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Daylight Savings

11 Mar

I was sitting here, cyber-stalking (or attempting to) and the clock went from 1:56 AM the first time I looked to 3:10 AM just a few minutes later.  And I thought, among other stupid things, about the time change.  Why doesn’t the time change right at midnight?

When I went back to bed at 3:50 AM, and asked Cool about this, she murmured, “bars.”  But I think she said it in her sleep, so I don’t know if it counts.  Are ALL closing times at 2 AM?  I know in Nevada, everything is 24/7 so they don’t bother around with closing times.  And honestly, I was too tired and drunk by the time bar-close came around to remember what time that occurred in Missouri/Kansas/Texas.  As a morning person, I have never been keen on closing-out a bar.  I think I remember hearing second-hand that Louisville, KT and New York had 4 AM closing times though.  So I STILL don’t get why 2 AM is randomly skipped during daylight savings. . .

And I won’t go in to how lame daylight savings is.  You know it, you’re hearing it everywhere.  I thought some President was going to phase it out all-together?  What happened to that?  Anyway, This got me thinking about time zones.  I don’t understand why they have crooked lines, but still don’t put them on the border of states.  Why should Idaho have two different time zones within the state?  It happens in several states, too.  It would be one thing if the time zone lines were straight and followed the longitudinal lines–but they are crooked.  And random.  And why have a Mountain time zone at all?  It’s tiny.  I think they could get away with Pacific, Central, and Eastern zones just fine.

I liked living in the Central time zone best.  The TV shows came on at a really good time for me, and New Years was closer to New York’s ball dropping.  The Mountain time zone wasn’t all that cool, because the world overlooks it.  And Pacific sucked.  The TV programming is all messed up and nothing is on TV by the time Pacific Time Zone New Years comes along!

So there it is.  This is what I am awake and thinking about in the middle of the night.  After I wrote this post I went back to bed and had dreams about hanging multi-colored, sheer ballet skirts from their hangers on a string above racks of clothes.  Don’t ask me why–I don’t know. . .

My Strengths Just Don’t Match Their Emphasis

14 Dec

Well, I just received my big vet school letter today–and I wasn’t accepted to Pullman’s Veterinary program.  Honestly, once you’ve gotten the rejection letter 8 times (I was accepted twice) it isn’t all that heart-wrenching anymore.  Of course, the veterinary dream has defined me for so long, it’s a huge turning point for me.  Though, after working in the veterinary field for so long, I am attuned to all of the pitfalls.  I would have been GREAT at overcoming them.  I had practical expectations about becoming a vet.  I would have had so much heart and dedication to the career.  But the vet schools don’t accept people like me.  I feel like it’s more a hit to the profession than my ego.

I can be really good at something else.  AND not have to go into debt for the rest of my life.  Also, I can’t say I’m too disappointed to get some weekends and holidays off.  I won’t miss some really crummy support staff, I won’t miss rich girls that got into school so easily only to have babies after a year and work one day a week.  I won’t miss irresponsible pet owners or the really high maintenance, entitled ones.  So as much as I love the profession, and think I would be well-suited for it–there are things I am happy to live without.  I’m mostly thinking about my family and hometown who know me as the girl who dreamed of being a vet for so long.  I feel they will be disappointed.  That is who I am to them.  Just the girl who wanted to be a vet since she was little.  Now, to them, I’m the girl who failed.

At least I know.  I can start my life and move on to bigger and better things.  I don’t want to tech all my life.  I want my work to MATTER.  Whatever I do, I want to make a difference and be an integral part of the equation–not just a body.  So now that it doesn’t matter to me, I’ll share my admissions personal statement and stuff.  I only hope they can help my readers–along with that HIGHLY IMPORTANT 4.0 GPA.

Practical Veterinary Applicant Advice

5 Dec

It’s easy to be a little starry-eyed when pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.  After all, this aspiration usually doesn’t appear suddenly.  You have been dreaming of this since your toddler days.  Many touchy-feely moments have contributed to this notion.  You are an idealist.  You want to help animals.  The realization that it is super-competitive to get into school, the work is long hours, and you will have dirty labor-intensive, pressure filled days is just not a deterrent.  Not after this long.  Not when you’ve already worked this hard to get to this point.

I hear you.  Really–I more than anyone, understand this process.  I have stupidly determindly applied to veterinary school 10 times.  I’m not kidding or exaggerating.  And no, I’m not bitter.  Truly.  But I have learned a few things that could have made my life, the process, and possible heartbreak of rejection SO much more bearable:

1.)  Life isn’t fair.  Even if you think you’ve worked harder, had more obstacles to overcome, and felt a stronger passion and calling.  Sometimes your plan is not the same as God’s *insert higher power you believe in here* and things are not going to work out the way you chose, or in your preferred time frame.  Believe in yourself, run towards your dream, but also be practical and realize it’s not the end of the world if it’s just not meant to be.  Maybe, just maybe you are better suited for something else, and you’ve been chasing veterinary medicine so long and hard that you have not realized it.  This brings me to my second piece of advice.

2.)  Consider (seriously consider) a back up plan.  Yes, veterinary medicine is THE dream.  That’s the number one optimal career goal, and the only thing you can ever see yourself happy doing.  Have a back up plan anyway.  This is of the utmost importance so I will repeat it:  Have a back up plan–no matter how far along you are in this veterinary endeavor.   Always.  I was accepted to Saint George’s Veterinary School.  Had my plane ticket and paid my class deposit.  Things were in motion.  Then, my loan fell through.  And I floundered–because I had never seriously entertained a back up plan.

3.)  Finally, the system (the veterinary admissions decisions) rewards numbers over substance.  Substance being passion, dedication, devotion to the career, animal experience, true involvement in extra-curriculars (as opposed to joining just to write it on the app), countless volunteer and work hours, etc. . .  Grades and to a slightly lessor extent, residency are important factors in veterinary admissions committee’s decisions.  As much as I do not like it, and do not agree, I have to work within that system–all applicants do.  Someone with a 4.0 who decided, like, yesterday that she loves petting animals and despite her fear of blood and aversion to hard work wants to be a vet WILL get accepted over a student with a lifelong dream, tons of experience, and a mediocre GPA.  Almost every time.  This is because schools can justify quantitative reasons over qualitative feelings about candidates.  And nobody wants to get sued.  Not fair, but use this knowledge to work WITH the system instead of against it.  Look at your dream school’s criteria, and most importantly, statistics of entering classes which will help you see just what kind of numbers you need:

Pullman, WA Class of 2015
Applications                                                                   Age
Total 1028                                                                     Average 24
Admitted 104                                                                Range 20-39
Female 81      Male 23

Number of Years in College                                        Times Applied Before Admitted
Average 4.75                                                                 1: 82
                                            2: 18
3: 4

As you can see, about 70% of the accepted students have a GPA above 3.5–it’s not mean to tell prospective students that a HUGE emphasis is placed on college grades (I’m talking to you, impractical veterinary bloggers).

Cumulative GPA                                                                        Total Science GPA
Average 3.552                                                               Average 3.473
Range 2.782-4.000                                                     Range 2.712-4.000
% >3.5:  69%                                                                  % > 3.5:  56%
% >3.2:  90%                                                                  % > 3.2:  85%
% >3.0:  99%                                                                % > 3.0:  95%

Hope in the Form of One Very Low GPA!  It looks like one person had a 2.78 cumulative and 2.7 science GPA and got in–so it CAN happen.  Although rarely, and I wonder what other amazing things that person had going for them. . .  But STILL–if they can make it, I we can too.  Just don’t forget it’s a slim chance statistically, so you should refer to my 3 pieces of advice above if you just got super-dreamy.

GRE Scores                                                            Highest Degree Held at Admissions
Cumulative % 58%                                                       No Degree:  10
Verbal Average 516                                                     Associate:  8
Verbal Range 350-800 (who is this jerk?)         Bachelor’s:  92
Quantitative Average 632                                          Master’s:  3
Quantitative Range 410-800                                     Doctorate:  0
Analytical Writing Average 4.17
Analytical Writing Range 3-6

It is also not unfair, or untrue to say that students with a veterinary school in their home state are MUCH more likely to be accepted.  WA has one of the most generous programs to give out-of-staters in close proximity a fair shake at acceptance.  Those that qualify under the WICHE program (western states without their own vet school) are given preference as well as residents.  That’s very different then most vet schools who accept in-state residents (only) much more readily then students from outside states (that have a vet school or not).

State                                    # Applied                           # offered                            # Accepted
Washington                         137                                     59                                        52
Idaho                                    35                                      12                                        12

WICHE States                    219                                     65                                        36
Arizona                                69                                       16                                        5 (WICHE 4, *NS 1)
Hawaii                                  21                                        4                                         1 *NS
Montana                              26                                       12                                        9 (WICHE 7, NS 2)
Nevada                                31                                        7                                          5 (WICHE 3, NS 2)
New Mexico                       22                                        9                                          6 (WICHE 4, NS 2)
North Dakota                     12                                        1                                          0
Utah                                    25                                        7                                          6 (WICHE 4, NS 2)
Wyoming                            13                                        9                                          4 (WICHE 4)

Other Out of Area             637                                     16                                         4
Grand Total                   1028                                  152                                       104
*NS = Non-sponsored

So good luck, and BE PRACTICAL about this dream of ours!

Snakes, Beverage Debate, and Burial

15 Oct

I hardly ever remember my dreams.  As soon as I wake up they’re gone.  But today I remember two of them.  I’ll have to look up what they mean.

Cool and I were at one of Kim and Mary’s BBQ parties.  Mary was aloof.  Kim was being weird, first ignoring me and refusing a hug, then if I was disgruntled trying to make me laugh.  She wanted me to like her, without being close or upsetting Mary.

After awhile they made me mad so Cool and I drove off heading for home.  We turned down a side road and a large truck and three huge snakes were blocking the way.  One of the snakes was all gross and dead.  But the one on the right was alive and it scared me.  I ordered Cool to turn the car around and drive away quickly.

Another route to go home was blocked by a big, black snake.  This snake seemed even more hostile.  So we tried to turn around again, but this snake was interested in following us.  I told Cool not to stop at the stop sign at the upcoming intersection.  She was afraid about making a quick left turn into traffic.  Because the sanke was after us she did.  And we were almost hit by a speeding logging truck.  The snake still followed too.

The dream ended with us pulling in front of the logging truck and the big, black, mean snake falling in behind the logging truck-still after us.

In the second dream, Cool and I were just hanging out.  I already forgot the whole first part, but we ended up in some sort of downtown.  We went inside a small super-church with bleacher seating and a PA announcer.  We saw my parents and their friends Kathy and Don, and they introduced us to two churchy girls.  Then, the service was about to begin and neither Cool or I wanted to sit through it, so we agreed to leave.

We kinda hung around outside the chruch on the concrete.  I was debating (in my head) whether I should suggest getting a beer or a coffee) and Cool I thnk was talking about some impending trip to Spain.  This was already a known trip to me–and I wasn’t going along.  I was wondering if a drink in the morning would be some sort of alke behavior.  I don’t think I got a chance to mention either beverage, before some music? group approached us.  

They were famous in my dream.  I can’t remember what we did or said.  Then, the really tall guy ended up picking me up and throwing me high in the air.  I was scared, but in a fun way.  Their was laughing.  Then, I forgot this part as well.

I was sitting on the concerete ground and I’m not sure what Cool was doing other than standing by my left.  Oprah came out of the church, grabbed my face, and said, “Kindron?!”  I said I wasn’t and pointed to Cool.  Oprah said the church wanted to bury us before they ate burgers.  This wasn’t sinister in my dream, it was more like a baptism thing.  Oprah said they wanted me second and  I should follow.

We went back in the church nervous and the pastor was talking over the microphone.  So Oprah, Cool, and I sat on a bench and waited our turn before I woke up with a dead arm.


 Snake is a positive symbol suggesting changes and self-renewal. Snakes, especially twining snakes, is a signal of a healing dream. You are obviously ready to move on toward the future and no longer want to relive the past. 

So maybe I now realize Kim and Mary are toxic to me and am finally ready to move on entirely.

To dream that a threatening creature is on a road, parallels a hostile situation/person you are encountering in your waking life. It is an obstacle that you need to overcome, no matter how intimidating the situation or person may appear.


To dream that you are inside a church suggests that you are seeking for spiritual enlightenment and guidance. You are looking to be uplifted in some way. Perhaps you have made some past mistakes which have set you back on your path toward your goals. With proper support, you will get on the right track again. Alternatively, the dream may also mean that you are questioning and debating your life path and where it is leading. You are reevaluating what you want to do.

To dream that you are walking on a sidewalk, represents your steady progress and direction in life. You may be experiencing new walks of life. If the sidewalk is cracked, then it signifies minor and temporary setbacks that are keeping you from getting to your destination. Perhaps you need to alter your course and make some changes in your life. 

To dream that you are floating on air indicates satisfaction, contentment and acceptance of some situation. You are letting go of your problems and rising above obstacles. You are experiencing new-found freedom and gaining a new perspective on things. Nothing seems overwhelming or too difficult to handle. Alternatively, floating in your dream suggests that you are wandering through life aimlessly with no goals. You are just going with the flow.

To see a burial in your dream, indicates that you have gotten rid of your bad habits and have freed yourself from a negative situation. You are finally letting go of something. 

To dream that you are burying a living person, signifies emotional turmoil. Alternatively, it suggests that you are being buried by problems and stresses of your waking life.

To dream that you are being buried alive, suggests that you are being undermined or stifled in some way. You are feeling trapped or helpless.  

To dream of a christening symbolizes a renewal and fresh beginning. You may be undergoing a transformation where you want to better yourself as a person.

So there you have it!  Clear as mud.


5 Aug

Last night I had a dream my parents walked in us having sex, and though they didn’t realize they had interrupted anything because I was under the covers, I was very embarrassed.

Then, in a different dream, I was in some sort of classroom, and Ellen Degeneres outed me.  I was only slightly annoyed, but a little embarrassed too.