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Easter Female-Fertility Festivities

20 Apr

mallards in CO

I like Easter.  I think I say this about every holiday when that holiday is near, but it’s one of my vag quiltfavorites.  It’s an important religious event, but I also like the Pagan meanings of the day–fertility.  It’s a day of spring, and new life, baby animals, egg hunts–just joy.  So I feel I can embrace both the Christian and the Feminist and the Pagan and Native American aspects of the day all at once.  I don’t have to chose or limit myself, and I like that.  So you know the typical traditional events of Easter, but here are some suggestions to appreciate nature and fertility:

-Go out for a walk and look for signs of spring: robins, nests being built, flowers buds, bulbs shoots, plants starting to green
-Buy a new broom for magical or mundane cleaning
-Do meditations focused on new beginnings or growth
-Make paper flowers and use them to decorate your home
-Have an egg hunt
-Learn about the migration of butterflies or the plight of the honey bee. Vow to take steps to help them on their way
-Have a seed blessing ritual
-Start seeds indoors or out
-Eat eggs for breakfast on Ostara morning and bury the rinsed shells in your garden to promote prosperity and abundance of your crops
-Try to incorporate at least one traditional correspondence into you daily life through the spring season: cook with seasonal foods, use traditionally colored cloth napkins, display a vase of wildflowers on your table, burn traditionally scented incense, etc.

bud (3)

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3 Apr

That’s Easter + fertility.  What’s not to love?  I know you knew that all the Easter symbolism:  Colored eggs, flowers, baby animals have nothing to do with Jesus or the resurrection, right?  Those were Pagan symbols of fertility.  Red-colored eggs.  Flowers?  Baby animals.  I’m a woman and I love Jesus.  I like both messages and all symbols of the day, so I celebrate both, and it’s one of my favorite holidays.  Add seafood the day before and it’s almost perfect.  Except no costumes.  I think there ought to be costumes involved.  Maybe next year I’ll dress as a. . .  Umm, I have a while to think about this.  Anyway, this post is a little late, by-the-way because of the afore-mentioned studying.  You’ll still love it.

easter egg color replacement
We had pseudo-egg hunt.  I hid the Cadbury eggs in obvious places indoors for Cool to find.  Then, when she was slow (so slow!) to find them, I ate some and lost count of how many I had hid and how many we found/ate.  It’s the hunt that will go on and on.

PS-I am not ashamed to admit that I will go ahead and eat the foil wrap that melt-ies on to the chocolate.


Then, to keep the celebration aligned with my goals (and impending exam) we made mach-mosas.  Yes m-a-c-h because though they don’t have champagne, they still disappear quickly.  They were composed of:  Various (non-alcohol) ciders from the Grocery Outlet.  Apple, peach, pear, and obviously not mixed all together but in different drinks throughout the day.  The key–ginger beer.  Not beer at all, but in the sense of root-beer made with ginger.  And +/- juice depending on taste.  Then to get fancy, we added slices of lime.  We bought lemons too, but didn’t use them.  Anyway, they were delicious, and I could still study afterward.

duck cake-Susie

And to add to the festivities we made fauxomlets.  Not faux in the sense of vegan or anything crazy, but faux because I don’t really know how to cook an egg.  My way of cooking eggs is dumping the liquid egg whites [side-note:  We keep these on hand for baking purposes, when some sort of recipe calls for an egg or 2.  They expire slower than actual eggs, which we NEVER eat alone] Anyway, I dump the liquid into the pan, stirring  then packing at the end when it seems to cook too fast.  I guess you could call it a scramble–mangle might be more appropriate.  So it’s faux because it wasn’t the nice omelet egg encasing you’re supposed to have.  I just mixed my mangle with everything I would put inside the omelet *read–>everything (red, jalapeno, and chili peppers, black beans, olives, cheese, sour cream)* in a bowl.  Stir-fry style.

Deb Wong 1

So that was the day.  And now I have to study some more flash cards for my other class.  When will this semester be over?  Everything is going down at once!

So despite crazy-studying we made the best of one of our favorite holidays.