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When Overwhelmed

20 Nov

Break large tasks into small, manageable pieces:

Dysphagia Potluck (due 11/27/12)

+Find out if we have to do legit citations (or just buck up and do them)

+buy ginger and some shaped, segmented aluminum serving dish

+edit rationale paragraph

+spell/grammar check entire paper

-get some bandage tape from work and label tin with each add-in vareity

-actually cook more of the congee

Anatomy Exam (11/29/12)

+finish drawing mechanoreceptors

+draw innervation of posterior tongue

-study the study sheets a little each day and in the car

+do an internet search for pathologies leading to dysphagia and make a study sheet

Anatomy ALS Paper, Power-point/hand-out, and presentation (due 12/6)

+ask again to see an example paper

-make paper flow and in my language

-decide if I want to include any more info from my sources

-decide if I want to use the movie as a source

-decide if I want to use the ALS panel as a source

-do the references if I do want to use them.

-decide if I want to include any info from my partner’s sources

-decide if I need to include outside sources

-double check the in-text citations.

+bother at partner to chose intro or conclusion

+bother at partner (again) to pick ppt or hand-out.

-start the things (intro) she doesn’t chose.

Language Sample (unknown due date)

+double check that I followed all transcription rules

-ask??  someone about my transcription Qs.

+slash and code morphemes

+calculate mastery of all morphemes

+calculate total MLU

+calculate MLU for each context

-make sure I answer all questions in my directions

+describe syntax

-put syntax in essay

-describe prosidy

-go through the rubric

-spell and grammar check

-go through notes & text and insert info in essay

-add something “extra”

-proof and edit the thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-read the age 5 text chapter and categorize Kelsey’s development

Language Development (unknown content and date)

+finish making flashcards from power-point

+/- make flashcards for toddler phases (I don’t think we’ll get to this in class)

-take power-point notes and look them over each day and in car

-finish outlining textbook?

The Trip (Wed at midnight to Sun early as possible)

+try on outfits

+pack bag with clothes

+get out toiltries & makeup

+remember tickets (check dates!)

+pack x-mas gifts in car

+buy Gatorade and some kind of beverage

-feed kitties extra

-scoop l-b right before leaving

+charge Kindle

-decide how to best pack school supplies

+pack camera, it’s charger, kindle, it’s charger, and phone.

+wash dishes

Real Week (Mon, 11/26th–)

+get out scrubs for Mon

+pull out clothes for Tues

-don’t forget to cook and pack for class dysphagia pot-luck!

+charge i-pods

Oh Jesus–was this exercise supposed to CALM me?!  It just looks like I have a boat load to do and no time to do it!!!

My (Secret) Girlfriend: Brandi Carlile

18 Oct

Secret to Brandi, that is.  I’m still living, in case you were wondering.  At long last–a blog post.  I took my big (third) anatomy exam on the Articulatory System this morning.  Now, the humiliation of a group paper is on the horizon.  More on that, and group work in general (and how I HATE it and never fair well in it) later.  But now–a week late (I’m so sorry) my concert latest adventure.

Day of the big concert!  And this year I took steps to have a good time–no matter what.  My boss was nice enough to give me a few hours Friday AM off, so I wouldn’t have a dampered evening thinking about the early morning.  And despite MUCH fussing from our receptionist, I refused to feel guilt and took it.  Also contributing to a nice evening:  Our new friend, turned ex-friend, Brenda told us the secret to getting an actual seat at The Knitting Factory–they let you in early if you patronize the attached restaurant.  Not fair, but if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, I say!

On to the day of the concert (nevermind how this post switches tenses–I wrote it the day of, day after, and almost a week later for school reasons).  Anyway, I always take a walk between my classes to burn calories while I study flashcards or study sheets (and stretch my legs in fresh air) so that day I walked downtown during my hour and a half break.  I wanted to scout out the scene so we could really have a plan and enjoy every moment.  Weirdly, the venue’s restaurant didn’t have posted hours.  At all.  Who does that?!  But when I was in the vicinity–guess who had just pulled up?  Yup, Brandi’s tour busses arrived around 10 AM, right when I was meandering by.

Of course I wanted to see something(one) *Brandi* but didn’t want to hang around like a creeper.  I did walk slowly down the sidewalk past the 2 buses, just hoping.  And a window was open!  I was overjoyed, but awkward.  As much as I wanted to see/talk to/ask for an autograph of Brandi, I didn’t want to be that fan–that stops on the sidewalk and leers inside a tour bus that may or may not contain the singer.  So I sort of craned my neck and kept walking 😦  I did see Phil’s(?) back.  I think.  It was a narrow-shouldered male back wearing a blue/periwinkle plaid shirt.  I wish I had the courage/lack of manners to hang around and see more. . .  But again I didn’t want to leer or be a (too much of a) creeper, so I didn’t talk to anyone.  Or stop.

I did go sit on some benches across the street, just hoping Brandi might come out.  Though, as I sat there, I realized I had no idea what I might say to her if she did.  What CAN you say to any celebrity that doesn’t sound trite and hollow?  I don’t actually know her, and there’s nothing I could say that she hasn’t heard a million times.  Plus, she would probably be annoyed and want to do whatever it is she normally does instead of having to stop and cater to fans.  Also, I had no writing utensil,  no paper, or merch (other then my language development flashcards) for her to sign.  So it kinda would have sucked if I had seen her.  But, obviously, I sat there as long as I could hoping to see her.

In the afternoon (after both classes), Cool and I made our way to the restaurant at The Knitting Factory.  Their food is crappy, fried and overpriced, so we just had (expensive) beer.  Mine tasted like straight-up vinagar.  Maybe someone served me someone’s salad dressing by accident?  Anyway, the point is–the only reason for going to such a place is the perk of getting in the concert doors early.  When you spend money, they hand you a letter, then come concert-opening time, they call the letters in order and those people enter first.  Last year, we didn’t know about this, and despite being 4th or 5th in the line outside, when we got inside, there was standing room only.  We were totally confused how such a thing happened.  And standing for so long, in a throng of (rude) people–was not exceptionally cool.  Brandi has outgrown The Knitting Factory.  They really pack people in there, and I’m certain it’s a fire hazard.  Maybe it was even more crowded this year–I’m not sure b/c we didn’t have to walk around so much scouring for any place to rest.

Speaking of fire hazards -I was forced to get Will-Call tickets in order to save $40 on the price.  So unfortunately  I had no tickets in my hand.  Very much a bummer, and for a worrier like me–a distraction.  Which made the prospect of entering early, null and void, because I would have to fight the Will-call line to GET to enter, and by that time I’dd be at the back of some line.  And of course, their computers were down and they unapologetically told people to get out of the halls because we were a fire hazard.  They didn’t know what time we should line up, “Just keep checking every five-ten minutes or so.”  Which means, everyone who had been at their stupid and gross restaurant for hours (in order to get in to the concert early) was going to have to go to the end of the Will-Call line.  It was a lot of drama.  I (several die-hards, then later just everyone) waited at the Will-Call window even though several employees asked me to go back inside the restaurant, because of the unfairness, but then I decided it was douchi to make the poor employees have to regulate me, not to mention get them in trouble for not keeping the area clear.  Though people just gathered in an even smaller space in the restaurant, which was probably a WORSE fire hazard.

So that was annoying to all.  Believe me, Brandi has many devoted fans in all of Washington.  And Spokane was rabid to see her (first).  So it was not my favorite as those situations benefit the pushiest, most aggressive people (not me) and are hardly ever fair, based on timeliness, or ticket/food price.  But eventually the strugglesome venue just had a printed list and did tickets by hand.  And I got the tickets, and we entered with the rest of the letter C’s after giving up all hope of sitting down. . .

But when Cool and I got inside our favorite “Minus the Bear table” right by the bathroom, was free!  Amazingly!!!  I can’t guess how we were lucky enough for that.  Those things NEVER happen to me.  So we DID get our preferred seat after all.  I don’t know how, because it was already really crowded inside.  Two gals asked if they could share our table, and knowing how difficult it was to get a seat (and realizing someone would eventually sit with us anyway) we agreed.  And they were nice, not even annoying a little!

Obviously, Brandi was awesome, the music was great, and we managed to parse together a set-list.  Between phone lists, and texting the rest–I think it’s complete:

Raise Hell


What Can I Say

Throw It All Away

Hard Way Home

Before It Breaks

Hiding My Heart

Looking Out

Again Today

Save Part of Yourself



The Story


Pride & Joy

Wasn’t Me

That Year

I think that’s the set-list.  I couldn’t be certain because the phone was a little faulty, as were my fingers during the concert.  And I am pretty certain 100 is in there somewhere, but that was the point of the peak phone difficulties and some things got erased from the original note containing the list.

Spokonpoton strikes again.  After struggling so much to get tickets, enter the venue, fight for a place to sit/stand–they were talking over Brandi as if she were some unknown bar band.  Super, super annoying.  Why bother going to a concert if you’re going to talk over it?  Just go to the bar if you want alcohol and conversation.  I wanted to listen, but the clamor didn’t subside when she talked, when she sang, or when the band played.  And it wasn’t just me who noticed and was annoyed–I heard a lot of people shushing, and some even yelling shut-ups.  It was–disruptive.  And I can’t say Brandi ever regained half the audience’s (short) attentions once she lost them.  She talked, then played over clamor for the last 3-5 songs.  Made me belligerent.

At the encore, I have to admit–my heart sank a little.  Brandi told the audience she had gotten married last week. . .  Not that I would ever be able to MEET her, let alone anything else.  Besides, she must be a night owl as a musician–and I’m an early bird so it would never work out.  Still–I didn’t even know she was dating anyone.  The news came as quite a shock.  But they are both cute, and I am happy they are happy.

Now, I gear up for Brandi with the Seattle Symphony.  But there are a lot of exams, school projects, and work days in between now and then. . .


GORGEous Weekend is Upon Us

31 Aug

Labor DAVE weekend is just around the corner.  After much anticipation, I believe I am as prepared as I will ever be.

The Clothes:

My running sneakers for comfort and coverage.  Cargo green capries that tie or can hang down.  So I have a lot of pockets and they are versatile and warm or cool.  A running tee-back tank that is slicky for layering purposes.  A long sleeve in case it gets cold at night.  +/- a jacket or hoodie.  I’m not sure I want to carry it, but know that I do NOT want to get chilly.

The Plan:

Hang out in the park prior to the concert.  Go early to secure good parking and chill to music.  Get to our seats on the proper day and correct time to actually view the DBM concert this year!  Then car-camp–somewhere free–afterwards.

Preferred Setlist:

Don’t Drink the Water

Hello Again

Funny the Way It Is


Tripping Billies

Big Eyed Fish


Two Step

Hunger for the Great Light


The Stone

Too High

Grace is Gone

Dancing Nancies

I Did It

Jimmy Thing


So Much to Say

You And Me

The Maker

Ants Marching

I am excited!  It is finally here.  I will see it this time, have fun, and will NOT worry about this muscle tee shirt assignment (I’ll talk of this later, when I’m finished not thinking about it), studying, or work.  Middle-Washington–here we come!!!!

Live Shows Kill Me

10 Oct

It would have been better to have not gone to the Brandi Carlile concert at all.  I’m so regretful that I had to leave early to make it through work the next day.  Also, the standing up, obnoxious drunkards, and late hours really put a damper on the whole experience.

And now, I’m wanting a do-over.  Brandi Carlile really impressed me, and I’m hungering for a legit concert experience with her.  To add insult to injury, she will be touring in CoMo and Reno–both places where I have deep connections.  But I don’t think I’ll be able to attend either show because of winter weather, prices, and my work schedule.  It just kills me!  Very next opportunity to see her–I’m grabbing it!

I also want to see Trans Siberian Orchestra when they do a show.  Right in town!  These artists are just killing me.  I don’t want more of the same though, so I’ll have to see if the show is on a day when I won’t have to be up for work the next day.

Also, I want to see Sheryl Crow while she’s still relatively young and rockin’.  Maybe when winter is over?

As long as I have a heavy work schedule, I guess I’d be better off just NOT knowing when awesome concerts are coming my way.  It’s torture to either miss them, or attend half-heartedly b/c I know I’ll pay for it at work the next day.

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Concerts (2003 to July 2022)

20 Jun

2003 when I was 20 (so old!) was my first concert.  Randomly Mid-Missouri got a lot better people than Northern Nevada.  Steadman opened for Jason Mraz.  It was a really cool first concert, because Steadman sings amazingly and Jason Mraz talked a lot throughout the show, telling song origins and being funny.  that same year I saw John Mayer, who was good, and Shania Twain who is SUPER-talented!  I cheaped out and ended up in the second to last row, but boy can Shania belt it out!  She had costume changes and was totally giving things to the first few rows and singing autographs as she sang.  I wish I would have paid for better seats!

I saw Ani DiFranco, in Columbia, Missouri because she is Douche’s favorite.  All the lesbians young and old were there, so that was cool, but I am fairly unimpressed with Ani.  Firstly, she doesn’t vary her guiter riffs.  Her singing voice is sub-par.  She thinks she’s so profound, so her lyrics are pretentious.  She can’t really be a lesbian icon, because she was married to a man at the time.  I especially do not like the drug rumors.  And she did seem jittery and erratic to me, so I could see how she might be doing coke or some other upper.  I can say, she is very congenial and the audience wants to LIKE her.

I also saw Soggy Bottom Boys who opened for Blind Boys of Alabama because of Douche.  It was a really good show though I initially had no interest.  The blind guys would get up and rock out dangerously close to the edge of the stage, and their gospel flavors would just inspire the crowd to really get into it!

Then, I went to a flurry of Indigo Girls concerts.  The first was in Saint Louis with Douche.  Then, two years later I saw IG on all three tour stops near Missouri:  Saint Louis where Girlyman opened, the Blue Note in Columbia (which the Girls hated, b/c the acoustics weren’t right for them), and Kansas City.  The Kansas City show was especially good, as the crowd was really into it, and Amy and Emily were surprised by that, and geared up to meet the energy, and promised to come back in the future.  Then, I saw them again in 2006 in Saint Louis with Lori.  And in 2010, I saw them in Tacoma with Cool.  I make all my girlfriends go to their concerts with me, I guess!  Now Cool and I are going to see them at the Seattle Zoo next month.

In between, the IG I don’t remember going to any other concerts.  Maybe there are more that I just don’t remember right now. . .  I tried to see Dave Matthews Band with Cool, even had the tickets, and went to the Gorge and everything.  Only to find out that the tickets were for the day before.  It.  Was.  Heartbreaking.  That super-sucked!

In 2016 I saw Lord Huron and Trampled By Turtles at The Complex in SLC.  The venue was horrible!  It’s in a bad neighborhood of abandoned buildings, trash, and the edge of the homeless population.  The first thing was getting frisked.  The venue is literally a dark, dank warehouse that someone slapped a stage into.  There is no seating, sticky concrete floors, and the alcohol options are sorely lacking.  You can get over-priced watered-down (I assume) cocktails in a different room and miss the show, or pay for over-priced piss-water fratty beer in a sectioned-off portion of the main room.  Who doesn’t sell a single craft-beer option in 2016???  Get with the program!  The sound is loud, but garbled.  You are packed in like cattle, and as always, people are rude.  And the tall people always push to the front.  The two screens went black.  There were 45 minutes between the opening act and the main band.  The small of “fart” would waft by frequently.  It was hot.  I’ll never go back to that venue–I’m too old for that crap.  But both bands were awesome!  Lord Huron opened and I’m sure some of the crowd came just for them.  People seemed really into it, and knew the songs.  They made a fan out of me, too.  The light show was good, and they rocked!  It’s the very first time I’ve ever heard the crowd chant, “one more song” at the end of the opener.  I don’t think they prepared another song, or maybe someone told them time was too short, because there was no encore by the opener.  But the crowd most definitly clamored for one and it would have been awesome to see!  Looking back, I’m kinda glad they didn’t because things moved slowly enough as it was, and that standing in a jam-packed group on concrete super-sucks.  Then, Trampled By Turtles came on and were amazing.  I would describe their sound/genre as “hipster bluegrass.”  It’s the instrumentation of bluegrass, with less country of vocals, more indy/alternative singing.  I like them all the time, especially their fast songs.  But watching in person made it even better.  Their hands move so fast!  And the harmonies and timing are so awesome!  TBT just moved into my top 4 favorites.  I think this year (this moment) it goes:  Indigo Girls (because of 1sts/nostalgia, longevity, a huge catalog, ability to tame any crowd, and ability to grow with the times), Brandi Carlile, Dave Matthews Band, then TBT.

’03 Steadman opened for Jason Mraz- Jessie Hall(?) CoMo

’03 John Mayer-  Jessie Hall(?)(2nd x) CoMo

’03 Shania Twain- Arena(?) STL

’03 Indigo Girls (1st time)- The Pageant(?)(2nd x) STL

’04 Ani DiFranco- ____Theater(?) CoMo

’05 Soggy Bottom Boys opened for Blind Boys of Alabama- Blue Note, CoMo

’05 Indigo Girls (2nd x)- The Pageant(?)(3rd x) STL

’05 Indigo Girls (3rd x)- Blue Note (2nd x) CoMo

’05 Indigo Girls- _____ KC (4th x)

Oct 2005 Miranda Lambert played a concert prior to the NASCAR race & sang the national anthem- Kansas Motor Speedway, Kansas City

’06 Girlyman opened for Indigo Girls (5th x)- The Pageant(?)(4th x) STL

’10 Indigo Girls (6th x)- Pantages Theater Tacoma

06/’11 Empty Space Orchestra opened for Minus the Bear- Knitting Factory, Spokane

Got a table and beer service

07/’11 Indigo Girls (7th x)- Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

10/’11 Brandi Carlile- Knitting Factory (2nd x), Spokane

(left an hour early b/c of super late start and necessity of working early the next day)

Sat, 9/1/’12 Avett Brothers opened for DMB- Gorge

Thurs, 10/’12 Brandi Carlile (2nd x)- Knitting Factory (3rd x) Spokane

Sat, 11/23/’12 Brandi Carlile (3rd x) w/Seattle Symphony- Benaroya Hall, Seattle

Sun, 8/31/’13 DMB (2nd x) @ Gorge (2nd x)

Fri, 8/29/14 Brandi Carlile (4th x) opened for DMB (3rd x) @ The Gorge (3rd x)

Sun, 8/31/14 Brandi Carlile (5th x) opened for DMB (4th x) @ The Gorge (4th x)

Sun, 8/16/15 Anderson East opened for Brandi Carlile (6th time) @ Red Butte Gardens, SLC, UT

Wed, 9/9/15 DMB (5th time) @ Stateline (Harvey’s, Lake Tahoe)

Sat 8/13/16 Blind Pilot opened for Brandi Carlile (7th time) @ Deer Valley Resort in Park City

Mon 8/15/16 Lord Huron opened for Trampled By Turtles @ The Complex in SLC, UT.

TBT didn’t take the stage til 10 PM, so we left after 2 songs. I never want to have to leave a concert early again!!!

3/23/18-3/25/18: 1st Annual Innigsfestival (Young the Giant, Cold War Kids, Lord Huron, White Buffalo, Luke Combs, The Head and the Heart, MT Joy) @Tempe Town Park

10/3/19: Tour de Fat- Trampled by Turtles. @tempe town park

8/11/19: bought ticks to see Young the Giant in Phoenix, but Cool was being bipolar & it was on a Sun and I had to work at McKesson early Mon, so we didn’t go. I hate that so much!

2/29/20: 3rd Innings Festival (Portugal the Man, Jason Isbell, DMB (6th time)). @tempe town park

Covid taken seriously

7/6/22:  Katie Pruitt was 1st opener.  Tanya Tucker was next.  Brandi Carlile (8th time) at Kansas City’s Starlight Theater