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A Horrible Feeling: WANT

22 May

My mentality has come a long way in two years.  I wrote this in September 2012, and it really did feel terrible to want material items so much.  It’s the kind of thing you know is a bad character trait, it’s not a helpful feeling, you can be better then that.  But at the same time it’s persistent.  I partially blame our culture.  As a capitalistic country, you cannot get away from advertising–and that does have an effect.  Even if you don’t want it to, it gets in your head and may influence thoughts and behavior.  That’s what advertisements are paid the big buck to do.  And as I look back, it was also because of the ethos at my work.  I worked with women who were focused on the newest Apple product, name brand purses, and the cutest seasonal clothes.  It made me feel compelled–to be the same.

I’m happy to say I’m away from their influence, and even before I was I decided that’s not the person I want to be.  I don’t give an eff about brand names, and have no need to buy the latest fad item because it’s the cool status symbol to have.  That’s not to say I don’t want to buy things and that I’m totally reformed.  I still want boots, and more capris, and to be able to afford to move.  I still covet things.  But I’ve improved from this post.

And I’m happy to say I’m being mindful about focusing on free things like gratitude, nature, and love.  Corny but true.  And it’s making me a better person.  I can go most days, in fact, without spending any money in my checking account.  I was going to say without spending ANY money, but you’d be hard-pressed to do that–I use utilities, eat, drive many days, use stuff.  But I’m not really buying much.  Which is good since I’m still unemployed and needing to conserve funds to move for school in a year.  But this draft was in my blog, so here is that old post, which I am a little ashamed about now:


I don’t want to come across like a spoiled, entitled bitch in the post–though I’m certain that’s what will be conveyed. . .

It all started in the summer.  It was my birthday at the beginning of July.  I had 2 gifts to open the day of–they went together and one bag and a card to open a week later.  And I received nothing on my Amazon wish list.  Not that I don’t appreciate what I did get.  It’s just that—–I want the stuff on my Amazon wish list.

It continued at the beginning of school.  With all the cheap house stuff meant for dorms and school supplies available in stores.  I HAD to buy some things for class, and it made me WANT more.  And I want. . .  Stuff.

But in the summer I knew it was impractical to spend any extra money.  Expecially since my hours will be cut back for school.  And especially when I have bills and necessities to consider.  And now–it’s quite impossible, as I had to pull out an emergency loan for school.  Because my hours at work went part time prior to me having to pay my school deposit/books/school supplies.  And the school dragged its feet so all my loans did not go on forbearance in time to beat this billing cycle.  So I had to pay my biggest undergrad loan.  Anyway, what little money that is in my account is not mine.  So I thought maybe writing down the things I want would relieve some of the agony?  I’m not certain what else to do about this terrible feeling of. . .  Well, greed, I guess.

–Dental appointment/cleaning

–Dave Matthews shirt

–a new backpack

–cute running sneakers

–match-E-match sweats (I found cute maroon ones at the Roxy website)

–a tote for swimming stuff/day trips/car camping/running clothes–I could use it ALL the time

–toothbrush holder b/c we currently use a mug

–sounds weird, but I want to stock up on needfuls so I never have to rush to the busy grocery store when I’m short on cash and have an imprending exam.

–ink!  For the computer because school necessitates a lot of printing.


–highlights to blend the gray–ugh. . .

I guess rather than pining over things I don’t have, and shouldn’t buy all at once, I should look around and be thankful for what I DO have.  I ought to use/wear things I haven’t in awhile.  I also should appreciate PEOPLE and feelings and thing money can’t buy.

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I Suspect the Science is There

19 Jun

Just not the priority–and the cash infusion that goes with it.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it is really upsetting and I think it’s worth another mention. Soda.

PS–Dear readers, I try to vary the topics of my posts so keep things interesting.  Also to keep all my followers happy–as I do not know what type of post made you click “follow” in the first place.  And I realize I’ve been posting about food/weight/and dysphagia a LOT lately.  And I do have some veterinary/work/gay/different posts in the works.  Except–they are in stages of completion.  I’m tired after being at work about 10 hours today, I have to work again tomorrow morning (and want to be functional to study and Wii in the early morning), and Cool wants to go to bed and read right now.  So yeah–here is more “complaining” about writing, I guess.  So I’m sorry if this feels redundant, but it’s the only draft semi-ready to post.  I’ll try to hustle along with the others. . .

Back to the post:

What IS soda anyway?  As far as I know it’s a syrupy base with carbonation and some salt (too much) and sugar for taste.  Plus some artificial colors and maybe fillers of some sort.  There is no nutritional value in the beverage.  Please, if I’m missing something here, let me know.

I don’t like to drink soda.  First let me preface with that.  I don’t like that the huge companies are unscrupulous in their marketing (to children and minorities).  And I don’t like that the drink contributes to the obesity epidemic.  Like we need any MORE help getting fat?  I especially dislike their lobbying tactics and the way they get around the normal (and practical!) rules.  By throwing money at government.  This impedes my sense of fairness.

Also, (even diet!) soda is bad for your teeth.  Drinking straight-sugar is obviously not a great idea, consuming an overabundance of empty calories = not smart, and ALL soda changes the pH in your mouth to promote tooth decay.  And it’s staining to the teeth.  Having had so much money invested into my mouth:  3+ years metal braces, 8+ years retainer, skin graft for receeding gum-line, 3 years Invisalign, wisdom teeth removal, lifetime Invisalign retainer, I want to protect my mouth as much as possible.

BUT  soda is available.  You can get it practically anywhere.  It is cheap.  Cheaper to buy then most every other beverage.  It comes in large quantities.  And, my number one impediment for cutting soda out of my life entirely–diet soda has ZERO calories.  Try to mix juice in a cocktail–lots of empty calories.  Drinking beer while watching your figure is impossible.  So I keep going back to Diet Pepsi as a mixer.  Though I’m ethically opposed to it.

This makes me want to know why Limeade has 60 calories/serving, yet hardly any nutritional value.  Tea–calories.  Coffee–calories.  Why can’t the other beverage people either sock that serving so full of healthful ingredients that at least it takes care of one of my nutrient requirements for the day–or even better, eliminate calories like the soda companies have done?

I think it has to do with where the research money is going–and it’s not to benefit human nutrition.  It’s to benefit large beverage corporations and their sneaky advertising.

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Crying During Commercials

16 Jun

I have been in veterinary settings since I was eleven years old.  I’ve seen trashy people that could not take care of themselves, let alone their pet.  They show up bare foot with a train-wreck problem and no money.  It’s a bad time!

I think maggots crawling out of wounds or orifices are my least favorite thing to encounter in the veterinary world.  It makes me itch all over and it has a certain horrid smell.  You know the animal must be miserable—which I empathize with.  All you can do is shave and clean the area, it really doesn’t seem enough!

I’ve seen horrible accidents and animals in serious pain.  I mean, limbs ripped off, or chain collars that have all but decapitated the poor dog.  I’ve been there when pets died, and seen even the toughest owners weep about it.  Sometimes my job is pretty tough.  You sort of have to tune out—just to keep a healthy psyche.

Despite seeing real-life animals every day at work, I cannot even open my eyes during those terrible animal commercials they show on TV.  You know the ones where they are asking for donations?  That Sarah McLachlan commercial makes me cry—I really hate seeing it.  They’re probably not even real—but staged to look that bad to gain sympathy and money.  That new polar bear extinction commercial is terribly heart-wrenching as well.

So good job advertisers.  Your money was well spent–you got me, and I’m a hard nut to crack.  If I HAD any money, I would certainly donate it to your cause.  As it is, I’ll just have to go to vet school and do my part that way.