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Taylor Swift’s Evermore as Amalgamation: Gold Rush Analysis

19 Dec

Faster singing conveys fast-living, being in over your head, frantic, anxiety, trying to keep up.


Gleaming, twinkling

Eyes like sinking ships on waters

So inviting, I almost jump in

Sinking ships are ominous.  This line is foreshadowing trouble.  More than that, Taylor is tying this song to “This Love” [1989].  Now that we’ve seen the new timeline of Karlie and Jo$h, and how Karlie was essentially always technically with him, “This Love” becomes more clear to us outsiders:

Clear blue water, high tide came and brought you in, Skies grew darker, currents swept you out again, This love is good, this love is bad, This love is alive back from the dead, These hands had to let it go free, And this love came back to me, Been losing grip, On sinking ships, our kiss, my cheek, I watched you leave, Your smile, my ghost, I fell to my knees, When you’re young you just run, But you come back to what you need

All of these (cherry picked) lines convey how Karlie would be with Taylor, but only briefly.  My underlines show how Karlie would go to Taylor than leave over and over.  And Taylor longed for more time and more stability.  This song is telling the listener that Taylor almost settled for such an arrangement, but she didn’t quite jump in.


Think of the 2014 VS Fashion Show, where Taylor was in the pink.  Section 1 of that show (a section that Karlie Kloss walked) was called Gilded Angels.

gild·ed /ˈɡildəd/ adjective

  1. covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint.
    “an elegant gilded birdcage”
    • wealthy and privileged.

Wow, does the title of this VS Fashion Show section feel relevant to me.  I think the song was named after it.  And I think Taylor is showing us through her lyrics, that like the section title, the gold of Karlie, of their relationship was actually gilded.  A thin veneer.  And it’s creepy that a birdcage was right on the first definition in Google, bc it’s so Taylor.  And the wealthy and privileged example in the definition also comes into play in this song (we’ll get to that later).

But I don’t like a gold rush, gold rush

I don’t like anticipatin’ my face in a red flush

Taylor probably felt self-conscious about wearing lingerie–which we really hadn’t seen her bare so much skin up to that point.  In Miss Americana, Taylor disclosed she suffered from disordered eating during that time so the body dysmorphia would weigh on her.  And anyone in their right mind would feel out of place next to a bunch of Victoria’s Secret Angels.

I don’t like that anyone would die to feel your touch

Everybody wants you

VS Angels are sexulized. And during the fashion show the models flirt and blow kisses to seem more sexy and available to consumers

Everybody wonders what it would be like to love you

These last 3 lines might speak to Karlie having her own fan base.  She is popular and successful even without the Taylor-brand’s influence. Karlie has her own career, money, fans, and suitors. I think this might be Taylor’s first relationship where she wasn’t the obvious more publically desired partner.  And Taylor might be just a teeny bit jealous of all the attention Karlie gets as a supermodel.  

Walk past, quick brush

This line makes me think of modeling.  Walking down a runway, brushing past the model going the opposite direction.  Maybe brushing the shoulder of another model, brushing hand quickly through hair on the end of the runway, brushing an item of clothing as a flair.  Could be all the Victoria’s secret shows where Taylor was a featured singer and the Angels walked the runway around her.  Notable flirtiness between Taylor and Karlie.

I don’t like slow motion, double vision in rose blush


Here are a couple examples of advertisements Karlie participated in:

Good Girl Fantastic Pink fragrance campaign. Karlie Kloss 

Watch Karlie Kloss Play a ‘Beauty Boss’ in New Estée Lauder Campaign: … Rebellious Rose, a universally-flattering pink hue, 

Discover the new ensemble campaign from L’Oreal Paris… in shades of pink for ‘Color Riche’ – the new lip-colour line…  The team of L’Oreal Paris ambassadors stun in a romantic campaign with (more than) a touch of pink…Karlie Kloss…look rosy in pink gowns… The pink-posse posed… with a pink background, around a grand piano. The campaign celebrates the new ‘Color Riche’ line of lipsticks, which the band of beauties wear to finish their blush looks.

I don’t like that falling feels like flying ’til the bone crush

This line is thick with meanings.  Taylor is referencing the beginning of the song (which references “This Love”) but also actually jumping off something high.  Falling could be falling in love, or falling off something.  At first the falling was exciting and like flying, a positive thing.  But then the falling was more like losing control and about to smash into the ground/consequences.  

Everybody wants you

But I don’t like a gold rush

[Verse 1]

What must it be like to grow up that beautiful?

With your hair falling into place like dominoes

Karlie grows up beautiful–and the hair falling into place shows Taylor’s opinion that Karlie is pretty without even trying. It’s kind of an envious thought, I think.  Hair fallin’ into place like dominoes is a very cleaver line, packed with meaning.  Dominos fall by one knocking into the next, influencing it to fall, then that one pushing the third over, until a whole line has taken the action of the first domino. Karlie’s beauty acts in the same manner.  People see her and emulate her look.  Fans are influenced to buy products when they see how good Karlie looks in them. Karlie’s looks start trends and generate sales.

I see me padding across your wooden floors

With my Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door

This verse contrasts Karlie and her easy beauty with Taylors more down-to-Earth look.  Taylor observes Karlie’s obvious beauty and charisma, but she herself is a musical gal that has to try very hard.  


At dinner parties, I call you out on your contrarian shit

The “at dinner parties” line makes me think of this viral moment from Project Runway:

As the judges critiqued the completed looks, designer Brandon Maxwell told Neasloney that he couldn’t see Kloss wearing the 29-year-old’s outfit “anywhere.” [The designer responded] “Not even to dinner with the Kushners?” 

Kloss is married to venture capitalist Josh Kushner, whose brother Jared is married to Ivanka Trump. Jared currently works as a senior adviser to Donald Trump in the White House. 

Jan 17, 2020 — Last year, while speaking to British Vogue, Kloss said being part of the Kushner family was sometimes “hard.” “But I choose to focus on the values that I share with my husband, and those are the same liberal values that I was raised with and that have guided me throughout my life,” she said.

con·trar·i·an /kənˈtre(ə)rēən/ noun

  1. a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion, especially in stock exchange dealing.

Taylor is showing us that she thinks Karlie is two-faced.  Karlie will attend dinners with Trump-adjacent people, yet she says she has liberal politics.  The fact these lines are here at all shows Taylor disapproves of Karlie being with a Kushner, and also looks down on Karlie playing both sides, kinda like, “A friend to all is a friend to none.” [“Cardigan”, folklore]

And the coastal town we wandered ’round had nеver seen a love as pure as it

Mar 5, 2014 — Taylor Swift and her model pal Karlie Kloss took a dreamy vacation to Big Sur, CA, this week.

And thеn it fades into the gray of my day-old tea

This line accomplishes 2 things: Tells us this song is Taylor daydreaming about a time in her past that she thought she liked at the time, but now realizes made her feel out of control.  Secondly, it’s a very British reference (American’s like coffee)–and red herring, in my opinion, trying to tell us Taylor is currently living a more British lifestyle with her UK “boyfriend.”

‘Cause it could never be

For many reasons this time in the past that Taylor is thinking about was just a moment in time, and not sustainable.

[Chorus repeats]

[Verse 2]

What must it be like to grow up that beautiful?

With your hair falling into place like dominoes

My mind turns your life into folklore

I can’t dare to dream about you anymore

Taylor reminds the listener this is a daydream.  The line might also reference “Wildest Dreams” [1989] you know the one with the video that featured gold and a giraffe?  Both Karlie symbols.

Say you’ll remember me, Standing in a nice dress, Staring at the sunset, babe, Red lips and rosy cheeks, Say you’ll see me again, Even if it’s just in your (just pretend, just pretend), Wildest dreams

In Gold Rush Taylor says she can’t dare to dream anymore, and in “Wildest Dreams” Taylor acknowledges that the dreamy relationship was “just pretend” to the subject of the song.

[Refrain repeats]

The Outro is the same as the intro.  But the “Cause it can never be” line of the refrain immediately precedes the “gleaming, “twinkling” of the outro.  Taylor ends her daydream by thinking that past time and relationship were not real gold, it was gilded.  Then, musically, the sudden ending of the song may symbolize the sudden ending of that relationship/daydream about it.

The German: Wish Agenda

29 May

We visited The German our first 3(?) years of living here.  It’s a lot like historic Virginia City near my hometown, but not x-mas lights 2013an authentic, restored tourist attraction–it’s just a themed tourist attraction.  Oh and it’s not old west like V.C. it’s Bavarian.  We love it–the whole place is like a 24/7 festival with costumes and art and vendors and cute little shops and festive food.  Everything I like.  But we didn’t go last year because we picked up Goose on Memorial Day weekend (one of the few times I had a string of 3 days in a row off to actually leave town).  And we didn’t get to go over Christmas, because  I was no longer eligible for time off of work, and because Cool had no money.  And it didn’t work out this Memorial weekend (happy anniversary Goose!) just because I don’t wanna spend ANY money while I’m unemployed.  Which I want to mention it’s never fair how when you have money there’s no time, and when you have time, you can’t spend money.

And I think even though the Germans are beer-centric, it has enough other stuff that not drinking wouldn’t be a huge deal.425758_10151408175891833_918939663_n  I’d still like to go one day–in the winter actually.  As they have a tree-lighting ceremony, snow shoeing, and *BIG DEAL* you can lead the sled dogs.  I have been wanting to do that for ages.  Maybe Colorado Utah has something similar when we’re there next year?!

steamboatI hope so, because leading the sled dogs is on my bucket list, and I would be really disappointed if we lived this close and never got to do it, and it wasn’t available anywhere else.  OK, I’m going to look it up–I need to know

For now, I’m looking forward to TWO days at Labor Dave Weekend at the Gorge on Labor Dayampitheatre 6 weekend, and that will have to suffice as far as travel goes.  And that will be spectacular because this year Brandi Carlile joins DMB–just what we requested.  If you noticed my writing sucks a little (more) today, and I’m starting a lot of sentences with “and” it’s because I’ve just spent a substantial chunk of time interviewing for a job, driving, then working on my personal statement.  I’m hungry and my brain is FRIED.

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How a Short Week Felt Long

8 Sep

a list of my goings-on:

-I’m worried that I’m not studying enough or that I don’t have the right buckled-down school mentality or something.  This makes me feel guilty and worried.

-I think my work has a mind to put me off about my schedule change now that they agreed to do it.  I’ve heard nothing of it, and when I pressed my boss about a broad timeline she wrote me “Unknown.”  WTF!

-I still haven’t hit my scheduling groove and this makes me over-all stressed and gives me guilt about being unproductive.

-Cool is manic.  Still.  This means she cooks a lot and goes grocery shopping by herself.  It also means she can be irritable, doesn’t sleep, and is impulsive.

-I felt sick yesterday, but I get this nondescript fatigue/achy/feverish feeling, not vomiting.  So I couldn’t call in sick, and no one even noticed I wasn’t well.  I wish I got the stomach flu–no one wants you when you’re vomiting!

-We had tickets to the fair (and I looovvvvee festivity) but I didn’t feel well and opted to study all day instead.  Maybe we can go later this week?

-I hate 75-150 word papers!  How the eff am I supposed to describe a pathology, the cause, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, hearing implications, and rehab considerations in such little space?

-I had bad dreams last night.  Let’s just say they are too disgusting and repulsive to mention.

-The weather has been crazy–93F blazing sun one day and 54F gray, and cloudy this morning.  It makes running outside difficult–as does the community college’s schedule.  I just treadmilled it this morning, which saved time and was warmer.  But that makes for a long indoor season,

-There are so many things I need and want to do, but it seems like there’s so little time.

-I need to do my clogging dance so I don’t forget the steps.

I guess that’s all.  I’ll try to write more this next week.  Maybe it will be possible.

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“Dreams. I Have Dreams.”

23 Jan

In my dream last night, Brandi Carlile was the feature.  Cool and my parents and I were in Reno, Brandi Carlile 3and on a marquee for one of the hotel/casinos it said Brandi was to sign autographs during some [unremembered or unknown] time-span!  So of course we went.  But obviously, I did not have any merch, CDs, or anything appropriate for Brandi to sign.  So my mom gave me this picture she had recently taken of the inside of one of the hotel rooms at that particular casino’s hotel.  It was your indistinct, room with two made beds.  But it was something.

Brandi Carlile 4Because we were in Nevada, not as many people had heard of Ms. Carlile, so there was no giant line!  Lucky!  I walked right up to the table she was sitting at.  Unfortunetly, since I had just been hanging out with family, I did not look adorable in any way.  I was wearing some ball cap.  When I got up there, I couldn’t think of anything to say either.  And just held out my awkward picture for her to sign the back of.

Seeing a person in a cap, with a weird hotel room pic, Brandi assumed I was a tourist  and probably a foreign one.  She kept saying things like, “Welcome to the West!”  and “You should see such-and-such landmark while you’re in town.”  And even though I grew up in Brandi Carlile 5Northern Nevada, and spent the majority of my life in the West, I didn’t correct her.  Because that would be (more?) awkward.  And if Brandi Carlile assumes you’re a tourist, you just go with it.

And she handed back the signed pic, and had written a fairly lengthy autograph on the back [yay!].  But it was in a scrawl that I couldn’t decipher, so I had to have my mom (who is well-versed in 3rd grade handwriting) read it to me.  And it continued on the same, “Welcome to, and enjoy the west track.”  So not as relevant to me as I had hoped.  Then, I moved the picture, and a portion of the ink smeared.  Very unlucky.  This was not going to make a very good memory–or story.

Brandi Carlile 6And I woke up feeling very luckless indeed, despite getting Brandi Carlile’s autograph and not having to wait in an obnoxiously long line to get it.  I’m hoping one day I can get it for real when I’m awake.  One day while we’re both stoll young, too.  And I hope it goes nothing like the awkward parts of the dream, but everything like the non-waiting, no planning, no trouble parts.  Maybe I ought to carry some Brandi merch and CDs with me wherever I go. . .  Just in case.  Lesson learned.

Letter to Myself

2 Nov

Dear Laurel,

Firstly, you are doing awesome this semester!  109% on an Anatomy exam?!  And not an easy one that the whole class aced either.  And not with a thousand bonus points from other projects either.  You studied, learned the material by going the extra mile and drawing everything, then studying it at every opportunity.  Good job.  Mean Prof was even impressed, “You rocked this!”  she said.  You know what you need to do to get the grades.  Just remember what’s important, that the sacrifice will be worth it in the long term, and you’ve not only got a dream, but a tangible goal.  Buckle down and keep at the hard work.

Laurel, don’t let haters get you down.  You don’t need to hear no, no, no from the school.  And whine, whine, whine from co-workers.  Don’t let all that bad stuff make you feel hopeless, and unworthy, and stuck in your mundane life.  Tune out the noise and continue on your path.  You have never paid much heed to the nay-sayers, so don’t let them get you down now.  You can and you will find a way.

One day Laurel, you will be living all your dreams:  Working at a real career that utilizes your mind and dedication, with good pay, and decent hours.  You will make a difference in many lives one day.  I know it is in you to excel–you just need to work for the chance.  Nobody has ever given you a free pass/free ride/hand-out, and you wouldn’t want it that way anyway.  Prove yourself.  One day, there will be no worries of money, and sitting in the cold apartment with no parking or washer/dryer, so you have enough to pay the bills.  Laurel, you deserve a better life.  You have always known this.

And you will make it.  No matter what.  This is just the warm up lap.  You have a lot of life left after 30 years of age.  And you will make the most of it, by ignoring the negative voices, and doing what you do best–dedicating yourself to the task.  Put your heart in it, and achieve great things!  Colorado, loft, happiness–here you come!

Life List

27 Aug

In the face of all these early and unexpected deaths in my family–it makes you think about longevity.  I’m most concerned about my parents who share largely the same genetics of their older sibs who just passed away relatively young.  But the genetics affect me too.  Well, here is a list of things I want to do while I’m still in my prime.

Foods I want to eat:

Quail (done on my 29th b-day!), squab, rabbit, real jambalaya, bacon ice cream. . .

Events I want to attend:

Reno Balloon Races-Dawn Patrol, Nevada-Day 3 day weekend w/Cool, SXSW, Napa Valley Wine Tasting, Australia beer train, tour of (or party at) a house-boat, Oregon State Fair, some WNBA games. . .

Things I Want to Do:

swim with turtles, swim with dolphin (other sea fish swimmey), play on Sea-dos again, go on another river kayaking trip, pole vault again, and complete a triathlon, rub Dawn dish-soap on poor little marine life devastated by oil spills.

Places I want to go:

Australia, Italy cruise, every state.  Specifically:  Back to Missouri, take Cool to TN, Bourban Street in New Orleans, Native American places in SD, San Fran (but with Cool), Portland with someone local, see my Pintrest for more detailed places and pictures.

Have you ever noticed that in order to compose dreams you need to compare to someone or be inspired by something?  I suppose if I didn’t come in contact with other people I would be perfectly happy and content to just maintain.  So I realize I have forgotten crucial things under all of these headings–obviously there is a lot I want to eventually do in life.  And these are just the frivolous things–not the all-important life GOALS, which are far different then dreams.


Pintrest a.k.a The Devil

24 Jun

The mother of time-suckers.

I knew better then to sign up.  But I have, and now it’s ALL over.  This sort of categorization is right up my OCD alley.  Once I begin, I can’t stop searching for new pins and organizing them onto the appropriate boards.  But they look so good!

Besides the time-warp aspect, I am finding really awesome ideas and plans for the loft I want in the future.  And I’m not quite sure it if makes me excited about my future, or just makes things look bleak b/c probability of these pins becoming reality seems small right now.  I guess I’ll take the former for mental health reasons.  Also, I’m pinning/dreaming for some sort of reception or house-warming party.  And a procuring a lot of quotes–which I have always loved.

I have intentionally avoided:  Food, DYI, crafts, art, and animals because I know that is a Pandora’s box.  I would never leave that vortex once I entered. . .

But looking at all those quotes and seeing all those buff bods made me go run 3 miles (more on this in a coming post) yesterday afternoon.  Normally unheard of on a Saturday when I’m very tired from work–so I guess it’s not ALL bad.  Except, by focusing on the Pintrest silliness, which is just shopping without spending, money–it is taking time away from more important activities.  Reading and outlining anatomy, studing anatomy vocab flashcards, reviewing the organelles, writing my anatomy paper on ALS, practicing dysphagia recipes, writing blogs, reading for enjoyment (while I still can), running or at least doing the Wii, cleaning–pretty much EVERYthing else.

Maybe I will set a time-limit for myself to keep time-wasting to a minimum.  Yes, that’s what I will do!  Tomorrow 😛


22 Apr

This happened last Friday or Thursday night.  I just didn’t have time to post it until now. . .

I was having a dream and suddenly, the location in the dream changed to an indoor swimming pool. There were rich people sitting around in their pool, while MY people had their utilities turned off. Since the rich people had a hand in turning off our utilities, I walked in their to demand a functional pool for us (I’m not sure who was in my group). The rich people in the pool did not care and acted like there was no problem.

I got heated, trying to stand up for my pool rights. I ended up using my foot to splash water in someone’s face. I did not note a temperature to the water.  Then, two of the younger guys grabbed me by the arms and pulled me under water. I hadn’t had time to prepare by filling my lungs with air, and started to panic.   As they pulled me by the arms, down, down, down, I could see gray water, the color of Washington’s sky, swishing past me.  They swam down, down, even further and I had NO air, and was going to have to breathe in soon. I knew if I did I would drown since it only takes a teaspoon of water in your lungs. . .

I woke up on my stomach (my normal position of comfortable sleep) and was actually struggling to breathe. I don’t know if I began having the dream because in real life I was having some sort of apnea, paralysis, or heart problem–or if the dream panic bled over into real life causing me breathing problems. . .  Either way it was scary.

Here’s what dream dictionary says about water, pools, and drowning:

To see water in your dream symbolizes your subconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment.  To dream that you are swimming underwater suggests that you are completely submerged in your own feelings. You are forcing yourself to deal with your subconscious emotions.

To see a swimming pool in your dream symbolizes relaxation, calmness, luxury and ease. You need to take a break. Alternatively, a swimming pool suggests that you need to acknowledge and understand your feelings. It is time to dive in and deal with those emotions. You need to cleanse yourself and wash away past hurts. Consider the depth of the pool. If you were swimming on the deep end, then it means that those emotions are deeply seeded and may be harder to confront. You will need to work through it, no more matter how difficult. If you are swimming on the shallow end, then it implies that you should be able to easily deal with your feelings.

To dream that you are drowning indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions. Repressed issues may be coming back to haunt you. You may be proceeding too quickly in trying to discover your subconscious thoughts. You should proceed more cautiously and slowly. If you drown to death, then is refers to an emotional rebirth. If you survive the drowning, then it means that a waking relationship or situation will ultimately survive the turmoil.

Money Wish List

2 Apr

You know how when you are saving up for something really big, and really important, how suddenly your wish list grows exponentially?  Maybe it’s your mind rushing to gratify itself. . .  What an awful, tortuous trick!  Lately, because I’ve been putting tons of thought into how I can make part-time work and school pan out, I have been WANTING.  I could just name about a hundred places where the money could/should be going.  So in the interest in delaying gratification, and being completely responsible and thinking about my future, and all of that UN-fun stuff, I attempted a list of things I want.  For when money isn’t so tight (this HAS to happen eventually, right???) in very future times.  And so I don’t forget about all the things I’ve been wanting lately.  This post is mostly for my future-use, but feel free to peruse. . .  And any donations–just kidding. . .  But seriously, if you are independently wealthy–you are welcome to donate to me 😉



pay off Care Credit-wisdom teeth

pay off Visa–leftover tuition

pay off undergrad loans- ha ha ha.


-ability to work part-time!!!

-ability to pay tuition


better quality binder or 2–my current one is already in pieces


-fix Rusty’s windows so I can roll them down

-get Rusty a tune up

-Change Rusty’s oil

-seat covers

-mirror for visor

Moving Items (this WILL happen!)

-plane ticket/gas money to NV?  To clean out storage.

-plane ticket x2 to Colorado–so we can scope it out and stuff before actually moving there.

-money for deposit, 1st, & last at apt that accepts (hopefully 3) cats

-money for gas/U-Haul +/- flight(s) to actually move the belongings = ugh, THE worst!

-no less then 3 months of bill money–b/c moving is scary

Pure Wants:

Clothing Items-

-new industrial jewelry

-pole vault shirt–with funny saying

-gulashes (for rain ie Washington walking)

-cute match-e-match sweats (sports team, school, V.S.) that I can wear in public/sports

-some sort of waterproof/resistant spring coat–because I wear my heavy winter jacket for spring rain.

-legit swimsuit–for (now very) future triathlon training


-Books/DVDs/Music–>unlimited, continual wants (see Amazon wishlist)

-fire-proof safe

-cat tree

-whimsical painting

-eventual condo loft w/recycled glass countertops


-laser eye surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-glasses frames if above isn’t possible in a timely fashion

-my annual dental cleaning–I’ve been putting this off, b/c I just don’t want to know/worry about the scene. . .

-laser off future varicose veins (cause I’m just positive I will get some)–and the mark on neck while I’m at it + any cellulite/stretch marks I may have developed by then.  Obviously, this is also in a very, very-future time

Run Away from Obese Bird Horder

20 Mar

I had a really random dream last night:

Cool and I were walking, and ended up in this really sketchy part of town that I am afraid of.  This part of town has shown up repeatedly in my dreams, and only since we moved to Spokane.  I think it must represent Spokane or maybe be a real place I saw once in Spokane.  Don’t get me wrong, Spokane is beautiful, but I have mixed feelings about it, because everywhere you go, you can see the economic struggle.  The trains tracks are all graffitied-up.  It’s hard to go even into a nice part of town without seeing a dilapidated house, boarded-up business, or remnants of a fire.  There is litter on streets, homeless and meth-ed out people about, and grubby kids anywhere.  Anyway, the dream place induces fear and paranoia.

We were walking fast trying to get through there and somehow (I don’t know

why) ended up sneaking into some horder’s house.  Maybe we had to go in to escape something/someone outside?  I don’t remember.  Anyway, It was an obese guy with a bunch of dark-colored birds.  I didn’t actually SEE the birds, but knew they were there (and large, dark in color).  And there was dust, seed, pieces of bedding, and feather bits everywhere.  I couldn’t breathe that well.

Almost as soon as Cool and I were inside (in a hallway when the obese home/bird owner was in the living room with door separating us) some real-estate lady (wearing a red suit jacket) or someone like that knocked on the door wanting a tour.  There was urgency as we knew we couldn’t get caught inside the horder’s house.

Cool and I were desperately trying to get out undetected, but we had to go out a different way then we had come in, since the guy and the lady’s tour started at the front door, and was getting progressively closer to where we were.  I was really scared, just of getting caught I guess.

We had to crawl out of some windows near the floor, and it felt all slow first crawling, then waiting for Cool to do the same.  There were 2 different windows.  When we got to the third, I could see the sidewalk of the sketchy street, and our final exit from the house.  But this window was small, and the obese guy and touring lady were RIGHT behind us, so we didn’t have time to take turns crawling.  And then some punk walking down the street saw us trying to open the window and crawl out and held it shut–just to be an a$$hole.

Luckily, there was a really small, window higher up, next to the window on the floor.  I was able to reach out and grab the “funny” guy’s sleeve and pull him toward me and away from the lower window allowing Cool to crawl out.  Then, the joker began crawling through the upper window toward me.  I hadn’t realized anyone could get through that one, and still had to escape the house before obese guy saw me in it, so I shoved the punk back through to the street and started climbling out telling him, “thank you, how can I ever thank you?”  And of course, this street hooligan assumed I was offering sexual favors, which I was not.

But before we had time to straighten it out, obese guy got into that particular room, saw the open windows and saw the street guy.  They began fighting each other and Cool and I ran, ran, ran.  I woke up coughing (from the bird dander?) and really frightened.