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Dave Matthews Band Studio (Only!) Songs Ranked

3 May

Here is another ranking list.  You can check out my methodology here (I’ve done them all the same way):


I want to really emphasize that I judged the list purely on the merits of the studio version, to the exclusion of any live version, or knowledge of the live version.  They are ranked as if these versions are the only ones that exist–because I KNOW the live versions are so much better/more exciting/longer jams/medleys/etc!  But it would take a lifetime to listen to every version of every live.  So the album songs are ranked as-is.

Also, I’m trying something new with the formatting.  I took each post it and posted them as they were written, which is best song in that particular category to worst song in that group.  And like Memento, I did the big reveal by putting the post it categories worst to best.  Got it?  Groups are worst at the top of this post to best at the bottom.  But within each category/group the songs are listed best to worst.

So here we go:

SKIPs  (best to worst)
Let You Down (C) =M
Christmas Song (RTT)=M
Say Goodbye (C) =S
That Girl is You (CT) =S (terrible singing)
Dreaming Tree (BtCS) =S (long & boring)
Cry Freedom (C) =S
Captain (BS) =S
Pay for What You Get (UtTaD) =S
#34 (UtTaD) =S
Pantala Naga Pampa (BtCS) =S
Grux (BW) = S (very short)
#35 (BW) =S

MEH (Best to worst)
Dreams of Our Fathers (E) =M
Lying in the Hands of God-live (BW) =M
When I’m Weary (CT) =M
Out of My Hands (SU) =M
Busted Stuff (BS) =M
Belly Full (AftW) =M (short)

Kit Kat Jam (BS) =M
Dreamgirl (SU) =M
The Song that Jane Likes (RTT) =M
The Song that Jane Likes-acoustic (UtTaD) =M
Pay for What You Get (RTT)=N
Baby Blue (BW) =M

OK/NEUTRAL 3rd group (best to worst)
Here On Out (CT) =N
Virginia in the Rain (CT) =N
Sleep to Dream Her (E) =N
American Baby (SU) =N
Lover Lay Down (UtTaD) =N
Black and Blue Bird (CT) =G
Old Dirt Hill (Bring that Beat Back) (SU) =N
I’ll Back You Up (RTT)=N
bkdbdkd (CT) =N
Stay (Wasting Time) (BtCS) = N (Lovely Ladies turned me off the band)

OK/NEUTRAL 2nd/middle grouping (best to worst)
Idea of You (CT) =N
Come On Come On (CT) =N
Lying in the Hands of God (BW) =N
Granny (UtTaD) =N
Proudest Monkey (C) =N
Beach Ball-Live (BW) =N
Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd (SU) =N
Steady as We Go (SU) =N
Fool to Think (E) =N
What You Are (E) =N

OK/NEUTRAL 1st/top of list (best to worst)
Mercy-Live (AftW) =N
Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) (CT) =N
The Riff AftW) =N
One Sweet World (RTT) =N
Smooth Rider (SU) =N
Dancing Nancies-acoustic (UtTaD) =N
Seek Up (RTT)=N
Gaucho (AftW) =N (awesome, but hate the kids singing)
Minarets (RTT)=N
So Right (E) =N
Sweet-live (AftW) =Gr
If I Had It All (E) =N

low good (2nd half of good list, best to worst)
Typical Situation (RTT)=G
Mercy (AftW) =Gr
You Might Die Trying (SU) =Gr
Everybody Wake Up (SU) =G
Raven (BS) =G
Satellite (RTT) =G
Snow Outside (AftW) =Gr
Where Are You Going (BS) =G
The Space Between (E) =G
Typical Situtation (UtTaD) =G
Digging a Ditch (BS) =G
Pig (BtCS) =G
Stand Up (For It) (SU) =G
Dive In (BW) =G
#41 (C) =G
You Never Know (BS) =G

Med Good (middle list of the goods, best to worst)
Drunken Soldier (AftW) =G
Satellite (UtTaD) =G
If Only (AftW) =G
Sweet (AftW) =A
The Best of What’s Around (UtTaD) =G
Grey Street (BS) =G
Broken Things (AftW) =G
Spoon (BtCS) =Gr (bango!)
Angel (E) =G
Again and Again (CT) =Gr
Can’t Stop (CT) =G

High Good (top of Good list, best to worst)
Ants Marching (RTT) =G
Time Bomb (BW) =Gr (singing passionately!)
Squirm (BW) =G
Funny the Way It Is (BW) =G
Grace is Gone (BS) =G
So Much to Say (C) =Gr
Shake Me Like a Monkey (BW) = G
Drive in Drive Out (C) =Gr
When the World Ends (E) =Gr
Shake Me Like a Monkey-live (BW) =Gr
Gaucho-Live (AftW) =G (the baseline!)
She (CT) =G (sounds like Lifehouse)
Rhyme & Reason (UtTaD) =G
Halloween (BtCS) =G (I’m too concerned about wrecked voice to enjoy this song)
Rooftop (AftW) =G
Belly Belly Nice (AftW) =G
Everyday (E) =Gr

Lower Awesome (bottom of Awesome list, best to worst)
Don’t Drink the Water (BtCS) =A
Too Much (C) =A (funky guitar, fast guitar, overindugence)
Time Bomb-Live (BW) =A (guitar solo! Passionate singing!)
Lie in Our Graves (C) =A (violin-centric)
Louisana Bayou (SU) =A
Jimi Thing (UtTaD) =A
You and Me-live (BW) =A
Hunger for the Great Light (SU) =A
I Did It (E) =A
Hello Again (SU) =A
Bartender (BS) =A
The Last Stop (BtCS) =A
What Would You Say (UtTaD) =A (Blues Traveler!)
Come Tomorrow (CT) =A (Brandi)
Recently (RTT) (interlude) =A (good hoe-down)
Mother Father (E) =A (guitar!)
Tripping Billies (RTT) =A
Spaceman (BW) =A
Seven (BW) =A
Crash into Me (C) =A
Do You Remember (CT) =A

Top AWESOME (these are the best of the STUDIO songs, best to worst)
Two Step (C) =A
Ants Marching (UtTaD) =A
The Stone (BtCS) =A (Epic!)
Crush (BtCS) =A (this is my all-time favorite, but the live versions, not this studio one)
Alligator Pie-Live (BW) =A
Alligator Pie (BW) =A
Warehouse (UtTaD) =A
Big Eyed Fish (BS) =A
Tripping Billies (C) =A
Repunzel (BtCS) =A
Dancing Nancies (UtTaD) =A
Why I Am (BW) =A
You and Me (BW) =A

IG Catalogue Ranking-post its (same order, different formatting)

26 Apr

I did this project while working.  As such, I just ranked the songs on that post-it app on my desktop.  So if this is easier for you to read than the bottom to top list of songs–here ya go!

IG Awesomes
1= elite awesome
1a top ever songs
1b = exactly elite
1c = better than your avg awesome
2= solid awesome
2a = top of list
2b = bottom of list
3 = better than good
3a = top of list
3b = bottom of list

1A top of the top (final)
Closer to Fine (1200): C, L, N, S(!), U (pennywhistle?) = 1a (b/c you can hear how important/popular this song is w/the crowd = pure joy & a lesbian initiation)
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (SDtBD): C, L, N (harmonies), S, U (Brandi!) = 1a (this song makes me super-enthuastic!)
Watershed (NIS): C, L, N, S(!) = 1a
Go (LwUoCSO): C, I, L, N, P = 1A (Amy belts it out!)
The Rise of the Black Messiah (OLD): C, I, L, N, P, U (strong & haunting) =1a
Galileo (RoP): C, L, P, S = 1a (same with this old friend-felt guilt out-ranking it)
Fill It Up Again (AtWLI); C, L, N, S = 1a
Kid Fears (ST): C, L, N, S, U (feat Michael Stipe) =1a
Closer to Fine (ST); C, L, N, S = 1a (I felt like I was somehow betraying these staple-favorites ranking any song higher)
Pushing the Needle Too Far (NIS): C, L, P, S = 1a
Prince of Darkness (ST): C, L, N, P, S =1a
Second Time Around (SDtBD): C, I, L, P, S, U (live = more emotional) 1A
Become You (BY): C, I, L, P, S = 1a
Compromise (LwUoCSO): C, I, N = 1a

1B (exactly elite)
top exactly elite = i (final)
Galileo (1200): C, L, P, S = 1bi
Kid Fears (SDtBD): C, L, S, U (feat Shreena Mead sounds good) = 1bi
Moment of Forgiveness (SDtBD): C, L, N, S = 1bi
Yield (BY): C, I, L, N, S = 1bi
Hammer and a Nail (NIS): C, L, N, P, S! = 1bi
Chickenman (1200): C, I, L, N, P, U (harmonica= 1bi (best version?
Become You (SDtBD); C, L, P, S, U (accordian?) = 1bi
Yoke (BQS): C, I, L, P, S = 1bi
Moment of Forgiveness (BY): C, L, N, S =1bi
World Falls (1200-live): C, L, N, S = 1bi
Happy in the Sorrow Key (OLD): C, I, L, N = 2Bii (ENDING!)
Happy Joyous Hanukkah (HHD): C, I (BASS!), L, P, U (mandolin?) = 1Bi
Devotion (SDtBD): C, L, N = 1bi
I Feel the Christmas Spirit (HHD): C, I, L, N, U (blue grass) = 1bii

1B (exactly elite)
bottom exactly elite = ii (final)
Tangled Up In Blue (1200); C, I, L, N, P = 1bii (Emily sings her ASS off!)
Pushing the Needle Too Far (1200): C, L, P, S = 1bii
Second Time Around (PatBB): C, I, L, P, S, U (harmonica?) = 1Bii
Go (CoNS): C, I, L, N, P, U (talking about activism in background, chanting) = 1Bii
World Falls (LwUoCSO): C, I, L, N!, P = 1bii (sounds just different enough; the singing!)
Land of Cannan (ST): C, I, L, S = 1bii
Least Complicated (1200): C, L, N, P, S = 1bii
Deconstruction (BY): C, L!, N, S! = 1bii
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (1200-live @ atwood): C, L, N, P, U (feat artists, drumming) = 1bii
Money Made You Mean (DOD-live): C, I (banjo-wow!), L, P = 1bii (don’t like plosives)
Cold Beer & Remote Control (SDtBD): C, L, N, P = 1
Love of Our Lives (PatBB): C, L, N, S = 1bii
Joking (1200): C, I, (bass @ end) L, N, P, S, U (false ending) = 1bii
Fugitive (LwUoCSO): C, I, N = 1bii

1C (better than your avg awesome) (final)
Hope Alone (BY): C, L, N, S =1c
Last Tears (DOD: C, L, N, S = 1c
Philosophy of Loss (CoNS): C, I, L, P, S = 1c
Heartache for Everyone (AtWLI): C, I, L, S = 1c
Shame On You (SotS): C, L, N, P, S, U (road block trippin’ break-down) = 1c1
Scooter Boys (SotS): C, I (jengling) L, P, U (wail) = 1c
Shit Kickin (LL): C, I, L, P, U (choral backing) = 1c
Go (SDtBD): C, I, L, N, P = 1C
Howl at the Moon (LL): C, I, L, N, U (tribal) = 1c
Get Out the Map (SDtBD): C, L, N, P = 1c
Salty South (SDoBD): C, I, S = 1c
Rock and Roll Heaven’s Gate (SDtBD): C, L, N, P =1C
Land of Cannan (SF): C, L, N, S, U (harmonica) = 1c
Make It Easier (SF): C, I, L, N, P = 1c
The Wonder Song (HHD): C, L, N, U (country) = 1C
Second Time Around (PatBB-acoustic): C, L, P 1C
Shame On You (SDtBD): C, I, P, U (cajin instrument) =1c2 (different tempo from orig bothers me)
Money Made You Mean (DOD): C, I, L, P = 1c

see other post it for lower awesome groups

between awesome and good
1,2,3 (NIS): C, N, S = 2a
Blood & Fire (ST): C, L, N, P, S = a1i
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (1200): C, I, L, P = 2a (a cause near to my heart)
Chickenman (LwUoCSO): C, I!, L, N!, P = 2a
Tether (SDtBD): C, I, L, P = a1i (Amy belts. it. out!)
Sugar Tongue (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, P = a1i
Yoke (LwtUoCSO); C, I, L, N, P = a1i (wow-low register!)

You and Me of the 10,000 Wars (NIS): C, L, P, S = a1i
Hand Me Downs (NIS): C, I, L, S = 2b
Driver Education (PatBB): C, L, S = 2a
Cold Beer & Remote Control (CoNS): C, L, P, S! = 2a
Joking (RoP): C, L, P, S, U (false ending) = 2a
Collecting You (BY): C, L, N, S! = a1i
Philosophy of Loss (CoNS): C, L, P, S = a1
Fugative (SDtBD): C, L, N, Pa= 1i

Heartache for Everyone (SDtBD): C, L = 2b
It’s Alright (SotS): C, L, P, S = 2b
Get Out the Map (SotS): C, L, N, P, U (banjo?) = 2b
Kid Fears (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N = a1i (crowd singing)
Midnight Train to Georgia (1200): C, L, N, P = a1i (Emily really sings!)
Sugar Tongue (SDtBD); C, N = 2a
O Holy Night (HHD): C, I, N, S = a1i (high difficulty notes)
Our Deliverance (BY); C, L, N, P, S = a1i
Rock and Roll Heaven’s Gate (DOD): C, L, N, P = a1i
Fill It Up Again (SDtBD); C, L, S = 2a ( a bit different from my fave version, audience sings)
Faye Tucker (CoNS): C, L, N, P, U (laugh, chanting) = 2b
Center Stage (ST): I, L, N, P = a1i (ending)

All the Way(DOD): C, L, S! = 2a (strong vocab, meaningful to me)
I’ll Change (PatBB): C, L, S = 2b
Believe in Love (SDtBD): C, I, L, N = a1i
Burn All the Letters (SotS): C, I, L, N, P, U (powwow chant) = a1i
Land of Cannan-radio single (ST): C, I, L, N, P, S = a1i
Love’s Recovery (ST): C, L, N, S = (don’t like Emily’s deep singing) = 3

Dairy Queen (AtWLI): C, I, S! = 2b
Olympia Inn (OLD): C, P = 2B
Learned It On Me (OLD): C, L, N (harmonies) = 2b (yes! a burn-song)
Favorite Flavor (LL): C, L = 3
Little Perennials (DOD): C, L = 1C
Love of Our Lives (LwtUoCSO): C, I!, L, N = a1i
This Train Revised (1200-live): C, I, N = 2b

Touch Me Fall (SO): I (really rocks at end) = 2b
I Don’t Wanna Know (1200); C, I, L, N = a1i (more lively version, “I don’t care either!”)
I Believe in Love (DOD): C, L!, S = 2b
I Don’t Wanna Know (SF): C, I, N, U (harmonica?) = 2b
Run (DOD): C = 2b

Chickenman (RoP): C, L, P, U (harmonica?) = 2b
Last Tears-acoustic (DOD): C, L, N, S = a1i
Least Complicated (SO): C, L, N, P, S = 2a
Beauty Queen Sister (BQS): C, I, L, P = a1i

ig good
a= almost awesome
b= exactly good
c= almost OK
1 = top of catagory
2 = bottom of catagory
i = top of almost awesome
ii = bottom of almost awesome

a= almost awesome
1 = top of catagory
see different post it for higher goods group

a= almost awesome
1 = top of catagory
ii = bottom of almost awesome (final)
Closer to Fine (SDtBD): C, I, L, N, P, S = a1ii
World Falls (NIS): C, L, N, P, S = a1ii
Secure Yourself (ST): C, L, N, P, S = a1ii
Faye Tucker (CoNS): C, I, L, N, P = a1ii
Fugative (SO) = C, L, N, P = a1ii
Tried to be True (ST); C, L, S = a1ii
Happy in the Sorrow Key (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N, P = A1ii
Cut it OUt (SotS): C, I, L, P = a1ii
You’ve Got to Show (BY): C, L, S = a1ii
Three County Highway-live (DOD): C, L, N, P = a1ii
Damo (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N, P = a1ii
Lay My Head Down (DOD); C, L, N, P = a1ii
Airplane (RoP): C, L, N = a1ii
Little Perennials-live (DOD): C, I, N = a1ii
Angels We Have Heard On High (HHD): C, N, S = a1ii

a= almost awesome
2 = bottom of catagory
i = top of almost awesome (final)
Welcome Me (NIS): C, I, L, P, S = a2i
Galileo (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N, P = AIi (good, but I like original better)
Tether (AtWLI): C, I, L, N, P = a2i
Able to Sing (LwtUoCSO): C, I!, L, N = a2i
Sugar Tongue (PatBB): C, L, P, S = a2i
Shed Your Skin (SofS): I, L, N, P, U (native american backing) = a2i
Starkville (BY); C, I, L, S = a2i
Southland in the Springtime (NIS): C, L, S = a2i
Pendulum Swinger (DOD): C, L, N, P = a2i
Gone Again (CoNS): C, I, L, P = a2i
Strange Fire (SF): C, I, L, N = a2i
Three County Highway (SDtBD): C, L, N = a2i
Love of Our Lives-acoustic (PatBB): C, L, N = a2ii (stronger singing)
Making Promises (BQS); C, L = a2i
Watershed (SDtBD): = C, I, L, N, S = a2i (5d, live singing = less)
Damo (BQS): C, I, L, N = a2i

a= almost awesome
2 = bottom of catagory
ii = bottom of almost awesome (final)

They Won’t Have Me (DOD): C, I, L, P = a2ii
Trouble (CoNS): C, I, L, N, P = a2ii
This Train Revised (SO); C, I, L, N, P = a2i
Free in You (AtWLI): C, N = A2i
Leeds (SotS): C, L, P, U (Indian chanting) = a2ii
Let it be Me (RoP): C, N, P = a2ii
Three Hits (RoP): C, I, N, P = A2ii
Romeo and Juliet (RoP); C, L, N, P = a2ii
What Are You Like (PatBB): C = A2ii
Crazy Game (SF): N = a2ii (great harmonies, bluesy)

b= exactly good
1 = top of catagory (final)
Keeper of My Heart (NIS): C, L, P, S = b1
Woodsong (LwtUoCSO): C, I, N = b1
Down by the River (1200): C, I, N = b1
True Romantic (PatBB): C, L, N = b1
Love of Our Lives (SDtBD): C, L, N = b1
Ozilline (SDtBD): I, L, N = b1
Reunion (SO): C, I, L, N = b1
Ozilline (CoNS): C, I, L, U (old lady talking) = b1
Jonas and Ezekiel (RoP): C, I, L, P = b1
Jonas and Ezekiel (1200): C, L, N, P = b1
The Girl w/the Weight of the World in Her Hands (NIS); L, P, S = B1
Run (DOD): C, N = b1
K.C. Girl (LL): C, L, = b1

b= exactly good
2 = middle of catagory (final)
Fleet of Hope-acoustic (PatBB); C, L = b1
What Are You Like-acoustic (PatBB): C = B1
The Wood Song (SDtBD): C, N = b1
Your Holiday Song (HHD); C, I, L, N = b1
Muster (LL): L, P = b1
Elizabeth (OLD): L, N = B1 (DETAILED STORY)
Change My Heart (LL); I, N, P = b1 (kinda weird lyrics)
Mariner Moonlighting (BQS): L = b1

b= exactly good
3 = bottom of catagory (final)
Fly Away (SDtBD): C, L, N = b2
Come a Long Way (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N = b2 (Uneven singing; ending!)
I’ll Change-acoustic (PatBB): C, L, S = b2
True Romantic-acoustic (PatBB): C, L, N = b2 (the yearning!)
War Rugs (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N, P = b2
Perfect World (AtWLI): C, L, P = b2
Digging for Your Dream (PatBB) = C, L, P = b2
Nashville (RoP): C, L, P = b2
The Wood Song (SO): C, L, N = b2
Ghost of the Gang-acoustic (PatBB): L, P = b2 (substancial story)
Peace Tonight (CoNS): C, L = b2
We are Together (CoNS): C, N = b2
Wild Horses (SDtBD); C, N = b2
Sorrow and Joy (LL); N, P = b2 (WTF is this song about? I like the sentiment of the chorus)
Southern California is Your Girlffriend (OLD): C, L = b2
Dead Man’s Hill (SO): C, L, P = B2
Get Together (SF) = C, L, P = b2 (NICE HARMONY)

c= almost OK
1 = top of catagory (FINAL)
Digging for Your Dream (SDtBD): C, L, P = C1
Salty South-acoustic (PatBB): C, I, L, P = c1
Dirt and Dead Ends (DOD): L, P = C1 (BLEAK)
Spread the Pain Around (OLD): C, I, L = c (CAJUN SOUNDS)
Feel this WAy Again (LL): C, L = c1
Something Real (AtWLI): C, L, N = c1
It Really is (A Wonderful Life) (HHD): C, N = c1
I’ll Be Home for Christmas (HHD): I, N = c1
Come a Long Way (OLD): L = c1
Love Will Come to You (RoP): C, L, N = c1
Walk Away (SF): C, I, N = c1

c= almost OK
2 = bottom of catagory (FINAL)
Love’s Recovery (1200): C, L = c2 (too much brass)
Thin Line (1200): c2
Ghost (RoP); C, I, L, N, P = c2
Country RAdio (LL): L, N, P = c2
Gone (BQS): C, N = c2
Back Together Again (1200): C = c2
Everybody’s Waiting for Someone to Come Home (SF): C, N = c2
Alberta (OLD): C, L = c2

IG OK (A[1,2], B, C)

1 (final)
Prince of Darkness (SDtBD): C, N, P, S = OA1
Compromise (CoNS): C, I, L, N, P = OA1
Three Hits-live (RoP): C, I, L, P = OA1
War Rugs (BQS): C, I, L, P = OA1 (instruments!)
What are You Like (SDtBD); C, I, L = OA1 (end!)
Pendulum Swinger-live (DOD): C, L, P = OA1
Virginia Woolf (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N = OA1 (some of the singing a bit iffy, instruments good!)
Rise Up (AtWLI): C = OA1
Bitterroot (BY): C =OA1
Three County Highway (DOD): L, S = OA1
Ghost of the Gang (PatBB); C, L, P = OA1
We Get to Feel it All (BQS); C, I, L, N = OA1

2 (final)

Fleet of Hope (PatBB): C, L = OA2 (harmonies even stronger than usual)
Driver Education-acoustic (PatBB); C, L, P = OB1
Ghost (LwtUoCSO): I, L, N = OA1
In the Bleak Midwinter (HHD): I, N = OA1 (original; harmonies!)
Don’t Give that Girl a Gun (SotS): C, L, N, P = OA2
Caramia (SotS): C, I, L, N = OA2
She’s Saving Me (BY); L, N, S = OA2
Come On Home (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, N = OA2
Share the Moon (BQS): C, I, L = OA2 (pretty strings)

1 (final)
Sugar Tongue-acoustic (PatBB): C, L = OB1
Crazy Game (SF): C, N = oa2 (kinda bluesy & has flute?)
Sister (CoNS): L = (too quiet) = OB1
Dirt and Dead Ends (PatBB): L, N, P =ob1
Fly Away-acoustic (DOD): L, N =OB1
Virginia Woolf (1200); C, L, N = OB1
Digging for Your Dream-acoustic (PatBB): C, L, P = OB1

IG OK (final)
Center Stage-live (ST): C, L, P = OB2 (little off-key)
Come On Home (SDtBD): C, L = ob2
Everything in it’s Own Time (SotS): C, I, L, P = OB2
Ghost-live (1200): L, N = OB2
I’ll Be Home for Christmas (HHD); N, S = OB1
Cordova (SDtBD): C, L = OB2
Fishtails (OLD): L, N, P = OB2
Soon be to Nothing (CoNS); C, L =ob2
Virginia Woolf (RoP): C, L = OB2

IG OK (final)
Fly Away (DOD): C, L, N, P = OC1
Power of Two (SO); L = OC1
All That We Let In (AtWLI): C, L = OC1
If I Don’t Leave Here Now (OLD): N = OC1 (more in depth)
Hey Kind Friend (SotS): I, L = OC2
Look Long (LL): C, L, N, P = OB2
Language or the Kiss (1200): L, N = OC1

IG OK (final)
Language or the Kiss (SO); L, U (bike bell) = OC2
Love Will Come to You-live (RoP): L = OC2
Mystery (SO): L, N = OC2
Closer to Fine (LwtUoCSO): C, I, L, P = OC2 (Emily sounds out of breath; slow)
Texas was Clean (OLD): L = oc2
Findly, Ohio 1968 (OLD); L, P = OC2 (slow & depressisng)

Taylor Swift’s Catalogue Ranked by Kit10Phish (final)

14 Mar

I ranked all album songs from least favorite to my very most delightful favorite of all the songs!

How I made this list:


and check out the many (not final) lists for more description

(numbers) are the album/era

(C)atchy, (D)etailed story, (G)aylor references, (I)nstrumentals, (L)yrical complexity, very high/low (N)otes, (P)roduction stands out in a good way, (S)entimental

Last Place Song:
Superman (3)

Soon You’ll Get Better (7)
(best skip) Epiphany (8)

3 boring:
A Perfectly Good Heart (1): I, N
(best boring-meh) The Archer (7): G, L

2 Personally Dislike:
The Lakes (8): G, L, N, P
End Game (6): C, G, L, P (terrible feat!)
(best disliked meh) Coney Island (9): G, L, N (terrible feat!)

1 Exactly Meh:
It’s Nice to Have a Friend (7); D, G, L (Ambiguity bothers me; weird production)
The Other Side of the Door (2): I, L, N
A Place in This World (1): I, N
Right Where You Left Me (9): C, G, L, N (repetitive)
(best exactly meh) The Outside (1): I, N (weak)

OK3 = nearly meh (final)
Tell Me Why (2): C, I, N = 3b (thin voice & a bit generic lyrically)
Sad, Beautiful, Tragic (4): C = 3B (both blah and bummer)
Superstar (2); D = 3B (zzzzzz)
I Almost Do (4); C = 3 (too needy/pathetic/un-feminist. Yet catchy)
(best OK-bottom of nearly meh) Jump Than Fall (2): C, I = 3B

OK3 = nearly meh (final)
The Other Side of the Door (2); C, I, L, N = 3A
Innocent (3): C, I, N = 3A
Last Kiss (3): C, D, N = 3A
The Best Day (2): C, D, = 3A
(best nearly meh) Fearless (2); C, I, N = 3a

OK2 = exactly neutral
Peace (8): C, D, G, L = 2b (hate pulsing; lyrics condescending(?))
Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince (7); C, D, G, L, N = 2b (don’t care for HS/politics mixing & end chant is too much. But lots of good one-liners)
I Wish You Would (5): C, G = 2A
It’s Time to Go (9): C, D, G, L, N = 2B
Illicit Affairs (8); C, D, G, L = 2B
August (8); C, G, L = 2B
(best OK-bottom of exactly neutral) A Place in the World (1): C, I, N = 2B

OK2 = exactly neutral
The Way I Loved You (2): C, D, I, N = 2A
False God (7): C, G, L = 2A
Breathe (2): C, G(?), L = 2A
Dorthea (9): C, D, G, L, N = 2A
Happiness (9): C, D, L = 2A
Seven (8); C, D, G, L, N = 2a
(best of OK-exactly neutral) Long Live (3): C, D, I, N = 2A

OK1 = almost good
Mary’s Song (oh my my) (1): C, D, I, N = 1B
This Love (5): C, G, L, N, P = 1b
I Think He Knows (7): C, G, L, P = 1b
(best OK-bottom of almost good) London Boy; C, D, L, P = 1b

OK1 = almost good
New Romantics (5): C, D, G, L, N, P = 1A
Hey Stephen (2): C, D = C2
Call It What You Want (6); C, G, L, P = 1A
Tied Together w/a Smile (1): C, D, I, N = C2 (less repetition, some more notes & instrumentals
Gorgeous (6): C, D, L, N, P = 1A
King of My Heart (6): C, L, N, P = 1A (ENDING)
Change (2); C, I (@ END!), N = 1A
Back to December-acoustic (3): C, D, I, N, S = 1A
(best OK-almost good) Cornelia Street (7); C, D, G, L, N = 1A

Good c = almost OK
Gc2 = bottom of category:
State of Grace-acoustic (4): C, L = C2
Begin Again (4): D, I, L = C2
The Last Time (4): C, I = C2 (weird collaboration)
(best Good-bottom of almost OK) Cold as You (1): I, N = C2

Good c = almost OK
Gc1 = top of category:
22 (4): C = c1
Untouchable (2): C, I, N = C1
Come in w/the Rain (2): C, I = C1
All Too Well (4): D, I, L, N = C1 (almost a powwow beat; and yup I did rank it this low)
Starlight (4); C, I = C1
(best Good-almost OK) Sparks Fly (3); C, I = C1

Good b= exactly good
Gb2 = bottom of category:
If this was a Movie (3): C, D, I, N = B2
Never Grow Up (3): C, D, I, N = B2 (problematic sentiment)
’tis the damn Season (9): C, D, L, B2
You are in Love (5): C, N = B2
Stay Beautiful (1): C, I, N = B2
Treacherous-demo (4): C, G(!), L = B2
Cardigan (8): C, D, G, L = B2
Red-demo (4): C = B2
The Last Great American Dynasty (8): C, D = B2
How You Get the Girl (5): C, D, G = B2
(best Good-bottom of exactly good) White Horse (2): D, I, N = B2

Good b= exactly good
Gb1 = top of category:
Everything has Changed (4); C, N = B1
Holy Ground (4): C, D, G, L = B1
This is Me Trying (8): C, I, L(!) = B1
Afterglow (7): C, P = B1
Treacherous (4): C, G(!), L =B1
Daylight (7): C, G, L, N = b1
Come Back…Be Here (4): C, N = B1
Mirrorball (8): C, G, L = B1
I’m Only Me When I’m w/You (1): C, I(!) = b1
Forever & Always-piano (2): C, I, N = B1
The Lucky One (4): C, D, N, = B1
(best Good-exactly good) Fifteen (2): C, D, I = B1

Good a= almost awesome
Ga2 = bottom of category:
This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (6): a2
Welcome to New York (5): C, D, G, N, P = A2
Me! (7): C, G, I, N = A2 (yup, I ranked it this high–it grew on me)
Wildest Dreams (5): C, N, S = A2 (sexy)
Delicate (6): C, D, G, L, P = A2
So It Goes…(6): C, G, P, L, N = A2 (sexy lines)
Mine-pop (3): D, I, N = A2
Clean (5): C, G, L, P = A2
Tim McGraw (1): C, D, G, I, N = A2
Champagne Problems (9): C (bridge), D, G, L = A2a
(best Good-bottom of almost awesome) Betty (8): C, D, I, G, L = A2a (catchy, & swelling instrumentals)

Good a= almost awesome
Ga1 = top of category:
Mine (3): C, D, I, N = A1
Haunted-acoustic (3): C, I, N, P = A1
Getaway Car (6): C, D, G, P = A1
Death by a Thousand Cuts (7): C, D, G, L, = A1b
Gold Rush (9): C, G, L = A1b
tolerate it (9): G, I, L = A1
Cruel Summer (7): C, G, L, N = A1b
Red (4): C, I, L, P = A1
New Year’s Day (6): C, D, I, N =A1
Cowboy Like Me (9): C, D, G, I, L = A1
willow (9): C, G, L, N = A1 (so effing catchy!)
Dress (6): C, G, L = A1 (SEXY)
Haunted (3): C, I (!), N, P = A1a
Teardrops On My Guitar-RADIO (1): C, I, L, N = A1 (sounds almost the same to me)
(best Good-almost awesome) Teardrops On My Guitar-POP (1): C, I, L, N = A1 (more beat & echo)

All You had to do was Stay (5): C, N = 3
Evermore (9): C, L, N = 3
Stay, Stay, Stay (4): C, D, S = 3
Bad Blood (6): C, N = 3
The Moment I Knew (4): D, N = 3
(best Awesome-better than good) Ours (3); C, L, N = 3

2b = bottom of list:
You Belong w/Me (2); C, D, I, N, S = 2b
I Forgot that You Existed (7); C = 2b
Girl at Home (4): C, N = 2b
Our Song (1): C, D, I =2b
Paper Rings (7): C, D, G, P = 2b
No Body, No Crime (9): C, D, L (pronoun/subject) = 2a
Closure (9); C, G, L, P = 2b
The 1 (8): C, D, G, L = 2b
Wonderland (5); C, G, L, N, P = 2b
(best Awesome-bottom of solid awesome) Ivy (9); C, G, L = 2b

2a = top of list:
my tears ricochet (8): D, L, P = 2a
Mad Women (8): C, L, N = 2a
Out of the Woods (5): D (bridge), G, L = 2a (is this car crash real? who and when? major gay closet vibes)
The Man (7): C, G, L = 2a
Invisible String (8); C, D, L = 2A
You Need to Calm Down (7): C, G, S = 2a (the 3 things being compared aren’t related? enthusiastic!)
Back to December (3): C, D, S(!) = 2a
Blank Space (5): C, G, L, N = 2a
(best of Awesome-solid awesome) I Knew You Were Trouble (4); C, N, P = 2a (subtle-moag)

Awesome-1 ELITE
1b= bottom of list:
Love Story (2-TV): C, D, I, N = 1a (same except staccato reme-o & fa-ding)
Love Story (2): C, D, I, N = 1a (her 1st crowd favorite, but rom-com effect w/princess stuff & severe heteronormativity)
Dear John (3); C, D, L, N = 2a
Enchanted (3): C, D(!), I, N, S = 1b
Better Than Revenge (3): C, D, I(!), N, S = 1B (sounds like Paramore; problematic mean-girl stuff, but it was a time)
Exile (8): C, G, I, L, N = 1b
Dancing with Our Hands Tied (6): C, G, L, N, P = 1b
Marjorie (9); C, G, L, P, S = 1b (I love the sentiment more than the song. Intense memories of my Grandma, thanks Taylor, for that)
(best of awesome- bottom of elite) Long Story Short (9): C, G, L, P = 1b

Awesome-1 ELITE
1a = top of list:
Style (5): C, G, I, L, N, P = 1a (who is she talking about, what car crash is referenced, is it real?)
Lover (7): C, G, L, S = 1a
Shake It Off (5): C, N = 1a (love the sentiment, & catchiest of ever!)
I Did Something Bad (6): C, N, P = 1a (moag is the star here)
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (4): C, I, P = 1a
Look What You Made Me Do (6): C, P = 1a (exciting like several songs w/in 1 song, I don’t trust nobody bridge)
The Story of Us (3): C, I, S = 1a ( like the next chapter, the end)
Picture to Burn (1): C, I, S = 1a
Shoulda Said No (1): C, I, N, S(!) = 1a
…Ready for It? (6); C, G, N, P = 1a (sexy sounds & moag)
(4th best song) I Know Places (5): C, G, L, N, P = 1a

–and the top 3 songs in the entire catalogue (in my opinion):
*Don’t Blame Me (6): C, G, L, N(!), P = 1a (that moag! She sings her ASS off! Probably the best, barring sentimental favorites)

You’re Not Sorry (2): C, I, N, S(!) = 1a

(My #1 song) Mean (3): C, L, S(!) =1a (after all the listening I learned sentimental really does trump every other characteristic.)

I Ranked All 19 Albums in the Indigo Girls’ Catalogue

4 Feb

And I’m shocked how the list came out!

The Logistics: How I compiled the list

I listened to each album, ranking the songs. Then I listened to something entirely different to cleanse the palate, so to speak. Then I listened to the album a second time to see if the rankings were the same as the first listen (because mood and energy can impact your feeling about music). If the tracks were ranked the same, that’s where they stayed. If there were discrepancies between the first and the second listen, I listened a third time to rank them.

Finally, I counted the number of songs in each ranking category, and made a percentage over the entire album. Highest awesome percent was ranked highest, and lowest awesome percent was last. If there was an equal percent of awesome, I went to the good percent. In one case both awesome and good were tied, so I went to OK to tie break.

I decided to include every new song as 1 album.  Any Acoustic will be considered its own album.  Live tracks and acoustics that don’t make up an entire album might be listed in the ranking, but do not count towards the percentages.

Fanning Out:

Wow! What a catalogue. 19 albums in a 33 year (mainstream) career?! I often wish Indigo Girls were given more mainstream opportunities. But I’m certain that’s not what they want, as they are decidedly anti-establishment. They want fairness and equality, and cow-towing to the big-boys for centered-fame is NOT that. And lack of mainstream accolades does not mean lack of respect. Amy and Emily were instrumental in Lilith Fair–anyone who was there will tell you about the comradery the two fostered. They tour all over the country (I’m not sure about the world) and can command any audience, being the engaging professionals they are–believe me, I was at Seattle Zoo-Tunes, I know. Aside, from being musically talented and inspiring, they work for charity and hustle for many political causes. They are amazing people, not just talented artists (they’re that too, obviously). As you can tell by this ranking, and the last paragraph, I am proud to call myself a lifelong fan of the Indigo Girls, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future!


Beauty Queen Sister (2011)

(7.7% awesome, 38.5% good, 23.1% OK, 15.4% meh, 15.4% skip out of 13)


poisidan and the bitter bug bonus Acoustic (2009)

(9.1% awesome, 63.6% good, 27.3% OK, meh, skip out of 11)


Swamp Ophelia (1994)

(18.2% awesome, 45.5% good, 27.3% OK, meh, 9.1% skip out of 11)


Live w/U of CO Orchestra (2018)

22.7% Awesome; 50% Good; 18.2% OK; 9.1% Meh; Skip out of 22


Holly Happy Days (2010)

23.1% awesome; 38.5% good; 15.4% 23.1% OK; meh; skip out of 13


All that We Let In (2004)

(27.3% awesome, 36.4% good, 18.2% OK, 18.2% meh, skip out of 11)


Look Long (2020)

(27.3% awesome, 54.5% good, 9.1% OK, 9.1 % meh, skip out of 11)


Come On Now Social

(28.6% awesome, 50% good, 21.4% OK, 7.1% meh, 7.1% skip out of 12 and 14 w/hidden tracks that count)


One Lost DAy (2015)

(30.8% awesome, 38.5% good, 30.8% OK, meh, skip out of 13)


Rites of Passage (1992)

(30.8% awesome, 53.8% good, 15.4% OK, 7.7% meh, skip out of 13 and 15 counting bonus tracks)


Shaming of the Sun (1997)

(33% awesome, 33% good, 33% OK, meh, skip out of 12)


Strange Fire (1987)

(40% awesome, 40% good, 10% OK, meh, 10% skip out of 10 w/1 bonus tracks)


poisidan and the bitter bug [1st disc] (2009)

(40% awesome, 40% good, 20% OK, meh, skip out of 10)


Become You (2002)

(41.7% awesome, 33.4% good, 16.7% OK, 8.3% meh, skip out of 12)


Nomads Indians and Saints (1990)

(45.5% awesome, 54.5% good, OK, meh, skip out of 11 

and an interview and 2 live bonus tracks)


Despite Our Differences (2006)

(46.2% awesome, 46.2% good, 23.1% OK, meh, skip out of 13 and 19 counting deluxe)


1200 Curfews

48.1% Awesome; 25.9% Good; 11.1% OK; 14.8% Meh; Skip out of 27


Staring Down the Brillant Dream (2010)

48.4% awesome; 38.7% good; 12.9% ok; meh; skip out of 31


Self-Titled (2989) 

(50% awesome, 40% good, OK, meh, 10% skip out of 10 and 12 counting deluxe)

My Un-Scientific Indigo Girls Albums Ranking

3 Feb

To be differentiated between the quantitative ranking by song. I listened to every song on the album. Then listened to something completely different to cleanse the palate, so to speak. Then I listened a 2nd time. If I ranked any songs differently between the 1st and 2nd listen, I gave them a 3rd listen. Then I worked out the percentages of awesome, good, OK, meh, and skips. From those calculations, I put the albums in order from the most liked songs to least. So it was a big process. But this is just my feeling. Which I guess is more judging the vibe of each album.

I’ll give you 3 words I think of when I see these albums:

1 Staring Down the Brilliant Dream

featuring, southern-reconciliation, concerned

2 Become You

sentimental, lonely, quietly-righteous

3 Nomads Indians and Saints

raw, dark, novel

4 Holly Happy Days

diverse, inclusive, interesting

5 Despite Our Differences

angry, real, personal is political

6 Poseidon and the Bitter Bug

concerts, introspective, hooks

7 Self-Titled

staples, grammy, #1 song all time

8 Come On Now Social

rabble-rousing, political, call-to-action

9. 1200 Curfews

romantical, covers, sing-alongs

10 Beauty Queen Sister

compassion, retro, punk-vibes

11 Look Long

country, children, looking back

12 All That We Let In

George W Bush, community, hopeful

13 Shaming of the Sun

race, grass roots, immigrants

14 One Lost Day

travel, memories, geography

15 Strange Fire

repeats, before my time, yearning

16 Swamp Ophelia

gay, covers, slow

17 Rites of Passage

rural, history, classical