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Taylor IS on Kelsea’s self-titled album (2020) and SHE is the track 4 falling out on Subject to Change (2022)

12 Nov

I know you aren’t going to believe me.  Taylor and Kelsea at least had a dalliance, if not full-on dated.  Here is the link to my 2020 albums ranking:

I provide it because it’s date/time stamped to Dec 2020.

In it, I said I can hear Taylor Swift on several albums that year.  All for people who are known associates of hers.  All uncredited.  Here’s the blurb from that post:

OK, I Know Halsey featured on The Other Girl, track 4 of Kelsea’s self-titled album from 2020.

Ashley…is Halsey, P.S. I hadn’t known that but was looking for possible pseudonyms.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself.  A good place to compare and hear that there are 3, not 2, distinct voices is:

0.55-1.00 is Kelsea alone

1.04-1.12 is most definitely Taylor Swift according to my ears

1:26-1:30 is Halsey by herself

Kelsea Ballerini – the other girl (with Halsey) [Official Audio]

Now, I tried to compare the studio version of the song to the live CMT duet, but alas, they were lip syncing (not bashing, just stating facts) so it’s the exact same song.

The part that I heard Taylor on has lyrics:

Taylor says she’s a scarlet letter (fraught with adultery, witchy stigma vibes) in Love Story:

Original lyric said “This love is DIFFERENT, but it’s real.  Different like gay.  Because what straight, white love pairing is so off-putting to parents and society?

Then, in New Romantics Taylor introduces herself again using scarlet letter:

In this context scarlet letters is some trait that’s stigmatized by society.  And she says this group of misfits she is hanging out with in NYC has different scarlet (aka stigmatized) letters.  How about LGBTQQAA perhaps?  And she says, hers trumps all of them.  In the song she goes on to describe:

To this group love = danger.  P.S. there is nothing dangerous about a wealthy, white lady dating a wealthy white man…  To emphasize her point Taylor talks about switching sides.  That’s bisexual.  Or they “switched” from hetero to homo.  To drive home that she’s talking about gay love and being a part of the marginalized gay community, Taylor talks about the terrible, cruel rumors, which just like in Betty (another song with gay undertones) are true.  Every day these LGBT folk are battling for rights and visibility and equality but every night they’re alone with their lover, peaceful and happy.  

That’s all to say it’s very interesting that those are the lines I hear Taylor on in Kelsea’s song.  Like it goes with what Taylor has been telling us in other songs.

Back to The Other Girl video/song:  

At 1:44 Taylor says, “I, eye?!”  WTF, now eye theory 

2:08 is a repeat of Taylor singing the red dress part, but it’s a lot harder to distinguish her voice from this point on in the song, because I don’t think she sings alone.  There may or may not be a “girl” she sings by herself, but I couldn’t tell for sure…

So Taylor sang uncredited on an album with friends, big deal, you say.


On Kelsea’s 2020 album she talks about falling out with someone on her track 4.  And everybody assumed it was about the credited feature, Halsey.  But we have no story, no blind, no evidence of what happened between Kelsea and Halsey, if anything.  I think Kelsea is talking about Taylor!


[Verse 1]

2020 was a weird year

Album dropped at a weird time

Ain’t the homecoming queen but better believe I cried

And therapy for one turned

Into therapy for two

When you get married that young, you got a lotta shit you gotta get through

Kelsea got divorced.

…[Verse 2]

I was friends with a pop star

I put ’em on track four, but

Wish I could take it back, I would’ve nevеr asked

If I knew we wouldn’t talk anymorе


I live in my head ’til the sun’s up

Even I can admit that it’s fucked up

And you’re pushing for perfect your whole life

And it didn’t work out

But, damn it, I tried

The bridge just might have a double meaning.  On the one hand Kelsea is talking about releasing her self-titled album that she worked really hard on, during a time promo couldn’t be done, so maybe it did worse then she hoped/anticipated.

A 2nd meaning could be that Kelsea is overthinking.  The sun (Karlie) is out, centered in Taylor’s life.  Kaylor is on-again.  Kelsea says Taylor using her (Kelsea) as a back-up gal when Kaylor is off is fucked up.  In this context the “you’re” shifts to Taylor possibly.  She’s the one with the perfect image she’s trying to maintain.  And that keeps her closeted.  And being in a closeted relationship sucks for both Karlie (Kaylor on) and Kelsea (Kaylor off).  But damn it, Kelsea tried to have a proper relationship with Taylor.

Taylor Swift going DC in Midnights Album: Vigilante $hit Pow! Zap!

5 Nov

This is a pretty fun song, and I’m not sure it’s meant to be taken as 100% non-fiction.  

Who is she talking about, that’s the major question. And some of Taylor’s lyrics fit everyone (liar & fraud) so that didn’t narrow it down for me.  And our bad guy (as a collective) will be referred to as “liar” from this point on, to keep it short and simple.  But some of the lines were specific enough that I could pinpoint who she’s probably talking about.  Which brings me to the idea that more than one liar is getting called out in this song.

Draw the cat eye, sharp enough to kill a man

I thought this might be a reference to a song or movie that would tell us the liar she’s talking about.  And there’s a movie called something like “Scooter Kill” but I thought it was kind of weak so I didn’t include it. 

I eventually decided the first few lines aren’t an introduction to the liar, but an introduction to the thesis of the song:  Taylor is going Catwoman to dole out some vigilante justice to the liar(s). 

And you can see from Catwoman’s bio how Taylor might identify with her.

I was trying to match pieces of the song with known TS nemesis:  

Kanye = Death Rattle

$cooter = the great white shark:

Jo$h and Jared Kushner are bradford & rupert thorne respectively:

His brother, Jared represented by:  Bradford’s brother Rupert Thorne:

I’m not going to use Rupert Thorne’s pic to depict Jared Ku$hner because honestly, doesn’t his actual appearance remind you of a Batman villan?

So that’s how I see our villains as compared to Batman villains.  

You did some bad things, but I’m the worst of them

The Ku$hners got Karlie in the end.  But they are involved in so many like, genocidal-level things that it’s nowhere near any love triangle tension with Taylor, or even the masters-heist.

Kanye stole Taylor’s moment, misrepresented himself (or Kim did that alone?), and was the catalyst for snake gate.  But he also made some egregious hate statements, and ran for POTUS, among other things that are decidedly worse than what he did to Taylor.

$cooter orchestrated the masters heist.

OK, the creative aspect was by Kanye.  But $cooter could have absolutely vetoed and scrapped the whole thing as his manager.

That just might be worse than anything else $cooter did.  But there might be more that I just couldn’t find since he’s a sneaky mofo with iron-clad NDAs.

Sometimes I wonder which one will be your last lie

Ku$hners are known liars with the housing, their job titles, the money, the “Peace in the Middle East” and so on.  

Now, I’m sure Kanye was mercurial, making Taylor take an ax to a mended fence, but I’m not sure he exactly lies.  Kanye is a major narcissist (always has been) and recently he has been having major bipolar cycling that is uncontrolled by medicine.  That means, he has likely been literally psychotic at points.  I am not excusing any of his behavior, but I’m saying I’m not sure he tries to hide it.  If anything, Kanye says too much.  I think he changes his mind (perhaps his mental state is part of that) and that could be perceived as lying.  But you have to have organized thoughts to lie, and I’m not sure Kanye does.  But Kim did lie about editing that phone call, so that could be what this line is talking about…

We have seen the various statements put out by $cooter trying to rehab his image that completely deviate from what Taylor says about the masters/bullying situation:

They say looks can kill and I might try

I don’t dress for women

I don’t dress for men

Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge

I don’t start it but I can tell you how it ends

Don’t get sad, get even

So on the weekends

I don’t dress for friends

Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge

Taylor is saying on weekends instead of sulking, she puts on her revenge catsuit and does some vigilante shit to get even.

She needed cold hard proof so I gave her some

She had the envelope, where you think she got it from?

It is plausible that Taylor could give Jo$h’s wife Karlie information.  Obviously, Taylor has had access to Karlie.  And the Ku$hners have done so many diabolical things it’s difficult to keep track.  But what would Taylor know about the situation?  It anything, Karlie might have her own insider info, but I’m not sure Taylor would be able to get government-level intel…

Maybe you think this is a cop-out from me, but I couldn’t chase down information on Taylor giving evidence to any of the girlfriends of liars.  But also, would that be in an article? 

What I can tell you is Kim Kardashian was still talking $hit about Taylor when snakegate was revealed to be orchestrated by her.  And usually Taylor remembers her enemies long term.  But also, the two might have worked together to take down problematic Kanye for various egregious activities.  But also, let’s be serious–does anybody else need to take Kanye down?  He pretty much ruins himself, as acknowledged by Taylor in Long Story Short:

Taylor could just be talking about the song Madwomen in regards to giving $cooter’s wife Yael ammunition against him:

Except in the same song Taylor talks about how his wife is helping her husband bring Taylor down:

This is all to say, I’m not sure if there’s an actual envelope with intelligence that was passed from Taylor to the wife of the liar.  I think it is just a super-hero movie thing to say.

Now she gets the house, gets the kids, gets the pride

This can’t be the Ku$hners because they’re still together with their beards, I mean, wives.  And also Karlie does not have multiple children.

I didn’t think it was about Yael, because I couldn’t find anything at all about a Benz.  On that alone, I ruled her out.

Picture me thick as thieves with your ex-wife

Taylor is not close to Ivanke Trump. 

And it’s a question-mark if she talks to Karlie, but given all the heartbreak that is still in Midnights, I don’t think they have much together anymore.

I really can’t see Kim and Taylor being friends after all the shady things Kim(Ye) have done to hurt her.  Besides Taylor is still throwing jabs:

This is absolutely not about $cooter’s wife per Madwoman, but here’s another reason:

I can’t vouge for the veracity of this source, but this would be a major additional reason Taylor would never be chummy with $cooter’s ex-wife:

And she looks so pretty

Driving in your Benz

Ivanka is still “with” Jared, so it’s not her.  

The most recent thing I could find about a Benz connection to Karlie Kloss was the Mercedes Benz fashion show in 2013.  Which seems pretty long ago.

I couldn’t find anything about a Benz for Yael, so I don’t think this line is about her.  Also, they have joint custody of the children.

Lately she’s been dressing for revenge

Ummm, this is kinda wow. So, well let me just show you:

But it’s not toward the lying man–if anything Karlie is dressing for revenge against. . . Taylor…  So I don’t think it counts for this song.

Here’s one of the only pics I could find of Yael Cohen Braun post-divorce:

That’s a no on the revenge dressing.  

She don’t start it, but she can tell you how it ends

Don’t get sad, get even

So on the weekends

She don’t dress for friends

Lately she’s been dressing for revenge

Ladies always rise above

Ladies know what people want

Someone sweet and kind and fun

The lady simply had enough

While he was doing lines

This line heavily implies cocaine use.  But I couldn’t find any gossip, articles, or arrests pertaining to drugs for any of our liars.  But also, we might not know–it could absolutely be happening behind the scenes.

I then tried to think of the many ways to use “line” that wasn’t drug-associated.  Stand in line, run lines as an actor, line your pockets, line of credit, boundary line, line your eyes, telephone line…

And crossing all of mine

Honestly, I don’t think Taylor intended any of the following uses of the word “line” that I found pertaining to Ku$hner misdeeds.  But it turned out really apt, and kinda cool, so I wish she had intended to write about him in the following ways:

Lines of credit for Ku$ner businesses that are completely unethical-

Check out this entire article for the conflict of interest of the Ku$ner clan:

Private phone lines that skirt United States security measures-

Jared Kushner gave a confusing explanation for his alleged ‘back channel’ plan with Russia

Natasha Bertrand Jul 24, 2017, 9:18 AM

President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, denied in a statement Monday that he suggested setting up a “back channel” communication line to the Kremlin that would bypass US intelligence agencies and persist after Trump was inaugurated.

But Kushner acknowledged in the statement, which came ahead of a closed-door appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee, that he asked Russia’s ambassador to the US in December whether the Trump transition team could use Russia’s embassy to communicate privately with Moscow about Syria. The meeting with the ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, “occurred in Trump Tower, where we had our transition office, and lasted twenty [to] thirty minutes,” Kushner wrote in an 11-page statement detailing his contacts with Russian nationals during the election and transition period. “Lt. General Michael Flynn (Ret.), who became the President’s National Security Advisor, also attended … I stated our desire for a fresh start in relations.” Kushner said Kislyak, whose tenure in the US ended this past weekend, asked whether there was “a secure line in the transition office to conduct a conversation” about the US’s Syria policy.

“General Flynn or I explained that there were no such lines,” Kushner wrote. But he said he went on to ask whether the Russian Embassy “had an existing communications channel … we could use where they would be comfortable transmitting the information they wanted to relay to General Flynn.” Kislyak said they didn’t, according to Kushner, and “nothing else occurred.”

“I did not suggest a ‘secret back channel,'” he wrote. “I did not suggest an on-going secret form of communication for then or for when the administration took office. I did not raise the possibility of using the embassy or any other Russian facility for any purpose other than this one possible conversation in the transition period. We did not discuss sanctions.”

Kushner’s statement appears consistent with a Washington Post report published in May that said he had floated the possibility of setting up a secure line of communication between the Trump transition team and Russia — and having those talks take place in Russian diplomatic facilities in the US, essentially concealing their interactions from US government scrutiny.

According to The Post, Kislyak was “taken aback” by Kushner’s request because it posed significant risks for both the Trump team and the Kremlin. But he passed along that request to Moscow anyway. Kushner did not previously disclose the December meetings with Kislyak and the CEO of a Russian bank, Sergey Gorkov, on his security clearance form. He said in his statement that the form was submitted prematurely.

‘A staggering lack of common sense’

Experts have said that if the Kushner-Kislyak meeting and reported discussion were an isolated incident, then it could be spun as normal back-channel communication arrangements among states.

But Kislyak and the Trump campaign interacted extensively, and Trump associates either kept those interactions secret from US officials or misrepresented them, as was the case with Flynn, who was forced to resign in February for similar reasons.

Scott Olson, a recently retired FBI agent who ran counterintelligence operations and spent more than 20 years at the bureau, told Business Insider in May that it was not unusual for low-level staffers to work between governments and bypass bureaucracy to exchange views and build consensus in advance of higher-level negotiations. But what Kushner appears to have done is “substantially different, in two ways,” he said. “First, he is not seeking a back channel for a low-level staff exchange,” Olson said. “He wants high-level direct-contact communication. This is extremely dangerous because it results in verbal (and therefore undocumented and unwitnessed) agreements, which are binding on governments. Free governments do not work this way. They can’t. If they do, they are no longer free.”

He added: “Second, he asked to use a foreign government’s communication facilities. This is way beyond a private server. This is doing US government diplomatic business over a foreign government’s communication system. It’s not an off-the-record conversation. It’s a conversation recorded by the opposing party. This shows a staggering lack of understanding of the US and its place in the world. Actually, it shows a staggering lack of common sense. When he negotiates a business deal does he use the other guy’s notes?”

It also struck many experts as odd that Flynn, Kushner, and Kislyak would want to conceal discussions about Syria from the US’s national security and intelligence communities. “Why in God’s name would they want to conceal plans on Syria strategy from the US military?” asked Susan Hennessey, a former attorney for the National Security Agency. “Even accepting their Syria spin, what Kushner tried to do was blind the US government on incredibly important national security matters. That’s not how it works. That’s not the behavior of someone who recognizes America is still, at its core, a common endeavor.”

Egregious disregard drawing up boundary lines between Israel and Palestine-

Alas, I don’t think it is actually what the song is about because Jo$h’s brother Jared isn’t crossing boundaries of Taylor’s as far as I know.  He’s a criminal POS, but at most his politics are disagreeable to Taylor, and his brother “stole” the love of Taylor’s life. But that line worked out pretty well with many of the Ku$hner crimes.

I sincerely hope Kanye is not doing coke.  That would be like pouring gasoline on his mania.  I’m not sure drugs are in his picture–as evidenced by his mentally ill outbursts and untreated personality disorder.  And trying to sniff out (ha) one line in one song that Taylor might have been thinking about would be such a huge undertaking, I couldn’t even.

Does $cooter do drugs?  Maybe.  Lots of wealthy people seem to play in the snow, but I couldn’t find anything definitive. Nor could I find crimes about lines in any way. Though obviously $cooter is trampling on Taylor’s boundaries all over the place.

Someone told his white collar crimes to the FBI

Closest thing to Michelle Pfeiffer that you’ve ever seen, oh

Kanye and white collar crime:

Kanye has done many things.  Many, many, many $hitty, evil things.  But mostly they involved words- verbally abusing Kim, threatening Pete, undermining the Black community and BLM, being anti-semetic, aligning with Trump and the GOP…  Punching various people also came up.  But white collar crime returned more limited results:

$cooter and white collar crime:

So that could be who she’s talking about in this particular line…

And I don’t dress for villains

Or for innocents

I’m on my vigilante shh again

I don’t start it, but I can tell you how it ends

Don’t get sad, get even

So on the weekends

I don’t dress for friends

Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge