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Well Done, Spokompton–>Smoking

6 Jun

Percentage of Youth who Smoked Cigarettes in the past 30 days
by Grade and Region, 2010
6th Grade 8th Grade 10th Grade 12th Grade
North Sound 2% 7% 13% 18%
West Balance 2% 9% 15% 22%
King 1% 4% 8% 15%
Other Puget Sound Metro 1% 7% 14% 20%
Clark 2% 7% 14% 20%
East Balance 2% 7% 14% 18%
Spokane 1% 9% 17% 24%
Yakima-TriCities 2% 7% 11% 16%
Statewide 1.7% 6.6% 12.7% 19.6%

Source: Healthy Youth Survey, 2010
Regional designations are the same as the Washington State Population Survey –
additional information can be found at http://www.ofm.wa.gov/sps/

North Sound: Island, San Juan, Skagit, Whatcom
West Balance: Clallam, Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, , Klickitat, Lewis, Mason,, Pacific,
Skamania, and Wahkiakum.
King: King
Other Puget Sound Metro: Kitsap, Pierce, Snohomish, Thurston
Clark: Clark
East Balance: Adams, Asotin, Chelan, Columbia, Douglas, Ferry, Garfield, Grant, Kittitas,
Lincoln, Okanogan, Pend Oreille, Stevens, Walla Walla, and Whitman.
Spokane: Spokane
Yakima-TriCities: Benton, Franklin, and Yakima.

Click to access 340-149_2011WashingtonTobaccoFacts.pdf

I’m Sick. And Grumpy.

20 Aug

Last night I started feeling worse and worse.  Normally when I feel something coming on I go to bed super-early.  But I will have to work til midnight really soon and my body is already going to be shocked.  As such, I HAD to stick it out until 9:30PM.  I felt so bad that I turned off my alarm clock (I never sleep to the alarm, but I’d be too nervous if I didn’t set it–just in case) for cleaning the vet hospital in the morning.  I try to go there every other day and had gone Monday, so was set to do it today.  But I had called Monday to make Rusty an appointment–and of course Wednesday was the first they could get me in.  And they were very explicit that I should drop off at 7:30AM.  So with the (impending) sickness, I didn’t think I should get up at 3-4AM, drop off the car, and be unable to nap.  If I get in bed after 5:20AM, I CANNOT sleep no matter how hard I try.  Anyway, so I decided I would clean work Wednesday night and still get it done on the every other day.

I slept fitfully because my body is trying to get sick and out of guilt for not cleaning–even though it’s a flexible schedule and I just have to make sure and go 3x/wk.  But I felt bad anyhow.  In the morning (the cats woke us up at 5:30AM, so I didn’t get tons of sleep), we went to drop Rusty off.  And–he had written that I called on Monday, but neglected to put me on the schedule for today.  So skipping work and dropping off was unnecessary because he put me on the very bottom of their full schedule.  Annoying.  And I felt icky so I almost said something about it.

At the track, I had intended to run a record 400m today.  I thought maybe if I warmed up slowly it could still be done.  Because I’m not completely sick, I can just tell it’s coming on.  But there is still time for preventative sleep/warmth/Zicam/vitamins/fluids.  But as soon as I started jogging I instantly felt TERRIBLE.  Everything ached, I felt tired, my muscles were stiff.  It was unpleasant.  I changed my mind about any speed work and just did a slow 2 miles practicing switching long strides and quick strides.  

When I got back to the apartment complex, the trashy-trashy, white-trash trashy lesboz that park next to us were over the line half in our spot.  So I had to squeeze in very tightly.  And when I opened the door, I was confronted with their barf-covered passenger door.  Who pukes on their car??!  Disgusting.  Cool wrote a note, but the tone was annoyed.  And I am all about feeling annoyed, but hesitated to give it to them, because, trashy people have no boundaries and who knows how they might retaliate.  But Cool put it on their barf-mobile anyway.  Fast-forward:  Next time I went to the car, theirs was gone, and the note was crumpled beside Cool’s car. . .

Rewind:  I went home and Cool made a wonderful huckleberry waffle breakfast.  I was feeling so crummy that the impossible occured and I actually was able to nap for 30 min.  But it wasn’t enough and I still felt like crud.  I get, for lack of better word, annoying sickness.  There’s no outward signs, but I feel feverish and fatigued.  Standing in the kitchen to make a frozen drink for Labor Dave about did me in, and I felt really crummy.  So I look a-OK, but feel ick-scum.  If it does come full-on (it hasn’t yet) I’ll get a fever and a head-cold.  Not cool times for public or for sitting in class.

Anyway, I didn’t get a call until 1:30PM asking permissions and pricing.  So I should have gone to work, and Rusty will not be finished today.  Which is super-annoying, because now Cool goes to work and I’ll have to clean at 3-4AM tomorrow–sacrificing more sleep when I’m (getting) sick.

That’s all.  I’ll work on my graph blogs today since standing up seems too much.  That reminds me, there are just 5 days til school starts and I have a HUGE list of things to do before then.  I’m mentally going insane, but my body won’t cooperate–it’s going to be a low productivity day when I need to kick it into high gear >:-[

I Hope People Like This Are Made to SUFFER

7 Aug

I have to hope their will be some sort of justice, or else the sadness for animals and anger toward cruel, careless, ignorant, and irresponsible people will really eat me alive.


It hurts my heart how terrible some people are.  The downstairs neighbors moved out last week (were evicted for non-payment of rent, actually) and just left their cat and kitten outside in 90+F temps to fend for themselves.

Laurel's pics 614I actually think I became a little desensitized while a veterinary worker, because we saw this kind of thing constantly.  Don’t get me wrong, you still don’t like it, don’t want to see it, and it makes you sad and angry.  But like viewing increasingly violent movies frequently, it begins to affect you just a little less over time.  It has to or you’ll break–anyone with a conscience would.  But you do what you can do, and you have to look at the bigger picture.

A lot of people don’t know any better.  Or they’re selfish, irresponsible, or see animals as an object/property and treat them accordingly.  Some people knowingly do the wrong thing.  Some people are even so ornery as to hold your heart hostage as a way to get discounts–it’s disgusting.  You start to see and hear it all.  And if you let it get to you, it will really make you depressed or angry at all of humanity.  Also, you have to remember–I can’t save them all.  Because believe me, you want to.  But that can spiral into a bad situation too–so you do what you can with what you have to be able to sleep at night.

Also, when working at a vet hospital you feel like your work counteracts a lot of that negative stuff.  There’s a lot that sucks, Alfred in a scarfbut you educated a client, you connected an abandoned pet to a wonderful new owner, you helped alleviate one (probably many) animal’s pain–you feel somewhat empowered by that.  When you’re not involved with a vet hospital, you’re fairly powerless to help.  Now that I’ve been away from it, even briefly (5 months) it really breaks my heart to think about those poor buddies.  I don’t see it and hear it all day long anymore, so the pain feels a lot worse to me right now–and there’s a lot less I can do.  I mean, I’m preoccupied feeling sad for them.

The thing is, I saw and petted the kitties outside almost every day when I came and went to work, but thought they lived around here.  Some people intentionally let their cats outdoors–even in an bengal 2apartment/city situation.  I figured some dumb neighbor was letting the cats out.  I hoped the cats were obnoxiously scratching to go outside and finally the owner relented.  You have to tell yourself things to ease your mind.  So I worried about cars, dogs, and mean people, but thought they seemed like they belonged here so obviously had a home.  Just the same, I wanted to confirm it, so after a week of reminders, Cool finally asked our landlord if she knew their story.  And she said they’d been abandoned.  It made me feel truly awful.  I feel terrible and guilty especially since I had been a little apathetic while meanwhile the cats were cooking in the weather, starving, and lonely.

Tomorrow I’m going to borrow crates from work so they can be transported to the shelter.  Of course I’m worried about their fate:  Will they be euthanized?  Will they get adopted?  Together?  Again, I just have to tell myself that things will work out beautifully.  Because what else can I do?  Other then treat my own 2 buddies with love and take responsible care of them.

As soon as I heard I went right outside with some dry kibble and a can of Fancy Feast.  The older cat was a little more kitty birthdaystandoffish, liked the canned (only within the tiny can), but turned up it’s nose to the diet food–chubby knew that story.  The kitten ate like it was starving, which maybe it was, but it could just eat like a piggy too.  Once it polished off the canned food, it went right to gobbling dry.  It ate so readily that I changed my mind about leaving the Cool Whip contained out for them for fear the kitten would eat the entire contents in the next 2 min, then have the big-D on rescue day.

So here’s to doing something!


How a Short Week Felt Long

8 Sep

a list of my goings-on:

-I’m worried that I’m not studying enough or that I don’t have the right buckled-down school mentality or something.  This makes me feel guilty and worried.

-I think my work has a mind to put me off about my schedule change now that they agreed to do it.  I’ve heard nothing of it, and when I pressed my boss about a broad timeline she wrote me “Unknown.”  WTF!

-I still haven’t hit my scheduling groove and this makes me over-all stressed and gives me guilt about being unproductive.

-Cool is manic.  Still.  This means she cooks a lot and goes grocery shopping by herself.  It also means she can be irritable, doesn’t sleep, and is impulsive.

-I felt sick yesterday, but I get this nondescript fatigue/achy/feverish feeling, not vomiting.  So I couldn’t call in sick, and no one even noticed I wasn’t well.  I wish I got the stomach flu–no one wants you when you’re vomiting!

-We had tickets to the fair (and I looovvvvee festivity) but I didn’t feel well and opted to study all day instead.  Maybe we can go later this week?

-I hate 75-150 word papers!  How the eff am I supposed to describe a pathology, the cause, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, hearing implications, and rehab considerations in such little space?

-I had bad dreams last night.  Let’s just say they are too disgusting and repulsive to mention.

-The weather has been crazy–93F blazing sun one day and 54F gray, and cloudy this morning.  It makes running outside difficult–as does the community college’s schedule.  I just treadmilled it this morning, which saved time and was warmer.  But that makes for a long indoor season,

-There are so many things I need and want to do, but it seems like there’s so little time.

-I need to do my clogging dance so I don’t forget the steps.

I guess that’s all.  I’ll try to write more this next week.  Maybe it will be possible.

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The Suffering of My People

8 Feb

By proxy.  And not aimed directly at my particular tribe–through we were mistreated too, and all natives eventually felt the ramifications of the law I’m about to broach.

On this day (February 8) in 1887, President Grover Cleveland signed the Dawes Severalty Act into legislation.  And have you even heard of it?  My guess is no.  Is this Native American month?  Wait?  Do we have one?  Let’s not forget the suffering of the real owner of this country while we remember achievements of African Americans and Civil Rights.  Neither one is more important then the other, yet the Indian plight is overlooked.  Back then, and still today.

Red (for the blood shed) is mine with much plagiarism from Wiki and HistoryChannel.com,, here are some facts about how the Dawes Act was a major factor in the ruin my people:

-The stated objective of the Dawes Act was to stimulate assimilation of Indians into American society.

-Individual ownership of land was seen as an essential step. The act also provided that the government would purchase Indian land “excess” to that needed for allotment and open it up for settlement by non-Indians.  [Translation:  We want to sell this prime land to railroads, miners, and settlers–get OUT!]

-Dawes Act gave the president the power to divide Indian reservations into individual, privately owned plots.

-The compulsory Act forced natives to succumb to their inevitable fate; they would undergo severe attempts to become “Euro-Americanized” as the government allotted their reservations with or without their consent.

-Reformers believed that Indians would never bridge the chasm between “barbarism and civilization” if they maintained their tribal cohesion and traditional ways.

-Finally defeated by the US military force [after Indian Wars where traditionalists railed against losing their land and culture at the lowest of prices] and continuing waves of encroaching settlers, the tribes negotiated agreements to resettle on reservations.

-The act “was the culmination of American attempts to destroy tribes and their governments and to open Indian lands to settlement by non-Indians and to development by railroads.”[27]

-Land owned by Indians decreased from 138 million acres (560,000 km2) in 1887 to 48 million acres (190,000 km2) in 1934.[3]

-they lost 62 percent of their total pre-1887 holdings!

-promised benefits to the Indians never materialized.

-Racism, bureaucratic bungling, and inherent weaknesses in the law deprived the Indians of the strengths of tribal ownership, while severely limiting the economic viability of individual ownership.

-Many tribes also deeply resented and resisted the government’s heavy-handed attempt to destroy their traditional cultures.

-The amount of land in native hands rapidly depleted from some 150 million acres (610,000 km2) to a small 78 million acres (320,000 km2) by 1900.

-The remainder of the land once allotted to appointed natives was declared surplus and sold to non-native settlers as well as railroad and other large corporations; other sections were converted into federal parks and military compounds.

-Most allotment land, which could be sold after a statutory period of 25 years, was eventually sold to non-Native buyers at bargain prices.

-Despite these flaws, the Dawes Severalty Act remained in force for more than four decades [And the ramifications are still evident today]

So on this infamous day in history, please take time to remember the Native Americans and their plight at the hands of Angelo-ism (Europeans take over the world), politics, greed/capitalism, and many, many other factors.

WORSE Jobs Then Mine

17 Feb

In the interest in enjoying MY job again, here is a list of things that would be even worse:

Job at a sewage treatment plant.

Addiction counselor at a homeless shelter.

Working as a janitor at Wal-Mart.  Check that–just working at Wal-Mart.

Past veterinary jobs I’ve had:  Emergency where I would work 12 hour shifts with literally no breaks, AND the doctors would be MIA, Aurora vet hospital with pretentious and entitled clients and cold co-workers, DVVH with a mid-life crises boss who scape-goated me, or even Noah’s Ark where I had to spend 3-6 hours per day walking/cleaning/treating a high volume of animals with irresponsible co-workers.

Any night job.  9 PM-4:30 AM will.  Not.  Work.

Daycare or preschool aide working with toddlers.

Working at the food stamp office, DMV, or any other disgruntled government operation.

Any type of engineer or mathematician.

Sales–especially if travel is required.

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Black Friday, Black Heart

25 Nov

I think the human condition is ugly much of the time.

Instead of appreciating togetherness and family and remembering how the Native Americans did not let the immigrants starve, many people are focused on going out to the stores. They feel justified.  I suppose people will always find a way to justify their thoughtless, negative behavior.  There is no convincing those set to shop, that they might be hurting someone else. They say people should be thankful they have a job. Is that the kind of country we want to be? Making the little guy leave their own family dinner early, forgo alcohol, to staff retail? So the greedy can push and shove and spend money they don’t have. So the corporate heads can make boat-loads of money in one 24 hour period.

I work in the service industry too.  On one hand, I’m glad I have my job, and have planned my life around it.  I know I don’t get weekends or holidays off, but in turn, I get days during the week off.  I hate the general public, so I like my schedule.  I can avoid crowds at the grocery story, coin-op laundry, and the gym.  Emergency workers, health care, military, restaurant employees–all have to work weekends and holidays.  But that still doesn’t make Black Friday right.

Black Friday is about crowds, pushing, lines.  Getting deals.  Fighting for items.  Greed.  Greed!  There are already a bunch of stories about pepper spray in the Wal-Mart, long lines, and shoving matches between strangers.  When they say they are shopping to prepare for the holidays.  Which are supposed to be about love, togetherness, forgiveness. . .  It’s wrong.

I suggest we remember the foundations of our country, and what the holiday season really means. The Thanksgiving is about Indians sharing. Christmas is the birth of Jesus. To pervert these holidays and turn them into capitalist, greedy things that subvert the lower class is sad.

I will be going to work today.  I hope no one wrecks me on the roads in their zeal to get to the store faster.  And I hope rather than gathering at the vet, people go home and celebrate Family Day–because that’s why most people are off work today.

Sex Kitten: A Look at the Implications of Language

9 Jun

The language itself is a pervasive force–it is the way we communicate our expectations, how we preceive ourselves as a country, and the way we convey our deepest feelings.  When the dialect is biased it shows a prejudice on a deep level for the body of people using those words.  With frequent use, words become so ingrained they are “natural.”  When this happens their true meaning is lost, and people use them without thinking about their consequences.  Nothing could be worse because the insidious factor becomes an underlying, furtive force chipping away at their targets ubiquitously.  It’s a lot easier to fight an enemy you can see. . .

We have some beautiful words in the English language:  Ailurophile means a lover of cats.  Dalliance is a brief love affair.  Lissome is slender and graceful.  Sumptuous means lush or luxerious, both of which are also beautiful descriptive terms.  Here’s more:  http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1Golkm/deshoda.com/words/100-most-beautiful-words-in-the-english-language/

Instead of using those we resort to the more evocative, yet detrimental slang words.  Everyone should know by now that sexual terms for women are degrading, or at the very least objectify females while sexual terms for men are boastful and have positive connotations.  I have provided a few examples to display what I mean about our sexism in our vocabulary.  On the men’s categories I have emphasized the negative terms or ones that objectify guys.  On the Female entries, I emphasized the neutral or positive words.

Guys that have a lot of sex:

Balla, Chick-magnet, Gigolo, Hustler, Mack, Pimp, Playa, Play-boy, Player, Stud

Females that have a reputation for having a lot of sex:

Cougar, Easy, Floozy, Harlot, Ho, Hooker, Hussy, Loose, Prostitute, Sex-Kitten, Shorty, Skank, Slut, Sorostitute, Tease, Temptress, Tramp, Promiscuous, Whore

As you can see, the men have just one negative connotation among a plethera of positive proclamations, while all but one of the women’s terms villianize them for having sex.  This says our society pats boys and men on the back for having intercourse, even if it’s considered a lot of sex, but look down on girls and women for doing the same thing.  Or being accused of doing it.  Or just acting like they might want to. . .  This double standard is unfair.

When it comes to sex, our language proves that we are not very educated.  At most the terms are ignorant and show a lack of knowledge of our most private parts.  At worst, the words are harsh and evoke feelings of shame while implying the body is dirty.  Remember that I have emphasized words that can be construed as negative for men, and terms that are neutral to positive for women.

Slang for Male Anatomy & Physiology:

Balls, Boner, Cock, Cum, Cumshot, Dick, Jism, Jizz, Johnson, Juice, Junk, Load, Nut, Pecker,  Schlong, Skeet, Splooge, Spunk, Wang, Weiner, Willy

Slang for Female Anatomy:

Bearded-clam, Beaver, Boobs, Box, Bush, Button, Cooch, Coochie, Cooter, Cunt, Hole, Jugs, Love-button, Muff, Poon, Poontang, Pussy, Slit, Snatch, Tits, Titties, Tuna-fish, Tuna-juice, Twat, Vag,

Even using the highlighted words, the rule still stands that men get a lot more positive ways to describe their anatomy, while women’s body parts convey mystery and secrets.  Or, if we are familiar with them at all, are described as disgusting.  Dick and pecker are neutral slang terms for a man’s penis, and are only highlighted because a guy could be called these terms in an angry tone of voice to show displeasure.  Boobs, Box, Button, Hole, Love-button, and Vag and emphasized as neutral to positive only because they do not make me cringe as the other words in the set do.  Granted, they are still not the most stellar or accurate descriptions.  What does it mean for women if the best words to describe their bodies are still ignorant or just borderline horrid instead of absolutely insulting?

Gendered Terms Used to Describe Males:

Buff, Charming, Cocky, Cut, Douche, Dude, Gay, Fag, Faggot, Handsome, Hunk, Prince, Pussy, Queen, Studly, Strong, Stud-muffin, Suave, Tall, Transvestite 

Gendered Terms Used to Describe Females:

Babe, Bangin’, Barbie, Beautiful, Betty, Bimbo, Bitch, Buxom, Chick, Cupcake, Curvy, Cute, Dear, Delicious, Delightful, Dog, Dumb-blonde, Drama-queen, Dyke, FineFoxGorgeous, Goddess, Honey, Hun, Lesbian, MILF, Muffin-top, Pretty, Pumpkin, Stunning, Sweetie, Sweetheart, Tight, Voluptuou

Based on the descriptive terms of men and women, what do you think our society values about females?  Just look how many words are in bold to signify a positive connotation!  BUT is it positive to sexualize and objectify women?  What happens when looks are valued above personality and character?  These words show an impossible standard that women are supposed to live up to–and not many do.  Even worse are the emphasized terms on the men’s side.  Note how all the negative words that describe males mean homosexual or feminine.  So the worst thing a guy can be–is female or gay (= too feminine)?

The take home message here is 1:  Our English language shows our bias against females and 2:  We need to be especially careful how language is used to avoid stigmatizing and marginalizing any population.

Identity Theft [10-31-10]

2 Jan

I tried to fill the car with gas, but the pump didn’t accept my debit card–it was declined inside as well, but I figured it was because the card was wizened and too bendy to read.  I called the bank to make an inquest about the status of my card because I know there is plenty of money in my account.  I hate the usury tacts my bank uses with my credit card-so I have a natural distrust of them.  At first, I thought it was some mistake and was belligerent for the inconvenience–but then I grewmonastic when I realized my account had been compromised.  Once I realized there was a problem I fervidly tried to find out how someone had gleaned my card information when the card had always been in my possession.

A criminal coterie in Seattle was putting card skimmers (they copy the magnetic strip on debit and credit cards to store and make a copy-card to be used later) everywhere including:  Gas stations, ATM machines, and stores such as Barnes & Noble’s.  When even your own (loan-sharking) bank’s ATM could be tainted by a skimmer who can a person trust?!  I wanted to investigate what businesses were affected but the list was so long, and there are unknown places, so it was impossible to find out where my card info was reaped.

I hope the boor who took my debit card numbers gets the effing felony they deserve!  I have much antipathy for anyone who would do this to innocent people.  The very next day, Cool called her bank to inquest why her debit card was denied at Win-Co.  She became impassioned when they told her she had fraudulent charges in California.

The animus, jerk-criminals who had stolen my debit number had licentiously stolen hers at the same time.  She actually got a lot further in her quest to find the person, because her abhorrent criminal had spent the money at Wal-Mart–where they videotape customer transactions.  My probe was stopped before it really started, because the Toys R Us charge had been denied so I didn’t know the location or time it took place, and I didn’t think Bed, Bath, & Beyond filmed their customers.

I am a supporter of throwing the book at these repugnant people–even if ultimately the banks are the only victim.  Along with the antagonistic card skimmers placed all over Western Washington, crooks are wantonly writing people’s card numbers, simply taking phone pictures of the card, or using mini skimmers to steal card info when the debit card is out of the patron’s sight.  The police and even secret service have been probing the case and it is on a national level.  So far the hated, fraudulent group has garnered, acquired, amassed, harvested, gathered, numbers from over 50,000 cards!  It’s hard to believe vulgarians like this are getting away with such fraudulent behaviors–it makes me very hostile.

I am going to have to begin being monastic about where I use my debit card.  We have both forsworn using our debit cards at the pump, I have rejected using my card at any restaurant, and I’m going to try to retract my frequent usage of my card all-together in favor my cash.  I was hoping that if someone had stolen my identity, the loathed criminals would pay back my undergrad loans which feature usury interest rates.  I was afraid whoever stole my digits would sully my good credit–I didn’t know how much info they had garnered.  Luckily, it seems the banks are acting an an exponent for their customers, rather than drawing out the experience and repulsively making people fight to get their money back.

Tan Lines or Pervs?

30 Dec


I thought I could kill 2 birds with one stone and exercise in the back (I emphasize back) yard.  More scenic, breezy, AND I could get a tan at the same time.  I was on the elliptical in my sports bra and a pair of shorts for not 15 min. before my parent’s dirty old man of a neighbor parked himself in HIS backyard.  He didn’t even pretend to be out there DOING anything.  He wasn’t doing yard work or reading or playing with his dogs—just sitting and staring.  He sat in a bench directly in front of me, looking into my parents’ back yard at me.  Gross—and obvious!  It made me want to have a sedition.
When I mentioned it to my mom, she said he sometimes sits on his porch—which looks south (not west, at our yard) and reads the paper. . .  No this was not like that—he’s a freakin perv!  Needless to say I changed my routine and only run in the middle of the desert.
Today, I’m trying to save a couple of bucks by hand-washing my filthy car.  It’s peak of the day sunny, and I’m dealing with dirt and water so I’m in a ratty old pair of shorts and a bikini top.  Suddenly, the neighbor across the street opens his garage and sits on the front stoop chatting on the phone!  There’s no chair out there, cause in 22 years I’ve never seen him sit out on his front porch.  Realizing what was happening, I hurriedly finished washing and packed up my stuff.  As SOON as I went inside, so did he. . .
What the hell, old (married) men???  I don’t know why men feel they have a right to conspicuously ogle females.  It’s not like I’m trying to put on a show.  s it some sort of male conspiracy?  I’m trying to go about my business in my OWN yard—gerr.  These guys have seen me around since I was little too, making their creepy peeping even more lecherous.  So it’s either stay in the house or get a farmers’ tan because of pervy old men!  Sigh, what a choice.  How about a female rebellion?  Who’s up for an insurrection?