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2020 Goal Progress & 2021 Maintenance Goals

1 Jan

Run at least 1 mile every day

I’ll do a special post tomorrow b/c it’s my in-a-row anniversary Jan 2.

Do strength workout

313 days of 365 = 85.8%

ab work

215 = 58.9%

drink 8-12 cups of water a day

8C = 107 = 29.3%

12C = 213 = 58.4%

107 + 213 = 87.7%

24 hr fast twice weekly

we only started fasting in Sept so I only have the last 4 mo of data.

19 of 16 weeks x2 = 32 opportunities = 59.4%


254 =69.7%

but every day for the last 193 days in a row!


97 = 26.6%


21 = 5.8%


125 = 34.2%

menu/grocery list/cooking

This one was beyond our control with the pandemic. We’ll have to start it all over once we’re vaccinated.

Overall Success:

run > water > strength > floss > fast > abs > write > read > draw


11 Jul

For the last two days I’ve been very tired.  Whenever Cool gains a certain amount of weight, there’s nothing that will prevent her from snoring.  She hit that number 2-3 days ago, and I haven’t slept well since.  My tiredness is awful, because it’s enough to be unproductive, but apparently not enough to nap.  I hate that I’m not a good napper!  As such, I tried to find a draft to easily post today, but they were redundant to the ones I’ve over-posted, or need a lot of work.  And I want to do them justice.  So in the interest of posting AND being lazy, here’s a list:

-Somewhere between my 7th and 8th drafts of my personal statement, I’m finally feeling hopeful about it.  The thing isn’t polished enough, but it looks like a paper, instead of a brainstorm.

-My “scholarly paper” is not so lucky.  I think it sucks, feel discouraged and overwhelmed, and despite a lot of time, am motor neuron 3still in the nascent stages.  My SLP-focused program has had me write one group paper on a pathology affecting anatomy, but with a partner, so I can’t use it at all.  Four papers 100 words or less on aural rehab (this needs to be a technical, research paper, 8-12 pages in length).  And one hearing disorder–but I chose a complicated one–Varicella Virus.  It’s Chickenpox-turned measles, turned certain clinical signs including possible deafness, and similar to Bell’s palsy = very complex.  And I’m not confident about the info in the paper, nor on my ability to answer questions about it should it arise in an interview.  That left me to try to modify an aural rehab paper, by adding research–but now it’s just all over that place.  Hate.

-On a brighter note, I also met with a pharmacy doctoral student today to work on my CV.  It’s also coming right along!

-Cool is almost entirely off her slurr-med and it’s wonderful!  I forgot how funny she is and how much fun we were NOT import 6-17-10 117having anymore.  I’m so glad the Cool I knew is back!!!!!!!!!  Now, to find an anti-psychotic that is affordable, doesn’t cause sleepiness/irritability/weight gain = good luck/fat chance.  This partially why bipolars go off their meds.

-It’s been in the 90s outside, but due to my strategic fan placement/door opening it has stayed under 71 inside–without the expense of AC.  Our utilities made it down to $35 again-yay!

-I forgot to say I have a job interview tomorrow.  It’s for a fast food restaurant–one of the very few I will eat at.  But they’re kinda big for their britches throwing around terms like “natural” and “organic” which I find logical arguments against–Arsenic is technically natural.  It’s about marketing.  Also, you have to have a group interview, a 2nd interview, then finally a 3rd 1:1 interview–which is really excessive if you ask me.  For fast.  food. . .  I’m never pushy is new group situations, and they just ask questions in general, not round-robin, so I’m not confident I’ll look great.  And I’m not even certain if I could take the job if I get it because I don’t know if they would be willing to work with my (quickly approaching) school schedule.   But I’m memorizing factoids off their website, and I’ll give it my best shot tomorrow.

-Heat does not take away my veracious appetite as it does many people.  Though I had a literal 1260 calorie breakfast, greekI’m hungry–for ice cream.

-I thought I got a running PR on the mile today, which I only count if I’m on the track (not treadmill).  But it turns out it was my 3rd best time because in 2012 I ran a 7:39.  But it was funny, because I write all my 400m splits–and get this:  My splits for laps 2, 3, and 4 were identical to 2012 record-mile’s laps 2, 3, and 4!  If I can shave seconds off that first lap–I’ll beat my best time.  I’m feeling good for Sunday!

-Yellow is my power color.  And it chose me, not the other way around.  I now need some yellow tanks, yellow sneaks, and ideally, a yellow running skirt.  I was going to write I’d settle for one, but tried to write an item and couldn’t decide which I wanted most.  So I guess I won’t settle.

-We fell in love with (summer) Missoula.  But we’d never move there A] because we’re going to Colorado–obviously.  B] cumulous clouds11 month, harsh winters are UNcool.  C]  There are no jobs.  The jobs that are there are service-oriented.  D] My parents claim there’s a lot of rape there (jurys still out).

-I found perfect Old Gringo cowgirl embellished boots, that fit, and looked amazing.  I did not buy said boots, because even though they were $100 UNDER the lowest website price I’d ever encountered–they were $300, and I’m unemployed.  I love my schedule and the ability to have TIME as an unemployed person.  Having no income is terrifying, and I can never buy anything (at all, ever) on a whim.  But I haven’t ever been bored (I’ve actually been quite productive) and I don’t feel like a loser (because I’m getting so much accomplished).

-I have to decide if I’m going to have that ice cream and get ready for bed.  I have to clean work tomorrow and prepare/stress about my interview.

Grad App: Technical Writing

17 Jun

I thought I was getting my ducks in a row, but this new application requires all different things (so it seems).   Which kind of (really, really) sucks.  Why can’t applications processes be standardized?  I mean the schools standardize us applicants by GPA and GRE–can’t WE have one process that’s the same for each school?  Maybe even force all the colleges to do the application service things like VMCAS, with no supplemental stuff.  I think it’s fair–and a lot more straightforward!  Anyway, here’s tips about the technical writing I now have to submit:

-Begin to develop your writing sample. Most graduate programs have a January deadline for students seeking admission for the following autumn, so you’ll need to have your writing sample ready early. The writing sample is usually 12-20 pages of your best writing, often a revised paper from an undergraduate course or part of a senior project. It is helpful if the paper concerns works or issues within your stated area of interest for further study. If you’ve written a paper for an History course that you’re thinking of developing into your writing sample, tell your instructor. He or she may have suggestions for you on how to improve it, or may be willing to work with you on further revisions.

-Above all, the writing sample should show your mind at work. The writing sample should be a seminar paper or other research paper written in the general field of History that you intend to pursue at the graduate level. Graduate programs require writing samples of 10-25 pages. The most impressive writing samples demonstrate an ability to conduct research in a variety of sources, to write analytical prose, to construct a reasoned argument based upon evidence, and to create a context for assessing the significance of what has been presented.

Your critical writing sample should represent your best work in an area related to the academic interest(s) you want to pursue in your graduate study. Continue to revise and refine. Work with faculty whenever possible on your revisions. Prepare to turn in an clean, polished writing sample that has been edited thoroughly.

-So it seems (this is me again–not cut & paste material) that I haven’t had to write a lot of papers for my current courses.  The ones I have are:  1)  a group paper that’s ineligable 2) about a complicated virus that mutates to a different virus to cause hearing loss = too complex to be really nice 3) four different mini samples of 100 (?) words about aural rehab.

-I’m left either modifying and severely adding to the papers I have.  Or starting from scratch.  I think I’m going to add to an aural rehab paper about communication strategies.  I can tie it in with my personal statement and the research at the University.

-It’s a lot of work.  Which is why I’m sort of half-assing my blog posts.  I apologize.  All my best writing stuff is being used for personal statement, scholarly paper, and my presentation.  The CV has been momentarily put on hold.

Just a Quick Note

20 Apr

Oh my readers, believe me, I have about 100 posts in que. But they need fleshing out, and editing, and pictures. And though my brain is really over-saturated with school, I need to hang in there and focus on this last final. COMPREHENSIVE final. Evil prof.

So Here is a note saying that maybe I will write my Resolution Progress post in time, or I might wait until after the final on the 2nd. It could be a handy study break, but now writing only serves as a distraction from my true mission–keeping my A+

But I have a lot to say, and once summer begins I will post, post, post. I will be back! Read from the tag cloud while you wait.