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Dua Lipa: Future Nostalgia Review

25 Nov

Let’s get right to it:

Don’t Start Now and Cool are ones that’ll get stuck in your head, though the latter has some decidedly Bieber-inspired vocal similarities.  

Pretty Please:  It’s a stand-out on the album, taking more of a risk than the other songs.  The unapologetic sexuality, especially from a female perspective, is a nice addition.  And lends some validity to the artist.

Hallucinate:  Sounds like a rip-off of Lady Gaga.  WHICH I think is fair since Gaga’s entire fashion, sound, progression as an artist, and career are a direct rip-off of Madonna.

Love Again:  The best thing about this song is the use of the sample, and the occasional strings in the backing.  The signing and the vibe are disco-esque.

Break My Heart:  The syncopation, elevates this one from just another disco-Gaga tune to a little original.

Good In Bed:  This is the best song on the album, because of the playfulness of tempo.  There are the scales which shows any vocal talent.  The repetition of words and syllables make the song a catchy, ear-worm.  And it’s cheeky and sexual.  It’s reminiscent of Lilly Allen, without being a copycat.  This is the song that shows musical influences without just straight up plagiarism.  

Boys Will Be Boys:  A feminist anthem!  I love this song with it’s content about social issues such as patriarchy, gender roles, and sexism.  

The album reminds me a little of the ‘Bring It On’ Soundtrack.  Nothing ground-breaking here, but a fun listen all the same.  There are glimmers of potential on this album.  And when Dua Lipa embraces her own voice, that’s where things go right.  This artist reminds me of a hybrid between Katy Perry’s California-girl lite pop and 1980’s vanilla, Debbie Gibson. And too often she veers into the easy, superficial sound rather that challenging the status quo of pop.