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Elephant in the Room: Emily’s Voice

27 Apr

The due known as the Indigo Girls are my besties. i mean they don’t know it–but they’ve been there for a lot of moments in my life. Nomads, Indians, and Saints at my first job. Become you when I was a lonely only child in a rural town slowly figuring out that I didn’t really connect with anyone. Come On Now Social when I was dipping a toe into politics. Shaming of the Sun my first year of college, alone in the dorm. Despite Our Differences when my mate and I went to Zoo-Tunes in Seattle. They (via their music) have been my support system for 2 decades. Many people, especially lesbians have much the same experience.

Which is why I feel very defensive for Emily’s voice. Criticism is creeping in. I would have said something in the Reddit group if I had seen the post before it was archived. People were saying:
Emily’s voice i,s worse/bad. They say it cracks, and that she can no longer hit/sustain notes.

I noticed something off some of the times (not all), but thought it was lack of breathe control from obesity, honestly. Emily had gotten very heavy there for awhile, and I just figured her overall fitness was impacting her singing–nothing irreversible.

BUT those people said they noticed it on a couple recent albums and at a concert, and would not be buying IG concert tickets.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Valid reasons not to buy concert tickets:

The artist is chronically late to concerts.

The artist always cancels shows.

The artist is so fucked up they only sing 2 songs.

The artist pukes on stage.

The artist molests you.

The artist falls to the ground on stage.

But seriously, fans of the Indigo Girls are not going to attend concerts because of a intermittent voice issue?!  Jesus, have some empathy and BE A FAN.

A voice can be iffy for any number of reasons ranging from the mundane to emergent (this list is not exhaustive):
-tired/fatigue (both body & voice)
-screaming too much
-(early) Parkinson’s Disease
-many syndromes cause it

Have a little empathy and loyalty! Emily (both IG) have been with us through thick and thin for over 35 years!
When your spouse burns dinner-you divorce them?
When your child gets in trouble at school-you put them up for adoption?

And the Indigo Girls PUT ON A SHOW! It’s not just the singing. It’s the commraderie, the activism, the community visibility. Anyone who has belted out Closer to Fine with everyone at a show knows the communal pride and excitement I’m talking about! Emily’s writing talent and musical ability is amazing–and that has not changed. There’s a lot more to a band than just hitting and sustaining notes.

Also, men seem to get away with aging voices, ruined voices and still sell albums and concert tickets. The Rolling Stones are OLD. And honestly, their voices suck at this point. But you don’t hear about that–they’re legends! Dave Matthews often has problems, and his voice has degraded, but he still sells out 3 shows at The Gorge. Every year. I could probably name 100 men with iffy in the first place voices to major shimmer and jitter and degradation. Don’t hold women to different standards.

I wish Emily well with whatever is going on ❤

And fellow “fans” get it together! Show some loyalty for a band that has been there for you for ages >:-/

2012 Gorge Concert

5 Sep

Our first successful year going together!

We did some tailgating in the dusty parking lot.  Lots of snacks and treats. 
Also, this was a time when craft beer in a can was like, super-new.  So we felt extra cool about partaking in that.


We did not have the photos during the concert thing nailed down that first year. 
You have to get that particular panaramic angle with the amphitheater, the Columbia River, the baysalt, and some crowd all in the same shot. 
Also, I’m not sure any phones/cameras were very good for the dark. 
Things have vastly improved, record-keeping wise. 
Trust me though, we had SEATS for the concert, sang, danced, and were merry.

and afterwards we did some car-camping near the Columbia River, which is a beautiful place to wake up (even if you’re hung-over). 



Brandi Carlile at Red Butte Garden [part 1]

17 Aug

I’ve seen her at the Knitting Factory in Spokane twice, and both times she was on the verge of outgrowing the venue. Overcrowding lessons my good time, but they did amazing at both shows. Also, the first year she started late and I had to leave early (I still loathe Forster-Friday for forcing that regretful choice on me) and the 2nd year the venue had to hand-write tickets, and drunk Spokomptonites nearly ruined the show with their debauchery.

I also saw Brandi and the twins play with the symphony at Benaroya (spelling?  IDK) Hall in Seattle. symphony dress Unfortunately, not the year I lived in Seattle.  I under much duress, I had to take vacation time from work, and drive the 6 hours over the pass one Thanksgiving break.  The show wasn’t until the end of the visit (Cool’s family) so we were tired, and I was very worried about missing an exam and work in the morning.  It had snowed uncharacteristically hard, and I didn’t want to get caught on the wrong side of the pass.  So by the time the show came around I was already tired, then worried.

Brandi with our sign 2





For my 4th and 5th Brandi shows, it was her opening for DMB at the Gorge.  So it was a great time, but not HER shows.  She played a bunch of covers, and it was windy as HEEEELLLL.  And apparently, all the greatest tricks were left for Saturday, when we had Friday and Sunday tickets.  And Cool was kinda of a pill that weekend.

But last night, in Salt Lake City, the band outdid themselves.  I was worried because our show was the day after Red Rocks, which Brandi was all jazzed up about (of course).  I thought our show–if it went on at all–would be like DMB post-Gorge.  Still good.  Still a concert.  But much less enthusiasm/energy after the peak of the tour.

Plus, Cool got her tickets from a 4th party, because the venue is very hard-core on scalping and makes ticket limits, and ID’s the ticket-holder to make sure the name matches the ticket purchaser name.  And we couldn’t hold the tickets until “an hour before the show.”  Naturally I figured we were getting scammed.  I knew we would never hold the tickets, and even if they were legit, we would not be let in.

I did not allow myself to get my hopes up, because I just knew our concert wouldn’t pan out.

But the day of the show, the tickets were e-mailed.  I was only slightly relieved.  We couldn’t print them.  Cool had to make an emergency run for ink.  Then, it wouldn’t print without BOTH color and black ink.  And still, our tickets probably weren’t legit–and we weren’t on the list as the original purchaser.

After 1.5 hours, Cool printed two tickets.

So I packed our bags and got dressed, and we went to the venue.  Next–the actual concert

I Got BronchITis!

13 Jan

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

This is the 2nd time I’ve been sick in the last few months. After having a years-long dry spell from being full-on sick, it is SO not cool.

I blame the Y. My sleep schedule still isn’t what it should be, and combined with all those germs–then cold weather. I have no chance. It’s the trifecta.

I hate being sick though. Somehow, I thought being sick would be nice–you get to sleep a lot, sit around watching TV, catch up on your reading. Maybe clean the house and cook some things you haven’t had time for. . .

What I forgot was–being sick sucks. I can’t sleep either because I’m congested or in this case–coughing uncontrollably. Nothing is less uncomfortable then being prompt to a near-sitting position, on your back–all night. I am comfortable sleeping on my side, but that’s not possible with a runny nose or cough. So I’m mostly awake all night. When I need sleep the most.

And waking up? Awful!!! You are farthest away from being medicated and very unrested so getting out of bed is horrid. I finished a mile–running,no less–this morning, but it just about killed me. I completed it in a slow, slow 17 minutes (my slowest EVER was 13 minutes) with many (7?) intermittent sitting rests. But I got it done, and have now run for 377 days in a row.

But I don’t recommend that. It really wiped me out. Pretty much all I’ve accomplished today is folding my clothes. And that’s with many rest breaks in between–who know sitting on the floor folding could be so strenuous?! And I still haven’t put all the clothes away, because it requires standing up.

It’s frustrating, because I can’t sleep, but you’d think I could study for my interview, or read, or do something productive. But I feel too sick and fevery to do any of that. I’d better feel good tomorrow so I can get ANYthing done.

P.S. Dave Matthews Band announced their summer tour–which is really exciting.

Dave face

Except it’s also VERY disappointing. We don’t know where we’ll be, or how much money we’ll have by summer. And of course all the Western venues are in the last week of August and later–when my classes potentially start on the 24th. . . They are so close (the Gorge, Tahoe, CO) but yet so far. So we have to look at, and be teased by the dates–and sadly miss out. I hate that.  I am telling you that I’m going to literally be crying crocodile tears when we have to hear all about the tour and miss every show for lack of planning, money, and time.  Sad, sad, sad!

So that’s that. I guess I’ll try to watch a movie without feeling guilty. Because I sincerely feel like a$$.

Possible Concert Sign Content

15 Aug

I think we’re going to take a sign to the Gorge this year.  One side will be for Brandi and the other for DMB–so we don’t have to cart around 2 of them.  It needs to be eye-catching, but short.  And I want it to be original, but I’m sure all the cute puns and stuff have already been done. . .  Here’s some ideas I found by going through song titles and lyrics.  

Brandi Carlile:Brandi tim and phil

-Brandi:  Floating on YOUR Silver Cloud

-DREAMS of meeting Brandi

-Just Wanna be closer to Brandi Carlile

-Brandi’s In My Dreams

-Raise Hell, Brandi

-Brandi you hung the moon

-Brandi you make me feel like a million bucks

-A Brandi fan for 60 years on


DMB:DMB Austin


-DMB best of what’s around

-want to see you EVERYDAY, DMB

-“hello again” DMB

-DMB “1 in a million”

-better time then most can dream

-DMB better then the best

-celebrate we will

-DMB:  little taste of the good life

-DMB you make it all alright

-DMB did it for us allRaleigh 2014--light streaming

-DMB it’s been too long

-crushed 15 million with the weight of your hand

-big-eyed FANS

After we decide on a slogan for each side, we’ll have to come up with logistics.  Do we want to cut a cardboard box and use it?  Maybe just a large poster paper so we could potentially roll it up.  Then, check all spelling, obv.  And the fun part–colors!

Brain-Dump Labor Dave Sunday

2 Sep

Frilled-DragonFed and watered and medicated the house cats, and watered the outside plants at work, Starbucks, and then we were off!  It was 80 degrees before 10AM.  We went to Lenore Lake Caves and hiked, and I put my hand in Soap Lake, which actually smells of soap!

Soap Lake bubbles

Tried to find a few other trails, but Google Maps directions were crazy so we drove aimlessly, just enjoying the middle-Washington scenery and each other’s company.  Got to a spot near the Columbia River and decided to hike down so I could dip my feet.  Hiked, and hiked, and hiked in the 90 degree direct sunlight over the optical illusion of a short trek, then searched for a break in the plants to get to the water.  Found just the right spot, with a circle Labor Dave Sunday 048of rocks and an island, which was empty!  Dipped our feet–the water felt lovely and we wished we had swim clothes.  Decided to go there before tail-gating next year.  Crawled up the fine, deep sand way to the top of the mountain in 90+ degree direct sun.

Slurred to the car covered in sweat and dirt.  Took off my shoes and shorts, and took a sponge bath with the damp washcloths we put in the cooler.  Felt like geniuses for having the foresight to pack those!  Deodorized, perfumed, re-sunscreened, and dressed in our concert gear.

tail-gate 2Drove to the parking-lot, folded down the seats in the car, and made our bed for camping.  Sat in camping chairs, alternately drinking Gatorade, peach cocktails (still cold in the thermos), and CANS of craft beer.  Also ate many snacks.  Note to self–next year bring some sort of meal along with the munchy snacks, because the prices inside are outrageous.  Talked, laughed and ate from 3PM to 5-ish, before heading inside.

Bought the requsite merch, beer, and sold a kidney in order to buy dinner.  Took many, ampitheatre 3many pictures inside the Ampitheatre.  Spread our WSU blanket on the grass.  Moved to the opposite side when some creepy dude sat immediately next to us on the empty hill.  The new spot was near the bathrooms, so worked out wonderfully.  Watched weird people in black lace bras (only), tie-dye onsies, bear-hats (yes, the animal), tube-tops, and other inappropriate-for-public attire.  Drank more beer so as not to get annoyed by people standing in front of us, smoking right next to us, and generally being obnoxious as people do.


Wrote down each song as it was played to see who came closest to predicting the set-list (Cool did).  Danced, sang, watched, and enjoyed the Sunday show.  Really enjoyed it–even from the lawn.  Still decided to get legit seats next year, because even the worst seats are better then general admission.  Because the sit is yours even when you’re ampitheatre 4not in it, the other people in seats also paid more so they’re paying attention and not screwing around, and you can see much better.

I bought Cool a shirt for winning our contest and we left at the start of the last song to get the car out of the crazy, crammed lot.  We got lost, but eventually found Feathers camping site.  Cool decided it was full (it wasn’t) so she parked further up the road near the boat launch.  Slept.

Woke up in the moost beautiful of places, happy to have pre-gamed with IB Prophen, Pepto, wake up spotcarbs, and Gatorade.  Felt good, took pictures of the canyon walls, Columbia River right outside the car door, and a waterfall.  Talked and drove to my work to check the buddies.  Cleaned the car, unpacked, and showered.  Boy does it feel nice to be clean.

All in all, a wonderful weekend, with lots of things to remember for the future, and many nice pictures and videos!


George, Washington

31 Aug

Gorge Ampitheatre 2Site of the Gorge, of course.  And tomorrow is Labor Dave Weekend for us.

I said I wasn’t going.  And I didn’t wanna slum on the lawn.  Because once you’ve you’ve had legit seats, toward the front, with upstanding people and clean(er) bathrooms–it’s difficult to go back.  Literally back.

I will be annoyed.  People talk, and goof around back there.  Everyone is crammed in.  And you can’t see well.  BUT, if you live in Washington state, AND you get a real 3 day weekend away from work–you have to go.  I’d be sad if I didn’t.  Once I move I would regret it if I hadn’t taken advantage of every Gorge concert I DMB gorge sax yetticould have.  So in the interest of the future, and as a nice break from work and school–we’re going.  Horrible, stressful work.

We will hike in the middle of the state.  And hopefully see the petroglyphs and a waterfall.  We’ll have a pic-nik and pre-game tail-gaiting.  We will buy some merch.  And I’m not going to snag a good seat on the lawn and sit there holding it for 3 hours.  Because always some mofo will show up after the opening act and ask you to scoot over “just a little bit.”  And stomp on your blanket.  And that stuff infuriates me.  So, since I can’t beat them–I will join them!  I’m going to be the DMB Sothhavenone that gets on the lawn 2 minutes pre-show and shames someone to scoot over “just a little.”

In preparation, we made out set-list wish-lists.  And who ever has most of the songs DMB plays get merch bought by the other.  Hopefully, I will win.  Anyway, there’s the quick run-down of the concert goings-ons.  I’ll be sure to post after we’ve seen the show!!!!

Best of 2012: MOMENTS

3 Jan

Favorite Moments of 2012:

11.  Seeing Dad in the summer.

Auug NV Kidron pics 141

This would be a higher level moment if we weren’t at a funeral for an unexpected death.  Not that any funeral is great.  As it was, I really miss Dad and it was happy-times to see him–however briefly.

2012 vacations 123

10.  Camp & Hike for Cool’s B-day in June.

This one was so fun because it was a birthday.  I got to meet one of Cool’s school friends–and I actually liked her a lot.  We got to actual-camp, with fire and s’mores and everything, for the first time together.  A hike to a waterfall was involved, and who wouldn’t like that?

9.  Brandi Carlile at Seattle Symphony in November

Brandi concert 2

This event was much anticipated, and is only this low on the list due to travel fatigue, residual mother-in-law issues, and end of semester stress.  The concert was obviously amazing though.  We had good seats, and the set-list was memorable.  And you know how I feel about Brandi. . .

8.  Receiving loan money in excess of tuition (in November).

This item may seem like it doesn’t belong on a “best of” list, but believe me–this was a stellar moment for me.  And the first of its kind.  I had never before seen any money from these loans I’m always having to pull out and pay for the rest of my life.  Usually they go straight to the school to pay the owed tuition.  All I get is the hassle of applying, trouble of hoop-jumping with the school and lender, and the repayments.  Oh the repayments. . .  So actually getting a check in the mail was a highlight!  And I will say, I was slightly irresponsible due to the glee and got highlights.  I’m just a person.

Fur Ball 2012 076

7.   The Fur Ball in Nov.  Gosh, November must have been a good month.

Was memorable because it was the fanciest event Cool had ever been to.  At Noah’s Ark, they paid for a table at the Gentle Doctor’s Benefit yearly, so I got to dress up, eat the catering  take part in the auctions, and be glamorous.  This was the first event Cat’s Meow had ever done as a group.  But Cool has never experienced anything remotely like that–so it was really amazing to be there with her.  Especially since she had been invited in the summer, then uninvited when there were new hires, so she was lucky to attend.  Plus, we looked really spectacular.  Yep, I went there.  Deal.

6.  Julyamish Pow-wow (also July).

dancer 2

This one stems from the disappointment of having douchi relatives who ruined my birthday plans of getting together in Montana.  The extended family forgot us, and my parents reneged.  After being so sad about missing out on family opportunities, I was very pleased to see a pow-wow in such close proximity to our apartment.  We took in the dancing, tried elk and alligator, and I got a bead-work belt that I will keep as a memento all my life.  It was a good time.  And one we’ll attend this next summer.

5.  A+ in Speech & Hearing Disorders (May)

flashcards 002

This item was also borne of strife.  The school really tried to disallow and dissuade me from taking my first Speech and Hearing Sciences course as a non-degree-seeking student.  They were ornery and unsupportive of my plan to start the degree.  I am so proud of my A, because I proved them wrong and showed them I could–despite not having taken the pre-requisite.

2012 Spring 096

4.  Visit to The German in May.

I absolutely love THE German in mid-Washington!  And this was an especially nice break from the semester and the horribleness that had occurred at work (everyone went on vacation the same month, during my final projects and exam).  It was a charmed trip too–we found a secret and free camping spot right next to the shops and river.  Bought hats that make me feel cooler then I actually am.  Found a seat upstairs on a balcony when all the other decks were overrun.  And had the best (jalapeno-cheddar) brot of my LIFE.  Good-times.  One year I will take the train in the winter to see the lighting ceremony and guide some sled dogs!

3.  109% on Anatomy Exam #3 (October).

Articulatory System 018

Enough cannot be said of this item.  After so much anticipation, worry, and preparation -not to mention studying.  We had 3 exams in October–three!  And the exam before this one–phonatory system was an icky 92% when I felt I had prepared for a higher grade.  Well, I got the A+ I hoped for, and additional points I had not dreamed of.  It feels–there are no words for how nice it feels, actually.

2.  Walla Walla, for 29th B-day (July, of course)

the 1 pic of both

I do love my birthday.  And this was a wonderful one.  It was beautiful–the Palouse, and the cute town, and the farm-land too.  It was cheap–say what?  FREE wine-tastings your whole birthday month?!  We were out of Spokompton and away from work and stress.  The town was adorable, did I mention that?  The food plentiful–sushi, QUAIL, ice wine.  Really, how could we go wrong?  I had such an amazing weekend that I am determined to have my big-milestone 30th birthday here too.  Determined.  Work be damned.

And–the BEST moment of 2012?  Surprise, it’s a concert.

tailgate 2

1.  Labor Dave Weekend.

Gorge Ampitheatre 3

We had that 2011 disappointment of getting tickets for Saturday then trying to attend (unsuccessfully) on Sunday.  The horrid mix-up really was the worst thing that could happen.  But that made THIS trip all the better.  We purchased actual seats.  GOOD seats.  I prepared.  I listened to the songs.  I dressed appropriately.  We pre-gamed.  I managed to be a laid-back good-time-girl.  Which is really not my normal M.O.  The concert really could not have gone better.  I’ll remember it always.

DMB on stage

So there you have it–my top moments of 2012.  Funny how they are concentrated into a few months.  I can’t even expect 2013 to be half as great–if for no other reason that there’s just not the money to do it, let along time off work and school–at the same time as Cool either.  But that’s OK, 2013 will be a back to our roots, simple fun kind of year.  We have nature.  We have Netflix.  And we have Spotify.  Not to mention each other.  We will re-learn to appreciate the ordinary and make our own fun.  If we can squeeze some fun out of our Seattle existence–we can manage it in 2013.  File under-trying to convince myself.

Best of 2012: LISTENING

1 Jan

Where do you even start when trying to say your favorite 10 artists in the year?  Well, it’s an impossible task–so you turn to the quantitative data, of course.  Here is what Last FM says I liked best in the last year, based on my own scrobbles.

MY Favorites in 2012 (as per Last FM stats):

10.  Maroon 5

It seems these guys had a frenzy of albums, remixes, and singles this year.  I like them because there’s a syncopated beat unlike anyone else.  More listens are in order for 2013!

9.  The Avett Brothers

Rogue bastards snuck in.  I listened in order to prepare for Labor Dave Weekend.  They were opening, and I thought I’d attempt to gain an appreciation.  And their discography is quite extensive, though I can’t say I ever caught on to them.  But here they are in my top-listened. . .

8.  Jason Mraz

What with a new album out, and of course a sentimental favorite of mine since he was my first concert ever–I am not surprised he still frequents my most-listened list.

7.  Taylor Swift

I WISH she had produced a new album, or had more songs.  This place on the lst seems low compared to how much I like her songs.  Her writing really speaks to me.  Plus, I saw her biography once and am super-impressed that she was hired as a song-writer (for other artists) so young.

6.  Mumford & Sons.

Love!  My current favorite album.  I enjoy every single song, which hardly ever happens.  The only downfall is they never tour in the U.S.

5.  Piano Tribute Players

On the list because I can’t always study to violins, and I had not discovered where the heck the heavily advertised Classify was actually located.  Good covers all the same though.

4.  Indigo Girls.

Thanks to Spotify, and easy access to many artists all the time, I branched out this year.  My Indigo Girls are still a (if not THE) fave, but the fell to 4 due to exposure.  Still amazing.

3.  Brandi Carlile.

Younger.  Cuter.  Closer in proximity.  Transcending genres.  Here’s some love for my secret girlfriend Brandi.  I never tire of her music or concerts.  I always hunger for more.  And one day, maybe I’ll finally get to meet her.

2.  Vitamin String Quartet.

Really a tribute to how much a studied last year more then anything.  I listened to lyric-less music to study, and they are #2 most played.  Yay good grades.

1.  DMB

Somehow, I became a real fan.  I’m not sure when it happened because really, they were Cool’s thing and I was just supportive.  I never before had “felt” them, even though “Crash” was amongst the very first 12 CDs I ever owned (thanks BMG Music Club!).  Sometime, in listening and in preparing for and attending the Gorge concert–I became hard-core.  Now I have more listens then Cool.  And their cute, and amazing selection of merch doesn’t hurt either.

Tattoos Perform with the Seattle Symphony

25 Nov

Brandi Carlile returned to Benaroya Hall in Seattle to play with the Symphony.  And best of all, we splurged for (good) tickets!

It was nice being at a ritzier place then we can usually afford.  We got to wait inside a mezzanine  instead of outside in the cold, they let us in to the auditorium a tad bit early, no one pushed, screamed, or seemed drunk and obnoxious, and we had actual assigned seats.  All things I love.  I wish I could always have my musical concert experience sans annoyance!

I thought more people should have dressed formally.  This was a symphony show after all.

I was surprised that wine was not allowed inside the concert hall.  “Frasier” led me to believe wine was a staple at symphonies, operas, and ballets.

Though I clearly benefited from it, I was amazed no ushers were policing use of flash photography or video taping though both were explicitly prohibited.

How could I forgot this on my first draft:  Promptness.  I love it, and it was displayed.  Right at 8 PM, when my ticket stated doors open, someone announced Brandi and she (fastening her last shirt button) and the band ran out on stage.

Like the rest of her fans, I feel like I know Brandi Carlile personally because of the way she interacts with the crowd at concerts.  It feels like talking to a friend.

The Seattle crowd was much more mannered then Spokane, though you could tell they were still enjoying themselves.

The venue was obviously acoustically superior.  When Brandi and her band went unplugged it was crystal clear.

Brandi’s songs sound spectacular with orchestral accompaniment (no surprise here).

One of the best moments, in my opinion, was the transition from the little Pike Place buddies to the twins.  And both sounded amazing–in different ways.

I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t “get” Keep Your Heart Young.  It always seems to be a crowd favorite, and is a new staple.  I guess I just feel as if the song is a story, and I’ve already heard it.  I also guess I’m the only one who feels this way.

Like everybody else, I loved Brandi’s rendition of Jolene, though I think it’s funny she’s singing about, “Please don’t take my MAN,” as a lesbian and all.

OK, so not being from Seattle, or very old during the grunge era, I don’t think I fully appreciated when the Pearl Jam dude made a special appearance.  I gather from the crowd though, that this was a seriously special moment in music history.  I have to say, I think Tim Reynolds is a better player–maybe I’m just too far out of the loop.

It’s a small annoyance, but an irk all the same–these people had a standing ovation for every song toward the end.  And if I stayed sitting, all I could see were (fat) asses in front of me.  But if I stood, all I could see were heads and shoulders of the many rows in front of me.

I loved the show and had a wonderful time!

Of note, when that auditorium packed to the gills with fans exited the auditorium through the halls, it was as quiet as a library.  A very weird feeling, indeed.  And vastly different from Spokane.

Disappointingly enough, I (again) did not take the opportunity to meet Brandi after the show.  If there was an opportunity.  Cool had been crabby and tired throughout the show, I was tired and wanting to get the six hour drive (especially over the potentially snowy, foggy pass) over with, and I did not have anything to be signed.  Again.  And like always, I’m regretful about it now.  ONE day I will meet Brandi!  It’s a good excuse to attend many more shows–not that I need one 😉

And one more thought:  Why is nobody else talking about this?!  I have tirelessly combed the internet for news, reviews, or other blogs talking about Brandi’s trio of recent Seattle Symphony concerts only to see–nothing.  Except the one abbreviated article from Friday’s show.  For shame.  Get on it, people.  It was amazing–talk it up!