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Unit of Life

30 Jun

Why are there so many organelles?!

You would think I would have memorized their structure and function at some point.  I have taken:  Multiple semesters of high school science, basic biology (twice b/c of transfer credits not being honored), biochemistry, animal physiology, genetics of plants and animals, neurology, and even cell biology (twice, again due to transfer credit issues).  As a side-note:  You can see how non-transferable credits are bogus and costly.

Though they look familiar and the information comes more readily, I could not, from memory, draw a cell with all of its organelles and label what each one is responsible for.  Here I am (again) trying to review and memorize the material before we fly through it in the introductory anatomy phases.

I intended on making myself an index card with a picture on one side and the functions on the other–but it takes an entire notebook page.  Well, 3/4 if I write all tiny.

Maybe this time I’ll finally get in into my brain permanently.