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Possible Concert Sign Content

15 Aug

I think we’re going to take a sign to the Gorge this year.  One side will be for Brandi and the other for DMB–so we don’t have to cart around 2 of them.  It needs to be eye-catching, but short.  And I want it to be original, but I’m sure all the cute puns and stuff have already been done. . .  Here’s some ideas I found by going through song titles and lyrics.  

Brandi Carlile:Brandi tim and phil

-Brandi:  Floating on YOUR Silver Cloud

-DREAMS of meeting Brandi

-Just Wanna be closer to Brandi Carlile

-Brandi’s In My Dreams

-Raise Hell, Brandi

-Brandi you hung the moon

-Brandi you make me feel like a million bucks

-A Brandi fan for 60 years on


DMB:DMB Austin


-DMB best of what’s around

-want to see you EVERYDAY, DMB

-“hello again” DMB

-DMB “1 in a million”

-better time then most can dream

-DMB better then the best

-celebrate we will

-DMB:  little taste of the good life

-DMB you make it all alright

-DMB did it for us allRaleigh 2014--light streaming

-DMB it’s been too long

-crushed 15 million with the weight of your hand

-big-eyed FANS

After we decide on a slogan for each side, we’ll have to come up with logistics.  Do we want to cut a cardboard box and use it?  Maybe just a large poster paper so we could potentially roll it up.  Then, check all spelling, obv.  And the fun part–colors!

The Best Part of Running

16 Jul

Is getting a new PR (personal record)!  Obviously.  Secondly, I enjoy taking, writing, and number-crunching all my stats.  Which I guess is math—shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone about that.  It would ruin my image.  I keep a red notebook and write all track runs in there.  I should mention these track runs are timed with my i-pod, which has a stopwatch function.  One of my i-pods keeps milisec, and the other doesn’t–I’m not sure how much this matters to my scene, so I’m thinking about just dropping them or rounding. . .  Anyway, one day I’ll have some fancy technology that will do everything and just plugrunning 2 into my computer, but this is adequate for now.

I don’t keep track of all my treadmill runs because I’m not certain how they stack up.  I don’t know the calibration, and am not sure if the distance/speed/calorie count are in any way accurate.  I like to run the all-weather track because the surface is amazing, there is 24/7 security at the college (dude on a golf cart making rounds), and I assume all the distances, inclines, variables are in line, because of track meets.

I just realize, I’m out of the norm for “runners.”  I enjoy the treadmill and on ultra-lazy days, weather below 60F, wind, rain, and when I have a busy schedule I’ll default to that.  Most runners hate it.  I’m also different because I am not really a marathon/race type of gal.  I don’t want to PAY to run, have to plan ahead and schedule the thing, or run with other people–I run because I LIKE my alone time.  Because I’m not “training” for some event, I tend to just work on my own short distance goals–no need to run 50 miles when 1 fast one (for me) will do.  I don’t understand pacing–probably because it has to do with kilometers (whaaa?) and marathons or smaller derivations thereof (I don’t know if that’s a legit word, but it sounds fancy so I’m using it).   Saying 8 min/mile pace is confusing to me.  Does that actually mean people run 8 minute miles for 30-some miles or whatever?  Can that be done outside of the Olympics/insane runner’s groups?  See, I running 1run often, but you wouldn’t call me a typical “runner.”

But I’m not intimidated by all the professional-pretention stuff.  I think of running like wine.  Sure, you may not know the lingo, or go to the fancy places, or have any of the accessories, or have an acquired taste for the finer things–but you do it because you like it and that’s what matters.  That’s me!  Enjoying chocolate wine from Wal-Mart (just an exaggerated example and not any more) and running my own timed sprints for no larger purpose than my own gratification.

After 3 years, I have just a couple of pages left, and the front is full of former & current PRs and the back full of weights and measurements.  As such, I think it’s time to go digital.  Plus, I want to know the info won’t be physically lost.  So here it is, because I got not only 1 but 2 TWO new records today–in the same day!  Unheard of.  I guess the daily mile (and my 30-20-10 HIIT sessions?) helps my speed.  My runs never felt so good.

200 m (half lap all-out sprint):

my goal is under 30 sec

0:37.5 on 7/16/14

0:38.8 on 7/28/12

–>I rarely run 200s because they take a lot out of me and really make me sore later.  And there’s only 2 records, because most of them are slower a work in progress.

400 m (1 lap all-out sprint & key to improving mile time):

the goal is sub-60 sec and as you can see, I have a ways to go yet

1:27.2 on 8/13/13

1:30.0 on 7/13/14

1:30.6 on 8/3/14

1:31.8 on 9/30/12

1:32.1 on 9/30/12

1:32.4 on 9/9/12

800 m (2 laps/half mile, weird speed):

3:38.6 on 7/16/14

3:52.4 on 7/23/13

3:52.12 on 7/31/12

–>I very rarely run this because it’s not exactly a sprint and I’m not certain how much it impacts my mile.  And mostly, when I start running this, once I’m finished with the 2nd lap I figure–why not just do a mile?

mile (4 laps = 1600 m):

the goal had been 8 min/mi, but I accomplished it, so I guess just as fast as possible is the goal now.

7:26.7 on 7/7/15 [400m splits:  1:37.1 = 2:10.8 = 2:06.2 = 1:32.6]

 7:39.0 on 8/22/12 [400m splits:  1:40.9 = 1:55.6 = 2:05.5 = 1:57.1]

7:40.07 on 8/17/14 [400 m splits:  1:43.4 = 1:56.6 = 2.02.8 = 1:57.9]

7:40.22 on 8/17/12 [400 m splits:  1:41.5 = 2:03.1 = 2:04.9 = 1:59.7]

7:42 on 7/12/14 [400 m splits:  1:41.6 = 1:58.7 = 2:02.7 = 2:00.2]

7:45 on 7/11/14 [400 splits:  1:47 = 1:54 = 2:05 = 1:58]

7:52 on 7/6/14 [400 splits:  1:46 = 4:05 = 1:59]  I HATE when it doesn’t capture the split as in lap 2+3!

7:54.11 on 7/18/12 [400 splits:  1:56.7 = 1:56.2 = 2:02.2 = 2:00.0]

Next Year for the Gorge (now this year–2014)

13 Jul

It’s mid-July and we are getting excited up in here about two nights with SEATS at Labor Dave weekend + Brandi Carlile!!!  Aside from pre-listening and composing our setlist wishlists, we’re playing the setlist game on Ants Marching, and thinking of our outfits.  I have one outfit, but need to come up with a second one before the big show.  As for Saturday, I’m not certain what I’m going to do about my current swimwear situation–I have nothing SUITable (pun!)  But there’s no money and no merch, so I’ll have to get creative about that one. . .  But in the mean time, here’s a list I generated last year about things we need to remember this time.  And I’ll add to it as it gets closer.

DMB laser lights

Things to Pack:

Emergency kit with:  IB-Prophen, Pepto tabs, sunscreen, CHAPSTICK

Cooler, ice packs

**ziplock bag with damp washcloths in the cooler


thermos full of a mocktail

gallon Gatorades (3 minimum)

camping chairs

ball & Frisbee

extra pair of socks and shoes

Clearasil sports wipe carry-on packets

makeup in the cooler

all phones (for venue picture-taking purposes)


sm pad of paper & pen (for setlist game)

sleep mask

Columbia River spot

For a Private pic-nic and maybe camping right on the Columbia River:

From Quincy, head east on Rd 11.2 NW

Turn right on Rd U NW

Turn left on Rd 11 NW

Turn right on Rd S NW

Take 2nd right to WA-28 W

Drive a full 10 min.

Turn left on Spanish Castle Rd

Turn right on Rudolph Rd

Park before the train tracks

Walk down the hill toward water.

Looking at river, should be to the left of Grant County PUD 2 little sheds

Walking back up the STEEP mountain is terrible, and fine sand.

Brandi and Dave

Interactive Audiology Presentation

2 Jul

I had another presentation today.  This one was for one group of high school students, and one group of (cue scary music:  dun, dun dun) middle school kids.  It was also shorter–like half the time we got last week.  And I knew I could do a YouTube video, but I think that’s kind of a cop-out, especially with younger students.

I knew I wanted to get the students out of their seats, but didn’t really know how to teach ear anatomy, noise-induced hearing loss, or assisted listening devices like that.  I thought about pictionary, but that’s really for review material–not novel teaching.  I asked my mom and she said she only knew of active stuff for review and quizzing.  When I pressed her, she said she could do like 8 activities for math, but not anatomy.  Still, I asked her to give me a sample.  The very first thing she talked about was using manipulatives.  And my advisor had talked about how they had used a funnel to show the function of the pinna before with great success.  That got me thinking. . .


general ear anatomy

My Mom (maybe both of us?) came up with putting “pieces of the ear” in a paper bag and having them kids pluck them out–you know for the gross-out factor of reaching into a bag not knowing what you’re going to get.  Then I came up with all the little objects I could use to show each portion of the ear:

funnel for the pinna/outer ear

drum for the tympanic membrane/ear drum

a hammer for the malleus often called the “hammer”

I used a door stop and taped the anvil coffee logo on both sides for the “anvil”/incus

I had a tiny shoe keychain for the stapes/”stirrup” to show the footplate’s action

I put a brush in a ziplock and filled it with water to have a visual for the fluid-filled cochlea containing hair cells

and finally, a sponge was the brain

education at family weekend health fair

I had the kids pick the items and stand in the front of the room with them, in the proper order.  I moved my arms (next time, I’ll have all the students at the desks wave their arms to involve everyone) to simulate the physical sound waves, then, I went through the function of each part of the anatomy:

My ear canal/funnel person stood there capturing the sound

The drum bagged to show sound hitting & vibrating it

Setting my 3 ossicles (w/interlinked arms) in motion (next time have them hum like a kazoo to show the ossicles vibrating).

My stapes person kicked the oval window on the bag

The inner ear person created gentle waves to stimulate the hair cells to send the sound info to the brain

And my brain/sponge was dipped in the water of the bag/cochlea to show the sound reaching its destination.

loudness vs intensity

Then, we did the whole thing again, but I jumped up and down exaggerated to show LOUD sound.  Everyone exaggerated their motions, the stapes footplate stomping the oval window to create a tsunami and flatten the hair cells.  And that time the sponge (a 2nd sponge) remained dry and unhearing.  It got everybody involved, laughing, and hopefully remembering the hearing process a little better.  And I have to say I was on my A-Game, and really extroverted (not my normal way) and funny and in charge of the scene.

That allowed me to segway to the FM loop where the kids played Simon Says, one in the hallway and one in front of the group doing silly things.

fm trainer

I had a lot of fun, and felt “in the zone” rather then shy and nervous, so it was great.  I could see myself doing little activities to promote prevention as an educational audiologist in my future.  It’s not the same as having to discipline a whole class for an entire day, which is what I didn’t think I’d like about that option.  Now, if I can only track down one of the many videos of the thing so I can put it in my portfolio!

When did 10:30 PM become the new 3 AM?

22 Nov

Written yesterday:

I am so non-functional today, and it’s 100% due to the fact that I didn’t go to sleep until 10:30 last night.  But my body still woke up at 3:30 AM as it is accustomed to doing these days.  There were nights in my early-mid 20’s that I was OUT until 3:30AM, then went to work at 7AM!  You know you’re 30 when you can’t stay up past 8PM anymore. . .

The reason I was up late was the Talent Show.  I was very nervous.  I hadn’t performed in 14 years.  I had never THE shirt anteriordanced in those particular shoes.  The tap on my left heel is stiff and I have to stomp really hard to get sound out of it.  My living room carpet muffled my taps, so if I wanted to practice clean-steps I had to do it in my tiny kitchen.  And the stage was in a room used as a classroom so I couldn’t practice there until our actual room reservation–when other people were already there.  So I was never able to practice both full movements, facial expression, AND clean steps simultaneously before I was actually in front of my audience.  And the afore-mentioned music-loudness issues.

rainbow 3 (2)I had started working on this dance, specifically for this occasion in August.  So I wanted to really do the very best version of the dance I knew I was capable of.  And when I got up there–it was magical.  That sounds super-cheesy and overwroght, but I really felt good about everything.  It all came together, and I actually had fun with it–instead of worrying–what move is next, put your arms here, keep smiling, breathe. . .  I just did it.  And truly enjoyed myself.  Which showed, and got the crowd excited.  It was, without exaggeration, the best performance of my life.  Better then team or individual shows or competitions in my prime of dancing.  Better then team or duets with our clogging class.  Better then previous talent shows.  And better then any band, cheerleading, or other performance.

The stars just aligned and instead of worrying about logistics I enjoyed the moment.  And I was proud that the dance was all mine.  My special song, a costume I had spent hours and hours working on (my anatomy muscle shirt, if you recall those struggles), my choreography.  I owned it.  And I love the feeling that I did the best I could.  And of course the surprise, excitement, and praise from the audiance.  I feel like those classmates and teachers see THE shirt posteriorme differently now.  And that feels great.

I had forgotton how much clogging meant to me.  Or maybe at the time, it never felt like the cool thing to do and I sort of took it for granted somewhat.  I feel a renewed excitement, and like this is one of the things that makes me who I am.  And I had forgotten.  Now I’m motivated to choreograph another routine.  I guess for next year’s talent show since I really have no other performance venue/outlet.  Maybe I’ll make my own clogging YouTube page.  Whatever it’s for, I’d like to start writing another routine and making it even more spectacular to top this show.

But today I was too tired to do much of anything.  I couldn’t focus, but I couldn’t nap either.  I tried 3 seperate times to sleep, but couldn’t.  And you know how not studying makes me feel so, so, so guilty and unproductive.  But now I have a week for Thanksgiving break and I promise myself I will really buckle down and do what I need to and work ahead.  So Today will be my break and my reward for doing the very best I could last night.