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A Look Back–At 2014

31 Dec

Here are month-by-month grades from my check-in posts for a more quantitative assessment of my resolution progress.

2013 Goals to Maintain:Tucsan

-study habits (A+, A-, A+, D-, B, C, C+, A+, A, A), -floss daily (A+, A-, A+, A-, A-, A-, B, C, D, F-), -drink water(A+, A-B-, C, A, A+, A-, A+, B, B), -read for pleasure (A-, A-, D, D-, B+, C, D+, F, F-, F-), -weekly massage (B, F, D, D+, F-, F, F, F, F-, F-), -abstain (A+, A+, A++, A+, D+, A+, A+, A++, A+, A+)

-I’d say studying went well always, and only slid in the summer months–which is fine.  This was easy since having the 4.0 GPA was of the utmost importance to me.

-Flossing was going well, but majorly crashed when school started and I got a night job.  Taking away my evening contributed to the current failure of this one.

-I managed to do an average to wonderful job with my water throughout the year.  It helps that water is available, free, and keeps my headaches away.  It also helps that I no longer drink most other beverages, so no much is left TO drink.

-Reading is easy when I’m not doing anything else.  But during school or when my evenings were removed (for work) it’s one of the first things to go.

-I felt/feel(?) that weekly massages were important to me, but I’m not sure, based on my consistent failure that they really are.  I like them and everything, but logistical issues are quick to undermine this.

-Abstaining from alcohol was a lot more successful then I ever imagined.  I followed through in a big way.  And my mind was in a good place.  I only really wanted this at the start of summer break and during October (hence the double ++ when I DIDN’T drink those months).August 2011 105

2014 Goals:

-add in exercise AND produce (subtract bad things)(A+/F, A+/F, A-/F, A/F-, A-/F, A+/A-, A+/F-, A-/F–, A+/F, A-/F+), -have gratitude (D, F, F, C-, D, A+, A+, A-, C, D-), say nice things (D, F, F, F, F, B-, B, B, D, F), -Straighten out my sleep (F, D-, F, C, A-, A+, F, B-, F, D+), -min. extraneous spending and save a small amt $ every paycheck for moving to CO (F, D, F, B, D, F, C, F-, F, D), -volunteer (D, C, F, A-, F, F, F, F-, F-, F-), -Take pride in my appearance:  Wear contacts more, use makeup, wear jewelry(C, B, F, A+, B-, C-, D+, D-, F+, F), -Judge Cool less and show her more kindness and love (C-, C, B, C+, C, D-, C+, B+, A-, D+), -worry only 30 min/day (instead of all day & night) AND think positively for at least 10 min/d (C, C-, A+, B-, A, B, A+, B, D, C), -make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead (F, C-, D+, F-, F-, F-, F+, F+, F-, F+), -Don’t over-pluck eye brows (A-, A-, B, D, C, A-, A-, A-, A, A-), -increase eye contact (D-, F, D+, C, F, C, F, F, F, D+)

SkyFest 056So did I make it for the new goals?

-Running a daily mile in the morning is my best goal I’ve EVER accomplished!  This worked so well because I was mentally ready to do it.  Also, because having a treadmill to make it easy and warm worked for me.  The time constraint (first thing in the morning) also helped me keep it up, as did a minimum distance (1 mile).  Lastly, completing “days-in-a-row” made this impossible to break–even on the few occasions I was lazy or had a stressful, busy day ahead.

-Eating did not go well-per the usual, because I was NOT mentally ready for change.  This was not super-practical, nor specific enough to keep me chained to it.

-Having gratitude improved immediately after I left veterinary work.  And I liked it, so I guess I was also mentally ready to DO it.  On the other hand, saying nice things was a failure throughout the year.  Maybe it wasn’t actually a priority?

-I made a concerted effort all year to fix my restless sleep.  I think I mostly failed, because sleep is largely out of my control.  After fixing my sleep hygiene, schedule, and stress levels–I wasn’t sure where to go with it.  I have to remember to make goals that I CAN control.

-When I made the money saving goal, I had good intentions, and was mentally ready to follow-through.  I couldn’t have predicted my financial situation would change so drastically early in the year.  Once I quit my job, the story became–hold on.  Saving isn’t really all that possible without an income.

-I really failed hard on the volunteerism.  Mostly because my priorities changed, and I no longer cared about this as much.

-My appearance was adequate only when I had time or special occasions.

-I’m disappointed that I didn’t show Cool as much kindness as I wanted, but I feel like this was another goal that was largely out of my control.  You see, when a bipolar person is cycling, they are often–a jerk.  It’s hard to deal with that stress–ALL the time, or most of the time, as we did last year.  She rapid-cycled the entire year, which is very tumultuous.  I feel like I managed to keep my head above water-mostly-and that any more was asking too much.  Next year, I want a similar goal, because it’s important, but something 100% in my control.

-I don’t know what a mental breakdown feels like, but I’m pretty certain I was about to have one by the end of 2013.  I was anxious, stressed, frazzled, bitter, and burned out.  It was awful and major things had to change for my own peace of mind.  For starters, I got out of veterinary work.  I had done my time, and was increasingly disgruntled with (primarily) the thanklessness for my hard work.  The low pay, long hours, and high pressure–not to mention social issues didn’t help.  One of the best decisions I ever made was removing myself from that scenario.  Once I got out of the veterinary work, I was able to worry a LOT less.  And my life because more balanced, my attitude better.

-This is another item (make a list, make a menu, grocery shop) that I really WANT to do–in theory.  It’s also something that when it comes down to it I slack off on.  I need to take a cue from my running success and change this goal so it will actually happen next year.

-Don’t over-pluck was, I guess easy–by default.  My mind wasn’t right, I just didn’t have the time.  And now I’m not sure I care about this all that much.  What’s done is done.

-Increase eye contact never came to fruition, and right now it doesn’t seem like a huge priority for me.1st day school 040

Overall, I’m happy with 2014.  I made some big life changes, like switching jobs, quitting alcohol, and starting to run.  And I finished my time at Riverpoint–with all A’s.  I feel like I’m a happier, more relaxed person then I was at this time last year as a result.  Sure, I flat-out failed on a lot of these goals, but I don’t feel bad about most of them (aside from Cool and groceries).  It was fun to try for them, and it worked out nicely to keep track every month.  I’m going to make goals for 2015, but try to model them after the running goal for more success.  Also, I’ll pick only a few, because 11 proved too many, and some became unimportant.  Be looking for my 2015 Resolutions post–then–some music!

The Dreaded Box Dye

1 Aug

I am worried about the gray, but can no longer justify salon visits–and always hated much time highlights took.

icky grays

icky grays

My process:

1]  I bought the L’oreal mousse because there was no mixing involved and you could re-use the same box for up to a year if you didn’t go through it all.  I also thought mousse might be cleaner, and didn’t want dripping or to have to hang my head upside-down in the bathtub for who-knows-how-long.

2]  I had no idea what color to pick.  Blonde looks icky and fake as phuk, so I steered clear of that.  Mostly I just wanted

my natural color

my natural color

something to cover the 20% of grays while leaving the rest natural-looking.  Box dye never looks natural!  I was trying to pick between light brown and dark honey blonde–2 very similar shades to my natural color.  I was going to go with the darker of the 2, but the box said right on the front if you’re torn between 2 colors, pick the lighter shade.  So hesitantly, I did.

3] Making the mistake of looking online for application tips (I’ve NEVER colored my own hair before) I got scared.  Not only do box dyes damage hair, it takes some finesse to apply them correctly and evenly.  Also, the reviews for my particular product were not just bad, but HORRIBLE.  Every review hated it and some even went so far as to write the company.

4] Not feeling good about it, and with the important 1st day of school and Labor Dave Weekend approaching, I procrastinated for a week.

5] Wanting time for recourse if things went sour, I finally sucked it up and planned to dye my hair.

6] I showered and let my hair dry even though all the forums said dirty hair is better.  I assume it was dry-haired people saying that, because my short, fine, greasy-morning, post-run hair was hardly ideal–I thought.

7] I shook the daylights out of the mousse, wanting to follow the instructions to the letter.

8] I parted my hair like I usually do and (keeping the bottle upright, per directions) sprayed some mousse blobs on and really massaged them in.  The product stayed where I put it, and was easy to work with.  Cool said it was too much massaging, so when I made the next part (about 1/2″ away) I blotted the mousse in.  I parted my hair, fairly close together as if I was doing rows, then shook the bottle, sprayed blobs of mousse, and blotted them in.  Then, parted the back and had Cool help my spray and blot the mousse.

9]  Then the instructions said to work GENEROUS (their caps) amounts of mousse in the hairline, which I did before massaging it through all hair.

10]  We tried to work the mousse through all of the hair, massaging it in, and getting it as coated as possible.  I was worried about my skin (especially my ears) getting dyed, so I may not have gotten around my ears or neck as well as I should have.  Not being a professional, and not having a view of all 360 degrees of my head, I’m not sure how successful we were at this whole portion.

11]  Then we removed the gloves and I had to wait for 30 min.

12]  I sat in front of the fan, worked on my step count, did hula-hoops, hand-brushed cat hair out of the carpet, and it was finally time to shower.

13]  The instructions were very explicit that you could blind yourself with their product so I had to tip my head way back in the shower.  This engaged my abs, which Kelly Coffey-Meyers had engaged yesterday and this morning, and our water pressure is lower then even hotels, so I opted to lie down under running bath water instead.

14]  Cool said I would feel when it was rinsed out, but my hair felt slimy the whole time.  Finally, after 12-ish min (according to Cool, it felt much longer to me) I abandoned the notion of a complete rinse and just applied their conditioner.  Again, I have never used box dye before, so I don’t know if that’s how it usually feels with any brand.  Massaging conditioner in and letting it sit for good measure.  Which, because my hair is fine and has a tendency to get greasy, I NEVER apply conditioner to my roots, or hair shaft under normal conditions (pun!).  I’m not sure what the instructions dictated as my glasses were off at this point.

15]  I rinsed, and with great hesitancy, used my beautiful green towel to dry my hair, hoping it wouldn’t turn honey-blonde.

16]  I don’t know which is worse:  Clumps of gray or uneven, phony-looking one tonal color.  I don’t think I like either, but my hair hasn’t even dried after my shower so I can’t judge quite yet.  My hair is still pretty wet, but I’m not sure I like it.  At the front and part lines it looks very honey, but the shaft and ends of the hair look like my color.

17]  I gave it another hour and all hair looked pretty even.  I guess it had been damp and dark before.

before--eww look at those natural red tones!

before–eww look at those natural red tones!

before--my natural color

before–my natural color

after--former gray zone

after–former gray zone

after--my cheap haircut sure looks nice here!

after–my cheap haircut sure looks nice here!

I don’t know how to edit these pics w/o type in between

18] Verdict:  I can live with it.  I’m not sure I like it enough to repeat (that goes for ANY brand of box color), and I don’t want to damage my hair, but the process wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, and as you can see there’s a definite color change.  And I think it colored the grays for the most part–though they still want to stand up and be unruly, so even though the match I know which hairs they are.  We’ll see–I still have half a bottle left over that I can use on roots or to fully repeat the process in the next year.

A note to myself:  I could see roots on 9/6 (and dyed the hair on 8/1) so it lasted, for me and my growth, about 5 weeks.

July Goal Accountability

31 Jul

Maintenance Goals (from 2013):

-floss daily. A-

I was compelled to do this all the time, and feel really icky if I don’t.  The only problem arose when we were traveling.  It’s pretty hard to fit it in logistically.  But it’s not as if we go places constantly, so this should work out.  I have organized 2 showers over Labor Dave, so I make sure and floss while I’m using the bathroom.  Friday, I’ll probably do it in the morning before we go.

-drink water. A

IF I drink it early in the day, this is easily done.  But if I don’t–it’s very difficult.  And even though I’m trying to get it in, Kidron's post b-day pics 069making the choice between 8 cups and peeing all night is bad-times.  In August I’ll try to drink all 4 after I work out while I’m taking my vitamins.  That should help.

-read for pleasure. B+

I finished my WA poaching book and have started one on the Comstock and Virginia City–which is very interesting so far.  I wish I could have finished more, but I’m doing it every week night that we’re not traveling.

-weekly massage. FFF

It had been NONE.  Because the rubs were terrible.  And short.  So I didn’t even want to bother–especially if I was the only one putting in any effort.  We had a massage afternoon, and the quality was better, I’m relieved to say.  I guess Cool’s meds made her too much of a zombie to rub, but now it’s nice again.  So in August we’ll try to resume at least a weekly basis.

-abstain from drinking. D+ (didn’t, but my head was in the right place)

The German by Laurel 009I don’t want this to sound like I’m making excuses or justifying my actions, because this really wasn’t a “thing.”  When we had initially looked at Missoula, it was because of all the breweries in the area.  But when we actually visited, we were slightly disappointed, but still had a really good time and weren’t really focused on drinking.  Except on Saturday, I saw an amazing pair of Old Gringo boots that looked so stellar on me and that I would kill for!  The price tag was $100 cheaper than I’ve seen them anywhere else.  Needless to say they were still $300, and that’s too much for an unemployed person.  But I wanted them so badly!  And really had to make an extreme effort to stop myself from buying them.  So I made a deal with myself to share 1, small $5 kraft beer in lieu of spending $300 on a beautiful pair of boots.  It was a sort of naughty trade off–but a lot cheaper.  And I asked the waitress to substitute the pint of beer on the menu for something smaller, and did share it.  My portion was 5 oz.  It was good, but not the be-all end all I remembered.  And that’s it til at least January 2nd of 2015, and maybe for good, I don’t know.

-study habits. C-

Well, I have been getting things done, yes.  I read/outlined all my neuroanatomy for the semester, started drawing the figures (and completed 12?), made and even memorized some flashcards for both classes, made progress on my personal statement, almost finished my CV, and have a draft of my scholarly paper.  But I also know I’m not in the right mindset, and I’m able to accomplish even more.  I’m torn between buckling down too early and risking burning out, and finishing a lot of things before fall begins.  In August I’ll work on getting my application as complete as possible (hopefully finished in its entirety) so I don’t have to stress out about it while trying to keep the 4.0 GPA.  I’d at least like everything at the point where I could turn it in if I wanted to, so then I can optionally tinker on it–or have it ready.

January=fitness. A

Today (the 26th) was my 206th day in a row of running at least a mile.  Even with travel this month I managed to get it in.  Montana was difficult because a bear was seen walking about, and I had to do it in the hotel room.  But when we visited Cool’s mom we easily did it up her residential street.  I’m trying to RE-introduce pseudo-hula-hoop back into my routine, because it’s the BEST 6-pack maker and I want to look super-hot for Labor Dave weekend.  It’s going–slowly.  The closer we get to the event, the more I’m buckling down and doing it like I should.

Feb=have gratitude; say nice things. D

Here’s an example of why this one is difficult:  My boss writes to me telling me to take the trash outside after I scoop the litter boxes.  Which I hadn’t been because (as other stories have illustrated) the clinic isn’t in the greatest neighborhood in the off-hours.  And I’m there between 3-6AM when it’s dark and no one else is around.  So I don’t feel super-safe going out behind the clinic to the larger trash bins.  Also, it didn’t really occur to me, because the years I worked as an assistant it was a nightly duty to collect all the trash in the building and take it outside–which I did pretty much the entire tenure of my work.  So it’s not a really big deal, and I could see why she asked me, but she added, “How is your summer of leisure going?”  Not popular.  Even if she thinks I’m a lazy-ass.  She shouldn’t write it.  I’m doing productive things–and my productivity is none of her business anymore.  So it’s very hard to say nice things, be positive, and have gratitude when it’s offensive/coarse.  Fail, and now that I’m going back to Riverpoint with notoriously crabby professors, I’m going to have to work much harder on this one.

March=straighten out sleep. A-

It’s better, so, so much better!  I stopped fighting my natural inclination to wake at 3AM.  This has actually worked out better for me, b/c instead of trying to go back to sleep–or lightly sleeping for an hour.  I just go to work.  Then, I’m back home in the 5AMs when I can still nap.  Even though I go to bed at 9PM, I am not super tired or fatigued!  Though they must think I’m INSANE when they look at my time clock and it says 3AM to 5AM.  Hopefully, my safety never comes into play, as I think this is the one area of the plan that could be troublesome.

April=save $$$. F+ (+ b/c I haven’t lost my motivation/guilt)

I rarely spent money–because there isn’t any I feel comfortable spending.  But I didn’t get a job (despite a few interviews) Gorge Ampitheatre 3and didn’t offer to miss Labor Dave Weekend SEATS to house-sit, missing out on big, easy money.  Which I feel sad missing out on the opportunity, but also feel it’s the right decision.  We got those tickets in February, as a reward for not drinking, and 1 ticket was purchased by my parents for an early birthday gift.  And we look forward to it all year–but still the timing is unfortunate.  And lack of income.  August will be worse, because I HAVE to buy some school supplies and a textbook.  And of course WILL get a Labor Dave outfit–at least one article, and probably definitely merch at the show.  Hopefully, this next interview comes through so I don’t have to worry about my loan money stretching far enough.

May=volunteer. D+ (I did school-related presentations)

interactive hearing anatomy 2Fail.  At least for community.  In regards to voluntary school-related activities I did more than any other student in my program.  But I did nothing at all even to pursue wider community-type service.  And this would be cool.  I may have decided it’s not super-important to me right now though.  I am undecided, but maybe I’ll focus on finding a job, school, tutoring, school-related presentations, my application, and as an extra–observing an audiologist.  It somehow seems like a lot, though I’m unemployed.  I’ll re-evaluate once school resumes.

June=Cool. C-

My focus is on more important matters, so fail–but not.  Because I’m offering support and responsibility.  She’s off the horrible medication, and doesn’t need to go back on unless she swings up or down.  So things are much, much better and she has enough energy to act like a person rather than the zombie she had turned into.  But then she decided to go off her antidepressant as well, and as a result–she has started showing signs of depression.  It’s always something.  Which when managing medications/responsibility/crises/medication/responsibility it gets tough to stick to this goal and have any time or energy left to show affection.  Hopefully this is not always going to be the case because she’s bipolar. . .

July=my appearance. B+

I have been trying to dress cute and look cute, applied makeup, and even dyed my hair–more on that tomorrow.  I still regularly forget to wear jewelry.  I’ll really have to step my game up in August for these big, upcoming events.

Aug=Worry Less, Thank more. C-

OK, but I can do better.  I totally forgot my positivity jar–which I think is an excellent idea.  I’m going to try to remember to notice and write more for it.  And I do say things I’m thankful for immediately before going to sleep–but I’m sleeping a lot better these days, so it doesn’t last nearly as long as before.  I think I get to 2, maybe 4 things before I’m out.  And overall I am so proud of me because I worry substantially less.  And it’s really, super nice.  If I could keep it this way it would be so awesome!

Sept=make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead. F-

Terrible, absolutely horrible.  Failed so bad.  My computer app changed it up and made itself a recipe site with no more menu–which was the point.  I’m thinking maybe a white board would help me scene.  Paper lists are hard because if we get Green Bluff 101tired, run out of an ingredient, the weather is too hot, etc… it’s a pain to change things.  Making it easy as possible to write, then edit the menu as necessary would be best.  I’m great at making a grocery list, but need to get on the menu, weekly shopping, and actual preparing of things.  Total.  Fail.  Have you ever seen 2 people that can go a summer without actually cooking?  I grab whatever I can stuff in my mouth quickly (wheat thins, dried fruit. . .  OK ice cream) and don’t bother.  But it’s bad, and HAS to change!

Oct=don’t over-pluck. C

I still want to try the Indian method.  I still want to try lightening them.  For now I’m unsatisfied, but leaving them alone as much as I can make myself.

Nov=Increase eye contact. F+ (+ for lack of opportunity)

Fail.  Now it’s operation look at service people in the eye, because they are really the only ones I see at all.

Gray Street

11 Jun

August 2011 116Well, gray part line. I’m totally preoccupied lately with these few gray strands of hair that are suddenly all too visible. I mean, for 5-6 years hairdressers have made little comments about my grays, but they were largely invisible to me. So I’m pretty sure, unless you got close in great light, the normal passerby couldn’t see them either.

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve become alarmed.  I honestly don’t think it’s attributed to a perception of aging of fading beauty or something like that either.  I consider myself a feminist, and I don’t think I’m especially superficial–as my monthly goal check in can attest.  I’m low-maintenance.  I guess that’s what disturbs me most about the gray–it requires upkeep.  I’m panicking because obviously, at 30 I’m not ready to go natural and sport gray streaks or worse–the patches I think I have.

Every time I stand in front of the mirror, I can see gray hairs sticking up from the back of my side part.  And I can sort of tell they are in fact gray, because they are much coarser then my fine regularly-hued hair.  And naturally, they stick straight up–what else would they do?  I started by trying to pull the little mo-fos out.  Despite seeing them very clearly at a glance in the mirror, I can hardly crane around to actually remove them.  They are situated just far enough back that I can’t see the whole situation very well or in much detail.  And have you ever noticed that ANY single strand of hair looks remarkably gray?  So I sit there ripping chunks of my hair out, and I’m pretty sure I’m mostly ripping out ones with color.  But as I stand there scrutinizing them one by one after they’ve been pulled it’s hard to tell.  Goose thinks I’m crazy.  Even a maine coon has no idea why you would stand there pulling out pieces of hair. . .  So add baldness to my hair problems.

BUT, I absolutely have no funds to pay salon prices right now–and I find 3 hours in a chair tedious.

But I’ve heard really bad things about box dye, and don’t want to ruin my hair either.  And I’m not confident I would be JAEDAable to pull off a nice-looking dye job.  It would be just my luck to do some whacked-out color job, then get a job interview.  Not only that I wouldn’t know where to start.  How does the procedure work?  What color would I even go with?  Most of those don’t look very natural, and I am just starting to embrace my hair’s natural color (when it has pigment).

So I’m really bummed out and confused about what to do.

As Promised!

31 Jan

I’m all here, and my heart-is in it.  Here is my January goal-progress and my focus for February.

rainbow cloud 1

Maintenance Goals (from 2013):

-floss daily.  I managed all but 1-2 days.  It’s currently on my procrastination list to call the dentist to get a cleaning.  I’ve been putting it off primarily b/c I HATE!!!  making phone calls.  Also, because I need to make sure I have the $$$$.

drink water.  I have been relatively awesome!  I take vitamins every day after I run my mile, so this gets me 2-4 glasses right off.  And I’m still trying to remember at work.  I still have to grow this to more frequent.  I’ll try to average 6 glasses instead of 3-4.

read for pleasure.  On most school nights I do this–can you believe I’m still working on the same book I started in August!!!  It’s a big one.

weekly massage.  Nope.  Between ambulance and medical and coldness and tiredness this hasn’t been a thing.  Maybe in the month of love?  Oh yuck, I can’t even joke b/c I’m so annoyed by Feb.

abstain from drinking.  Haven’t had a drop.  And mostly I don’t think about it.  I was disappointed when we found ourselves downtown at night.  I guess it’s a routine that downtown=drinking.  And Superbowl is awkward because I don’t want to put myself in a bad situation amidst a lot of drinking.  But without TV, we’re hard-pressed to see our home-state and future-state teams play.  Hopefully, the internet will pan out.

study habits.  I think I feel worse about this then I’m actually doing.  And I think that comes back to former drinking habits.  In the past, I really had to maximize every (sober) second with work, class, and study.  Now, I just suddenly got more time and I’m not used to it.  So when I have down-time during the day I feel like I should be hitting the books–but I have that time because I’m not spending any time hitting the bottle.  In Feb–just make sure to devote the time AND do it with whole heart.

VBOK, and since this is becoming long, a quick and dirty run-down of 2014 goals:

January=fitness.  I ran a mile first thing in the morning for 30 days in a row!  Vitamins/minerals were consumed daily.  I also ate many apples throughout the, and made an attempt to pair yummy meals with a fruit of veg (that needs more work).  Feb= work on some time goals on the treadmill + find ways to keep it interesting.  Work on adding MORE produce.

Feb=have gratitude; say nice things.  I worked on half.  I put 6? items in my positivity jar, and every night before bed instead of worrying, I went through a list of everything I’m thankful for.  I liked that a lot better.  Next month, I’ll try to notice even more positive, and give a couple complements.

March=straighten out sleep.  I’m not sure why my sleep is all messed up.  I was very strict about my bedtime all month.  But I’m still wakeful from midnight-2:30.  And often I wake up tired.  I need to mind the caffeine in Feb and maybe that will fix it.

April=save $$$.  I spent a (relative) lot, but remember I no longer buy alcohol and only rarely eat at restaurants which were (also relative) large past expenditures.  I DID pay off my entire credit card after carrying a balance for 9(?) years!  Happy day.  And I will never, never, ever put tuition on my credit card again.  Now, I’ll save money in payments and bank fees that I can save for CO in Feb.  I think so it feel like something, I’ll mark an envelope with something we will need and put that amount inside ie U-Haul $1100.

May=volunteer.  Cool and I are going to do Habitat for Humanity when it gets warmer, I asked my advisor about volunteer opportunities, and I signed up for a project in April.  I’ll keep looking for more during Feb.

June=Cool.  January was a mixed bag, what with the health stuff.  I did indicate a LOT how proud I was of Cool’s mentality in regards to treadmill and snowboarding.  In Feb, I will try to resume the daily complement, and try to be more affectionate.

July=my appearance.  Ugh.  I don’t feel great about this one.  I did wear jewelry a few times.  A few.  I forgot to try my contacts again.  Suddenly, my hair became straggly, but I don’t want to get a cut for fear Rusty needs a new transmission.  Makeup is not as important to me as treadmill/internet.  Feb is back to square 1:  wear jewelry at least twice a week, makeup & contacts one weekly.

Aug=Worry Less, Thank more.  I really like this one!  And since it’s so much better, I’ve tried to stick to it.  I’ve actually tried to cut worrying out all-together, which is sometimes successful.  Feb just keep practicing and re-train my brain.

Sept=make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead.  Not great.  Sunday is our shopping day, but those were Summer Begins 2013 077snowboard lesson days so things got a little messed.  Feb we need to be better–and add go through the fridge daily to save food before it parishes.  I hate throwing things away!

Oct=don’t over-pluck.  I did grow out my eyebrows.  But it just made me remember why I overpluck them in the 1st place–they are long, thick, UNshapely, and unruly.  I truly hate them.  In Feb, I’ll look into shaping them (but not over-doing it).

Nov=Increase eye contact.  I intended to do this in Jan, but it usually doesn’t pan out.  Maybe because I don’t trust most of the people I come in contact with?  Who knows?  But it’s still fully unrealized.  Feb means start from scratch.

That’s all!  There is my progress, my future, and (thankfully) that 31st resolution post of January!

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Hesitant to Use the Word “Resolution”

2 Jan

Because I’m serious about turning these dreams into goals, then habit and accomplishments.  This is not some starry-eyed hyped up New Years event.


Here is my PLAN to help me reach my aspirations in this next year:

First, I need a physical reminder of WHAT the goals are.  Because last year, I forgot all about my fitness goals, and subsequently did not do them.  At. All.  Yesterday Cool and I made “Beast Mode,” our health goals and the benefits of achieveing them, poster.  We hung it in the living room right next to the treadmill for reminder and inspiration.  We need to do a financial one and a love one next.  Then I’ll make a study one and a grad app checklist to easily refer to.

To help me have gratitude, think positively every day, and work on my social, I am starting a positivity jar.  I’ll write unexpected gifts, accomplished goals, beauty of nature, lol moments, good memories, blessed happenings on small scraps.  This will make me pay attention to all the good stuff.  And on a bad day, I can read them to remind myself it’s not ALL bad.

To succeed in turning dreams into accomplishments, you need a schedule and a timeline.  I already made my monthly goals to focus in on.  As part of that the day-to-day schedule is important:  Worry only 30 min/day, think of good things or 1 good thing 10 min/day, I need to write a post with a rough timeline before the semester starts back up.  I’ll probably write it today so I can practice it and adjust it for a week before I actually need to use it.

Break the big goals into managable chunks.  Here are the very first steps for each of my 2014 goals:

running 1Exercise:  Right now just get up first thing in the morning, change into running clothes, and treadmill for 1 mile before getting ready for work.  Once I can get ON the treamill consistantly, I can make some time goals.

Eating:  Drink 2 cups of water to take my vitamins (kills 2 birds w/1 stone), make Sela Ward 5certain to drink as much water as possible while I’m at work alone in the early mornings.

Gratitude:  Sit for 10 min and think of everything good, or why 1 thing is awesome for that amount of time.  Then, I can start saying at least 1 nice thing to Cool every day and 1 nice thing to another every day.

Sleep:  Go back to the 4AM and see if exercise and vitamins helps at all.  If it doesn’t (after a real trial) just wake up at 5AM and call it good.  Practice strict wake and sleep times this week, before school starts.

Money:  Save some Christmas money.

Volunteer:  I signed up on Facebook to get volunteer updates for my area, and Cool and I talked about doing star h-aidsome physical work for Habitat for Humanity.  Next, fill out the req. forms.  And later, I need to estabilsh contact with the hearing aid center.

Appearance:  I’m starting to wear earrings daily.  And it’s uncomfortable, so I’m trying Emma Watson darkNeosporin now.  I’ll look into some sort of cleaning solution if the Neosporin doesn’t work.  Maybe contacts on Wednesdays?

Grocery situation:  I wrote down some crock pot recipies/ingredients.  We’ll start going to the Grocery Outlet every Sunday morning.

Eyebrows:  Ugh–I can’t stand it.  But I’m only allowing 20 stray hairs a day to be pulled so I can let them grow in.  I’m telling myself that if I am patient, I might treat myself to a professional shaping to have a good starting point.

Eye contact:  I will try to look people in the eyes at least 5x/d to start.

And the last goal success method:  Write WHY each of these is important to me.  Which will be a future post.


13 Jul

Time for another major pet-peeve: One-tonal blonde hair. I am never certain why (women especially) think this looks good. I blame unreasonable expectations driven by patriarchy and capitalism.  Just because a lot of celebs sport the look–which is costly to maintain.  It looks unnatural! And bad. Often it is orangy-yellowy so the color turns out brassy. Not. Cute.  At.  All.  Sorostitutes with brassy orange/gold hair and Oompa-Loompa orange, fake & bake skin = weird looking, not gorgeous.

Also, that icky blondie-blonde color absolutely destroys your hair. Bleach, black, and box dye are 3 of the worst cardinal hair sins. Even IF the color looks good (it doesn’t) the dry, brittle “hair” left on your head looks like it’s about to fall out–it is. People, you do those colors too much on your hair, and that hair will break. Nothing is fashionable about that.  And maybe you will go bald early. Yick. Especially if you process the hair in other ways: Blow dry, curl, straighten, chemically alter.

Maybe worst of all = roots. Roots are so, so, SO, SO ugly! Any that are showing make you look trash-E-trash. Especially people that stray far from their natural color–black roots on a brassy head = appalling. Red roots on black hair–I’m not even going to address it it’s so terrible.  So if you must dye–keep up on the touch-ups.  Even one day of striped hair makes you look lazy and gross.

So do your hair (and spectators) a favor and keep your natural color. Plus, staying within a color-range semi-near your own matches your skin/eyebrows.  [un-matching eyebrows *shakes head*] Not a lot of people can carry off strong blondes/blacks/reds because it clashes with their complexion.  Really, you will look a LOT cuter if you keep a natural look.  Even if you feel like it’s boring.

Or at least get highlights and low lights. I’m not going to lie–if I could afford to do it consistently (and keep up on the roots) I would totally dye my hair.  And I certainly will when too much of it turns gray.  Probably a truer shade of blonde–with low lights obviously.  You have to have mutli-dimensional color–professionally done, and not over-treat your hair for it to look soft, naturally lovely, and beautiful.  Yeesh–get a clue.

You’re Only As Old As Your Liver

24 Feb

I have to cut back on my drinking.

Problematic or not–it’s going to make me look older then my time.  Drinking will eventually make your face get puffy.  There will be tell-tale broken capillaries and redness at the top of the cheeks and across the nose.  The midsection will be distended.

I don’t want that.  And I don’t want to look all old either.

Also, alcohol is a depressant.  And I’ve been in a definite funk as of late.  The two shouldn’t go together.  I will cut back.  Problem is–I am supposed to have some brews with co-workers after work today in an attempt to humanize them, get to know them better, and hopefully be less annoyed with them AT work.  Then, tomorrow, my Aunt is supposed to come over for wine and Wii.

So I guess I’ll sneak Gatorade in between drinks and try to go slowly for the next 2 days.  And then. . .

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