OK, no matter how many times I listen.


Findly, Ohio 1968 (OLD); L, P = OC2
Language or the Kiss (SO); L = OC2
Closer to Fine (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, P = OC2 (Emily sounds out of breath; slow)
Hey Kind Friend (SotS): I, L = OC2
Love Will Come to You-live (RoP): L = OC2
Mystery (SO): L, N = OC2
Texas was Clean (OLD): L = oc2

Taylor Swift MEHs (early draft)

1 Mar

This list is not final, and it’s not really in order either.  I made it after the 3rd listen of each song, so there’s been a lot of jostling since then.  But it’s a snapshot in time for the songs that weren’t quite a skip, but were below neutral/OK.

I think I published the skips list without indicating the key:

(numbers) are the album/era

(C)atchy, (D)etailed story, (G)aylor references, (I)nstrumentals, (L)yrical complexity, very high/low (N)otes, (P)roduction stands out in a good way, (S)entimental

Dancing w/Our Hands Tied (6): C, G, L, N, P (Ambiguity bothers me)

Maybe it’s not quite a meh after all, but I am mad at this song.  I want this song to directly say who the subject is, and what is happening.  I find it unfulfilling when the interpretations can be 180 degrees apart.

Tis the Damn Season (9): C, D, G
King of My Heart (6): C, G, N, P
The Outside (1): I, N (weak)

I’m ranking both Taylor Swift’s catalogue and the Indigo Girls simultaneously. And after so many listens to both I noticed something about a few of Taylor Swift’s songs (b/c she wrote them second). I have this theory that young Taylor listened to the Indigo Girls at some point, and a few of their themes might have inspired her:

Fugitive: Song by Indigo Girls (Amy Elizabeth Ray, specifically)

I’m harboring a fugitive, a defector of a kind / And she lives in my soul and drinks of my wine / And I’d give my last breath to keep us alive / Are they coming for us with cameras or guns? / We don’t know which but we gotta run / And you say, “This is not what I bargained for” So hide yourself / For me / All for me / We swore to ourselves we’d go to the end of the world / But I got caught up in the whirl and the twirl of it all / A day in the sun dancing alone / Baby, I’m so sorry / Now it’s coming to you the lessons I’ve learned / Won’t do you any good you’ve got to get burned / Well the curse and the blessing they’re one in the same / Baby, it’s all such a treacherous gain / Hide yourself from me / I said hide yourself from me / All for meOoh! / Ooh! I stood without clothes danced in the sand / I was aching with freedom kissing the damned / I said remember this as how it should be / Oh baby, I said it’s all in our hands / Got to learn to respect what we don’t understand / We are fortunate ones, fortunate ones, I swear / Hide yourself for me / I will hide myself for you / All for you / All for you / I will myself for you / All for you / I stood without clothes I danced in the sand / I was aching with freedom kissing the damned / I said remember this as how it should be

This song brings to mind pretty much Taylor’s whole M.O. of writing about secret love and love that society won’t like. Specific songs I thought of are Out of the Woods, I Know Places and the next meh song on my list:

Treacherous (4): G, L

I like the anxiety and definite closeted vibes going on in the song.  I like the hints that something LGBT is happening here.  But I wish there was more of a hook or something so latch on to.  This one is usually over before I know it.

Right Where You Left Me (9): C, G, L, N (repetitive)
State of Grace (5): C, G, N (weak)
Call It What You Want (6): C, G, L, P (Ambiguity bothers me)
A Place in This World (1): I, N

The Other Side of the Door (2): I, L, N

I think this song has potential.  And I’d love to hear an updated twist on it, or see a newer song that evolves from this, but is better.

It’s Nice to Have a Friend (7); D, G, L (Ambiguity bothers me; weird production)

What. the. fuck is going on in the production of this song?  It’s Englishy, it’s like hunting brass, it is weird.  Just like this friendship-love going on and then there is hand holding.  Which I find non-platonic, but it’s pretty subtle so it just makes the song weird instead of gay…

–Personally Dislike:
Coney Island (9): G, L, N (terrible feat!)
End Game (6): C, G, L, P (terrible feat!)

God dammit!  Why does Taylor always work with these men who bring their own style rather than blending with hers?  It totally ruins songs!  It sounds baaad, and odd within even a very diverse catalogue such as Taylor’s.  Actually, there’s one exception–I do really like the “Lover” remix, but that douche is (internally?) homophobic, so I will not give that streaming clicks to support him in any way.

The Lakes (8): G, L, N, P

This song is pretentious with the analog distortion and it sounds old and kinda British in a ‘high school forcing you to slog through Chaucer’ kind of way.  It evokes poetry analysis nightmares, and I don’t like the forced association to Oat Milk.

The Archer (7): G, L
A Perfectly Good Heart (1): I, N

These aren’t quite skips, but I don’t really like them all that much.  Archer would be better if something more was going on.  Don’t kill the vibe, but do make it punchier.  It’s just zzzzzzzz.

Indigo Girls: The MEHs

27 Feb

You know when you’re listening to your playlist and you just kinda tune out?  And like 10 min later you’re like, what songs just played, I don’t even know.  The funny thing is that it’s not an anomaly (usually, unless you had to focus hard on work, or actually got distracted doing something) these songs are just meh.  Even in trying to re-listen several times to rank these, my mind would wander.  I listened to this set the very most bc of tuning out.  You know what you don’t like pretty readily, you know what you love, and even the songs that aren’t quite love, but really good.  But the neutral to meh are the most difficult to decipher.  So here are the below neutral/OK and above skip songs:

Meh (in order)

-Strange Fire (1200):  C, I, L, P

-Come On Home (AtWLI):  C, L

It’s a nice little song, and fits perfectly with the vibe of the All That We Let In album.  But as a stand alone song–It’s just meh.

-Dead Man’s Hill (1200):  N, P

-Able to Sing (BQS):  C, N

-Mystery (LwtUoCSO): I, N

-Neuvose Senorita (BY):  L, P

-Cordova (AtWLI):  C, L, N, P

I like the Latin-X (is this the proper term now?) flair in these two, but I guess I’d like a little more going on.  Maybe live, or with the orchestra or something would be better.

-Mistletoe (HHD):  C, L

-John (BQS):  L, N, P

I like the sentiment, and it tells a detailed story, but *yawn*

-Peace Child (HHD):  C, L, N

-There’s Still My Joy (HHD):  L, N

-Cedar Tree (RoP):  I, N, U (bag pipe sounding)

-Power of Two (LwtUoCSO):  I, L, N

-Power of Two (1200):  L, N

I know, this is a travesty–this is a fan-favorite.  But yup, I think it’s over-rated.  I just can’t get into it.

-Andy (CoNS):  L, N

-When We Were Writers (LL):  N

P.S. Spotify ranked this my very top listened to song in 2020.  Which is…  I just tuned out EVERY damn time I tried to rank it.  This song is pretty much the ultimate definition of meh.

-Mystery (1200):  L, N

Indigo Girls: SKIPS

25 Feb

I’m ranking the entire catalogue, which is a big project.  But I thought I would start releasing the rankings in pieces.  Here are the few songs from the Indigo Girls I don’t care for.


-Sister (CoNS):  C, L

This version is after the Faye Tucker track as a short interlude before the secret song, Philosophy of Loss.  I usually like the song, but this one is too short and too quiet.  Note–don’t have secret songs anymore.  And now that there’s streaming, release the secret songs as their own track.  It’s been hell trying to rank Philosophy… when it’s tied to another song.  I think it’s the only track in their entire catalog that was never re-released on another album, put on a live album, or it’s own song.  This needs to change.


-Feed & Water the Horses (BQS):

-Birthday (BQS):  N

Emily was too happy and content when she was writing for Beauty Queen Sister, and as a result her songs are bland vanilla.


-Left Me a Fool (SF):  L

-History of Us (ST):  L, N

-Fare Thee Well (SO):

There are very few IG songs I genuinely dislike (pretty much these 3) and it’s mostly bc of the singing style. It may be the proper way to sing, but it isn’t my thing.

Hitting the Wall: Tips for Finishing the Running Distance

24 Feb

You set out to run a mile. Not 3 laps, not 6 min. ONE mile. But your body (or is it your mind?) is fighting with your goal. You feel tired. You are breathing ragged, and starting to collapse. Every second is horrible. You want to quit.


I mean, unless you have a medical situation (check with your Dr. before engaging in physical activity).

Aside from that–you can do it. You’d be surprised at what your body can handle if you’re mind would just get on board. I mean, watch this survival show, “I Shouldn’t be Alive” at some point. You’ll see what humans can tolerate. You can handle this, and you should train your brain that pushing your limits isn’t quitting time.

But how to go about it?

In the long term, remember why you started running in the first place. You had your reasons. Now think about them. Quitting early gives you a fraction of the benefits too. One of my favorite quotes is “If you’re not going to go hard, why go at all?” which hits on the point I’m trying to make. You set a goal–now do the whole thing. Why bother if you’re not going to do it right?

Have your poster with all your motivational quotes that we talked about making before and hang it where you run (or look at it right before you leave). Refer to it often.

Now to the tricky stuff. Train. Your. Brain. Teach your mind to get comfortable with a little discomfort. Again, I’m not talking torn ACL and asthma attacks here. Regular tiredness and fatigue should be something you can work through.

Don’t fixate on the distance that’s left or your speed or other metrics if you wanna stop. It just turns tortuous and slow. Instead, think of your mantra, turn on your most hyped up power song, sing in your head. Distract!

Then, do some physical adjustments. Because when you get tired your form suffers and ironically, bad form takes MORE energy. You want to be as efficient as possible. Also, you know how you have to concentrate on having good form, so you hardly do it bc it’s so effortful? Now is the perfect time. We need to distract the mind from complaining and make our body more efficient. Go through a checklist and do it over and over. This also has the bonus of helping your running form in the long term!

Think about relaxing the cheecks on your face. They should be bouncing with every step.

Is your neck tight? Concentrate on relaxing it.

Relax your shoulders too.

Look up (more than you think you need to). It should feel exaggerated. When you get tired you start to hunch and crunch downward–very inefficient of a posture.

Your shoulders should be back so your lungs can be open. I attempt to push my lower back forward in order to open my lungs more. Your face feels up to the sky, now think about pointing your heart to the sky as well. Carebear stare, anyone?! This will also feel exaggerated, but it’s just normal form. I promise, your body feels crazy, but it’s actually just upright again.

Hardly anyone has good arms when running. It takes loads of concentration to get it right–perfect for this situation! Relax the hands. Stiff, tight fists make for stiff tight everything–not what you’re going for. Position of the hands doesn’t matter as much as relaxation. Seriously, you don’t want to be tight and stiff anywhere when you run. Next, make sure it’s your upper arm that’s creating the swing (not like a drumming motion of your forearms). Next, actually USE those arms to propel you. The energy between your arms and legs should be more equally divided. Most people are just forcing their lower body to do ALL the work. I think about my hand/arm going from my “holster” near the back of my waist to my shoulder-level in front. It’s a pretty big swing. And the elbows should be in, toward the body. Honestly, look up something online about good arms and follow it. Things get very technical, and everyone could use improvement.

Do your shoulders and pelvis line up? No twisting. Make sure they’re squared and facing forward. Knees too. Line everything up. When you’re tired, your legs might start doing wonky stuff, and this isn’t great for speed/endurance–but it can really cause long term damage.

Lengthen your stride. I think about letting my back foot trail more. Your steps should be long so you take less of them.

Play with stride length. I read somewhere that if short quick steps have you tired, that switching to long strides uses a different set of (less fatigued) muscles. I don’t know if it’s perfectly true, but at the very least it’s an additional thing to distract you from being tired. Try tiny, fast steps or alternate to long, slow strides.

Lastly, consider running faster. It sounds crazy when you’re tired and want to stop, but if you go faster you’ll finish the distance sooner! And often if you speed up you’re thinking so much about just staying upright, that you don’t have time to agonize.

Basically, distract your mind and focus on your form. You can do it-if I can do it, so can you!

Evermore (December 2020) by Taylor Swift Song Ranking

23 Feb

35.3% Awesome; 35.3% Good; 17.6% OK; 11.8% Meh; Skip out of 17

6 Awesome

No Body No Crime


Long Story Short




I like this album because TS is showing a lot of gay here. The writing is better than the music for the most part, but it does encourage multiple listens to dig in to the content. Double-meanings are becoming Taylor’s specialty, and I love trying to decode the songs.

6 Good

Willow (ambiguous)

Champagne Problems

Gold Rush

Tis the Damn Season

Tolerate It

Cowboy Like Me

3 OK



It’s Time to Go

2 Meh

Coney Island (The National Ruins It)

Right Where You Left Me