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Junior Nation Hater! [posted 2-20-09]

17 Jan

It doesn’t even start out with the wreck.  Earnhardt Jr. was dumb even before that.  He missed his pit, not once but probably three times!  Really?!  You can’t see the flag bearing your number. . .  3 different times???  Aside from that, Junior’s pit crew preceded working on the car even though Junior had not parked between the lines of his pit box.  Tell me—NONE of them could see the officials waving at him to back the car up?  They were motioning for Junior to reverse so as to get in his proper area—denoted by yellow lines.  So NASCAR black flagged Junior and made him sit in his (proper) pit box for a couple of laps.  Rightfully so, since the poor driver in front of Junior was blocked off from HIS pit box.  At any rate, Junior (who is hardly ever sanctioned by NASCAR) was none too pleased with the discipline.  That is why the next events unfolded.

Vickers (a lapped car) was near the front of the pack.  Junior (also lapped) was a little ways behind him.  Junior gets out of line and goes low in an attempt to pass Vickers.  To do this he had to cross the double yellow—you can NOT advance your position by crossing under the double yellow!  This is clearly stated in the rules.  Also the line used to be just a single yellow, but Daytona took the time to paint a whole other line just to make the rule crystal clear.  Oh I know—maybe Junior is color blind and can’t see yellow???  Wait he could still see lines, right?  Besides these were 2 lapped cars, and we still had some 100 laps of racing to go.  So it was a stupid time for Junior to make such a move.  Vickers dove down to the bottom to block the pass.  This was heavy-handed considering the circumstances, but perfectly legal.  The proper thing for Junior to do (and what the rules call for) is to blend back into the line of the racing pack.  Instead of blending, Junior had a temper tantrum and hit Vickers rear end on his way back into line.  Accident or frustration, Junior made the contact.  Vickers ricocheted up the track and through the main pack of cars.

To my chagrin, Junior Nation defended his actions!  They are foolish!!!  As someone else put it, “Junior could step out of his car, shoot Vickers in the head, and you people [Junior Nation] would STILL blame Vickers!”  It’s not even that I don’t like Dale Earnhardt Jr.  I think he’s probably nice, definitely great at selling merchandise, and he sure fills out those Wranglers nicely.  It just infuriates me that some people think he does no wrong!

I dare any Junior fan to come up with a legitimate reason for cheering that dude on—besides his father.  The guy can’t help who his father is, but his racing heritage afforded him every opportunity (and dollar) to succeed—and he hasn’t.  The guy drove for a company bearing his name, for pete’s sake!  Junior just doesn’t have the record!

Junior has no Championship—the mark of an excellent driver.  Sure, there are exceptions like Mark Martin, who is an awesome driver, but hasn’t won the cup.  He’s still considered a good driver because he has 35 wins under his belt.  Junior’s stats aren’t even good!   In trying to defend Junior to me, one of the Junior Nation members told me Junior has had 18 wins.  Are you kidding me with that???  In 10 years of racing, with all his money and notoriety—only 18?  Sir, that is no bragging right!  Carl Edwards, who has only been racing for about 4 seasons, already had 16 wins!  He has also come very close to winning the Championship.  My guy, Jimmy Johnson, has 40 wins in 7 seasons!  Tony Stewart has 33 wins, and even loser Bobby Labonte (aka wreck magnet) has 21 wins.  Let’s not even talk about Jeff Gordon who has 81 wins in the last 14 years—and that’s with 2 entirely winless seasons!

Junior Nation—you are impractical and deluded!!!  Quit defending the (wrong) actions of Junior.  More importantly, quit treating ME like an idiot because I call him on his flaws.