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Best Moments of 2014!

30 Dec

It was a good year, though not in the way of travel and events.  It was just a nice, stable year (for me, Cool was swinging up and down rapidly) which is what I needed.  Here are the bigger moments that were important from 10-best:

#10:  Getting to snowboard again

EZ123 3rd snowboard 118

I love being good at things!  And the instructors said I was a fast learner, and I felt confident on the slopes.  It was good to be back in the bindings.  Cool’s accident and resulting ambulance ride, emergency room visit (and those bills) lower this 2014 moment to closer to the bottom of the list.

#9:  Bike Swap and Snowboard  Swap

bike swap 4-10-14 017

These were really exciting adventures!  The research, the shopping, the event.  And the dreams for our future sports endeavors–not to mention our purchases were super-fun.  And Cool and I got along famously at both–no bipolar issues these weekends-whew.

#8:  Finishing my post-bac at Riverpoint (and keeping my 4.0 GPA)

CN ref both flaps open

The anticipation had been killing me.  I looked forward to this for TWO years, so when it happened it felt pretty sweet.  This is low on the list because the huge accomplishment (in my mind) was a little underscored by others and didn’t receive the acclaim I felt it deserved.  Finishing 27 upper-level courses in an entirely new and unfamiliar field–WITH straight A’s is a big deal in my mind–even if it didn’t garner me an actual degree.

 #7:  Two DMB shows–with SEATS.  And Brandi Carlile to open both shows.

celebrate we will 3

Usually this would take the #1 spot–and having 2 shows with seats–it SHOULD.  But Cool and I had probably our worst fight ever the first Friday so it’s not the perfect memory I anticipated and desire.  Obviously, it still makes the list because, hello, the Gorge, Brandy opening (and acknowledging our sign), DMB, the setlist game, merch, and SEATS!

#6:  Being named a finalist in a noise-induced hearing loss prevention poster contest!

NIHL color pic

I enjoy showing my creativity, and who doesn’t like winning something?  My poster will be featured at the annual AudiologyNOW conference and may even win!  In which case I get all proceeds for the life of the poster.  It’s cool and it’s exciting.

#5:  The relief I felt when I quit veterinary assisting

retirement from vet med 013

Even though the financial consequences were scary, I instantly felt better.  Removing those toxic influences was difficult, but well worth it.  It was time to go, and I’m in such a better place since I did.  I just had enough, and it feels good to be away.

#4:  Going to MT over Independence Day and My birthday

Cool Grizz attack

This one’s slightly lower, because before we left home, Cool was an irritable turkey so that puts a bit of a damper on the memory.  Pow-Wow is always fun, but this item is down in the rank because I had a bad allergy attack.  Leaving pow-wow to stay at a hotel in Missoula was amazing.  One of the best showers of my LIFE!  The bathtub was full of dust, and my allergens (temporarily washed away).  It felt nice staying in an oversized room with a TV and sleeping in a cozy bed instead of car-camping at the pavillion.  It was partially so nice because it was an unplanned treat and everything fell into place nicely–which rarely happens to me.  Also seeing how adorable Missoula is over my birthday weekend, and dreaming of “summering” there was exciting.

#3:  Satisfaction of running 1 mile every day of the year

house-sitting post run

It’s a really big deal, because not only am I really busy most of the time–I’m lazy.  I’m very proud to remain in shape, counter my poor eating habits, and do something not that many other people are able to achieve.  I’m going to see how many days in a row I can keep this up.

#2:  My parents visited!

Dad's 70th B-day visit 020

We had a week full of family activities and my dad turned 70!  Everyone (except Aunt Linda) was on their best behavior and I felt like a real family unit.  I loved that everyone had fun and Cool was made to feel 100% part of the family.  And all the free food and fun activities didn’t hurt my feelings either 😉

 #1:  The Sky-Fest Air Show

loading docktraffic jam in the sky

Was a genuinely amazing time, not ruined by bipolar, sunburns, or lack of funds.  Cool and I were together and both of us happy and excited.  We got to spend the day outside, and tour the planes, and spectate at the shows.  We got burned and thirsty, but we were still in great spirits.

Oh Seattle, I Can’t Say I Miss Your Traffic.

20 Dec

not much traffic on I-5 at 1 pmHow could I forget about this?  Being away from Seattle for over a year–I was seriously missing the cuisine.  Sure, Spokane holds some of our staple restaurants:  The Flying Goat, Steelhead, Steam Plant Grill, Zola, Northern Lights (I refuse to call it NoLi), and Twigs are winners.  But Seattle?  Limitless.  I’m always seeing 30 new and exciting places a week on Yelp.  Or featured on television–Netflix rather.  Anyway, I was quickly compiling a list of places to try.

And I kept asking myself why we hardly ate anywhere when we lived in the Pies & Pintscity.  And when we did go out, it was always to the same old places.  Why were we so boring and unadventurous?  And as soon as we drove into the city I remembered:  Seattle traffic sucks.  The roads are thin and bumpy, going up steep hills, and turning into one way streets or street-side parking without warning.  The pedestrians and bicycles prove kamikaze  and you have to be vigilant about not running either over.

Fremont st sign 1Each neighborhood takes a great deal more time to arrive to then the distance says it should.  Five or ten minutes on the map proves to be 40 minutes of winding through heavy traffic, turning around because you missed your street, or a one-way prohibiting where you need to go for the shortest route.  By the time you get in the vicinity of the place you want to be, you then have to search and search for parking.  Mostly, it’s far away.  And costly.  Once all this is done, you’ve just eaten some snacks in the car so you’re not all that hungry, and you’ve spent the lions share of your money on parking.  The frustration level is high.

Then, I remembered–we couldn’t afford to eat out when we lived there because parking and fuel bedroom darkwere un-affordable while paying steep rent.  Not to mention premium prices for “organic, locally-grown, farm fresh, *insert Seattle-mentality jargon here* And when we did go out it was not the place so much that drew us there but the ease of getting there, convenience to where we already were, and the parking once you arrived.  Private lot, near home, sketchy food–sign us up!

Making (and sticking to) a Training Schedule

19 Nov

I guess going to the YMCA just for the sake of working out, is not working the best for me.  I regularly laze out, but don’t wanna waste that $20/mo + Cool’s $20/mo.  So I thought something to work towrd might be more succesful at getting my ass out of my PJs and going.  And that thing is. . .   A Triathlon!  I’m not going all hard-core, or even doing a full length–cause hello a marathon after other stuff.  Is.  Just.  CRAZY.  But a sprint, short-length Tri seems acceptable.


Here is a sample triathalon traning schedule.  It’s focused on swim since I don’t really know what I’m doing.  Learn the swimming kick-turn first thing.  And this training guide is also a sprint program.

Since my prospective race is

Monday, May 30, 2011 Spring Festival Triathlon & Duathlon
Moses Lake, Washington Montlake Park
Spring Festival Triathlon :
Triathlon : Swim ¼ mile, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.1 miles
Spring Festival Duathlon :
Duathlon : Run 3.1 miles, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.1 miles

This schedule should be a good fit.  It’s even a 16 week plan!  There are an overwhelming amount of tri informational pages and links though.  I’ll see if I like this one best.


I also wrote to a couple of my former clogging teammates who have experience with tri’s.  Maybe they know some good secrets or tips.

*1 length of YMCA’s lap pool = 25 yards or 22.86 meters

1 length = 23 meters or 25 yards (from wall to wall)
2 lengths = 46 meters or 50 yards
4 lengths = 91 meters or 100 yds
¼ mile = 400 meters or about 500 yards = 20 lengths
½ mile = 732 meters about 800 yards = 32 lengths
1 mile = about 1700 yards = 68 lengths
1.2 miles = about 2000 yards = 80 lengths
2.4 miles = about 4000 yards = 160 lengths