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I Don’t Subscribe: Celebrate Something Else [Anti-Valentine’s #7]

14 Feb

As the obnoxious gay fellow sitting next to me in class found out when he cheerfully asked if I was excited for the impending “holiday.”  If you don’t remember my practical explanations of why the day is created for gains of capitalism, unfair to males, encourages gendered and unreasonable expectations from women, is detrimental to the environment, and HURTS people (diamond miners), look back at my annual blog post.  

2 year anneversary 013

As I have exhausted all angles trying to persuade you to discontinue celebrating such an awful tradition, this year, I appeal to choice.  OK, I get it, February isn’t the greatest month.  Especially following those gigantic holidays of Novemeber, December, and January.  February is back to the grind.  And it’s still cold.  And there’s really nothing real to celebrate until Memorial Day.  By real, I exclude St. Patty’s day, another concocted day that is abused to celebrate getting drunk on green beer.  And Cinco de Mayo, where Mexican restaurants get into the black for the year by peddling. . .  “Mexican” food, and yet more alcohol.  

Lesle's eye-breasts

But I’m getting off the point here are some special events that have occured on February 14 in years past.  And any one of them could have a celebratory holiday devoted to it.  More Worthy Cause for Celebration:


  • The United States Flag was formally recognized by a foreign naval vessel for the first time, Anatomy 28when French Admiral Toussaint-Guillaume Picquet de la Motte rendered a nine gun salute to USS Ranger, commanded by John Paul Jones.

Yay!  Boating and America and the flag!  What’s not to like?  OK, we already have Flag Day, Independence Day, and you’re not feeling a holiday devoted to sailing for whatever reason.  There’s more:

1794:  1st U.S. textile machinery patent granted, to James Davenport, Philadelphia

Clothes and fashion!  But I see this becoming a capitalistic nightmare–let’s move on.

1872:  1st state bird refuge authorized (Lake Merritt, California)

LF unicornsNothing here to hate on.  And maybe a parade featuring birds would be in order.  Or free admission to all avian-related places.

1876:  A G Bell & Elisha Gray apply separately for telephone patents Supreme Court eventually rules Bell rightful inventor

Yes!  Phones and communication–we cannot live without those.  This could easily take over V-Day with all those Apple-heads everywhere.

1889:  1st train load of fruit (oranges) leaves Los Angeles for east

1899:  U.S. Congress begins using voting machines

Politics get more honest.  But they have a long way to go before a fair system is achieved *cough heffalumps and woozelsabolish lobbies*

1919:  United Parcel Service forms

Again, another service we absolutely could not live without.  

1920:  League of Women Voters forms in Chicago


1924:  IBM Corporation founded by Thomas Watson

wine countryMore communication things–I see a trend here. . .

1936:  National Negro Congress organizes in Chicago

Yes!  The beginning of Civil Rights!

1946:  Bank of England nationalized

1963:  U.S. launches communications satellite Syncom 1

1966:  Wilt Chamberlain breaks NBA career scoring record at 20,884 points

Such a great fact, but without drinking involved I’m not sure non-sports enthusiasts would be on Oct 2011 031board–and definitely not so close to Superbowl and the Daytona 500.  Moving on. . .

1966:  Australian currency is decimalised.

1971:  Richard Nixon installs secret taping system in White House

1976:  U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

LF penguinsBoo, hiss to all the resultant nuclear waste getting dumped in the state.

1978:  1st “micro on a chip” patented by Texas Instruments

Communication!  I’m telling you, this needs to be the communication holiday.  Pay homage to all of this technology we can’t get by without for even 10 minutes.

1989:  World’s 1st satellite Skyphone opens


1989:  The first of 24 satellites of the Global Positioning System are placed into orbit.heart flowers

GPS too?  I’ve decided I’m replacing Valentine’s Day with some sort of communication celebration.

1990:  Space probe Voyager 1 takes photograph of entire solar system

All right!  So I think I’ve decided on the history of communication technology holiday.  Now, what makes a holiday great?  Food, definitely   Special beverages for sure.  A parade never hurts.  Something–festive.  And obviously, communicating to many people or in  some awesome way to celebrate history.  Well, we have until next year to decide 🙂  Happy Communication Day everyone!

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Cord Confusion

29 Jun

Obviously when I run I need music.  And I have the most awesome ipod ever-“Sunny-Pod.”  It’s a 8 or 16 GB capacity, thin, gold ipod with a (free) engraving that says, “To see sunshine, you must weather the storm.”  LOVE.  Also, it has a pedometer, and a stopwatch that will capture my splits.  My ear buds that go with it are noise canceling–and work perfectly too.  Even riding Seattle’s bus system, I could only hear my relatively quiet music, not the chatter, engine, and city noises.  The music set-up:  So Awesome.

The only thing that is not awesome is the cord.  I stick the cord under my tank/tee and either tuck Sunny-Pod into my waistband or a pocket if I have one.  More ecently, I have preferred holding SunnyPod in my hand to keep an eye on my time, to change the song if it’s not optimal, and to adjust the volume as necessary.

BUT if SunnyPod is tucked away the cord gets caught in my arm swing, and the cord slips down my shirt so the buds start to pull out of my ears, so I’m wasting time by constantly tugging the cord up out of my shirt.   And when I’m holding SunnyPod in my hand to get my time, capture splits, change the song, and control volume–all things I want to do–the cord feels too short.

My shirt makes the cord go lower and my natural arm swing is just a bit too much of a stretch–it pulls the buds out of my ears.  I feel like a shorter shirt might help me run with SunnyPod in my hand without unnaturally shortening my arm swing to accomodate.  And I know you’re thinking maybe I should just run in my sports bra–but I would be mortified.  It would make me feel too exposed and too much like a sorostitute.

Facebook friends suggested pinning or taping the cord.  But one–it seems a lot of work every time I run, and two it sounds uncomfortable.  Sweating, pulling, taking it off–sound like 3 problems with that method.  A blue tooth cordless option would be ideal, but it’s expensive, and I think I’d have to give up my noise-cancelling ear buds.  Maybe for the longer term.

Once I had an arm band, but many things are wrong with that:  A)  You can’t constantly see the stopwatch or capture splits without breaking stride.  B)  If volume in songs is drastically different it takes some doing to adjust it.  And have you ever had a really quiet song followed by a SUPER loud one?  Torture.  Hearing aids are not very sexy when you’re 30.  C)  The resulting tan line is ugly and unsymmetrical.  D)  The arm band gets all sweaty and yucky.  I never did figure out how to really get mine clean without compromising the closure on it.  E)  Worst of all-the arm band eventually stretches.  The first one I had started on my wrist, stretched to bicep size, went to my ankle, and when it stretched to the size of my theigh I ditched it–I don’t need a belt!

And I am NOT willing to run sans music. What’s a girl to do?  Any ideas out there?  Do I just need the patents to catch up with my problems?  It shouldn’t be so difficult to come up with a feasible solution. . .

Steve Jobs is Selfish

9 Aug





Honestly, I hate when people jump on a bandwagon.  Even if I agree with the initial premise of such activity, ideal, or product, I oopt out due to hype.  I can’t stand when things are marketed to the hilt, so much so that people seemed brainwashed!  i-phones and macs are not the end all be all of technology.  They have their pros and cons just like any other product–no matter what explosive hyperinformation/advertising might have you believe.  It is hard to believe how many people blindly get the i-phone solely because it is the must-have cool new thing.  Have you even researched the potential pitfalls?  Do you realize there are more custimizable phones on the market that do MORE?  And do you know, phone companies have no recourse to help you if something goes wrong with your phone?  It’s true, Apple gets the final say on everything, and phone companies are contractually obligated to tow the Apple-line.

Aside from being seriously annoyed by all the “Apple-Heads” or whatever the hell you people calls youselves, I do not love your CEO, Steve Jobs.  He is one of the wealthiest people in America–the world even, and he has not personally donated a dime to charity.  That is a travesty if you ask me.  There are ZERO donations in his name or his wife’s, and when he half-heartedly attempted to start a charity company it was short-lived and unsuccessful.  See the article below for details.

I can get behind Bill Gates because he has a good, less-hyped product, and he and his wife participate in philanthropy.  I also respect the fact that his descendants get a small amount of money to start with in order teach them to be real people, and not spoiled brats.  Apple-enthusiasts, I suggest you clamor for your man, Steve Jobs, to spread his wealth a little.