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Lauren Alaina: Getting Over Him EP Review

12 Dec

Arrrg–seriously, put your Spotify page together with the latest album release at the top!  I started listening to the album until I got to “Road Less Traveled” which I was certain I had judged before.  

If I Was a Beer:  The bass drum is on point!  And I like the comparison.

Bar Back:  When she speeds up, it makes the song great.  I also like how relatable it is to have to split all the favorite and routine places a couple went to together, after the break up.

Getting Over Him:  About the rebound after a relationship ends.  I never like the idea of rebounding.

What Do You Think Of:  Lukas Graham’s voice sounds perfect with Lauren Alaina’s voice.  Seriously, they should consider joining up as a band forever.  This song was the standout of the entire–I’m going to call it EP since there are only 6 songs.  The high notes are nice, with Graham doing most of the heavy lifting hitting that one note.  Alaina shows her vocal skill though, which I had been wanting all along.

Oh. Now I see what happened with the Spotify order–this is not a true album, but an EP.

Overall, I was disappointed.  If your EP is made of a few really great songs, put it out.  But if the songs are not perfect, either edit til they are better, or add some stunners and make a full album.  Also, the two things I liked best about her past album, was Alaina’s positivity and good messaging, and her vocal strength.  This EP showcased neither.

Lauren Alaina: Getting Good EP Review

10 Dec

I didn’t realize Alaina had put out two EPs until (embarrassingly late) the day before I was ready to publish the finalized list.  Why not just make them 1 album?  So to all the people I said edit and put out an EP if you need to–never mind on that.  Spotify made it a complete pain in the ass!  It was hard to see them.  Hey Spotify developers, if you’re reading this–puh-leeze make all kinds of music chronological.  

In My Veins:  Very Catchy!  I like that it’s a very down-to-Earth take, lyrically.  And I love the fiddle.

Getting Good:  It’s optimistic and a good life lesson.  While we’re waiting for life to improve, we forget that life is swell at the moment.  Appreciate what you have, but don’t forget to dream.

Somebody Else’s Problem:  Did Alaina and I have the same car?!  And same first relationship?!  This is about not being loyal to the point of stupidity–a lesson I had to learn the hard way also.  If it’s relatable to me, it’s probably something others have experienced too.

Ladies in the 90s:  My favorite track on the EP!  It’s an ear-worm, and I love all the references.  Artists, song titles, and lyrics are name-dropped making the song both sentimental and cool.

Country in Me:  About a boy she likes.  He’s just her type, and it brings her back to her roots.

The Other Side:  Kind of a weak ending, after such a good set of songs.  But the signing is there, showing skill.  

I never knew given the choice between some drinking break-up album and a more traditional country good-girl album, that I would prefer the latter.  But in this case I did.  I felt like the Getting Over Him wasn’t very authentic for Alaina.  I suggest she #1, just combine into an album in the future.  #2, stay true to herself, because without even knowing there was a choice I gravitated to her more true story.