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Everything Went According to Plan

7 Oct

And it was a good day. I thought I would check-in with a quick note to say how pleased I am with this day. Nothing amazing happened or anything, but for once, nothing awful happened either.

sky field

I woke up at 4 AM and studied productively and even ate a cowboy scramble Cool made Sunday. I had time for a “Parks and Recreation” episode too–I LOVE that show! Went to work. Got $hit done and felt like an amazing employee. No one was mean, chilly, discourteous, or sniping at me. I did what I was supossed to do-the right way, then got to leave at 10! Then, studying, eating Cool’s crock-pot peanut butter caramel sauce on apples and pears (that we picked ourselves at Green Bluff), and a cat nap. Class. Making study sheets and flashcards. Getting ahead(!) by drawing some inner ear pictures, reading/outlining ahead in my other class, and overall educational productiveness was had.

Then, I ran on the treadmill, intervalling between 4.5 to 6.0 to 5.0 to 6.5 to 5.5 then 7.0 before climbing hills while studying the middle ear. And now, a post, flossing, homemade beer bread, and read a chapter in my for fun reading book and sleep.

I hope that tomorrow can be just as excellent ūüėÄ

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Grad School App Checklist 10/13

4 Oct

I love the hours of my new schedule! ¬†Not so much how everyone at work treats me because of it–but *read this* I do not care about their $hitty attitudes or their horribleness towards me. ¬†I am not at work to make friends or have social hour. ¬†Be cool all you want. ¬†I got a chilly go home from the doctor really early today. ¬†I think it was meant in a mean, stigmatizing way–but boy was I happy to be able to study in my jammies! ¬†I wish I didn’t have to go to work at all on Friday. ¬†Also, because I didn’t have to work all day, I actually got to go to my department’s session on how to apply to grad school. ¬†My school always puts things on Fridays–so I’ve missed them for the last 2 years because of work. ¬†Here are some of the things I want to remember:

-What to look for in a program:

**research interests of faculty

**clin praticum opportunities

**size of cohort/class

**lifestyle of location


-Visit prospective school

**an official visit, w/meeting of department

**meet faculty

**official tour

**talk to students in program to see how they like it

-make myself a notebook of each university I am applying to

–include criteria

–write due dates

–what info to send

–how much in fees

-3 letters of reccommendation

–from faculty

***it’s OK to req these via e-mail

***it is also OK to req a meeting w/that person–to get to know me FOR the letter writing

***give them:


=====GPA–whichever is used, just specify how I arrived at that #

=====work experiences


=====volunteer/clin experiences

***put this info in a notebook w/table of contents to make it EZest possible for them to find info & write

***also make a checklist of what universities, what format, & dates of when these are due

***for things that I want them to be sure to mention–put a * or highlight or something

–letters from outsiders not weighted highly at all = don’t bother

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I’m Disappointed. . . In Me

30 Sep

hit by train 1It seems when you fail, and keeping failing that there’s a cross-roads. ¬†Take some large action to un-do and reverse, or easier–just let go and drop the rest of the way down. ¬†September was kind of like that for me. ¬†OK, I wrote this dreary kind of self-punishing post last week. ¬†Since I have re-evaluated. ¬†I think September was a case of needing balance. ¬†I oscillated between being much too easy on myself, then much too hard. ¬†A person can only be ultra-disciplined for so long before they wear out. ¬†And when I wore out, I relaxed. ¬†But too much, because the relaxing had been so put off and the discipline was so strict that I needed MORE relaxing–see a pattern? ¬†Finally, I did too. ¬†So I’ll edit some of the more bleak/tough on myself aspects of this one, knowing that in October I need more of an even split between discipline and relaxation.

Water. ¬†None. ¬†Probably in the whole month, I drank no water. ¬†When I do it makes me have to pee–which my schedule just doesn’t allow for. ¬†Or it disrupts my sleep. ¬†What to do? ¬†I guess, because this goal is important to me I need to find a way. ¬†Water, helps you still hydrated, which keeps you looking younger and feeling better. ¬†It helpsKidron's post b-day pics 033 fill your stomach so you don’t feel as hungry. ¬†It’s better than drinking other things. ¬†But when to do it? ¬†Let’s see, I suppose I could drink, drink, drink at work in the mornings–as long as I stop when work ends at 10 AM so I can make it through class. ¬†Then, immediately after class (but no later) drink some more. ¬†OK, I will go back to giving this an honest effort. ¬†Maybe today at Costco I’ll get some sort of legit water bottle or thermos instead of using the 6 mo old Gatorade bottle that I have at work. . . ¬†I totally got a cute, non-spill thermos-type cup for work/school water-drinking purposes! ¬†I’ll report back in October and we’ll see if it helped.

Running. ¬†I have good intentions. ¬†I want to–really I do. ¬†But when school becomes a factor there just isn’t any more time. ¬†It takes a back seat to study/work/sleep. ¬†Then, once there’s a gap in track days it becomes almost impossible to get my booty out there. ¬†Add in cold/wet weather and fighting for space at the community college = not happening. ¬†The outside running season is just over. ¬†One day, when I’m rich I’ll either have a gym in my house or a membership. ¬†For now–I resign myself to let this one slip in the interest of grades. ¬†What I will do is study my flashcards (per the usual) at a FASTER speed on the treadmill. ¬†I always study on the treadmill to kill two birds, but usually at 3.0-3.5. ¬†I’ll make an effort to ramp up the intensity. ¬†Also, I can try to jog on the treadmill while Cool quizzes me or during a show. ¬†Thirdly, I can still do a little Wii-Fit, clogging, stretching, or intervals here & there. ¬†I was pretty good this weekend about also climbing hills and walking fast when Cool and I were watching horror movies (we love fall). ¬†Except, the belt gets really hot on my bare feet so I’m pretty sure this treadmill is about to die ūüė¶ ¬†Hopefully without catching fire or burning somebody badly before it does. ¬†I don’t know which is worse, having to buy a new Craigslist treadmill or carrying this one down the stairs and a new one up the stairs. . . ¬†Oh treadmill, please hold out for 2 more years.

Work. ¬†I will stop being so nervous. ¬†That’s all. ¬†If they do revert my schedule, I know what I have to do. ¬†And that’s all. ¬†I can’t constantly worry and try to accomplish the work of three people to prove my “worth” to them. ¬†It’s telling when our receptionist gets a big basket of flowers after her dog’s euthanasia (Sloppy = nothing) and the newer tech gets balloons and donuts (me = nothing for 3 years) for her birthday. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need for these people to like me or anything, and want to take the personal out of work all-together–it’s just telling of their attitudes towards me, that’s all. ¬†And regarding my work ethic and schedule: ¬†If they don’t know by now that I’m a worthy employee, well then they will just never know, and no action on my part will convince them. ¬†Time to let the finger take over for me on this one. . . ¬†Re-edit = true story and I’m letting go and letting God because this is too much for me to carry around all the time.

Money. ¬†The one good thing about feeling like I have to do extra just to stay in place at work, is that it garners me anti-facebookmore hours. ¬†And more $$$$$ ¬†However, now that my undergrad loan ran out of payment options and I MUST pay an extra $200 a month, I’m a little worried about the health insurance I’m also now forced to get. ¬†What happened to “free” health care for everyone? ¬†This was not what I voted for! ¬†I really have to make time to research all this insurance crap so I don’t get into trouble financially. ¬†One. ¬†More. ¬†Thing. ¬†I looked into some options, though I’m ignorant of all the jargon and terminology. ¬†I make too much money (how is that even possible?) for Medicaid. ¬†There’s some alternate (low-income, I think?) option for Medicaid rejects, and in trying to take the screening to see if I qualified for that, I may or may not have signed myself up for some catastrophe insurance that really is no different from the no coverage I have now–except if I’m hit by a bus. ¬†What. ¬†a. ¬†Waste. ¬†What happened to all employers paying for this?!

Drinking.  In the month, there has only been a handful of special occasions when I have partaken.  Except, the DMB TXamounts were not great.  I need to moderate both the instances and quantities.

Cool. ¬†Still dealing with medication/memory issues. ¬†Had a melt-down just yesterday. ¬†We have to help her remember to take all her meds when she is supposed to take them. ¬†Hopefully, we can work out a more reliable system for doing that. ¬†We love fall though, and are excited for Green Bluff, scary movies, and Halloween. ¬†So there’s a motivator to get on, and stay on the right track. ¬†Also, I’m home with her more often now that my schedule has changed, so I can help remind more often.

School. ¬†I slipped a little. ¬†If not just in my mentality. ¬†I still went through all the same motions, but IN my head CI 10school was just a little lower priority then it should have been. ¬†I am reformed and straightened out now. ¬†Work doesn’t matter. ¬†Fun is on the back burner. ¬†School is what’s going to move my life along toward my ultimate goals and I am back in it whole-heartedly. ¬†I even worked ahead a little yesterday. ¬†I’ll get more ahead this weekend. ¬†But not too hard-core to where I need a huge break. ¬†I’m going to do study things daily, per the usual, but I can squeeze in an hour of relaxation too. ¬†More balance is called for to break the pattern I’m in.

Food. ¬†When I’m studying and bored or when I’m tired and stressed–it’s really easy to over-do it. ¬†Then, when there’s no time to grocery shop and plan ahead like I should I do things like polish off an entire box of wheat Thins (or Doritoes) in one sitting. ¬†I don’t want to do that. ¬†This makes me crazy, and once you do it–makes it that much easier to do it again. ¬†Food is a slippery slope. ¬†And I have absolutely no In between seasons 024self-control. ¬†I need to go to Grocery Outlet–with a list–at least every other week. ¬†And cook things that are at least neutral, if not healthy. ¬†We went grocery shopping, with a list, yesterday. ¬†And I treadmilled after eating my yummy crock-pot taco unhealthiness. ¬†So I felt OK about it. ¬†Now to get out of my jammies and to the Grocery Outlet EVERY week. . .

I did however, do a great job flossing every day. ¬†I guess I just need to remember my biggest goals and plug away at those. ¬†I need to see that even one slip-up doesn’t have to mean letting go of the aspiration entirely. ¬†Stop being perfectionist, because it is counter-productive right now. ¬†[And it makes me need to chill out later–too much] I’m hopeful about establishing more neutrality with a balance of both responsibility and fun next month.

rainbow 4 (2)

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It’s Not What You Think

27 Sep

I don’t know what is more scary–the fact I got this brochure at the Spokompton Fair–or the fact there were many enthusiastic people staffing their booth. ¬†Produced by Heritage House, I find the contents ignorant, and. . . ¬†Well, let’s just leave it at ignorant.


On the Front:

“Planned Parent Hood (sic) It’s not what you think” ¬†picture of a snake on a bouquet of pink flowers. ¬†“Lantana. ¬†The beauty of this flower is known for attracting children, but then it causes poisoning and death when eaten.”

Quotes w/in:

“It’s all about abortion.”

-“First and foremost Planned Parenthood is all about aborting children.”

-“Abortions were performed 98.6% of the time.”

“It’s all about Money.”

-“As a non-for-profit. . . ¬†34% of this billion dollars came from you, the taxpayer.”

-“Income from abortions total in the $190,000,000 range.”

“It’s all about Sex.”

-“You teen can view informative videos showing how to put on a condom!”

-“A lot of teens choose to skip intercourse and practice outercourse instead, which can include kissing and ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†body rubbing.”

“It’s all about Deception.”

-“Every year, nearly 25,000 affiliate volunteers and staff provide sexual and reproductive health care, ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†education, and information to nearly 5 million women, men, and teens in the U.S.!”

feminism is necessary

Gasp! ¬†Providing information and health care?! ¬†Unbelievable. ¬†I won’t even justify this mis-information and scare-tactics with any response. ¬†You can look at higher, legitimate sources–cited and substantiated, of course–for yourself and come to your own conclusions. ¬†My thoughts–education can never, never be a bad thing.

Trying to be Perfect

25 Sep

I’m putting a huge amount of pressure on myself. ¬†For school, since I effed up and skipped an entire multi-part question of the exam (that I totally knew, and probably would have gotten full points for!), largely due to pre-test shenanigans, I feel like I have to buckle-down extra hard. ¬†I’m studying at 4 AM, after work and before class, and after class until 8 PM–only taking breaks to eat, work, and sleep. ¬†But the pressure doesn’t end there. ¬†I’m normally a fairly effective employee at work–but I’m trying to take it to an even higher level since my schedule changed.

BECAUSE all my co-workers and the doctor(s?) hate it, and hate me as a result. ¬†So I’m trying to do the work of multiple people in order to prove to everyone that a) ¬†I’m not a lazy $hit-head b) ¬†the new system is helpful & worthwhile and c) ¬†I should get to keep this new schedule–please let me keep it!

I so badly want to remain on the schedule that I’m pushing myself to get to work by 5:30 AM so I can prep charts for the receptionist, do all the cleaning, finish all the laundry, re-stock all drawers, PLUS at least one big cleaning/organization job, tend to the house-cats and plants, take vitals and medicate and clean all hospitalized patients, type up all the hospitalize notes for the doctors, set up the I-131 room for the week, and set up for surgeries and drop-offs and to-go-homes for that current day. ¬†I aim to get this done before anyone else comes in 7-7:30 AM. ¬†It’s a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. ¬†And I’m rushing to do it–I want everyone to walk in and see EVERYthing is already done for them, so I’m really killing myself to do it. ¬†Mostly so I can keep this schedule. ¬†I’m almost sure that everyone will vote that the change doesn’t work and revert me to my old, horribly stressful schedule.

Except, as you know (and I know) perfection is impossible. ¬†I’m running myself a little ragged, and I’m not sure anyone even notices all the cleaning and prep work I’m accomplishing, and–I get pretty tired early on and don’t get to leave til 10 AM. ¬†Of course today, I ran into trouble over it–which was bound to happen sooner or later. ¬†I was working on a task, and before I was finished the doctor hustled over to check my critical patient. ¬†What she was doing was important, and my mind wandered to that–derailing me. ¬†Stupidly, I dropped the task and waited for her to evaluate the cat so I could resume. ¬†I guess my tiredness, forgetfulness, and general stress about doing EVERYthing got to me, and as she was there for quite awhile–I forgot to finish my task. ¬†I wandered off to finish something a co-worker had started, which ironically, annoyed me a great deal. ¬†Why can’t people finish what they start?!

So of course, this unfinished task of mine was ultra-important and could have had dire consequences. ¬†Someone else caught it, luckily. ¬†I felt terrible and ashamed. ¬†It’s not like I tried to forget or didn’t think anything would come of it–I’m just so worried about doing everything and being perfect that I made a big mistake. ¬†So I felt sad it had happened, stressed about the mentality that had lead up to it, and super-frustrated that instead of looking like an awesome worker deserving of my new post as I had intended, I looked like the worst, most untrustworthy loser ever. ¬†What made it worse was that I got lectured in front of coworkers (of course, and per the usual) which totally sucked. ¬†Add on that I was stigmatized and embarrassed.

Moral of the story–Though I’m trying to do more work than one person can do alone, I need to remember the patients come FIRST. ¬†Everything else takes a back-seat to the kitties. ¬†But I also hope everyone’s anger at my schedule change blows over quickly so I can just work at my normal-fast speed instead of hyper-fast crazy-early speed.

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Exam [continuation of multi-part story]

20 Sep

We just left my crazy morning frenzy.

I had to work in the morning, then my boss let me borrow her own watch for my exam–thank goodness. ¬†And I felt extremely tired, but not nodding off or anything like that. ¬†My professor had told us she really liked numbers. ¬†That we ought to know all these statistics and incidence percentages and ratios and decimals she was giving us: ¬†3-5% of at risk babies with HL; 3:1,000 well babies w/HL; 5.7 in 1000 of all babies with HL; 35% of those 65 yrs and up w/HL; 16-19 million working adults age 20-64 w/HL; etc, etc. etc. . . ¬†She even took the (ample) time in class to have us scratch out the numbers printed on the power-point to give us the most recent data based on the newest census. ¬†So I studied them–under protest because I think you can always look up the most current data online–no need to memorize irrelevant things. ¬†But I did–and that still wasn’t asked on the test >-[ ¬†I wrote it in where ever I could so all that studying didn’t go to waste.

And when all was said and done, after my terrible weekend of non-studying, interrupted sleep, and awful morning–I got 103/108 on the thing. ¬†I actually wonder what I missed–I felt like I aced it. ¬†If intertragal notch is intra or something I could have messed that up. ¬†Or I tend to make stupid errors–maybe my fatigue contributed to a skipped question or something. . . ¬†I’ll have to look on Monday.

Did that seem a little anti-climactic after a 3-part intro? ¬†Maybe it was. ¬†I’m sorry, I’m a little tired.

You see, my problem day (everyone else’s that is) of my new schedule was today. ¬†I was supposed to set them up for the morning and leave at 10 AM. ¬†And I wanted everyone to see how valuable that is–even though they’re all mad about it now. ¬†I didn’t want to leave anything undone for anyone to gripe about–and especially so my schedule doesn’t revert “because it doesn’t work.” ¬†So it was of the utmost importance that I get to work early, clean, prep files and cages, take and type in the vitals, do the house cats–everything so that when everyone else came in all they had to do was the stuff coming in on Friday’s schedule.

Except my plan was derailed in a major way when work texted and said the power would be turned off from 5-7 AM. ¬†That’s my go-time! ¬†I would never get everything accomplished if I couldn’t start until 7. . . ¬†What ever was I going to do??? ¬†I stressed out, tossed and turned, worried. ¬†Do I go in late and not get anything done and give everyone more reason to be mad and complain about the schedule change? ¬†Finally, I decided I would go in at the early time anyway. ¬†I would do all the stuff. . . ¬†By flashlight.

And that’s exactly what I did. ¬†I got to work at 5:30 AM and cleaned the floors and both bathrooms, cleaned upstairs and medicated the house cats, took vitals on the hospitalized buddy and medicated and cleaned his kennel, restocked and watered–by flashlight and in the dark. ¬†No one can say I’m a lazy slacker who doesn’t care enough about work, making the business suffer. . . ¬†So needless to say it’s 7:24 PM and I’m going to bed.

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Exam-Sham [Prelude]

17 Sep

Today I am back on track. ¬†I woke up early, studied like I should, worked productively, ran at the track (it hurrt after 13 missed track-runs!), made study sheets, walked to class while studying flashcards, rewrote my notes, and read/outlined. ¬† A perfect motivation day–not without much struggle to actually DO the things. ¬†I’m not gonna lie–it was hard to buckle down, and I wanted to cheat several times–and almost did when time to run was facing me. ¬†But I pulled through–as I will do for the rest of the semester. ¬†But back to my shenanigans.

I’m having to read and outline 4 textbook chapters in one afternoon/night for next week’s impending exam in my more difficult course. ¬†The syllabus has no dates for exams or assignments, but it does include the reading. ¬†Except there’s an optional book on reserve on the library to confuse the issue. ¬†I had read/outlined chap 1,2,3,4,9,11 and thought that was certainly all that was required in the first month of school. ¬†I found out chapters 5,6,7,8 are also supposed to be read in that time. ¬†That’s more than 451 pages of 12 font textbook type to wade through in 4 weeks! ¬†More then 16 pages/week. ¬†I think that’s right–I may be off since I just spent 3 straight hours reading and outlining hunt-&-peck style. . . ¬†It seems a little insane, but I’m just glad I’m finding out why I’ve grown increasingly confused and frustrated during lecture. ¬†This was due to a weirdly written syllabus and my own inability to read it–not irresponsibility–that’s coming up.

Anyway, here’s what contributed to this snafuu I’m in:

My first exam in my hearing anatomy class was Monday–worst day possible for a test since I have to work, go to school, then back to work. ¬†And instead of studying like I feel comfortable with, everything was a lot. ¬†Less. ¬†I felt/feel guilty because that’s not the mentality I want-or the actions I would like to take. ¬†I’m not an all-talk phony, I do really want that 4.0. ¬†This was all very contrary to my overall goals. ¬†That is not to say I didn’t study. ¬†Don’t get me wrong–I always make flashcards directly after class and I study them at least daily, if not more. ¬†And I had also drawn many figures for both a graded project and my personal study use. ¬†And Cool quizzed me several times over the 4 days I took for the weekend. ¬†It just wasn’t as much un-inturrupted, individual study as normally makes me feel confident.

And the short version (because I’m fatigued at staring at this screen and need to go to bed early in order to wake up at 4AM and study) of why my studying was neglectful–in list form:



stress, stress, stress!  Gossip, drama, confrontations.  More.  Stress.  Possible schedule change.

pug x 3


Satellite TV, free wine and beer, and many animals wanting attention and care.  Add in a commute that shaves off 30 min of study time each direction.



Tickets that had to be used so that money wouldn’t go to waste. ¬†Last weekend meant it was go or lose the (pre-paid) price of admission.

Tomorrow: ¬†I’ll write about my pre-exam night of rest.

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My Attention Span

10 Sep

Calls for another list.  Maybe as much as paragraphs.

*I thought I liked “Portlandia” because it makes fun of (crazy) Oregon, but maybe it’s already stale on episode 6. ¬†I feel it’s more of a sketch comedy now, then finding different aspects of Oregon (weed? ¬†anti-vaccine?) to mock. ¬†I’ll give it another short chance before I give up on it.

*Where did Aimee Mann come from, how has she been on the scene so long, and why am I just now hearing about her? ¬†I saw her play herself as a maid on “Portlandia” and she seems like one cool gal. ¬†Like a 1990’s coffee-house kinda vibe. ¬†Apparently, she was popular in the 1980s. . . ¬†I’m listening to her now as I type this, and before when I was re-writing my class notes.

*The above re-writing of notes is not (just) an OCD thing–I promise! ¬†This instructor uses over-head sheets and random organization during lecture. ¬†So my notes are not only ugly, and unbearable to study, but scribbled unpon and difficult to decipher. ¬†As a means of getting it all in a form I can understand in the future, and studying, I write them in outline form right after class.

*I was paranoid about my stupid short paper. ¬†I cited my sources, which you should always, always do on a formal (college) paper, but I fret no one else did. ¬†Also, I did NOT count the citations in my word count. ¬†And because I included one (10 word) statistic, my paper went over max-length by 9 words. ¬†So it looks all crazy and long, and I hope they don’t take the time to do an exact count, and I really hope they don’t take off a ton of points for over-shooting the length.

*I have this terrible habit of avoiding eye contact and mumbling. ¬†It’s partially, from work, where I’m legit busy with my hands and multi-tasking most of the time (exp: ¬†asking about appetite while I’m down on the floor weighing a cat), but it’s also from shyness. ¬†And maybe some sort of anti-social aversion? ¬†I offered to take everyone’s assignment to the prof after class and noticed myself awkwardly averting my gaze like some sort of serial killer or something. ¬†I need to keep mindful of this in casual situations, because I know I don’t do it in formal instances like a job interview.

*Speaking of jobs, my boss gave me a timeline (finally!) of most assuredly before the semester and probably before the end of October for my schedule change! ¬†I will be counting the hours until I’m off of Fridays!!!!!!!!!

*I feel like I’m doing a little better with studying, but at the cost of running. ¬†It seems like whatever I do first in the day is the KIND of day I am going to have. ¬†If I work first, the day is wasted with work tiredness. ¬†If I run first, it’s a fitness day. ¬†When I study, it’s a productive school day. ¬†I’m not sure why this is, or how I can feel accomplished at all three on the same day. . .

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How a Short Week Felt Long

8 Sep

a list of my goings-on:

-I’m worried that I’m not studying enough or that I don’t have the right buckled-down school mentality or something. ¬†This makes me feel guilty and worried.

-I think my work has a mind to put me off about my schedule change now that they agreed to do it. ¬†I’ve heard nothing of it, and when I pressed my boss about a broad timeline she wrote me “Unknown.” ¬†WTF!

-I still haven’t hit my scheduling groove and this makes me over-all stressed and gives me guilt about being unproductive.

-Cool is manic. ¬†Still. ¬†This means she cooks a lot and goes grocery shopping by herself. ¬†It also means she can be irritable, doesn’t sleep, and is impulsive.

-I felt sick yesterday, but I get this nondescript fatigue/achy/feverish feeling, not vomiting. ¬†So I couldn’t call in sick, and no one even noticed I wasn’t well. ¬†I wish I got the stomach flu–no one wants you when you’re vomiting!

-We had tickets to the fair (and I looovvvvee festivity) but I didn’t feel well and opted to study all day instead. ¬†Maybe we can go later this week?

-I hate 75-150 word papers!  How the eff am I supposed to describe a pathology, the cause, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, hearing implications, and rehab considerations in such little space?

-I had bad dreams last night. ¬†Let’s just say they are too disgusting and repulsive to mention.

-The weather has been crazy–93F blazing sun one day and 54F gray, and cloudy this morning. ¬†It makes running outside difficult–as does the community college’s schedule. ¬†I just treadmilled it this morning, which saved time and was warmer. ¬†But that makes for a long indoor season,

-There are so many things I need and want to do, but it seems like there’s so little time.

-I need to do my clogging dance so I don’t forget the steps.

I guess that’s all. ¬†I’ll try to write more this next week. ¬†Maybe it will be possible.

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Aural Rehab Writing

27 Aug

outer ear

Assignment 1: Select a disorder, disease, or syndrome in which hearing loss is a primary
component and is characterized by at least two of the following– unilateral and/or
progressive and/or fluctuating. Briefly describe the disorder/disease/syndrome and
discuss implications/considerations for intervention. Total words: 75-150 words.

–> ¬†See other blog entry

Meniere's dz 1

Assignment 2: Using 75-150 words, explain to teachers, parents, and
students: 1) the differences between a hearing aid and a cochlear implant; and
2) hearing aid troubleshooting to solve the following issues: no amplification, and

[U] When the CI users were compared with their deaf age mates who contributed to the norms of the RITLS, it was found that CI users achieved significantlybetter scores. Likewise, we found that CI users performed better than 29 deaf children who used hearing aids (HAs) with respect to English grammar achievement as indexed by the IPSyn. Additionally, we found that chronological age highly correlated with IPSyn levels only among the non-CI users, whereas length of CI experience was significantly correlated with IPSyn scores for CI users. Finally, clear differences between those with and without CI experience were found by 2 years of post-implant experience. These data provide evidence that children who receive CIs benefit in the form of improved English language comprehension and production. [U]


Acoustic Feedback and Other Audible Artifacts in Hearing Aids



Assignment 3: In a 75-150 word paragraph, offer tips for communicating with
individuals with hearing loss.


Communication with Deaf and Hard‚Äźof‚Äźhearing People: A Guide for Medical Education

Barnett, Steven MD

full article available online



Communicating about Health Care: Observations from Persons Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Lisa I. Iezzoni, MD, MSc; Bonnie L. O’Day, PhD; Mary Killeen, MA; and Heather Harker, MPA


[X] Communication strategies, accommodations to deafness, and perceptions of the communication environment by profoundly deaf subjects were correlated with indices of psychosocial adjustment to determine whether accommodations to deafness could play a role in the presence of psychological difficulties among deaf persons. Persons with postlingually acquired profound deafness were administered the Communication Profile for the Hearing Impaired (CPHI) and several standardized tests of psychological functioning and adjustment. Inadequate communication strategies and poor accommodations to deafness reported on the CPHI were associated with depression, social introversion, loneliness, and social anxiety. Limited communication performance at home and with friends was related to both social introversion and the experience of loneliness; perceived attitudes and behaviors of others correlated withdepression as well as loneliness. In general, the pattern of correlations obtained suggests that specific communication strategiesand accommodations to deafness, rather than deafness per se, may contribute to the presence of some psychological difficulties in individuals. [X]

CI ladybug

Assignment 4: Visit a public place and observe a child and a caregiver interacting for a
minimum of 5 minutes. In 75-150 words, describe how this communication interaction
would have been different had the child had a bilateral, moderate hearing loss.

[Z] However, there was considerable individual variation within the SNH group. Nearly 50% of the SNH group showed phonological impairment associated with poorer expressive and receptive vocabulary and higher hearing thresholds than remaining children without phonological impairment. Nonword repetition deficits were observed in SNH subgroups with and without phonological impairment and were of a similar magnitude to those observed in children with SLI. Indeed, poorer repetition in children with SLI could only be differentiated from children with SNH on phonologically complex nonwords. Overall, findings suggested major problems in nonword repetition and phonological impairment occurred without clinically significant deficits in wider language and literacy abilities in children with mild-to-moderate sensorineural hearing loss [Z].

[Y]  A total of 1528 pre-school children (mean age 4 years and 9 months), being identified as speech or language delayed, were evaluated with respect to micro-otoscopy, nose and throat pathology, hearing function, and speech-language abilities. Subjects were classified into groups of (I) constant normal hearing, (II) fluctuating conductive hearing loss and (III) bilateral moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss requiring hearing aids. In groups II and III, severe speech and language pathologies were found more frequently than in group I. Additionally, auditory perception skills were less in group II, even if peripheral hearing function was normalized. Group III was affected more than group II, but not significantly. The results indicate that in children having speech or language delay for severals reasons, mild fluctuating hearing loss can additionally alter language acquisition, but less than in cases of moderate or profound sensoneurinal hearing loss. The need of early detection of sensoneurinal hearing loss appears widely accepted; this study demonstrates also the necessity of early diagnosis of mild fluctuating hearing loss, especially in children with speech-language delay.[Y]

CI fish

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