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best of 2019

4 Jan

Day of the Dead

I painted my face and wore my senorita dress and monarch butterfly wings to work.  Cool and I did an offrenda to our deceased loved ones, and I liked having a happy time to think about them and remember them.


work x-mas party

One of the supervisors really outdid herself and planned a fun party with catered food, nice decorations (including wine glasses with our work and the year etched on them as memento), a photo booth where we got copies of the pictures, cash bar, and a dj.  Cool wanted to go very badly, and even though parties are later than my bedtime and make me stressed out and anxious I agreed to go.

And once I got some wine in me, I loosened up and had fun.  The people that sat at our table were tipsy to drunk, but that made them really talkative and friendly, and it was nice to finally interact with people at work!  Some coworkers dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus and really put a lot of effort into the costumes, so we asked them to take a picture with us.  And it turned out really cute.  Maybe we’ll make it a future Christmas card.  And Cool and I took a picture together with a giant rose as a prop, which turned out really cute.  And it’s special because we never get pictures with both of us.  I even got up on the dance floor and did the 7 moves I know–and people were trying to keep me to come dance in the middle of the circle (I did not).  It was a success!


played Jenga at Social Hall

After we went to the zoo (also one of our favorite things to do) we stopped at Social Hall for lunch.  It turned out to be happy hour and our server was really nice and good too.  This never happens in Arizona.  We noticed when we first moved here that the service pretty much everywhere and every time of day, is bad.  Like abyssal.  But she was friendly and efficient so it was a special treat.

They have games inside and a big patio with a jumbo Jenga game made of 2×4-size wood.  Cool and I played and generally just had an unexpected fun time.


parents visit

I wanted my parents to see where we live, our cute house, our favorite spots…  So they came, but it was July when everyone is hot in AZ, and un-acclimated people want to die.  Not the optimal timing.  And I am very much conscious of utilities and we usually keep the temp no lower than 90F because in AZ you could easily spend $300+ on utilities if you let yourself be comfortable.  Anyway, so it’s not a good time of year for visitors.  But I wanted them to see and have fun, and that’s when they could come so we tried to make the best of it.

I planned a very detailed itinerary to try to accommodate everyone’s needs and desires:

zoo-because all 4 of us are animal lovers.

Sephora- to try scents and makeup and lotion.

heard museum-because it’s personal history to all of us and I knew they would all like it.  Also, it’s free the first Friday of every month.

aquarium-this was not on my itinerary, but we had time between plans so we made it happen.

movie-Cool and I are addicted to the luxiorious movie experience with the comfy seats and restaurant-food and bev brought right to your seat.  So I wanted my parents to enjoy it also.  And–it’s an AC space (AC I’ not paying for).

book store-  All 4 of us are readers and we have a local bookstore that also serves snacks, coffee, and adult beverages.

casino & buffet- to bring a little of my parent’s home to the visit.

brunch-for my birthday!  I love brunch so much!!!

WNBA-I wanted to go to a game for my birthday, and I got us 1st row tickets (closest seats of ever) to enjoy.

We really packed in the activities and they are already Cool and my favorite activities, so it was fun to share them.


color run

Not only was it a color run, it was unicorn-themed and that’s like my favorite ever.  Cool was a good sport and even dressed up in complementary-colored tutu with me.  They had all kinds of selfie stations, and threw color on us as we ran.  The location was beautiful, and the sunrise in AZ is always gorgeous.  So it was a fun time with tons of cute stuff!


tour de fat

We discovered this in 2018, and at that time I spontaneously danced in a talent show.  Which was very fun.  Except I finished the routine with crowd-pleasing splits (with zero stretching/preparation) and messed up my hamstring for the 8 following months.  But it had been a real fun time, so we went again.

This year it was much hotter, so I was drenched in sweat the whole time.  But we dressed adorable, tried new beer, and spectated some of their quirky contests and shows.  It’s always a unique and entertaining time!


pride wk at work

Since Phoenix summers are uncomfortable (an understatement) the city has Pride in April.  Which is really a terrible idea.  Because everyone else is doing Pride in June and nobody in the spring, so AZ is out of sync, and it ends up being lackluster as a result.  Also, it can still be 95-100F in April, so it’s not really even a nicer temperature to most people.  I could tell the people in the parade were hot and uncomfortable, fizzling, and spirited by the halfway mark.  They really need to find a stadium with a roof or somewhere cooler to hold the thing–in June.

So that’s why when work agreed to celebrate a Pride week in June it was like the best thing!  We dressed up and got to partake a little bit in what the rest of the nation was talking about so much.  Also, I’m really proud of my company for being inclusive, accepting, and going as far as celebrating the week.  Makes me feel safer and more welcome.


AZ fair

So in AZ, it’s less of a fair with animals and crafts and more of a carnival.  Which I guess for a city in the middle of a desert makes a lot of sense.  It was just different from what we’d experienced before.  Animals were hard to locate, and there weren’t many.  Crafts were not plentiful either.  Plant stuff was literally 12 pumpkins and the honey people–that’s it.  So that felt weird.

I found residential parking so we didn’t have to pay the $10 or fight the crowd, and that made me over-the-moon excited.  We just had to walk an extra mile, which is no problem for us.  We walk all the time.  They had all kinds of giant fair food and beverages to pick from.  There were rides, but the safety of those sketches me out so we didn’t do any of those.  But we did try our hand at a couple of the games, knowing they are rigged, but just wanting to enjoy the experience.  I did the Wack-a-Mole, and am so good at hitting those vermin that I won a prize!!!  Which never happens to me.  And it wasn’t just a little dinky thing, it was a good sized purple sparkly unicorn!  So that was super-cool.


brunch crawl

I saw it on social media and spontaneously (which I never am) bought tickets for the next day.  As you know I love a brunch!  All around town there were deals at the restaurants on pre-fix brunch stuff.  So we got to try a few different places all in one day.  And we found some new gems in town that we had gone to before and ended up being tasty and pleasant.


Halloween costume

I always think I’m going to lazy out of the costume and just wear something easy from a previous year, but then the spirit hits me.  This year I went from easy bear I already had to…fish!  I learned how to do mermaid face-paint that looks like fishnet.  Got some purple tights.  Painted my Mohawk blue.  And made a fin out of closed butterfly wings.  I looked amazing (if I do say so myself).  And I enjoy painting faces a lot, and am getting better and better at it.  And the planning phase is fun too.  Also, not gonna lie, but the accolades are fun to get as well.


my mohawk

My hair was long, just out of laziness and being cheap.  But I made the mistake of trying to save money by box dying it.  And Cool and I were actually getting really good at the process.  Even the lady who cut my hair said she has worked with professionals that didn’t do as nice a job of even coverage as we had–which I took as a major complement.  Anyway, box dye does horrible damage to hair.  I knew that before, but I didn’t realize just trimming it wasn’t going to fix it.  It was the kind of thing that I was going to have to trim and trim until all of it was cut off so I could start fresh.  And that sounded like a long plan.  But Cool suggested I get a mohawk.  And I’ve had short hair before, but nothing so dramatic or trend-specific.  But I am feisty and fun (and also thought it would be easier to just cut all the dye off at once) so I found some pictures.  The haircut went well and I felt cooler than I actually am.  I got a lot of genuine compliments at work–like people coming out of their way to tell me they loved it.  Not just the ‘I noticed a change and say nice hair’ stuff that you sometimes get with a fashion risk.  And not everyone liked it, but I was totally OK with that too.  Some people are old, gender-conforming, or conservative.  And I don’t care about any of those group’s opinions.  I thought I looked awesome and that’s what mattered!



#3:  Left Mck

I had been relieved to have a job after the terror of both my mate and I losing our jobs in the same week.  And for over a month.  I was really afraid.  But then, the job just wasn’t what I can accept.  I don’t want to be treated as dispensable.  Don’t want to be micromanaged and watched to the extent I feel like I’m living in a Big-Brother world.  I want to know ahead of time if I will be in my same team, position, or location–not told right as it’s happening.  I don’t want to constantly be training new people all the time all the time, without being in some leadership position or getting a raise or recognition for doing that.  And I sure as fuck don’t want to commute.  So I was ecstatic when I got a job close to the house and could leave all of that behind.  I just wish I hadn’t had to lose all the acquaintances/friends I was getting to know.


#2:  10 year anniversary with my mate- Nov

What a special time!  Cool and I have made it ten years and now it sounds just as substantial to others as we always felt about ourselves.  It’s really neat to be able to say ‘decade’ and also really a relief that this is it.  Love.


#1:  Got a permanent job

As much of a relief as it is not to be a precarious temp having to worry constantly about messing up and losing a job, and having to save every penny for just in case–this happened really late.  It was promised that in 90 days I would go perm.  Feet were dragged for additional months.  So when it did happen, it was less of a happy occasion and more of a what took so long?  But now life in Arizona can truly start and I’m really happy for stability.  I want 2020 to be the year of stability!

My Perspective on Cats: The 2019 Movie

21 Dec

Yay!  I got tickets to see Cats on a Caturday!

#1:  Before you go in, do a little homework so you understand what is happening (though this iteration does a much better job of making things clear and spelling it out then the prior version).  I listened to a podcast I found on Spotify:  Storyhole 43 Cats (The Musical).  Also, a video on YouTube was informational and humorous:  Let’s Talk About Cats.  It’s the one by Caitlin Koi. You’ll be happy you did.

#2:  Get into the spirit of the thing!  This movie is intentionally campy.  It’s supposed to be fun and silly, so watch it in that mindset.  I personally, did my best cat eyemakeup, put on some eyeliner whiskers, wore old Halloween tiger ears, and got into the spirit of the thing.  I also had a whiskey milkshake at the theater, which didn’t hurt.

So my opinions about the new movie:

I liked what they did with the scaling of the set.  It’s especially noticeable during the ornery siblings (Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer) song when they’re messing up the house.

Obviously, my very favorite cat was Taylor Swift’s Bombalurina.  She was cheeky and cute and naughty and great-per the usual.  Her part is too short and very late in the movie, but don’t worry, there’s more to enjoy.

They added (lengthened?) “Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat” a song for the railroad cat, Skimbleshanks, and it was in my top songs for the movie.  Also,Steven McRae,  who played Skimbleshanks was by far the best dancer in the entire cast, having both difficult ballet pirouettes AND a lengthy tap number.

Speaking of ballet, Victoria the curious, new cat does some pretty spectacular dancing throughout the movie (I would have liked to see more in the 2nd half) and was fun to watch.  The part was played by Francesca Hayward, an English ballerina and a principal dancer in the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden in London.  Hayward is a triple threat!  She does a wonderful job embodying her role through dance and song and just–enthusiasm and a say yes attitude conveyed during the whole thing.  I liked how the character isn’t reluctant or standoffish to join any cat during their introduction, even to the point of helping steal and ruining furniture.  It’s nice to see someone so non-judgemental on the screen.  I did not find her white face racist, but I do think the innocent portrayed in white and sinister villain in black is sorta racist, but those are also known symbolic colors (even taking race or humans out of the mix) since forever…

The villain, Idris Elba as Macavity, has one of the most beautiful costumes, but I would have loved to hate him.  He did a good job as the threat to the Gelical ball, but I wasn’t screaming at the screen or anything.  He could have gone meaner…

I got used to the costumes.  Yes, the proportions are weird.  They have fingers and noses of the human variety.  I could have forgiven that more if the makeup had made any effort at all.  Like, Jennifer Hudson had white smeared under her eyes and brown on her lower face.  That’s it.  It’s one of the laziest makeup jobs I’ve seen.  Like, my Halloween costume for work had more facepainting effort.  They really could have (and should have) stepped it up if the fur didn’t cover most of the face.  Like, do some fancy makeup/face-painting for fucks sake.  Though, I will say any man with stubble or a beard looked better than the rest because the fur technology blended a little better and wasn’t so stark of a contrast.

And to back track just a beat (pun), Jennifer Hudson’s Grizabella spent the whole movie with snot under her nose-yuck!  Her character isn’t very fleshed out and the poor gal barely even stood up throughout the film.  I guess she did the best she could with the material she was given, but I have to compare her performance to Taylor Swift’s.  The Bombalurina character was probably equally small of a role with  minor character development, but Swift really made something of her small moment–where Jennifer’s was kind of a dud.  Even the singing was somewhat meh  except for my 2 notes (intentional):  How can she sing so well from a crouched position?  I was wondering that during the movie.  And she does show she CAN belt it on the re-chorus of Memory.  But that was fleeting.

Also fleeting was the comic relief at the beginning of the film.  Both fat cats added humor that wasn’t really focused on in the original VHS.  And I liked it.  Rebel Wilson was funny and Jennyanydots’ mice and roaches and clumsiness were welcome in my view.  Having watched the original film adaption, I appreciated Jennyanydots being fleshed out (ha) more.  And when Wilson does that footwork after Rum Tum Tugger’s song, well, color me impressed.  And James Cordon was funny also.

My 3rd favorite dancing was Rum Tum Tuggers 2 background cats, with all the footwork.  I think it’s Plato and Socrates but if they said their names at all, I missed it.  So I took my best guess from the Cats Wiki page.  Anyway, I need to get a YouTube and learn how to do those moves.

Let’s see I liked the dancing, I liked the songs (obviously Beautiful Ghosts that Taylor wrote) and recognized/re-remembered that several of those songs were in some childhood music boxes I had.

Overall, I really liked the movie, got jazzed up watching it, and want it to be the new Rocky Horror Picture Show-to indulge campiness and have special, fun screenings where people dress up.