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Indigo Girls Live w/the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra (2018) Song Rankings

1 Feb

22.7% Awesome; 50% Good; 18.2% OK; 9.1% Meh; Skip out of 22

5 Awesome


World Falls

Chickenman (high notes @ end)



I wish all artists would do an album with the symphony! I don’t know how I fell behind the times, but I was kicking myself for realizing this happened a year or two late! WTF?! I gotta see what’s going on with my email. But I’m trying to make up for lost time. The songs came out multi-layered, and dimensional in a novel way. Some of the songs were very well-suited to the orchestra, while others are my faves as-is so I like them less when they are messed with. Overall, a really solid album.

11 Good

The Woodsong

Sugar Tongue

Able to Sing

Happy in the Sorrow Key

Yoke (great singing)

Love of Our Lives (higher for instrumentals)


Come a Long Way (ending)

WAr Rugs


Kid Fears

4 OK

Virginia Woolf

Come On Home

Closer to Fine (Emily sounds out of breath)


2 Meh

Power of Two



Moving to CO Logistics

14 Sep

When I get stressed out, I find myself making lists.  It’s an attempt to remember everything.  And an attempt to get organized and make a plan.  But mostly, it’s a (subconscious) way to gain control over a situation I feel is chaotic.  I’ve moved a lot and that’s one of the most stressful things in life.  Especially if the move is out of state–but always.  So here is an example of lists I made to prepare for a move:

Draft a plan and a budget for the job search and the relocation. Look at your calendar for a reasonable relocation date and set a goal. Give yourself enough time to conduct an extensive search for employment and find a home.

Make a list of EVERYTHING you want to bring with you to your new place

Make a list of everything you’re throwing away/giving away/donating.

—microwave, kegerator, chipped plates, orange coffee mugs, vacuum, TV, noodle strainer, blue cooking fan

-remember to cancel utilities like water, gas, electricity, internet, etc

–It is important to notify insurance providers – for example, if you have any insurance on your cars, home, life, health and etc.

Utility providers should definitely know about your change of address – phone and mobile providers, water and electricity companies, internet providers,

–Go to your post office as well – alternatively you can fill in an online form and send it to them through the internet. You can find the USPS form to complete here.

-print all addresses/phone numbers

-Have some cleaning supplies to clean up your old home after the move.

-Put together a bag pack of personal essentials you will need for the first day in the new home.

–toothpaste, towels, a set of clothes for each member of the family, some snacks and drinks

-Collect receipts for paid bills, contracts, birth certificates, etc. You need all this paperwork in one file for easy access. Keep it safe, always bring it with you during the move 

-Make a list of everything you need to buy before you move.

Make a list of everything you need to buy right after you get to your new town.

Make a list of everything that needs to be done once you’re moved in.

-go to NV and process my storage unit. Have a yard sale, organize and clean the unit.

-Find an apartment

–get temporary place/short lease 1st

—visit potential apt b4 signing a long lease & moving in

–washer/dryer IN unit!

–dbl pane glass

–hopefully 2 bedrm

–clearwire internet


-get lysine powder

-get each cat 3 year vax

-get a health cert

-get sedative

-give Capstar during & at moving time

-get Frontline & apply it 2 wk before travel


-Create a cover letter template that includes a sentence or two about your relocation plans. For example, you could write, “I’m currently in Little Rock, Arkansas. However, I’m relocating to Washington, D.C. within the next 30 days.” If you don’t want to confine yourself to a specific time or want to ensure you’re available whenever you receive a job offer, add “I’m available for immediate relocation to the Washington, D.C. area.”

-Spend one to two weeks in your desired location, following up on requests for informational interviews. Before your travel, you should have scheduled job interviews by letting HR representatives and hiring managers know your travel dates. If possible, devote most of your time to business — interviewing, sending thank-you notes, touring residential areas.

-later, drive most of my belongings to NV and put in the storage unit.

-have a yard sale in Spokane.

-Take 1 carload from Spokane to CO

-fly to NV, then bring a U-haul from NV to CO.

-fly from CO to Spokane to p/u cats, then back to CO


-Tune Up Rusty

–oil change

–new all-weather tires

-Registration refunds for the unused portion of your paid Washington registration are available, subject to certain provisions. Complete a Vehicle/Vessel Registration Refundand mail it, along with a copy of your vehicle’s new title or registration from a different state, to:

  • Department of Licensing
  • Revenue Management Unit
  • P.O. Box 9037
  • Olympia, Washington 98507-9037

-Apply for a new driver’s license. After establishing residency most states require that this be done within a set amount of time, usually ranging between 30 and 60 days.

-Apply for a new registration. This too must be completed within a set amount of days after establishing residency.

-Apply for new license plates. This generally coincides with the registration process.

-Notify your insurance company of your move and provide a new address.

-Learn if your new state requires vehicle inspections.

-you do need to take a trip to a local CO driver license office.


-Check out our detailed instructions on driver licenses.

  • Surrender your current out-of-state license.
  • Provide proof of CO residency (utility bill, pay stub).
  • Provide proof of lawful presence in the U.S. (birth certificate, immigration document).
  • Provide your Social Security number.
    • If you do not have one, you’ll need to provide a letter of ineligibility from the SSA.
  • Pay the $21 fee.
    • The DMV accepts cash, personal checks, and money orders.
  • Pass a vision exam.
  • Get your fingerprint and photo taken.
  • Provide your signature.

–Any vehicle purchased in another state and being registered in Colorado must have a VIN verification performed. You can get a VIN verification done at all law enforcement offices, car dealerships, and certain automotive care and repair businesses. There will be fees charged for VIN verifications, and prices vary from place to place.

-Changing your plates is a little more time-consuming in CO and might involve an emissions test if your new abode is situated in an ugly air zone. This is pretty much the entire Denver metro area and a few counties in the mountains.

–The following counties require emissions testing throughout the entire county:

  • Boulder County.
  • Broomfield County.
  • Denver County.
  • Jefferson County.

Counties that only require emissions testing in certain parts of the county are:

  • Adams County.
  • Arapahoe County.
  • Larimer County.
  • Weld County

-Gasoline vehicles model year 1982 and newer: $25.

-Your next stop will take you to a title and registration office to register your vehicle. We provide comprehensive registration and titling information, so you can maneuver through the procedures in no time.

-Obtain the maps to nearby places you will want or need to get to before you may know your way around town very well. Grocery stores, hospitals, libraries, post office, auto repair, schools, your job (lol!), other shopping, Starbucks (lol!), movie theaters, activities. Make a little book and keep it in your glove box

-Some of the common things forgotten when moving are the records of dentists, doctors, vet, etc. Use the opportunity to get advice for specialists in the area where you will be moving to

Colorado is Awesome!

30 Jul

I want my loyal readers to know I plan to write a sequel to “Veterinary Medicine is for Spoiled Rich Girls.”  For example, I realize the term “rich” is a subjective one, and also that 2, 3, 7 different people will have varying experiences, which cannot be equalized or made factual in any meaningful way.  In the sequel I plan to find some data to back up or refute my first claims (which I still believe strongly because that was MY first-hand experience).  Maybe I’ll supplement it with more specific stories and incidents, maybe not.  It might just be data.  Oh, and I retract the word “girls.”  I don’t like it any more, and it sounds demeaning in a way I hadn’t intended.  Alas, I’ve been frantically trying to finish all my application materials before the semester starts so I don’t have much left in me when it comes to frivolous writing just yet.  Soon though.

What I can do before I retire to bed, is share with you an article about Colorado.  I’m still excited, but now it feels a world away.  With the change of plan moving us toward Salt Lake rather than Greeley, the excitement has receded.  It’s the right decision, but a little sad that our grown-up lives are still so out of reach.  Just 5 more years of being a starving student.  Like these last it’s sure to pass in the blink of an eye.  I guess I’m holding on to the saying “the time will pass either way” or some close approximation to that–can you tell I’ve been writing essays the majority of the day?  So Without further adu, something to keep the dream fresh:


Public parks and outdoor access (#1)

This is great–we want to be outdoor enthusiasts and healthy, so this was be inspirational.

CO Parks and Wildlife
Athletic/active (#1)

We can remain motivated to stay in shape and active!

Bike Town
Easy-going (#1)

Great for me, great for Cool’s bipolar and generalized anxiety, and awesome for employment (working with the public).

Old Town Hot Springs--Steamboat Springs
Microbrew beer (#2)

Maybe we will one day take advantage of this again.

oskarblues in Longmont
Professional sports (#2)

Yay!  We love festivity.  Now if they could only get a WNBA team.

CO vs WA 2014

Charming local accent (#28)

Who cares.
Cool souvenirs (#25)

Again, so what?
Ethnic food (#23)

Don’t trust it, don’t crave it.

School Comparison [from early summer 2014]

16 Jun

Cotton Bowl winnersKS:
-22 hr drive
-cheapest housing
-$12-13/hr jobs-EZ
-different school app & personal stmt
-familiar area
-rival school, weird mascot


Boise--May 2013 017

-8 hr drive
-cheap housing
-few jobs, $8-10/hr
-best school funding, cheapest tuition
-must split program into Pocatello & Boise (3.5 hr apart)
-Bengal mascot


-10 hr drive
-cheap housing
-adequate jobs, $12/hr
-near CO, NV, ID, WY easily

Seattle = housing

$450/mo for this + 2 crazy roommates

bedroom dark

Oregon = same price as CO

so might as well go to CO if you have to pay anyway

cannon_beach 184

You Know How I Never Do Anything the Easy Way?

27 May

Well, this time maybe I’ll read the signs ahead of time and try things an easier way.  Maybe it’s not my initial plan.  Maybe it won’t be my optimal timeline.  And maybe things won’t end up as perfectly as I imagined.

Welcom to CO sunflowerBut big changes are afoot.  Since I looked into Colorado’s cost of living I’ve been in a state of shock and panic.  We are already financially behind by thousands of dollars a year out.  And I see no easy way to remedy that.  Old me would buckle down, push harder and make it happen anyway.  Because I have an ability to dedicate myself and persevere.  But then I stopped for a second and thought–what’s the rush?  There’s no reason we have to struggle around to make Colorado happen NOW.  Why not wait and do it properly?  After all, I was supposed to LOVE Seattle, but my financial situation precluded that and now I hate the thought of living there.

So without making any decisions either way Cool and I just opened our minds and broadened our search (I’m proud of us!).  We looked at the school locations, housing costs, job pay and prospects, then I looked into the AuD programs.

Breck sky

Here’s what I like about CO:  What don’t I like about it would be easier (distance from HERE and cost of housing).  I love most everything else.  It’s in the state we want to eventually live in.  I love that the AuD program has educational and clinical internships in addition to the externship.  Bears are a super-cool mascot (hey, it’s not right, but this stuff matters to me).  I have been studying this program and application process for over a year and am comfortable with it.  Again, it’s in Colorado.


import 6-17-10 085Seattle:  We’ve been down that road, and even though Cool (and her mom) would be in heaven (Cool thinks, she forgets about being poor and the crummy frat-house situation that necessitates) I would HATE it.  Again.

Oregon:  Very close move, but just as expensive housing as CO–so we might as well still go to CO.

parasailing 056Idaho:  Also really close move (and beautiful area and cool mascot), but despite cheap housing paultry amount of low-paying jobs.  Cool didn’t love that.  And which we knew about Idaho already.  Also a less than optimal situation where AuD students go from Pocatello 3.5 hours away to Boise after the 2nd year of school.  That’s two moves, another apartment to find, and another job to secure.  Even with the cheapest tuition of the bunch, and best grants/loans–that’s pretty rough.

CA:  expensive.  Obviously.


TX:  No.  Even though I like Austin, Cool vetoes crazy-Texas.



AZ:  Cool hates the politics and I would prefer not to be kidnapped.



KS:  We looked as far east as Kansas.  And it’s a real possibility.  For a day we had decided upon it.  KS is cheap housing–AND I know the Kansas City area well.  Because it’s by the city there are a lot of jobs that pay decently.  We would have vet care (Noah’s Ark) and I could even still donate my eggs til I’m 35!!!  Drawbacks–Can you say 22.5 hour drive with cats?  Moving sucks no matter the distance, but this really started to sound sucky, and I said I would never make that drive again.  Plus, we’re over-shooting our eventual goal of CO by 8 hours.  And I would be a little sad inside to have to join my alma mater’s rival school and become *gasp* a Jayhawk.  Oh, and no WICHE deal means paying spendy out-of-state tuition.  Again.

Arches Natl Park

UT:  Utah is only a 10 hour drive from HERE.  That’s one long day or two really easy ones.  It’s also in close proximity to Colorado (4-8 hours), WY, ID, and NV (8 easy hours from my parents and storage unit).  The housing is the same or cheaper then here, and jobs were widely available and require NO commute.  Salt Lake City is maybe the only place that housing, school, AND jobs were within the same place.  The weather is similar to Nevada, and requires no 4×4, sowe wouldn’t have to worry about selling the HHR and buying a 4×4 while we’re planning everything else.  There is still the recreation of CO (well almost as good).  There is the added bonus of many professional sports teams.  Oh, and randomly I guess Salt Lake City is a gay mecca?  Not that we’re social butterflies, but it would be nice not to be murdered.  . .  I’m having a difficult time finding out much about my program, and think I’ll have to *shudder* make a phone call.  But it appears to have a class size between 5-8.  Oh and a really lame mascot–the Swoops?  To mean a falcon.  Which I wonder why they just didn’t go with falcons, because that’s much cooler than a shape.  I saw feathers on the logo and suspected P.C. rebranding, then looked into it and saw UU used to be the Utes.  Which is awesome, but only for the home school–you can’t have rival teams shouting “kill the Utes” and other such slander.  And their color is red–which I hate and I think goes back to some redskins slur.  But the mascot isn’t super-important.  Right?  That’s what I’m trying to convince myself.  I need to find out more about my specific program and the application procedure, that’s what’s important now.Roy-Utah

So I think for financial reasons I’m going to be applying to University of Utah.  Which means I have to start over in my program research, but also means we can stress out MUCH less about the move.  And you know what?  Thinking of other options and perhaps finding a better one didn’t hurt at all.  As a matter of fact, I’m more excited, because I’m not about to have a nervous breakdown about money and logistics–just that phone call. . .

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I’m Not Sure We Can Move to Colorado :-[

19 May

I made the mistake of looking into Colorado housing.  And found out that we’re screwed.  Because we have 2 cats it severely limits our choices.  And I absolutely will in no way get ride of either cat!  I feel the former doesn’t even need to be said, but just in case someone was going to suggest it.  So the cats limit us to a studio starting at a minimum of $700/month.  We pay less that $600 now.  And I will be in school full-time so I won’t be able to work.

campus_rec UNC bears

But we don’t qualify for section 8 government-subsidized housing either (as far as I can tell, I’m no lawyer) because all part-time or full-time students are ineligible.  And really ineligible–even if I lived in the house and Cool applied to it–we’d both be denied because I’m a student.  Even if I can somehow get around the student thing, I don’t know how they are defining “family” so I’m not sure how Cool and I would apply.  And all the info pages are really jargony so I’m not clear on what it’s saying about all the stipulations and procedures.


I looked far away from the campus town and the story is the same.  Until you get to Colorado Springs at the very bottom of the state, far, far away from AuD programs I need.


And I looked into University housing.  You can have pet-friendly dorms, where everyone must be a student to live there.  OR you have family-friendly apartments of university-houses that allow a spouse–but no pets.  But I e-mailed the residence hall association, so maybe I’ll get good news and my whole family can live in some sort of university apartment or house. . .


And you’ve already read about our terrible TERRIBLE luck with roommates in my Seattle blog entries, so I’m very hesitant to get into that scene again–especially while trying to excel in my AuD program, and especially with 2 cats to take care of.  I in no way want to deal with slobby, partying, drinking, drugging, or crazy roomies.  The frat house and my 12th street bedroom were awful, costly situations.  And much of the reason we moved HERE.


I don’t know if I’m able to have loans in excess of my tuition.  And I don’t know who to talk to when I’m not even a student yet–the internet doesn’t really say, because it largely depends on your FAFSA.  It wouldn’t be an optimal solution, but if I could get a loan to cover housing, we could move AND my family can stay together.  But we can’t go at all if it means some sort of emergency situation where we’re forced to give up the cats, separate, or be homeless.  Which is what it sort of looks like to me now.


So now I’m panicked about moving and don’t even know if it’s a possibility anymore.  Which means my AuD program also isn’t a possibility, because the closest one is Seattle, which has the same or worse housing situation.  I feel bad and stressed out!

forest fire 6

-What are students supposed to do for housing?

-How do people move to a new state and find jobs and housing?

I just went from excited to leave to worried, worried, worried!

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UNC Research Emphasis (for AuD Essay)

22 Mar

Honestly, I haven’t SEEN enough audiology to know what area I might want to practice.  I only get three audiology-courses in undergrad, and one of them is anatomy.  So that hasn’t helped guide my decision.  I have no experience and my school is focused on SLP, so I’m not even certain who to talk to.

This makes it difficult to write an essay narrowing down the avenue in which I’d like to practice.  So instead of trying to figure out what I might like to do, maybe I should attempt to write what my dream school wants to hear (pun intended).

Here’s my instructions, and a website I’ll have to check out:

Personal Statement
SLHS has no required format for the personal statement, but the length should not exceed two pages single spaced.Be specific about your academic, clinical, and research interests. You may want to include experiences relevant to the program of study, and any special skills you have, including experiences with other cultures or languages. However, you do not need to address each of these issues if it does not seem relevant to you.You may find these resources helpful:http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/642/01/http://chronicle.com/article/Leave-Dr-Seuss-Out-of-It/126098/

And here are the research interests of the faculty at the school:

OAEcochlear views

cochlear pathology

auditory processing disorders

HL preventionhair cells 1



aural rehab


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Running Away

13 May

Cognitively, I know a person cannot escape their problems by running away. Problems have a way of following you until they are dealt with. Behaviors must change, time must pass, a lesson has to be learned for problems to get solved.

And yet, I have had a strong urge to get out of here. Moving to Colorado sooner rather then later seems the answer to all my problems: Have a job where I can work part-time, and leave when I am out of the building. Have education at my fingertips. Live in a safer and nicer apartment with laundry IN unit and have the ability to have all 3 of my cats under one roof. Be in close proximity to entertainment, recreation, music, scenery, and an airport for travel. Clear blue skies. It all seems a dream come true, and the easy answer.

So I HAVE to remember that moving sucks. It’s hard work and expensive. I couldn’t afford good housing even if I did move. And the deposit–ugh. . . My job–would likely be worse. My resume is set up for vet assistant work, and I probably won’t be eligible for anything else until I have secured a Masters in my new field. Sure, I would have entertainment and travel readily available–but I wouldn’t be able to afford them. And that would be torture.

So I just have to wait it out. Moving will not solve any of my problems and will bring on a slew of new problems. So I need to appreciate what I have. Here.

Things I like about being “here”

-the ducklings that live in the river, and our river view

-quiet neighbors (I hope I didn’t jinx it) right now

-Auntie’s Bookstore

-hot summers

-our proximity to the community college’s all-weather track

-the trail (however dangerous) from our apartment to downtown

-working with kitties

-my Apache Tribe at work

-my boss (most of the time)

-the fact all my cats are happy

-my small university

-cheap rent (living alone) and the longer we live here, the more likely we are to get our full deposit back.

-Manito Park with all its flowers

-Green Bluff in the fall

-easy access to The Grocery Outlet

-ability to visit Seattle, my extended family in MT, and “The German”

-wide roads and good parking availability

-a swimming pool within walking distance

-the Steelhead, Flying Goat, Zola, Northern Lights

-St. Patty’s Day Parade downtown

-legit boot-wearing weather (not that I like winter, or want it to last long)

-no property tax

I will just have to change my life here.  And I guess I’m moving toward it.  Slowly.  Painfully slow.  But moving toward change and beginning to solve my problems none-the-less.  Which will make CO all the better when we get there.

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