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Question… Planets, Stars, & the Moon-Nothing Compares to You [Part 15]

13 Dec

Taylor wins the pronoun game.  I’m not even going to try to untangle the speaker/recipient/changing characters in this song.  It was written so convoluted that I haven’t even seen a satisfactory answer to this yet.  Instead, I took lyric snippets from other songs featuring the same word, to get a feeling about Taylor’s sentiment and even subject. Don’t get overwhelmed with the length of this post.  The word I’m trying to point-out from the Question… lyrics is highlighted. 

Does it feel like everything’s just like second-best after that meteor strike?

There are no other meteors in Taylor’s songs, but the word seems significant.  We already talked about the stars in the eyes of Dorthea and Cowboy Like Me, but there are other celestial words from Taylor’s catalog.  I’m not including “sun” because there is such a strong tie to Karlie Kloss.  Paper Rings uses moon to talk about friends, and we know Taylor relegates her lover’s friends to the background so I omitted that song as well.  Let’s see what the other words tell us about how Taylor regards space stuff.

The Moment I Knew

The million stars aligning are used to show something sublime and ethereal occurs if Taylor’s lover makes it.  But instead she says, it’s The Moment I Knew the relationship was over.

Today was a Fairytale


Mary’s Song

The word “planet” is used in Today was a Fairytale to proclaim how extraordinary this person makes Taylor feel.  She says everything made sense after she saw this person (because they were a gal).  I think Taylor’s perplexing (gay) feelings were put into context when she felt considerably more for this person compared to other crushes she’d had.  This revelation is continued in Untouchable.  Taylor doesn’t know why she’s so caught up in this girl.  But she uses words like diamond sky, sun, and a million stars spelling this person’s name to show how they are unattainable.  This girl makes Taylor feel like she’s coming undone because she has this strong attraction, but knows she shouldn’t act on it, that it wouldn’t be reciprocated, or it would be forbidden.  Taylor appraises the girl as precious and impossible to get near like the pretty stars in the sky.  And the adults notice the love between the two.  

The song starts, “SHE said I was 7 and YOU were 9.”  She = Mary, You = Taylor.  In this fantasy of Taylor’s, the daddies never believed they would really fall in love (because they’re both girls).  The end of the song says, “And I’LL be 87 and YOU’LL be 89.”  And I’LL still look at YOU like the stars that shine.  Taylor is tricky with pronouns, and she never gives the love interest a gender or name.  I think it could be the girl with the braids from Seven.  I hypothesize the arc of this song is young Taylor wishing she could live heteronormative milestones with a girl.  She wants to love, fight, marry, have children, and grow old with someone (a female) she loves.  Taylor sees the mothers as knowing, and wishes the entire community would celebrate their love (even though they are both female).

I’m Only Me When I’m With You


We know from before that Taylor uses the word “paint” to show being encapsulated by a feeling.  Painting pictures in the sky is both stargazing and the way Taylor’s love feels enormous and vast to her.  It’s why Taylor feels like I’m Only Me When I’m With You.  She is all-encompassed by this person who she knows everything about and can’t live without.  Seven talks about this childhood love too.  Taylor uses moon and Saturn to try to put into words the magnitude of love she feels for her girlfriend.  Interestingly, the moon is the mother of the zodiac (the sun is the father).

Taylor says the love is substantial, and denotes the individual she loves has feminine, yin energy like the moon.  She even says that she currently still has love for this girl she was so close to as a child.

Tim McGraw

Remember the line “If you asked me if I loved HIM…  I’d lie” in the song, I’d Lie?  I think Taylor is telling on herself again in the 1st and last verses (notably the only verses this nameless, faceless HE is mentioned) of Tim McGraw.  She tells the audience that she made up a fictional moment with some boy to create plausible deniability and wrap the real verses of the song in heteronormativity.  We have no description of this guy, except the dismissive “just a boy.”  Heck, we know more about the truck–it’s a Chevy, it drives backroads frequently, it gets stuck often–then we know about the guy.  And all the way back to Taylor’s first single she was using he vs you.  She had a throw away make-believe boy talking romantically about eyes as stars, but he’s just a red herring.  The actual subject of the song is this third (female) person, YOU who is wearing a little black dress.  Taylor reminisces about how she (wearing faded old blue jeans) had her head on this girl’s chest.  It’s the girl Taylor is missing.  It’s their memories Taylor brings up hoping the gal will remember her by them.  The boy under the stars–that’s a lie.


I know we’re inside the Question… lyrics looking for words contained in other songs to try to get an understanding of Taylor’s meaning.  I’m going to complicate it further by bringing yet more songs into it to try to put “you drew stars around my scars” into context.  I will right-align them so these songs don’t get confused with the celestial lyrics we’re interpreting.  Bear with me.

The entirety of Look What You Made Me Do speaks to Taylor’s problems, issues, and drama.  Snakegate, celebrity beefs, people using her–Taylor’s image was taking a beating.  In Delicate Taylor sings, 

Even though Taylor was being drug through the mud during this time, this person she met didn’t listen to all that negativity.  And Taylor knew for certain that this person wasn’t just someone trying to gain clout by being with her.  At that time, it would be seen as negative to be involved with her.  Taylor was seen as problematic, boy-crazy, playing the victim.  Hoax also talks about this time when the media, the general public, even “fans” were “pulling her apart.”  It was a very painful time.

And in Dress Taylor describes how this secret relationship has left a mark on her that’s indelible.

This person came into Taylor’s life when she was at a low point, but saw her for who she is.  The lover treated Taylor with warmth and got under Taylor’s skin (like a golden tattoo).  And the feelings go both ways.  Karlie(?  I’m assuming is the person) shares her perspective in Peace and in Ivy:



These lyrics show Karlie is just as serious about the relationship as Taylor.  It’s not clout-chasing, phony, or a fling.  In both songs Karlie even says she would die for Taylor.  That’s heavy.  And to sum up what I think “you drew stars around my scars” means to Taylor is Death by a Thousand Cuts:

Karlie came into Taylor’s life at a low point and offered emotional and physical love, gaining Taylor’s trust.  There was mutual adoration and devotion for every part of the other–in private.  All the sadness, all the drama of 2016, was rectified and regaled to the background by the intense romance these two shared.  The stars in Cardigan symbolize positivity, warmth, and love.  The scars are still there, but those positive feelings were able to supersede the pain.  

OK, back to the words relating to sky for Question… dissection:


Ivy speaks to an affair Taylor had with a married woman (your husband’s wine).  The song starts with “in from the snow” telling the audience that Taylor met this person in the winter.  Probably the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which was in December.  The affair lasts into the spring, as the clover signifies:

Clover also signifies something invasive and difficult to eliminate (like Kaylor’s impact on each other):  

Like this love affair.  It’s another way of talking about the metaphor of the golden tattoo.  Forever.  Clover spreads quickly, like the love affair that took Taylor by surprise and grabbed every piece of her in no time.  Clover puts down roots.  But it is considered a weed.  Taylor put roots in Karlie’s dreamland (her arranged marriage/bearding contract with a billionaire man) and Karlie can’t emotionally extricate herself from the situation. This beautiful love that so easily blooms is a weed to both parties’ life program.  It creates complications.

Ivy is an escalation of the intrusiveness of clover.  Ivy is aggressively imposing.  Taylor gets increasingly desperate to save her relationship with Karlie, even though the “time is near.”  This is a known  prearranged event on a date foreshadowed by spring.  Karlie feels torn by the love she would die to keep, and the urgency of her imminent premeditated engagement.

Ivy blocks the sunlight. It chokes trees. Trees could be both ruining Kaylor and exposing or jeopardizing Karlie’s straight marriage. Something is approaching that causes everyone involved to feel tension and act audaciously.

Here, “Crescent moon, coast is clear” indicates it’s night, but darkness is illuminated by the moonlight.  They are sneaking behind the husband’s back, because they cannot stay away from each other.  The moon is mentioned as a light source, but it’s not a random choice in Ivy:

The crescent speaks to the changing phases of the moon that show time has passed in this affair, it shows the affair must change with time, and the moon phase shows the end of this romance is imminent due to the upcoming event.  It ties to the changing seasons Taylor is already pointing out.  Changing heart and vacillating resolve are also perfect descriptors of the characters in this song.   

Crescent is one phase from being away from the sun. In darkness. The song Ivy takes place in the spring, one phase away from the summer event that spells the end of Taylor and Karlie’s romance. Taylor will be away from sunshiny Karlie, in the dark depths of depression.

The looming event?  This “second wedding” or “celebration of the Oct wedding” seems pivotal.  Was it the final contract being signed?  A covenant?  This is what spring presaged, and this June date is when the affair would be in jeopardy:

Very Cowboy Like Me.  It’s a little on the nose, in my opinion.

Interesting choice of movie.  Gay.  Cowboys??!

Reminder of the Question… lyrics:

Does it feel like everything’s just like second-best after that meteor strike?

Karlie’s life with Jo$h can’t compare to the Kaylor affair.

Together, Taylor and Karlie are otherworldly. The love makes Taylor who she is, and gets into her being, permanent like a tattoo. And the love was reciprocal. Karlie would die for Taylor. And like clover and ivy, the love covered everything, impacted both of their lives.

Coney Island

Taylor knows she left her lover (Karlie?) hanging.  She knows Karlie used to be happy, but she made her depressed.  Even though this is the central person in Taylor’s life–it’s Karlie she pictures in a crucial moment–she never acknowledges Karlie as her soulmate publicly.  Taylor uses “universe” to show how far away she seems to her lover.  Taylor’s priorities are misaligned pertaining to Kaylor, and that hurts Karlie.  It makes Karlie feel depressed, neglected, lonely, awkward, and forgotten when Taylor does her celebrity thing (and the closeting that goes with it).

That’s what helped Karlie make her decision. Not only was there a prior obligation, but Taylor’s closeting was making Karlie heavyhearted. So the prior obligation won out in the end. Karlie “married” the guy or commissioned this heteronormative life. Now both Taylor and Karlie are dead inside, cold lifeless hands reaching out (“do you wish you could still touch her?”) grieving for the living.

Midnights Analysis-Evasive Character Perspective: Lavender Haze

27 Oct

Lately (folklore on) Taylor has been especially good at obscuring subject, timelines, characters, point of view etc… I suspect she does this to make her work palatable to the largest audience possible. She can cater to every different subset of listeners by making each song multifaceted. Diverse populations, people with divergent backgrounds and sensibilities can take different things from the same songs.

In folklore, fantasy and fiction were combined to make a sort of double story out of each song. This tactic builds in plausible deniability. The Last Great American Dynasty is an explicit example. In that song, Taylor is talking about the history of Rebecka Harkness, but also herself.

In Evermore, several different people were written about in the same song, until people could not extricate the truth for what line was about who. Take Dorthea. The song is about this Dorthea who we don’t know. Maybe someone from Nashville. But also a few of the lines could be Taylor talking about herself. And other lines really seem like present-day Taylor speaking to younger Taylor. The song is about all 3 of those people. And she is not clear about when the narrator or character changes.

For Midnights, I think Taylor used a different tactic. We were told these stories are personal, non-fiction, true events. I would say perspective (who is saying this?) and character (who is being talked about/to?) are the main foils to deciphering Midnights. She even switches the person who is talking and the subject being talked to in the same sentence at points. I won’t give an example here because I’m going to try to give each song it’s own entry. But that device makes it difficult to know who the songs are about–and that’s the point.

So our first controversial (we’ll get into it in a minute) song is Lavender Haze:

Toot noise like NYE

Model walking beat

Other songs that have this same type of beat are Style and Gold Rush, which are both very Karlie songs.

Meet me at midnight…

I think she’s talking to NY day muse. Though I think songs get repurposed over time to reflect Taylor’s current situations (think I Bet You Think About Me which was supposedly a Red-era vault track, but had many, many current symbols). I think this song has at least evolved for Taylor to be about Karlie.

At 0.59 sec, Taylor sings “I want HER midnights.”

In that song, Taylor is talking about hiding her WLW love during New Years Eve when everyone is around, and for the big midnight kiss because she is closeted. Her and her lover have to resort to spending private time cleaning up on New Years Day, when everyone is passed out or hungover. But Taylor says she wants her girlfriend’s midnights–she wants to be able to be up front about the woman she loves and partake in that public kiss tradition.

Staring at the ceiling with you

This line may be a character switch. It the midnights person the same as the ceiling person?

Oh, you don’t ever say too much

The two have been “dating” for 6 years but are weirdly private, not attending important events, speaking about one another in interviews, or acting like a couple save for the occasional paparazzi photo (read, hired be the celebrities themselves to take PR pics). If the two are actually together, their relationship is unnecessarily complex. And it seems like Joe is a bad boyfriend (minimizing Taylor’s accomplishments, being absent for important events, looking like an unhappy hostage dragging her 2 steps behind him when they are photographed).

And you don’t really read into

My melancholia

That sounds unfulfilling to me. If I’m severely depressed, I want Cool to engage with me and talk to me about it. Try to help me, at least show she cares. . . But Joe apparently just takes it at face value, and doesn’t mention it.

I thought the description for the movie related to Taylor’s life and songs, which may have been why she chooses that particular, and unique word to describe depression.

Melancholia film similarities to TS:

There’s a wedding (Taylor doesn’t want that 1950s shit. Karlie got married to a man).

Castle is money/status. (Taylor wants to keep hers, Karlie may have married a man for it).

narrow and winding, same as spiral. Not straight. Not easy. rural = desolate and alone. Labyrinthine?

Justine is pushed into a role others chose for her (marriage). (Just like Taylor is being pushed by media/public/parents/team/Joe? and doesn’t want that according to this song).

There is cheating and the marriage is called off. (Many of Taylor’s songs talk about cheating: Illicit Affairs, Betty, etc…)

The women in the film spend their final moments alone in a magic cave (kingdom in my bedroom, if you will) drinking wine by candlelight.

There is a SEA of FLAMES and Earth SHATTERS into a billion (million in Taylor’s case, says Mirrorball).

I been under scrutiny

You handle it beautifully

All this shit is new to me

Which part of this is new to Taylor? She’s supposedly been dating for 6 years, so not the committed relationship. She’s been famous since she was a child, so not celebrity, or media asking her things. She has even bearded at least once before.

I feel the lavender haze creeping up on me

If you missed my last post on how lavender is a decidedly gay color, go back one entry and learn some history.


so lavender haze could be tenuous, obscure, confusing…

It reminds me of Cardigan:

Here, I think she uses smoke to symbolize the aftermath of a tragedy. And also something that was a reminder. And that causes confusion.

“Haze” reminds me even more of The Archer:

…I’ve got a hundred thrown-out speeches I almost said to you

Coming out speeches to her fans?

…Help me hold onto you

…I wake in the night, I pace like a ghost

She’s worried about what would happen if she came out

she’s a ghost because she’s caught in-between and because she feels her true self is invisible.

The room is on fire, invisible smoke

She imagines the worst outcome, and is anxious, but it’s in her mind so far.

And all of my heroes die all alone

Help me hold onto you/…Screaming, who could ever leave me, darling?/But who could stay?

Taylor wants to keep her fans, and place as a legend in music.  She wouldn’t want coming out to ruin that.

(I see right through me, I see right through me)/’Cause they see right through me/They see right through me/They see right through/Can you see right through me?/They see right through/They see right through me/I see right through me/I see right through me

Can fans see Taylor’s intentions?  Can they sense her fears?  Taylor has been signaling she’s queer-have fans picked up on that?  

Who could ever leave me, darling?/But who could stay?/(I see right through me, I see right through me)/Who could stay?/Who could stay?/Who could stay?/You could stay/You could stay/You…

Taylor is inviting fans to stay with her even if she comes out.

Furthermore she says she can feel the lavender creeping.


You would not describe the haze of the honeymoon phase of a relationship as creeping. Creeping is negative, unwanted. The lavender is something Taylor is saying she does not want.


I’m damned if I do give a damn what people say

Stated another way:

If I do give a damn about what people say

I’m damned

Taylor is saying if she cares about this pressure people are putting on her to marry, she will be doomed.

No deal

The 1950s shit they want from me

I just wanna stay in that lavender haze

Taylor doesn’t want the creeping lavender that will doom her (marrriage). She wants to remain in the gray, hazy area she is currently occupying. This could mean this awkward “private” relationship with Joe (if the public narrative is to be believed. Or it could mean bearding with Joe to portray herself as straight to the majority, and hinting at her true orientation to Gaylors.

All they keep asking me

Is if I’m gonna be your bride

This line is direct in who Taylor is talking to. Now, she could have changed perspectives or subjects with in the song (like in Question… and back to Peace) but this tells us Joe. The media and fans and maybe her team keep asking Taylor if she is going to be JOE’s bride.

The only kinda girl they see

Is a one night or a wife

The media and fans accuse Taylor of serial dating and not being able to keep a man, or they press her about when she will get engaged or have children.  

These are the “weird rumors” Taylor spoke of in the Lavender video.

I find it dizzying

The word dizzying makes me think of all the spinning on tiptoes in heels in mirrorball:

Taylor already told us she shows each person what they want to see. She is not being her authentic self.

They’re bringing up my history

Who is they? 

It could be media, fans, enemies, exes, Taylor’s own team, the music industry, her parents…  

What history is being drudged up?

Taylor’s dating history, Kaylor, her song catalog, awards shows, promotion…

But you weren’t even listening

Who is you?  

It could still be Joe, or the “you” could indicate a different subject: Karlie, another love/muse, Taylor’s team, her mom, fans…

…Talk your talk and go viral

This sounds like she’s addressing the media.  They say whatever narrative gets them the most clicks. 

I just need this love spiral

The opposite of spiral (depending on the way the word is being used):  straight, a line, flat, constant, consistent, unchanging, calm…

Love spiral reminds me of the heart that turned into a spiraling tunnel in the Me!  Music video:

Interestingly the heart/love spiral evokes the same feelings as this lavender haze song:

Get it off your chest

“Your” sounds less like a group (fans, her team, media, music industry) and more like one individual to me.

Get it off my desk

Whatever proposal that whoever is pushing. From the context of the song, it sounds like some sort of marriage. For someone to put something on Taylor’s desk (unless she’s talking metaphorically) this person or group has to be in proximity to her. That eliminates her talking about media, fans, or the general music industry. These two lines have to be Joe or Taylor’s own team. I think Joe, because get it off “your” chest is more personal, and less used for a collective like a team.

The media, fans, her team, and Joe all want Taylor to enter a Lavender marriage with Joe in order to satiate heteronormativity and straighten out her image. And this song makes clear Taylor wants to remain in this undefined haze.

…That lavender haze, I just wanna stay

I just wanna stay in that lavender haze

…Ready for it? Lyrical Analysis & Bearding Plan

11 Jan

Sidenote:  I apologize for the shitty formatting.  I don’t know who WordPress cators to, but their platform is not user-friendly, not intuitive, and I HATE IT.  But I wouldn’t know how to get these million blog posts moved to a different platform quickly, so I remain…

Reputation was released 2017

I think this is Taylor’s song spelling out her bearding plan, code-phrase:  That’s My Man.

Knew he was a killer first time that I saw him

la·dy·kill·er/ˈlādēˌkilər a charming man who is very attractive to women.

Attractive to women. Doesn’t say this man likes women, or has many affairs with women. The definition specifically says this man is the recipiant of women’s attraction. And he’s charming/polite.

Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted

Taylor Swift explained the meaning… “‘Haunted’ is about the moment that you realize the person you’re in love with is drifting and fading fast…captured the intense, chaotic feeling of confusion I was looking for.”

But if he’s a ghost, then I can be a phantom

  1. phan·tom/ˈfan(t)əm a ghost
    • a figment of the imagination.
    • denoting a financial arrangement or transaction that has been invented for fraudulent purposes but that does not really exist.
      • “he diverted an estimated $1,500,000 into “phantom” bank accounts”

Interesting. Especially that last definition. If Joe is a ghost (he confused many girls), then it allows Taylor to have a financial arrangement for something that does not actually exist (love). Hmmm.

Holdin’ him for ransom

ransom ran-suhm ] noun

the redemption of a prisoner or kidnapped person, of captured goods, etc., for a price.

the sum or price paid or demanded.

a means of deliverance or rescue from punishment for sin, especially the payment of a redemptive fine.

Taylor takes Joe and keeps him for a price. Alternate definition is Taylor rescues Joe from sin for a redemptive fee.

Some, some boys are tryin’ too hard
He don’t try at all, though

Taylor reminds us some of her beards were not believable bc it was too much (Tom Hiddleston in that shirt). But this man doesn’t do anything to arouse suspicion. He’s more lowkey, and all the “privacy” he/they require means he’s a blank slate for the media and public.

Younger than my exes but he act like such a man, so
I see nothing better, I keep him forever
Like a vendetta-taI-I-I see how this is gon’ go

Taylor, who has been criticized for being a man-eater, but who also doesn’t want to ruin her career coming out as LGBT doesn’t see an alternative to keeping this beard around forever. If she has a long-term beard, she can keep her secret, but the media and public might lay off about her dating life.

A vendetta begins when one family correctly or incorrectly believes itself to have been attacked, insulted or wronged by another. Intense feelings of resentment result in the initial retaliation, which leads to the other family feeling equally resentful, angry and vengeful . Ultimately there is a long-running cycle of retaliatory violence. This continual cycle of provocation and retaliation makes it almost impossible to end the vendetta peacefully. Vendettas frequently involve the entire family members, all the relatives and associates, and can last for generations.

NDAS, anyone?

Touch me and you’ll never be alone
I-Island breeze and lights down low

No one has to know In the middle of the night, in my dreams
You should see the things we do, baby
In the middle of the night, in my dreams
I know I’m gonna be with you
So I take my time

The music changes in this part of the song, as does Taylor’s mood. Here, she’s softer, and sings, no one has to know (b/c this is a secret) in her [sexy, apparently, based on the noises] dreams she thinks of “you” someone different than the person in the rest of the song.

Are you ready for it? Me, I was a robber first time that he saw me
Stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry

This is getting at what I was saying earlier about the man-eater stuff. Robber talks about her stealing something (hearts of boys) that aren’t hers to take. The love of a man is not Taylor’s b/c it’s not real and she’s not actually into these guys she “dated.” Running off and never saying sorry implies that after the “relationships” Taylor left and felt no remorse (bc it’s a business transaction). Short-term bearding contracts were hiding her LGBT truth but also making Taylor look too man-hungry.
But if I’m a thief, then he can join the heist

Cowbody Like Me. Taylor does the bearding contracts, but now she’s saying she found a like-minded beard, who also has the same goals as she does.
And we’ll move to an island-and
And he can be my jailer,

Taylor is trying to put out her own cutesy ship name. But she already “dated” a J, so instead of Joe-Taylor fans went Taylor-Joe, and the result is a very un-cute (in my opinion) Toe.

Burton to this Taylor

I looked Burton up in the most basic of searches and read that there were, indeed, rumors of homosexuality linked to him. He even talked about it himself in an interview:

In a February 1975 interview with his friend David Lewin he said he “tried” homosexuality. He also suggested that perhaps all actors were latent homosexuals, and “we cover it up with drink“.[24] In 2000, Ellis Amburn’s biography of Elizabeth Taylor suggested that Burton had an affair with Laurence Olivier and tried to seduce Eddie Fisher[page needed], although this was strongly denied by Burton’s younger brother Graham Jenkins.[25]

It’s no secret that Liz Taylor had more than a few gay fans, or that she had more than a few gay friends…and possibly husbands.


Given this information, what an interesting comparison for Taylor to make! She says Joe is like Burton (gay?) to this Taylor (in a lavender marriage?) but the public will see it as a great romance.

Every lover known in comparison is a failure

I forget their names now, I’m so very tame now

All the short-term beards could be easily debunked as fake by the media, general public, and fans. It was a failure b/c these boyfriends did not help Taylor’s public image. But a “private” long-term beard, would make Taylor look more stable (tame), and as a bonus, straight.

Never be the same now, nowI-I-I see how this is gon’ go
Touch me and you’ll never be alone

I-Island breeze and lights down low
No one has to know
(No one has to know) In the middle of the night, in my dreams

It’s important that the “no one has to know” is on the same line as the description of Taylor’s dirty dreams. She is saying no one has to know who she actually dreams about (a female?). These dreams are about someone else/not the subject of the song/not Joe.
You should see the things we do, baby
In the middle of the night in my dreams
I know I’m gonna be with you
So I take my time

This person in Taylor’s dreams, who no one has to know about, b/c it’s not the subject of this song, Joe, is the one she wants to be with. And she takes her time (in both this sex-dream, and also with this long-term bearding plan).
Are you ready for it?
Ooh, are you ready for it? Baby, let the games begin
Let the games begin
Let the games begin
Baby, let the games begin
Let the games begin
Let the games begin

If Toe is real and true love, why does Taylor refer to games many times at the end of this song? True love should not have games. Taylor just set out her long-term bearding plan in this song, so she can obscure LGBT rumors, not look like a man-eater with all the shorter boyfriend relationships, but eventually be happy with this 2nd song subject.

I-I-I see how this is gon’ go
Touch me and you’ll never be alone
I-Island breeze and lights down low
No one has to know In the middle of the night, in my dreams
You should see the things we do, baby
In the middle of the night, in my dreams
I know I’m gonna be with you
So I take my time In the middle of the night
Baby, let the games begin
Let the games begin
Let the games begin
Are you ready for it? Baby, let the games begin
Let the games begin
Let the games begin
Are you ready for it?