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I Don’t Hate the Treadmill

6 May

And that’s not sarcasm either.  Most people loathe the treadmill, but I really appreciate mine.  It’s nothing fancy, just something I got on the cheap from Craigslist.  It was probably built in the 1980s based on the wood paneling and no arm holds–that took some getting used to.  But it has multiple speeds (who in the world uses 26!!!!) and incline from 1 to 15, as well as programs, intervals, and a calorie-counter.  It’s everything I need.  Though I think a fan and i-pod port and heart rate monitor wouldn’t be the worst features to have.

I actually wanted to write this post on April 11, because that was the ONE HUNDRED DAYS IN-A-ROW of treadmilling at least one mile first thing in the morning.  Which I am very proud of because it wasn’t always easy finding motivation, changing my lifestyle, and working it in despite long, early days at work and exam schedules.  But I did it!  Cool did it too.  So today is day 125 in a  row I think, but it’s my technical first day of summer break so I think it’s still appropriate.

Pagosa Springs winter hike

I love the treadmill because I’m a fair-weather runner.  I ONLY run if it’s 60 degrees F or more, and prefer no rain/snow.  Living in Washington, those days are few and far between.  I also like my treadmill because I don’t have to get ready, look presentable, or take the time to get anywhere.  I can roll out of bed, put on mismatched clothes, maybe even spandex, which I am horribly against (in public) and step onto the treadmill with uncombed hair and unbrushed teeth.  And no one knows but me, Cool, and the cats.  Thirdly, I think it’s great because I can listen to music (or even watch TV!)without cord control issues, which constantly bother me on the track.  Fourth, since I’m in my own house, I never have to wait for a machine, abort running plans because some class or sport has dibs on the facilities, or deal with other people’s lack of consideration (running in my lane on the track, leaving sweat on the gym treadmill.)  AND lastly, I like that I can keep an eye on all my stats, control my pace, and be constantly apprised of my progress on the treadmill.

Some people get bored on the treadmill, but I never do.  I try to vary my workouts.  For example:

-one day I’ll do speed and try to do the mile as fast as my feet will carry me.  During this I might focus on form, breathing, mental strength, or try to ignore the distance all-together.

-another day I might try walk/run.  Go to a speed higher then I’m comfortable, then walk for less time then I’m comfortable.  Right now, I do 9-9.5 speed, then try to walk no more then 40 sec on 3-3.5 speed.  Over and over until the mile is finished.

-I might do descending incline, with or without ascending speed.  I’ll start at incline of 15 and say, speed of 4.0.  Then every 30 sec I increase speed by half, and every minute I’ll decrease incline by one.  So it looks like:

18 min = incline 14, speed 5.0

17:30 = incline 14, speed 5.5

17 min = incline 13, speed 6.0

16:30 = incline 13, speed 6.5

16 min = incline 12, speed 7.0

You get the idea.  And you see how HARD 7.5 might be at an incline of 12!

-Some days I try for endurance.  Where I run half a speed higher then my comfortable pace and try to maintain that over the whole mile.

-Then, on about 2 days of the week, I do “strength” treadmilling, where I slow down to a speed of 1-ish, and do lunges +/- weights.  This is SUPER hard, if you lunge it out for 1.5 minutes, then try to run immediately at a 4+ speed, then go right back into lunges.  It burns!  I also turn to the side so my cheek is facing the control panel of the treadmill.  And on incline of 15 I do side-shuffles (like in volleyball).  I stay facing the side and do grapevines up the incline.  So it’s slow, but works on a lot of lower body musicles (and upper body if I use 5 lb weights simultaneously.

You can see there’s just an unlimited amount of combinations that can be done, so the only reason to get bored is mental weakness.  If you think treadmilling is somehow a lowly form of running, then I guess you’ll be bored and hate it.  Here’s some more workouts I’m going to try now that it’s summer:

5:00 segment2:00 pace3:00 pace0 – 5:006.7 (8:57)7.2 (8:20)5:00 – 10:006.8 7.3 10:00 – 15:006.97.415:00 – 20:006.87.320:00 – 25:006.97.425:00 – 30:007.0 (8:34)7.5 (8:00)30:00 – 35:006.97.435:00 – 40:007.07.540:00 – 45:007.17.645:00 – 50:007.07.550:00 – 55:007.17.655:00 – 60:007.2 (8:20)7.7 (7:48)1 hourAverage:~8:20

5:00 segment 2:00 pace 3:00 pace
0 – 5:00 6.7 (8:57) 7.2 (8:20)
5:00 – 10:00 6.9 7.4
10:00 – 15:00 7.1 7.6
15:00 – 20:00 7.3 7.8
20:00 – 25:00 7.5 8.0
25:00 – 30:00 7.7 (7:48) 8.2 (7:19)
30:00 – 35:00 7.9 8.4
35:00 – 40:00 8.1 8.6
40:00 – 45:00 8.3 8.8
45:00 – 50:00 8.5 9.0
50:00 – 55:00 8.7 9.2
55:00 – 60:00 8.9 (6:44) 9.4 (6:28)
1 hour Average: ~7:25
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6 Feb

I think I’m going to cancel my membership to the Y.  It’s difficult enough to get my ass to the gym between sleeping and working without having to worry about whether I can get a machine or not.  The resolutioners are overcrowding the gym and ruining my workout experience!  I can’t go to the YMCA close to home, b/c the parking lot reaches capacity.  And at the gym farther away it’s a crap-shoot.  Nothing is worse then changing, driving to the far gym, getting parking in the back-40, then not getting to workout!

The employee suggested coming in at 2 PM when it’s slow.  Which I could only do on my ONE day off a week.  She said it’s also slower at 5 AM (my study time and Cool’s sleeping time) or 9 PM, after my bedtime.  And I could swim during the day when kids are at school, but that would only be 2 times a week.  After school lets out the kids take over the pool.

We tried the sneaky way of getting a guaranteed a spot.  You have to call and reserve your bike the day before cycling class.   BUT there is only one cycling class outside of my work hours, and it’s only a half hour so even if we did make it, that’s only a 30 min. workout all week.  Plus, the class falls right before my weekly class quizzes so if I have a lot of material to go over I have to forgo the gym.

I’m just tired of wasting $40 a month to be frustrated about NOT having a place to workout. . .

This Week is Going to be a GOOD Week

24 Jan

It HAS to be better than last week (and the week before).  I am determined to make it better.

I will study in the morning, count calories, introduce fruits and veggies to my diet, be patient with my coworkers, not make my job my priority, go to the gym regularly, and floss.


I can do it.  I WILL do it!


And I won’t get stressed about things I cannot control–scheduling at work.  I will remember that I am

only one person and can only do so much so fast.  I will not feel left out, left behind, or awkward in school.  I will not take Cool’s driving to work burden my own.  I will help as I can, but not make myself sick with worry.

I will be miss sweet and light, and maybe even a little optimistic no matter how impractical–because I am motivated and working hard.

Resolutioners RUIN the Gym

8 Jan

Hate, hate, hate!

I have BEEN going to the gym for some time now.  I had my own fitness goals to work toward–New Year or not.  It is sooooooooo annoying that everyone and her mother resolved to lose weight in the new year, joined a gym, and proceeded to overrun the place.  I can’t find a parking spot.  I can’t get to a machine–let alone switch between several.  It is severly frustrating.  And most maddening of all–these new joiners will only be around for 8 weeks–tops.  Most likely less then that.  Why bother at all?  Just go on a fad diet and be done with it already.

And why don’t the gyms prepare?  Have pre-January member hours.  Carve out a time for established

members to work out without all the resolution hassle.  Extend gym hours for the busy month of January.  If there is more than one gym location in a certain mileage radius, the gyms should allot one place for new members.  Staff the place with extra personal trainers to teach people how to use the equipment properly and give them an appropriate workout for their needs and fitness level.  Meanwhile, the established members can be at the other location working out in peace.

So, I am staying away from the YMCA until the resolutioners fizzle out–which most will.  But I do not have to like it!

The Plan

27 Nov

My Goals:

Prepare for Vet Interview
–read current events
–have books and interests ready
–go over app
–go over MU interview Q&A
–visit Pullman

Get AuD applications in
–organize deadlines
–work on essay
–req transcripts
–req GRE scores
–req/edit letters of recommendation
–observe in field
–read Audiology book
–take a class to prepare

Get ready for a Triathlon
–make a gym schedule
–find all supplies for race
–stick to workout sched

Making (and sticking to) a Training Schedule

19 Nov

I guess going to the YMCA just for the sake of working out, is not working the best for me.  I regularly laze out, but don’t wanna waste that $20/mo + Cool’s $20/mo.  So I thought something to work towrd might be more succesful at getting my ass out of my PJs and going.  And that thing is. . .   A Triathlon!  I’m not going all hard-core, or even doing a full length–cause hello a marathon after other stuff.  Is.  Just.  CRAZY.  But a sprint, short-length Tri seems acceptable.


Here is a sample triathalon traning schedule.  It’s focused on swim since I don’t really know what I’m doing.  Learn the swimming kick-turn first thing.  And this training guide is also a sprint program.

Since my prospective race is

Monday, May 30, 2011 Spring Festival Triathlon & Duathlon
Moses Lake, Washington Montlake Park
Spring Festival Triathlon :
Triathlon : Swim ¼ mile, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.1 miles
Spring Festival Duathlon :
Duathlon : Run 3.1 miles, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.1 miles

This schedule should be a good fit.  It’s even a 16 week plan!  There are an overwhelming amount of tri informational pages and links though.  I’ll see if I like this one best.


I also wrote to a couple of my former clogging teammates who have experience with tri’s.  Maybe they know some good secrets or tips.

*1 length of YMCA’s lap pool = 25 yards or 22.86 meters

1 length = 23 meters or 25 yards (from wall to wall)
2 lengths = 46 meters or 50 yards
4 lengths = 91 meters or 100 yds
¼ mile = 400 meters or about 500 yards = 20 lengths
½ mile = 732 meters about 800 yards = 32 lengths
1 mile = about 1700 yards = 68 lengths
1.2 miles = about 2000 yards = 80 lengths
2.4 miles = about 4000 yards = 160 lengths