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Right Outside the Top Ten Albums of 2017 (#16-#11)

11 Jan

#16-Gogol Bordello

It’s still got that upbeat sound I love for running, but Seekers and Finders adds a lot more strings with the rock.  I love this band’s energy!

#15-Shania Twain I’m sorry to say I didn’t like Now when I first heard it.  I have always loved Shania Twain–and she’s a sentimental favorite and staple of my youth.  Here is my first impression of the album:  Now just doesn’t have that sparkle that Twain’s past albums have had.  And I don’t know why.  It seems like she’s authentic to herself, and not trying too hard or trying to be something she’s not.  None of the songs just have that kick, that she used to have.  The album is OK, and the songs are earned–you can tell Twain put thought and effort into Now.  I just guess that every album can’t capture the magic.  But then, after a few listens something happened.  After the fourth listen, I found myself singing along.  It’s not an instant-listen-like album, Now is a grower.

shania twain then and now

#14-Foo Fighters It’s a little harder rock than I love, but in this quiet R&B scene, it was refreshing to hear any rock at all.  And it sounds like the Foo are in top form.

#13-Amber Coffman It’s a nice album, R&B with folk and country mixed in.  “All to Myself” will get stuck in your head!  She reminds me of a mermaid singing.  P.S. I want you to know I never watch YouTube videos (and I only see the first few seconds even when I’m grabbing the link for the blog).  So I did not know hers involved the beach/water until just now when I gave you guys the link–the mermaid vibe I noticed was not influenced by media.  But I see that’s what she’s going for, so good on her for conveying it well through song.

#12-Aimee Mann

Mental Illness is a great idea and a timely conceptual album.  I like how politically relevant it is, and how it brings attention to the lack of preventative health care and how that is a direct cause for many violent acts we’re seeing.  I am also glad to see Mann back in the studio–I actually came to know her through an episode of “Portlandia” (which I was unimpressed with, as I am with Oregon as a state).  I liked her sound and scoped her out because of that.  But I thought she was finished–a thing of the past.  The songs are meaningful, and some have stuck-in-your-head sounds, which is good.

mental illness song list

#11-Lauren Alaina

She will be going somewhere for sure.   The country reminds me of Taylor Swift (especially “Crashing the Boy’s Club”) when she first started:   Sweet, truthful, and good writing.  “Road Less Traveled” is a call to action to be your own person and stop following the crowd.  I like the empowerment, especially coming from a country artist.  “My Kinda People” is a nice little song about living life to the fullest.  I like how she admires genuine people.