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Dead Wood

11 Jul

Kidron's post b-day pics 074It fees like drowning to work with this particular LVT. I am alone, treading water, just keeping my head Witter Poolabove crises level. She doesn’t do anything WRONG per say–just nothing at all, or only 70% of each job. I’m running, running, running trying to get everything done alone, attempting to keep multiple tasks organized so I don’t forget what still needs doing, writing things down as I can to get it on the bill or the record. She, meanwhile, is standing. Or chatting. Or petting a cat. Just doing God knows what–but in no way helping me out of the crises. For the most part, I’m able to just stay even with the water level, but then–the phone rings, an emergency is booked, a test code is not at the ready, or equipment breaks. And my head dunks below the surface. I bob, under water, sputtering, trying to regain my air.  Another task is missed.  Forgotten, not gotten to yet.  There is confusion.  When drowning, there is first panic, then wild kicking and machinations, then, I attempt to calm myself–it’s the panic that will drown you. Gasping for air, trying to regain momentum, I tread on–just trying to make it through.  No one is there to throw me a life preserver.  And Kidron's post b-day pics 069the day goes on and on like this.

But the worst part is the next day. I feel like a champion for just surviving the inevitable drowning, relatively unscathed: I didn’t collapse from exhaustion or have a break down, every task got done well enough, every animal lived. That’s the worst part–I feel heroic for having made it–and things start to come back around. Labs weren’t marked, drugs weren’t sent home, drawers aren’t restocked, a weight wasn’t recorded, endless missed things. A direct result of just trying to survive is missing small details. You can’t do a race-winning, form-perfect butterfly stroke when the waves are splash 2crashing upon you for hours, and you are just trying to breathe.

That was my day: Get to work at 6AM, do every, last opening task. Complete ALL the cleaning, vitals, medications, and logging of the hospitalized patients all by myself. Just me. Clean and medicate house cats. Throughout the day, request every lab. Restrain every animal. Do all the laundry.  Log every med or vital. I even had to bathe a fractious cat that required the gloves (which are only used when absolutely necessary) ALONE. Because dead-weight LVT was doing??? I don’t know what. Couldn’t have been anything important though, because I had already finished everything else myself. Anyway, that’s a liability–one person stuck cleaning diarrhea off a fractious cat and out of a carrier–ALONE.  Clock out at 6:21PM.  12.5 hours in the same building/water, but do feel lucky I did get a lunch break–though slightly shorter than I’m supposed to have.  And I know I’ll want to walk off the job tomorrow when I’m not congratulated–but criticized for some unfinished task(s).transform

So was trading days in order to be out of town on my milestone 30th birthday worth it? Well, last weekend I would have readily said YES! Today? I don’t think I’ll ever do that again. . .  I am just thankful I hardly ever have to work with dead weight.  I wouldn’t last.


Holding Ground

14 Jun

An old (obsolete now, thank goodness) draft I guess I forgot to publish in December:

Cool sees a psychologist or maybe psychiatrist or both for her bi-polar and anxiety issues.  Sometimes they do really neat things (more on this later) to diagnose, clarify symptoms, or help support her condition.  Like the EEG–or some initials meaning they show colors in different parts of the brain to show activity level.  I want one!  Anyway, at one of these sessions, they told Cool that irritability lights up the entire brain.  Most emotions and stimuli are relegated to one portion of the brain or another.  But when you’re irritable, it’s the whole thing.  So it makes sense you can’t think about anything else when you’re irate or belligerent–let alone concentrate.

Which is largely why I temporarily discontinued communication with my mom early in the semester.  Aside from being severely annoyed and angry, I just didn’t want to be preoccupied when I was supposed to be focusing on school.  An unintended consequence of not talking to my mom, was missing out on my dad.  With my mom, I could still see her activity on Facebook.  So I at least knew a little bit of what was going on with her.  But my Dad–not really active on The Book.  So I just haven’t talked or heard from him in months.  And I worried something might happen to him during this time and it would make me super-sad and regretful and resentful toward my mom.  I mean, I would miss my mom too, if she were perminantly gone–but she is still relatively young.  And so ornery it’s difficult for me to picture her mortality   My dad is still virile–but he’s 15 years older then her, so of course I worry more about him.  And I missed him.  Miss him.

So now the semester is over, and I should call them.  But I HAVE been busy.  And it’s a little awkward.  Do I call and act as if nothing happened?  Or do we discuss the problem and take the chance of getting heated again?  It’s hard to say.  But I know I would feel terrible if something did happen and my dad was no longer around. . .

In Livid Color

22 May

The basement at work was a mess!  A fucking mess–yeah, the f-word was warranted.

earthquake 1

I didn’t want to do it.  It was a horrid mess and dangerous and disorganized, and I knew I COULD do a great job with it.  But I also knew it would take time, be dirty, hard work, and everyone would be mad. Because everyone at my work (all vet hospitals everywhere?) hates change, and cleaning would mean moving things.  I also knew, whatever work I did would be immediately undone.  Undone by both people wanting the OLD way back, and by people haphazardly shoving things where they didn’t belong.  So I realized it would be a challenge and any benefits wouldn’t last.

So I left it alone for 3 years.  I wanted nothing to do with that tedious job when all the thanks I would get was anger over change, and then, the same ol’ mess.  But then, my boss was talking about having us clean it to be legit for OSHA.  And really, that’s important.  What if a cat got down there and was poisoned by Monsanto?  What if a co-worker was hurt by a sharp tool while trying to grab food?  It WAS a task that needed doing.

And having to clean it as a group, during work hours, while being interrupted by clients, would be worse then just doing a good job of it during off hours by myself.  So I reluctantly volunteered to get it done before the business day started on Wednesdays when I’m there by myself cleaning anyway.  But I gave the disclaimer that I would have to move things, and I must be able to do it in grubby clothes as well as uninterrupted –over 3 or 4 Wednesdays.

My boss was amicable to those conditions (this was a job that really needed doing and of course nobody wanted to do it) so I jumped in whole-heartedly.  I figured if I was going to do it at all, I was going to do it RIGHT.  And I really did.  I was invested.

Honestly, I couldn’t have had a better attitude about the whole thing.  And I could not have worked harder, or done a better job.  I picked piles of random items off the dusty floor, organized piles of like items, scrutinized shelf-space to see where common items could be grouped together, and did heavy lifting and tedious organizing.  All of the chemicals went into rubbermaid boxes, all sharp objects into a lockable closet.  The basement slowly transformed from a dangerous vortex of chemicals and lost things and unknown garbage, into a safe, functional, visually-appealing storage room.


The trouble came with the storage of Rx food.  You see, our receptionist tracks it, orders it, and sells a good majority of it.  And SHE is probably the most anti-change person at work.  But my work had the dumbest system in place for years.  The canned food was strewn around the basement, but the dry food was stored in the tiny isolation room upstairs.  Then, orders of dog food were set upon tables in the midst of the basement.  It was a real mess, and totally impractical–but I knew changing it would cause strife because that’s the way everyone was used to it.

But only thinking of functionality, order, and ease for EVERYone at work, I preceded to stack it nicely.  I moved the canned flats from a small shelf, a small side-mounted cupboard,  the bench, and a couple of side shelves to one larger set of shelves, where it could be in one easy to see location.  And this went over well with all staff.  Lovely surprise to me!

But then I had an extra empty shelf.  And I knew it would get cluttered with disorganized crap right away if I didn’t fill it.  So I thought–what can I put there?  And it came to me–it would really be ideal to have all the food in one place.  I’ll move the dry food from the top floor to the basement.  But there was a series of hoops to jump through:  The small shelves were fastened to the wall (2nd vet pried them off for me), the shelf upstairs was heavy (my boss carted it down the stairs with me), the shelf we just struggled to get downstairs wouldn’t fit down the basement stairs (3 people helped disassemble those shelves), those shelves were weird to put together (the book-keeper helped me re-build them), there was a large amount of dry food in stock to carry down 2 flights of stairs (3 of us hauled them over an hour).  Got all that?  So there was nothing easy about moving the dry food to the basement so all the food could be in one place.  AND everyone (except the receptionist) helped accomplish it.  But it would be easy, and worthwhile, and practical so it was all worth it.

I came in early to work on part 3 of the basement project (the side room containing Christmas decorations, I131 leftovers, and large yard items) and to my surprise half of the main room had been disassembled.  Similar items I had so carefully stacked off the floor were tossed to the floor randomly.  I’m sure if it had been any easier of a job, I would have come in to the dry food placed in its former locale.  The food looked much as it had before I touched it–with the addition of all the dry.  On the order of 6 groupings of items were moved out of probably hundreds, but it was an affront none-the-less.  They (the spoiled receptionist) had carelessly un-organized my work.  And I’m sure there had been a hissy fit about the changes I’d made.

They (namely, my boss, who ultimately controls all aspects of the hospital) let her move things back where they were.  Under the pretense there was no room for the new food.  Which I KNOW is B.S., because they also moved food I already found a place for, back to the middle.  I’m sure it was all about being change-averse.


Tears came to my eyes.  They had figuratively punched me in the stomach.  All of my hard work, it felt like, was compromised.  Why continue cleaning and organizing?  They were sure to hate it and ruin it anyway. . .  Then, the more I thought about it–the less sad I was and the madder I became.  WHY would they be so thankless about my working so hard to make all of our lives easier?  More importantly, why was this allowed?  I had to say something.  I had worked too hard to apologize for moving things.  I had gone too far, to let them selfishly destroy it.  This wasn’t right.

When my boss came in, I truthfully told her I almost cried when I saw the basement.  And true to form, she (hating confrontation and wanting everyone to like her) said she had nothing to do with it. And I told her she put me in a bad position then didn’t have the decency to protect me when the going got rough (receptionist temper-tantrum).  Then everyone made excuses that there wasn’t enough room.  Which they just may have believed.  Because vets don’t pay attention to details such as who is doing what work, or how big the food stock is normally.

And now they are buying another shelf.  Because they really think there was not enough room–when I know very well there are 3 empty shelves down there and isn’t it funny the tables are set up exactly as before?  Maybe I’ll learn one of these days not to put myself out there by doing anything extra, because I know where my boss’ allegiance lies–and they are not with me.

volcano 1

On the plus side when my boss “offered” me to work “some extra hours” translation:  Wanted me to work full-time over the summer for no full-time benefits, I had no problem saying an unequivocal no.  If I hadn’t been through the incident that morning I would have taken on extra hours I don’t want or need, out of pure guilt.  So there’s that. . .

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8 Apr

Day Dixit, you are an idiot. In his first piece for Rolling Stone, Dixit manages to apply negative Ajileestereotype to higher education, female-only universities, women, professors, the LGBT community, and sex. How is that possible, you ask?

I would tell you to read, his March 15 issue an article entitled “The Highly Charged Erotic Life of the Wellesley Girl,” but it’s drivel. And it ought to infuriate you, not shed light on anything realistic.

From Alice Boone:

Discussing one of Wellesley’s mottos, “Independent Women, Amazing Women,” sophomore Alyssa Robinson told Dixit, “‘Part of that independence is liberation from boxes that women might have been placed in. A lot of Wellesley is about breaking out of those boxes. That encourages a more liberated, a more independent attitude among the students.”‘

“From Robinson’s positive remarks about personal growth and feminism, Dixit follows with a non sequitur: “The result is a climate of sexual experimentation where no woman, or man–including professors, kitchen staff, and campus police officers–is off-limits.”

BROOKE“One student’s joke about “the prison effect” and the relatively high lesbian population becomes a serious observation.”

“. . . it will make a nice addition to the magazine’s wall of shame when it comes to denigrating women’s accomplishments. Oh yeah, Dixit says he wrote it because he supports women’s education.”

And from Laura Kiritsky:

“Everyone read it and got very upset and people who had been interviewed [for the Rolling Stone article] were very upset because I think pretty much every single one of them felt that she had been misquoted — no, misrepresented — or that her words were twisted around or taken out of context,” said senior Jessica Belasco, a 21-year-old English major.

its portrayal of lesbianism on campus. “The intimation that the `prison effect’ produced the large queer community at this school is belittling to our lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. We are proud of our queer community and the supportive atmosphere that allows students to discover their sexuality in a safe space,”

Wellesley President Diana Chapman Walsh also derided the article as “immature and sloppy Devikajournalism” in a Feb. 26 letter to Rolling Stone editor and publisher Jann Wenner. “To purport to capture `College Life 2001′ (as the magazine claimed on its cover) through salacious fantasies about the alleged sexual adventures of a handful of students is ludicrous, as is the implication that these kinds of behaviors are somehow endemic or unique to women’s colleges,”

Dixit denied that he distorted the sexual lives of Wellesley students and Casriel disputed accusations that the story was sensationalized. “We went out of our way to make it an accurate portrait of erotic aspects of the culture [at Wellesley] rather than getting into the nitty gritty of sexual behavior,” she told the campus newspaper.

Dixit contended that he recorded every interview and the quotes were verified by Rolling Stone fact checkers.

Where's the Beef?A lot of men think this, but the difference is that Dixit, unfortunately, published it in a very popular nationwide magazine. And people read it and in doing so have validated that fantasy.”

And from JayDixit.com:

In his spare time, Jay teaches creative writing classes through the New York Writers’ Intensive.


My comment:  Creative is right.

Same Chance as Everybody Else

2 Apr

That’s what every student should have for a test.

In Speech Sciences, we were to have a “quiz” covering 5 chapters today.  The chapters were ALL the diseases in each system that impact speech.  So characteristics, assessments, and treatments had to be memorized.  The quiz also covered the long, long, long and complex theories and models of speech production (5 models, 2 theories, 5 problems) and speech perception (9 models and 6 problems) and everything that impacts those.  So that’s 27 complex issues to memorize and understand.  And the hearing chapter.

Trachea, EsophagusI studied my little heart out.  Starting during spring break.  I read and outlined all the chapters, made flash cards, drew pictures and numonics.  Looked at them every single day, including Forster-Friday when I had to go to work early, have short lunch, and clean after work.  I worked very hard to know all the information.  I need to get 62 points out of the 64 points left in the course to keep my A+.  And that’s what I will do, or otherwise this is time and money wasted.  I NEED the GPA this time.

We always have 30 minutes to complete these “quizzes.”  But this time the prof said we were going to take it at the beginning of class rather then the end.  So I knew there would be a time-crunch for me.  These are multiple choice, and seeing all the answers confuses me, so I have to cover the answers, formulate MY response, then read through the answers to see which one best matches my answers.  Then, I double check everything and make sure I completed all parts of every question and didn’t skip anything or make any dumb errors.  So I use the all of the time.

Knowing this, I moved from my preferred seat by the door, to the very front row so I could be among the first to receive the test.  Because he starts timing from when HE hands the papers out, not from the time the last person gets the test.  Doing this, meant I had to risk Suzanne [who I despise and is stupid and talkative and annoys me and messes me up] sitting next to me.  And of course she did.

wild dog purpleHalfway through today’s test, the prof told the class they could quietly walk around the room and look at the group presentation instructions he had just taped to walls around the room.  Umm, what?!  I’M still testing.  Within the allotted time limit.  So of course now people that finished early (the majority of the class) are walking around.  Then, they are making me move my legs in order to get by me.  And they are clunking up the stairs right in front of me.  Then, groups are talking.  I was trying to concentrate, but it was nearly impossible.

And I tried to shoot the prof looks like, Are you KIDDING me?!  Or–hey, tell them to be quiet.  But he did not look in my direction.  Until I scrawled on the top of my test “Test environment was very disruptive.”  Then, when I was ready to turn in my paper, he sat on the stairs right in front of me, looking apologetic, and said “How was it?”  And I answered honestly that it wasn’t good.  And he wasstate-fair-falconry-1180523-blog like, “I know, I understand and feel the same way you do.”  This–inside me head–What the fuck buddy, what do you mean you feel the same way?  YOU are the one who controls what goes on inside this class.  And out loud, “It was a very unacceptable way to take a test.”  He said, “I know, and we’ll look it it and maybe make accommodations, you are one of the more conscientious students.”  Which I don’t know what that means, but it sounds like cheating to me, and if he would have just conducted the test fairly, it’s totally unnecessary.  And I must have looked sad and frustrated (I was both) because he said, “Don’t worry, we’ll look at it.”

This is my life.  How is it that no matter how much preparation  no matter how much studying, or planning, or changing my own behavior and factors under my control, I can’t win.

Called Out

12 Mar

File under: Oversensitive? Maybe. Within My Rights as a Student? Def.

bee 2

The scene: 100+ students sitting in the auditorium facing the stage waiting for class to commence. The instructor and 2 apparent guest speakers or people with announcements are on the stage. Quiet falls over the room, and the Prof soups up the power-point where our notes will be. All students are looking ahead to see where class will take us today.

Then my name (and mine alone) appears on the first slide. For ALL to see. And my Prof says, “If your name is on the screen please come to the front.” Everyone in class wonders what is going on and looks for the (one) person to stand up. . .

Well, I did not get on the stage for all to see. And I did not think the episode was appropriate–college or not. Turns out, the Overall website for the course, Canvas, (comperable to Web-CT, Blackboard, Angel, *insert fad college interface here*) didn’t recognize my e-mail. And the Prof thought I wasn’t enrolled in Canvas. Which I have been–in both my classes for the record. He had already chastised me and 3 others to change our default e-mail to the school address (which I did). Then, he sent a halting response to an unrelated e-mail question, barking that Canvas was a course requirement. But I AM on Canvas. And I changed the stupid e-mail even though I never check my school account. So I think he has a mind to shame me in front of the class about it.

I went up AFTER class, and another gal came up and said her grades weren’t getting posted on Canvas either. So turns out the mistake was HIS after all.

Anyway, I certainly did call HIM out on his unethical treatment towards me and told him he embarrassed me by writing my name only on the power-point and trying to call my on stage alone, in front of the entire class. And Cool thought I shouldn’t, but it really did bother me. Because that shouldn’t happen. . .

Rusty is Fixed & I’m Not Bankrupt!

7 Mar

Despite worrying through the night, sleeping fitfully if at all, and wondering. . .  At 9 AM I got a call that Rusty was finished.  Which surprised me, because the day before I had not received a written estimate, and I was actually expecting a call with charges to approve.  The rest, I’ll cut & paste the resultant Yelp reviews in order to limit my typing time:

happy elephant

In my opinion, it is very difficult to find a trustworthy mechanic in Spokane.  After a bad experience (and high quote of $600) elsewhere, I looked to Triple A to recommend an honest mechanic.  

I went with Martin’s because it is relatively close to my neighborhood.  Their parking lot is fairly small, but there is plenty of street parking in a residential area along side of the shop.  When I went in mid-day, it was really busy and they said they couldn’t get to my Rodeo until the next day.  Which I am glad they were up front and honest about, instead of making me wait and wait for a phone call.  Also, they brought up that I was welcome to leave my car there during the night–which I did because of my work schedule.  The guy at the desk was polite, but to the point.  

As a disclaimer, I did provide what I hoped was the correct part, which I obtained online for $175.95 including all shipping and handling fees.  The next day, the work was done by 9 AM and cost just $59.12 total!  Part + shipping + diagnostic + labor was STILL $364.93 under the estimate at the other shop.

I have only one partial complaint:  When I brought my car in, they never offered up an estimate in writing or over the phone.  A couple weeks before they had quoted me $70 for labor and $200-ish for the part.  Also, I never asked for an estimate when I got there–and maybe he remembered my car/problem from that phone call a couple weeks before?  Anyway, the price was so stellar–that’ not getting an estimate is small details.

I’m glad I found a place I can trust in town, and I will go back if my car has any other problems.

forest fire 4

And the addendum I put on my first review for Troy’s:

——————————————­ADDITIONAL INFO——————
I got a phone call 20 days after my visit/this review.  They said “there were holes in my story” and coerced me to take down this poor review.  For the sake of length, I have not included the details of this heated phone exchange, but I would be more than happy to share the nitty-gritty if you send me a Yelp message.  

The bottom line:  I stand by this review.  Also, the guy at Troy’s said if I send him a work order that proves the price I paid for the repair was truly less than half of what he quoted, he would take the diagnostic charge off my card.  He can expect a letter (b/c I NEVER want to hear from anyone at Troy’s again) with the below receipts:

“As a disclaimer, I did provide what I hoped was the correct part, which I obtained online for $175.95 including all shipping and handling fees.  The work was done by 9 AM and cost just $59.12 total!  Part + shipping + diagnostic + labor was STILL $364.93 under the estimate at the other shop [Troy’s].”


Let’s look at the numbers:

Troy was going to charge me $600, $58 of that for diagnostics.  Which, like an exam fee at any doctor’s office, you are going to have to pay everywhere you go.  And like the doctor’s office, one diagnostic can’t be used elsewhere–everyone will do their own exam/diagnostic for their own base price.  But just to lay it out there, since I didn’t trust Troy’s at all, and the next place was busy when I went in–I didn’t provide the 2nd place with any more information than I had given Troy’s.  Less actually.

Using my detective skills, old Isuzu forums, and my car’s specs I found what I was hoping was the right part for $175.95.  I can only assume a mechanic could get it for the same or less.  They probably have built a relationship with their distributor,  get shipping knocked off since they order frequently, and maybe even have to order several parts at a time–all decreasing the price that I, as a non-mechanic nobody could find.

Even if you figure for some reason Troy’s couldn’t get the part for any less than $200.  That is still $58 + $200 = $258, which makes the labor they were about to charge me $342!  On a simple job that I was originally going to do myself!  The labor was going to cost MORE than the job itself.

My “inaccurate” (according to Troy’s) over-the-phone estimate at the shop WAS wrong.  They quoted $70 for labor and ended up charging me less.  Since I ended up paying $59.12 for labor and $175.95 for the part (total of $235.07), that $364.93 discrepancy between quote at Troy’s and actual price paid is STILL more than the total price!  I was conservative when I said other places were charging me half of Troy’s quote.  I was charged 2.5x less when all was said and done than I would have been charged at Troy’s.  $600?  I am so, so, so, so glad that I had the courage to yank Rusty out of that shop to avoid getting screwed over any more than I already did.

“There are Holes in Your Story”

6 Mar

Ugh–why is it so difficult to stand up for yourself, defend what you feel is right and appropriate, without crossing the line into disrespect, tactlessness, and immaturity?  It’s not like I go out looking for a fight everywhere I go.  On the contrary–I HATE confrontation.  It really makes me feel icky and ruins my whole day/week/month–depending on with who and how big of an impact it has on my life.  And I don’t want to be over-emotional and reactive, especially given my impending 30th birthday.  I want to be an adult about things and pick my battles.

It just seems sometimes like everyone is against me.  And it’s so hard to maintain an upbeat attitude–or just neutrality.  Work–you know THAT story.  School?  You’ve heard that too.  And now mechanics?  I feel like I should be able to SAY something if I’m getting cheated.  And I’m pretty certain that they looked at me (small, young, female, gay) and increased my price accordingly.

It’s no excuse, but I think the financial situation in this region leads a lot of people to act sketchy. Business owners take on more then they can handle well.  They may charge more.  They may cut corners.  And consumers don’t want to pay for service.  They complain no matter how awesome the work.  Everyone is emotionally charged, because money is tight for all.  Owners need customers to keep their business. Consumers do not have extra money to spend.  But I shouldn’t be the one left feeling bad.  Not this time.  This was not my doing.

I feel like I am within my rights to give a bad review on a review-site for bad service.  And I should be able to do it without the business owner giving me a lot of $hit about it.  I stand by my review.  But now I have doubts–SHOULD I have given a poor review for bad service?  Is my opinion valid about my experience?  After such a heated conversation–with an adult, business owner–well, I’m doubting ME.  That’s not right.  They were the jerks.  My opinions and memories of the event are valid and accurate.  I should not be the one feeling sorry.  And yet, the confrontation is tugging at my mind and making me feel awful.

And it kept me up and or restless all night, so I was exhausted all day.  And yet, I had my best Riverpoint–no probably best college class EVER today!  At least in the social realm of things.   But back to the a$$ and his horrid phone call 20 days after my review and visit–it impacted my productivity.  And THAT makes me crazy and angry that some Douche-bag had that far-reaching affect on me–when he and his business were in the wrong.

The final installment of the Rusty drama will be posted tomorrow.  Right now (7:15PM) I’m going to get some much needed sleep.

The Nerve!

5 Mar

My school/work schedule JUST allowed me to take Rusty to another shop today.  And of course, nothing can go smoothly for me.  It’s why when an unknown number called me–I picked up the phone–which I NEVER do.  Well, it was a car mechanic, but not the place where Rusty currently was.  It was Troy’s, the place I went to previously, and gave a poor Yelp review for based on my bad experience there.  Which you saw in my last post about Rusty.  The fact there was a 3 week (2 week 6 day for accuracy’s sake) delay should already tell you a lot about Troy’s service.

It was not a call to say–We’re sorry you had a bad experience, that is not our norm.  It was a call basically saying my review is wrong and I should remove it.  Who does that???  Which takes my experience at TROYS TIRE & MECHANIC on 3rd Ave from slow, poor customer service, where they tried to gyp me on the price–> to insane.  Who calls people that give them a bad review?!!  What exactly are you trying to do?  Yelp is not designed to give the biggest bullies the highest ratings–it’s a reflection of customer experiences and opinions.  My review is perfectly valid, because I was a dissatisfied customer.

It was a a lengthy and heated conversation and here are some of the highlights that I can remember (to have on record and have people commensurate with my disbelief/annoyance):

-The guy (Troy himself?  I’m not certain, but the guy I dealt with at reception the day I went in).  He said he saw my review and there were “holes in my story.”  What?!  I said, I stand by the review–the service was in fact, poor, and the price they quoted me was extreme.

-He said my transaction receipt was for 7:51 AM, not 7:30 AM as I had stated on my review.  I reiterated that was because I had to stand there and re-report my name, address, car, and problem info–I maintain that I got there no later then 7:30 AM.  He also said within 2 hours of a mechanic looking at my car to diagnose a problem is GOOD.  Which I said they barely had to DO anything, what could take that long?  And he said I didn’t understand all they had to do with my car.

-He told me complain to Hotmail, because e-mail is not trustworthy.  When I said I got a confirmation e-mail he tried to dispute that and asked if I got an appointment time in that e-mail.  Which I told him I had picked 7:30 AM, and how many confirmation e-mails should I have to expect anyway?  He said he’s sorry they didn’t get mine–and checking in only takes 5 minutes anyway.  Besides that’s the fault of e-mail, not him.  Which I responded–don’t offer a service if you can’t provide it, follow-through with it, or trust it.

-He tried to tell me my complaints about the high price quote weren’t valid because I declined the work.  He said it’s not valid for him to complain about a restaurant just because he can’t afford not to eat there.  And I said he was missing the point.  If I went into a fast food place and they told me the hamburger was going to cost $15–I would not buy it, knowing full well that I was being cheated.  Then, I would give a bad review of that particular fast food joint for being UNTRUSTWORTHY.  Well, yes, I declined to pay that price because I suspected it was unreasonably high, and I wasn’t about to get taken.  And sure enough, when I made phone calls to a few other mechanics in town checking the pricing–they were HALF.  Then he said phone estimates weren’t accurate–everyone in town would give me low prices over the phone.

-He attempted to tell me they actually FIXED my remote start/alarm without charging me.  I said, they fixed noting, there had been no prior problem.  Because, after all, in order to fix something it has to be broken in the first place.  What Troy’s did was almost break my remote start, then fix their own mistake–which had not been a problem before they touched my car.

-He said the diagnostic charge they gave me was actually cutting me a break.  Umm-no.  And if true, also proves the prices are variable?  He also said there was no way anyone would charge less for the work then him.  We’ll see about that. . .

-He tried to tell me my review was erroneous so I should remove it.  I told him I thought the service was not good and provided my rationale, in the form of several examples, for that opinion:  My online reservation was not acknowledged and maybe lost all-together.  The diagnostic took too long.  The quoted price was too high.  When I went in after declining the work, I was not met at the door.  The unapologetic nature they used when I was informed my car wasn’t ready wasn’t good customer service.  Another issue cropping up while my car was in their care wasn’t great service.  Waiting 30-40 minutes after the phone call to pick up was also bad customer service.  AND this call (3 weeks after the fact), trying to coerce me into taking down my review=bad customer service.  And I forgot to mention the older gal who came and left and wasn’t acknowledged by their staff at all–that’s terrible customer service.  They didn’t even realize they lost a customer!

The conversation was heated–with both him and me talking over one another and volumes rising.  I couldn’t believe the gall–to tell me my review was WRONG, and tell me to take it down.  Ummm, that’s not how Yelp works–you don’t get stars for bullying your bad reviewers to take down their opinions.  At the end though, he said that if I produced a receipt of the work that was half the price Troy’s had quoted me, they would take the diagnostic charge off my Visa.  “That’s the kind of customer service we offer,” he finished off.  Like the Triple A comment–Troy, you are great at those final one-liners!  Not so good at customer care or soft skills though. . .

The drama lives on.  I hope Rusty can get fixed fast without sending me into bankruptcy or hysteria.

This is Why I Won’t be Going to Grad School HERE

27 Feb

I can’t stand the mentality of any of my professors.  And because it’s ALL of them to one extent or another, I really evaluated myself, to see if I was the problem.  But this strife is recent.  And I’m pulling better grades then ever, so you would think the staff would like me MORE.  And I didn’t have a problem at Mizzou.  Most of my Animal Science profs were good ‘ol boys, which obviously I don’t really fit into their club, but they were friendly with me.  And the other departments at Mizzou had your typical liberal profs and instructors  and they were OK.  So I thought maybe the niceness was a mid-western benefit.  But no, that’s not true either–all of my UNR professors were cordial.  I wouldn’t categorize them as overly friendly, but they were helpful if you had a question.  And they seemed to care.

I can’t stand this one bitch in particular at Riverpoint.  And I’ve already had her for two semesters now.  Her tone sucks, she asks for participation, then gets snarly when you offer it, and she’s completely dismissive over e-mail.  So I thought maybe she feels like I’m questioning or challenging her.  There’s this one (flaky) girl in my class that the prof seems to genuinely like.  So I thought I should try to change my tactics from serious and earnest to light-hearted and slightly more playful.

For the most recent example.  We have to turn in chapter outlines to ensure we are reading the text.  And I always, outline the text for EVERY class, just to keep my mind focused.  But I do it in hand-writing because I’m not always reading at home, in proximity to my computer.  So for this kindergarten assignment, I am having to re-type what I’ve already outlined, just to turn it in.  That’s some background info for my e-mail–even though it’s pretty self-explanatory when you read it.  Also, this is the first time this semester (and third total) I have ever e-mailed this gal.  I tried to keep it light, and wrote:

Can we turn in hand-written outlines?

Here’s why you should say yes:
1.  Every time I read for every class, I outline the material to keep my mind focused and get down the important points.  Since I am reading wherever I happen to be at the time, these are not typed.
2.  After that, I make study sheets with the MOST important info, then make flashcards of definitions and lists.  I look at those walking from place to place, prior to class, while I’m getting my hair cut, etc., etc. . .
3.  Because I am taking the time to hunt-&-peck (not optimal, but that’s how I roll) my first outline into a format I can turn in, I no longer have the time to make the study sheets and flashcards that really help me study.  
So typing up an outline for turning-in purposes is actually taking away from my studying.  And the typed versions are scaled down a lot!  Thirdly, I never look at the typed version again, preferring my original, fleshed out hand-written ones.
So it would be helpful to me if we could turn in hand-written outlines.  You could still confirm we read, and I can have time to do my other studying tactics.  
Thanks for your consideration!
And her (probably inevitable) response:
While I appreciate your comments, this is a professional program and nothing is turned in handwritten except an in-class test.  I am not the only one to ask for typed work.  You need to turn in a typed copy and then you can have your own copy and take notes on that one in class.  That’s what several students have done and it seems to be working.
This response made me disgruntled and frustrated and worst of all made me feel icky inside, like some sort of college-impostor/loser.  And don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the no-answer I received.  When I wrote, I figured the answer would be no.  But I also figured if I didn’t even try, the answer would definitely be no.  And in the best case scenario the answer would be yes–saving me a lot of time.  And allowing me to prepare for class in the way I want/need to prepare.
It was the way the no was said.  Maybe I’m reading into based on past experiences, but I find this off-putting.  So she is saying I suck, other students are handling this just fine, and I’m not being professional.  Also, typing is not a high expectation and it will be in my future so deal.
As Cool said, this bitch could have said the no in a much nicer way.  She had many tones she could have taken, many reasons she could have used to support the typing, and a lot nicer words in which to say it.  She could have said she understands where I’m coming from, but feels the need to police the class in a consistent manner.  She could have written that not everyone was already as prepared as I am, or that type is easier for her to grade.  Whatever, but it didn’t have to attack me as a student for even asking and insinuate I’m out-of-line.
And it was all I could do not to say that in a professional program an instructor would not have to hand-hold to get the class to read.  Students would read on their own accord or pay the price come exam time.  It was also all I could do not to call her out on her (continuously) hostile and disengaging tone with me.  I really had to stop myself from poking the bear and asking if she has a problem with ME.  But I didn’t because with a person like this, it would only serve to make my life worse.
So what have I learned???  I just can never talk to this bitch in any medium.  It infuriates me every single time, and accomplishes nothing else.  I just need to jump through her hoops, ignore her shitty tones, and get my As so I can get the F out of here and go somewhere where they treat me like a person.