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best of 2019

4 Jan

Day of the Dead

I painted my face and wore my senorita dress and monarch butterfly wings to work.  Cool and I did an offrenda to our deceased loved ones, and I liked having a happy time to think about them and remember them.


work x-mas party

One of the supervisors really outdid herself and planned a fun party with catered food, nice decorations (including wine glasses with our work and the year etched on them as memento), a photo booth where we got copies of the pictures, cash bar, and a dj.  Cool wanted to go very badly, and even though parties are later than my bedtime and make me stressed out and anxious I agreed to go.

And once I got some wine in me, I loosened up and had fun.  The people that sat at our table were tipsy to drunk, but that made them really talkative and friendly, and it was nice to finally interact with people at work!  Some coworkers dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus and really put a lot of effort into the costumes, so we asked them to take a picture with us.  And it turned out really cute.  Maybe we’ll make it a future Christmas card.  And Cool and I took a picture together with a giant rose as a prop, which turned out really cute.  And it’s special because we never get pictures with both of us.  I even got up on the dance floor and did the 7 moves I know–and people were trying to keep me to come dance in the middle of the circle (I did not).  It was a success!


played Jenga at Social Hall

After we went to the zoo (also one of our favorite things to do) we stopped at Social Hall for lunch.  It turned out to be happy hour and our server was really nice and good too.  This never happens in Arizona.  We noticed when we first moved here that the service pretty much everywhere and every time of day, is bad.  Like abyssal.  But she was friendly and efficient so it was a special treat.

They have games inside and a big patio with a jumbo Jenga game made of 2×4-size wood.  Cool and I played and generally just had an unexpected fun time.


parents visit

I wanted my parents to see where we live, our cute house, our favorite spots…  So they came, but it was July when everyone is hot in AZ, and un-acclimated people want to die.  Not the optimal timing.  And I am very much conscious of utilities and we usually keep the temp no lower than 90F because in AZ you could easily spend $300+ on utilities if you let yourself be comfortable.  Anyway, so it’s not a good time of year for visitors.  But I wanted them to see and have fun, and that’s when they could come so we tried to make the best of it.

I planned a very detailed itinerary to try to accommodate everyone’s needs and desires:

zoo-because all 4 of us are animal lovers.

Sephora- to try scents and makeup and lotion.

heard museum-because it’s personal history to all of us and I knew they would all like it.  Also, it’s free the first Friday of every month.

aquarium-this was not on my itinerary, but we had time between plans so we made it happen.

movie-Cool and I are addicted to the luxiorious movie experience with the comfy seats and restaurant-food and bev brought right to your seat.  So I wanted my parents to enjoy it also.  And–it’s an AC space (AC I’ not paying for).

book store-  All 4 of us are readers and we have a local bookstore that also serves snacks, coffee, and adult beverages.

casino & buffet- to bring a little of my parent’s home to the visit.

brunch-for my birthday!  I love brunch so much!!!

WNBA-I wanted to go to a game for my birthday, and I got us 1st row tickets (closest seats of ever) to enjoy.

We really packed in the activities and they are already Cool and my favorite activities, so it was fun to share them.


color run

Not only was it a color run, it was unicorn-themed and that’s like my favorite ever.  Cool was a good sport and even dressed up in complementary-colored tutu with me.  They had all kinds of selfie stations, and threw color on us as we ran.  The location was beautiful, and the sunrise in AZ is always gorgeous.  So it was a fun time with tons of cute stuff!


tour de fat

We discovered this in 2018, and at that time I spontaneously danced in a talent show.  Which was very fun.  Except I finished the routine with crowd-pleasing splits (with zero stretching/preparation) and messed up my hamstring for the 8 following months.  But it had been a real fun time, so we went again.

This year it was much hotter, so I was drenched in sweat the whole time.  But we dressed adorable, tried new beer, and spectated some of their quirky contests and shows.  It’s always a unique and entertaining time!


pride wk at work

Since Phoenix summers are uncomfortable (an understatement) the city has Pride in April.  Which is really a terrible idea.  Because everyone else is doing Pride in June and nobody in the spring, so AZ is out of sync, and it ends up being lackluster as a result.  Also, it can still be 95-100F in April, so it’s not really even a nicer temperature to most people.  I could tell the people in the parade were hot and uncomfortable, fizzling, and spirited by the halfway mark.  They really need to find a stadium with a roof or somewhere cooler to hold the thing–in June.

So that’s why when work agreed to celebrate a Pride week in June it was like the best thing!  We dressed up and got to partake a little bit in what the rest of the nation was talking about so much.  Also, I’m really proud of my company for being inclusive, accepting, and going as far as celebrating the week.  Makes me feel safer and more welcome.


AZ fair

So in AZ, it’s less of a fair with animals and crafts and more of a carnival.  Which I guess for a city in the middle of a desert makes a lot of sense.  It was just different from what we’d experienced before.  Animals were hard to locate, and there weren’t many.  Crafts were not plentiful either.  Plant stuff was literally 12 pumpkins and the honey people–that’s it.  So that felt weird.

I found residential parking so we didn’t have to pay the $10 or fight the crowd, and that made me over-the-moon excited.  We just had to walk an extra mile, which is no problem for us.  We walk all the time.  They had all kinds of giant fair food and beverages to pick from.  There were rides, but the safety of those sketches me out so we didn’t do any of those.  But we did try our hand at a couple of the games, knowing they are rigged, but just wanting to enjoy the experience.  I did the Wack-a-Mole, and am so good at hitting those vermin that I won a prize!!!  Which never happens to me.  And it wasn’t just a little dinky thing, it was a good sized purple sparkly unicorn!  So that was super-cool.


brunch crawl

I saw it on social media and spontaneously (which I never am) bought tickets for the next day.  As you know I love a brunch!  All around town there were deals at the restaurants on pre-fix brunch stuff.  So we got to try a few different places all in one day.  And we found some new gems in town that we had gone to before and ended up being tasty and pleasant.


Halloween costume

I always think I’m going to lazy out of the costume and just wear something easy from a previous year, but then the spirit hits me.  This year I went from easy bear I already had to…fish!  I learned how to do mermaid face-paint that looks like fishnet.  Got some purple tights.  Painted my Mohawk blue.  And made a fin out of closed butterfly wings.  I looked amazing (if I do say so myself).  And I enjoy painting faces a lot, and am getting better and better at it.  And the planning phase is fun too.  Also, not gonna lie, but the accolades are fun to get as well.


my mohawk

My hair was long, just out of laziness and being cheap.  But I made the mistake of trying to save money by box dying it.  And Cool and I were actually getting really good at the process.  Even the lady who cut my hair said she has worked with professionals that didn’t do as nice a job of even coverage as we had–which I took as a major complement.  Anyway, box dye does horrible damage to hair.  I knew that before, but I didn’t realize just trimming it wasn’t going to fix it.  It was the kind of thing that I was going to have to trim and trim until all of it was cut off so I could start fresh.  And that sounded like a long plan.  But Cool suggested I get a mohawk.  And I’ve had short hair before, but nothing so dramatic or trend-specific.  But I am feisty and fun (and also thought it would be easier to just cut all the dye off at once) so I found some pictures.  The haircut went well and I felt cooler than I actually am.  I got a lot of genuine compliments at work–like people coming out of their way to tell me they loved it.  Not just the ‘I noticed a change and say nice hair’ stuff that you sometimes get with a fashion risk.  And not everyone liked it, but I was totally OK with that too.  Some people are old, gender-conforming, or conservative.  And I don’t care about any of those group’s opinions.  I thought I looked awesome and that’s what mattered!



#3:  Left Mck

I had been relieved to have a job after the terror of both my mate and I losing our jobs in the same week.  And for over a month.  I was really afraid.  But then, the job just wasn’t what I can accept.  I don’t want to be treated as dispensable.  Don’t want to be micromanaged and watched to the extent I feel like I’m living in a Big-Brother world.  I want to know ahead of time if I will be in my same team, position, or location–not told right as it’s happening.  I don’t want to constantly be training new people all the time all the time, without being in some leadership position or getting a raise or recognition for doing that.  And I sure as fuck don’t want to commute.  So I was ecstatic when I got a job close to the house and could leave all of that behind.  I just wish I hadn’t had to lose all the acquaintances/friends I was getting to know.


#2:  10 year anniversary with my mate- Nov

What a special time!  Cool and I have made it ten years and now it sounds just as substantial to others as we always felt about ourselves.  It’s really neat to be able to say ‘decade’ and also really a relief that this is it.  Love.


#1:  Got a permanent job

As much of a relief as it is not to be a precarious temp having to worry constantly about messing up and losing a job, and having to save every penny for just in case–this happened really late.  It was promised that in 90 days I would go perm.  Feet were dragged for additional months.  So when it did happen, it was less of a happy occasion and more of a what took so long?  But now life in Arizona can truly start and I’m really happy for stability.  I want 2020 to be the year of stability!

goals achieved in 2019 and goals for 2020

2 Jan

-kept up on in-a-row runs

On January 2nd, I will have run at least 1 mile every day in a row for 6 years and 1 day!  2192 days in a row!  Go me.  At this point, this one would be harder to break than follow.  So it you’re dedicated, in-a-rows really do work.  Pick one habit that’s really important to you and try it.


-continued making a weekly menu, grocery list, and sticking to that at the store.  And shopping at Winco.

We stuck to this pretty well, and it worked.  We just have to continue maintaining it.

-Continued to put on makeup and fix my hair every day for work.  
I wore makeup every day.  And I fix my hair!
-Drink 12 cups of water a day.
This one varies depending where I am, what I’m doing, the temperature, etc…  I have mostly been very good about drinking water.
-went to the doctor.
Did it.  Will probably have to do it again soon.  Don’t enjoy it.  Mostly because I hate logistics and having my schedule messed up.  But I need to get my Rx renewed and also find a dermatologist.
-dentist twice a year.
fail.  I need to find a new dentist now that I have a real job with real insurance.  It’s on my calendar.

-Floss daily.

I flossed 197 days last year.  53.97% of the time.  That’s just about 3.5 days per week.  I mean, I’ll take it.  Tiredness is most certainly a factor.  But hopefully it’s a little better in 2020.  I will try to get it done earlier in the day this year–that might help.

-workout at least 5 days a week.
We worked out (above and beyond the mile) 165 days last year says my Daylio app.  That’s 45% of the time, which is a lot better than I thought!  We can (and will) do better, but I’ll take nearly half of the time.  It’s built into our work day schedule, but it gets a lot harder on holidays and sometimes weekend, or when it’s very cold or hot, or the afore-mentioned appointments.  I think once we get into the routine we’ll want to do it and it will be easy to keep up.
-cook at home and meal prep on weekends to make the week easier.
Mostly.  And it sure helps a lot.  We live cheaper and make better choices when the food is waiting for us.  As I was standing at work today, I decided I need to give us more credit for this one.  It’s a lifestyle change and it’s cool that we’ve managed it a lot of the time.  I keep food ideas on my Google calendar.  Then we make a menu or what we feel like, or what a holiday or event dictates.  Then break it down into ingredients.  And that becomes the shopping list.  Which I write in the order of the layout of the store we go to so it’s fast to grab things.  Then we 98% stick to the list at the store, only putting things in the cart that are on our list.  Then we do a cooking.  And put things into split tupperwares for every day at lunch (saves money, saves calories), and put the rest in bigger tupperwares to grab throughout the week.  It takes some time but I get hangry a lot and having things at the ready keeps my decisions cheaper and healthier.
-pay off the Visa. 
I submitted double the minimum every month, but there is still money on it.  Moving and unemployment made it a little crazier than I’d like.  But it’s a work in progress.  It wasn’t for lack of trying.
Failed.  I started off with very technical 800 page book, then slogged through it.  By the time I finished I was a little burned out.  Then, all the commuting ate up my time.  And changing jobs was a whole big thing.  Etc, etc…  This next year we’re going to ease back into it by reading at least 10 min a day because that’s just 1% of my waking hours so I don’t feel overwhelmed by that.


Ok, so all of that.  And in 2020:


Save money for a car before November.

Do that by eating out and ordering in less.  Get what we can from the dollar store.  Price compare between Amazon, Walmart, and Costco when getting non-grocery items.  Do bountiful baskets to eat more produce and save money.  Use less, waste less.


More time for creative endeavors.

Spend 1% of waking hours doing each thing.  We’re setting the interval timer app to do 4 times of 10 minutes.  Each 10 min segment works out to 0.9% of our waking hours.  So even though I get antsy and feel like I need to be doing something “important” it is so much easier to think of it as a small portion of my day.  Makes it more manageable.  I think as we get in the groove, we can add more activities or lengthen time spent, but one thing at a time.  I just want to make a habit of including creativity into every day.


I might add more goals later, depending on how the ones on this list go.  And I think I’m going to do the monthly evaluation blogs again, because those really helped me keep tabs and stay accountable.

Donna: You Make Me Wanna…

31 Aug

you mean well

and you cannot tell

but you’re awkward


I know I’m not proficient in social situations

my brain takes detail-vacations

thinking of all the small things

meanwhile I am just standing there

so busy thinking, that I’m checked out–unaware


but you have no idea

so I didn’t take it wrong

saved this story for a song

and recounted the memory to everyone

about the time you said inappropriate things to me at work

not to be a jerk

you think your tips are helpful

and you don’t know any better

an old lady can’t identify with a trend-setter…

you have no idea my haircut is so me!


you suggested sunscreen for my head

you didn’t notice my face turn red

couldn’t tell I was embarrassed by your comments

you showed genuine concern

that my bald spot would burn

maybe you thought I didn’t know how to be feminine and pleasing


I laughed later

didn’t think you were being a hater

I figured you just thought your hints were inspirational

what an odd-ball

saying rude things without the where-with-all!

I know you don’t realize


and I laughed again

when you said my hair was finally growing in

another day when you crept up to my cubicle

I accepted you for what you are

a little kooky, a lot bizarre

but after many comments

my patience was fully spent

I’m ignoring your opinion, take your ten cent.

And put it in your own pocket

an opinion for a different girl, another day

it’s not that I don’t know what you’re getting at-

I should hide my hair and get a hat

until I grow my locks and learn to be a proper girl

but Donna, I just don’t care

that I don’t meet old fashioned standards and you. don’t. like my. hair!

2016 Goal-Plan

5 Jan

I have to be in a certain mood to really write, and though I want to be–today I’m just not.  Tuesday is my most tired day of the week, so maybe that had everything to do with it.  I’ll try though, because I do see the new year as a perfect time for new beginnings, and per the usual I want to grow as a person and be better.  I’ve catagorized my goals and plan to MAKE plans of actions to attack them.

element fairy


things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-running.  I’ve certainly been running and it’s a good stabilizing force, and probably the most healthful thing I do.  Though I’m not going to lie–nearly every single day (and this is day 733 in a row) I want to lazy out.  At this point it would take a LOT to make me break the chain, because that many days in a row is spectacular, but it’s pretty hard to get the motivation to put on that sports bra.  I’ll continue on, for who knows how long.  [time-line:  daily]

-water.  I’ve been drinking it daily like I never used to.  I’m trying to get all 12 cups per day (to account for sweating in heat/working out/eating salt/drinking caffeine) and it’s hard.  They key is drinking as much as I can early in the day.   [time-line:  daily, and early in the day]

-flossing.  It seems a constant battle.  Obviously, I want to do it, but it’s just a matter of DOING it, which is often easier said then done.  I think I’ve been pretty successful at doing it before I brush my teeth for work.  In the afternoon, before I’m really tired.   [time-line:  daily, and before I brush my teeth for work]

-Appearance is just one of those things that isn’t SUPER important to me.  I’m a very low-maintenance gal when it comes to grooming and beauty.  But, in the interest of just feeling more motivated for work and looking mature and everything, I’d like to continue wearing makeup on work days (except Sunday, when nobody really sees me and I’m there for 10+ hours).   [time-line:  daily, before work]

things to start

-Going to the dentist!  And this is for sure happening this year.  I’ll get insurance through my work, so just as soon as it kicks in, I’m making the call.  I’ve already research dentists here, and plan on getting the full cleaning, and all x-rays, then setting up a regular 6 month schedule.  What a relief!   [time-line:  call Tuesday, the 12th of January]

-I need to pain my nails more.  It’s an easy thing to do and I have a lot of pretty colors.   [time-line:  Fridays, during the day]

-And I should wear my beautiful jewelry more.  Those are really easy things that add an extra touch of niceness.   [time-line:  Monday, Wednesday, +/- Thursday]

-I’d also like to take more care fixing my hair.  Instead of a pony-tail, maybe a braid or rows, or a nice barrette.  And, as a more expensive, and long-term thing, this year I’d like to start permanently dying my hair.  To cover all those grays cropping up.  I need to schedule a consult to see what the EASIEST color would be so I can just go as far apart as possible and get my roots touched-up after the initial appointment.  Which won’t necessarily be a color I like, but it will get the job done and be cheaper and lower maintenance.   [time-line:  Monday, Thursday to start]



things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-I am such a different person than I used to be.  I have learned not to make work my life.  I’m not centering everything around it, or letting myself get stressed out over it.  I don’t even check what color tasks I will be responsible for the next week when I’m there on Sundays.   [time-line:  daily]

things to start

-reading more for pleasure.  I want to do the book challenge that specifies different types of books.  The trouble will be finding the time in the week to just sit and read.  I think on a daily basis, between work, tiredness, it’s difficult just to get my run in.  But on my days off and especially on Sundays I think I can make time.  And three days a week of reading is still more then I’m doing now.   [time-line:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

-read/outline my undergrad textbooks and notebooks.  This will serve 2 purposes:  1)  it will utilize some of that money I’m paying in school-loans and not make my degree seem quite so pointless.  I feel like I’m paying all this money back, yet I never USED my education for anything.  2)  I might learn the material better without the pressure of multiple classes, regurgitating info for tests, and papers and projects.  I can learn the stuff at my pace and the stuff I find interesting/important.  And a surprise 3rd advantage–I might be able to clean some of it out and get rid of it once I’ve looked at it.   [time-line:  Thursdays during the day?  Try it and see if this day works, then reevaluate]



things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-be more consistent about adding a weekly item to my positivity jar.  I do it, but not that frequency.   [time-line:  Sunday night]

things to start

-I newed to re-start thinking of all the things I’m thankful for daily.  I really liked it, and it was an easy thing to do, which also had the benefit of re-focusing my attention from worrk to gratitude.  I just sort of fell out of the habit the less stressed and the happier I got.   [time-line:  daily, before sleeping]

-painting for enjoyment.  It’s a nice hobby that Cool and I can do together.  I want to paint light switch covers and finish my totem painting series.   [time-line:  Friday or Saturday, twice a month]



things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-keep up on apartment cleaning schedule.  This should be OK and easy, because I can’t live with the mess.  Also, I have calender reminders set up in a routine I like.  This will be helpful to keep on everything around home so there need not be any huge cleaning days and at move out we hopefully will not have a Riverton Terrace clean-up/fine situation.   [time-line:  follow calender]

-make a shopping list.  I always do this, but lately it’s been more of a long-term list then is really helpful.  I need to buy the items at least twice a month and start a new list.   [time-line:  as needed]


things to start

-scan all my photos and back them up on my external hard-drive to cut down on albums.   [time-line:  tomorrow–get it done ASAP]

-Also consolidate my scrapbooks, and make power-points or DVDs of some of the materials to save space (and future moving hassle).   [time-line:  next Wednesday, January 13th]

-set a consistent grocery shopping day!  Problem is I hate it.  But in order to cook, I need ingredients on hand, so this has to happen.  I think every other Sunday after work will be a less-busy convenient day (relatively) to go.   [time-line:  every other Sunday, starting January 17th]



things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-I have also learned not to place the expectations I have for myself on people at work.  Through experience, I realized that only creates social problems and makes me stressed and resentful.  People aren’t going to have my drive or dedication, and it’s not my problem.  So a huge goal is to keep that up, because I really am bunches happier for it.   [time-line:  continuous]

-make a firm cooking date with Cool.  We love to cook together and it makes the following week a lot smoother.  Friday or Saturday depending on what else is going on will work well.   [time-line:  Saturday, January 9th]


things to start

-2015 was AWFUL for blogging!  I didn’t do it, when I did it felt like an obligation, and it wasn’t too technically great of writing either–much like that last sentence.  Partially, it was because 2015 was such a transitional year.  Partially, I was too tired and adjusting to a new work schedule.  And it didn’t happen a lot, because I was happy hanging out with Cool, and didn’t want to “step away” to write by myself.  This year, I aim to be better than that, though I don’t know if I will go so far as to impose deadlines or post-numbers on myself.  After all, it supposed to be fun.   [time-line:  write again Thursday or Friday this week]

Joel K tree

The Dreaded Box Dye

1 Aug

I am worried about the gray, but can no longer justify salon visits–and always hated much time highlights took.

icky grays

icky grays

My process:

1]  I bought the L’oreal mousse because there was no mixing involved and you could re-use the same box for up to a year if you didn’t go through it all.  I also thought mousse might be cleaner, and didn’t want dripping or to have to hang my head upside-down in the bathtub for who-knows-how-long.

2]  I had no idea what color to pick.  Blonde looks icky and fake as phuk, so I steered clear of that.  Mostly I just wanted

my natural color

my natural color

something to cover the 20% of grays while leaving the rest natural-looking.  Box dye never looks natural!  I was trying to pick between light brown and dark honey blonde–2 very similar shades to my natural color.  I was going to go with the darker of the 2, but the box said right on the front if you’re torn between 2 colors, pick the lighter shade.  So hesitantly, I did.

3] Making the mistake of looking online for application tips (I’ve NEVER colored my own hair before) I got scared.  Not only do box dyes damage hair, it takes some finesse to apply them correctly and evenly.  Also, the reviews for my particular product were not just bad, but HORRIBLE.  Every review hated it and some even went so far as to write the company.

4] Not feeling good about it, and with the important 1st day of school and Labor Dave Weekend approaching, I procrastinated for a week.

5] Wanting time for recourse if things went sour, I finally sucked it up and planned to dye my hair.

6] I showered and let my hair dry even though all the forums said dirty hair is better.  I assume it was dry-haired people saying that, because my short, fine, greasy-morning, post-run hair was hardly ideal–I thought.

7] I shook the daylights out of the mousse, wanting to follow the instructions to the letter.

8] I parted my hair like I usually do and (keeping the bottle upright, per directions) sprayed some mousse blobs on and really massaged them in.  The product stayed where I put it, and was easy to work with.  Cool said it was too much massaging, so when I made the next part (about 1/2″ away) I blotted the mousse in.  I parted my hair, fairly close together as if I was doing rows, then shook the bottle, sprayed blobs of mousse, and blotted them in.  Then, parted the back and had Cool help my spray and blot the mousse.

9]  Then the instructions said to work GENEROUS (their caps) amounts of mousse in the hairline, which I did before massaging it through all hair.

10]  We tried to work the mousse through all of the hair, massaging it in, and getting it as coated as possible.  I was worried about my skin (especially my ears) getting dyed, so I may not have gotten around my ears or neck as well as I should have.  Not being a professional, and not having a view of all 360 degrees of my head, I’m not sure how successful we were at this whole portion.

11]  Then we removed the gloves and I had to wait for 30 min.

12]  I sat in front of the fan, worked on my step count, did hula-hoops, hand-brushed cat hair out of the carpet, and it was finally time to shower.

13]  The instructions were very explicit that you could blind yourself with their product so I had to tip my head way back in the shower.  This engaged my abs, which Kelly Coffey-Meyers had engaged yesterday and this morning, and our water pressure is lower then even hotels, so I opted to lie down under running bath water instead.

14]  Cool said I would feel when it was rinsed out, but my hair felt slimy the whole time.  Finally, after 12-ish min (according to Cool, it felt much longer to me) I abandoned the notion of a complete rinse and just applied their conditioner.  Again, I have never used box dye before, so I don’t know if that’s how it usually feels with any brand.  Massaging conditioner in and letting it sit for good measure.  Which, because my hair is fine and has a tendency to get greasy, I NEVER apply conditioner to my roots, or hair shaft under normal conditions (pun!).  I’m not sure what the instructions dictated as my glasses were off at this point.

15]  I rinsed, and with great hesitancy, used my beautiful green towel to dry my hair, hoping it wouldn’t turn honey-blonde.

16]  I don’t know which is worse:  Clumps of gray or uneven, phony-looking one tonal color.  I don’t think I like either, but my hair hasn’t even dried after my shower so I can’t judge quite yet.  My hair is still pretty wet, but I’m not sure I like it.  At the front and part lines it looks very honey, but the shaft and ends of the hair look like my color.

17]  I gave it another hour and all hair looked pretty even.  I guess it had been damp and dark before.

before--eww look at those natural red tones!

before–eww look at those natural red tones!

before--my natural color

before–my natural color

after--former gray zone

after–former gray zone

after--my cheap haircut sure looks nice here!

after–my cheap haircut sure looks nice here!

I don’t know how to edit these pics w/o type in between

18] Verdict:  I can live with it.  I’m not sure I like it enough to repeat (that goes for ANY brand of box color), and I don’t want to damage my hair, but the process wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, and as you can see there’s a definite color change.  And I think it colored the grays for the most part–though they still want to stand up and be unruly, so even though the match I know which hairs they are.  We’ll see–I still have half a bottle left over that I can use on roots or to fully repeat the process in the next year.

A note to myself:  I could see roots on 9/6 (and dyed the hair on 8/1) so it lasted, for me and my growth, about 5 weeks.

Gray Street

11 Jun

August 2011 116Well, gray part line. I’m totally preoccupied lately with these few gray strands of hair that are suddenly all too visible. I mean, for 5-6 years hairdressers have made little comments about my grays, but they were largely invisible to me. So I’m pretty sure, unless you got close in great light, the normal passerby couldn’t see them either.

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve become alarmed.  I honestly don’t think it’s attributed to a perception of aging of fading beauty or something like that either.  I consider myself a feminist, and I don’t think I’m especially superficial–as my monthly goal check in can attest.  I’m low-maintenance.  I guess that’s what disturbs me most about the gray–it requires upkeep.  I’m panicking because obviously, at 30 I’m not ready to go natural and sport gray streaks or worse–the patches I think I have.

Every time I stand in front of the mirror, I can see gray hairs sticking up from the back of my side part.  And I can sort of tell they are in fact gray, because they are much coarser then my fine regularly-hued hair.  And naturally, they stick straight up–what else would they do?  I started by trying to pull the little mo-fos out.  Despite seeing them very clearly at a glance in the mirror, I can hardly crane around to actually remove them.  They are situated just far enough back that I can’t see the whole situation very well or in much detail.  And have you ever noticed that ANY single strand of hair looks remarkably gray?  So I sit there ripping chunks of my hair out, and I’m pretty sure I’m mostly ripping out ones with color.  But as I stand there scrutinizing them one by one after they’ve been pulled it’s hard to tell.  Goose thinks I’m crazy.  Even a maine coon has no idea why you would stand there pulling out pieces of hair. . .  So add baldness to my hair problems.

BUT, I absolutely have no funds to pay salon prices right now–and I find 3 hours in a chair tedious.

But I’ve heard really bad things about box dye, and don’t want to ruin my hair either.  And I’m not confident I would be JAEDAable to pull off a nice-looking dye job.  It would be just my luck to do some whacked-out color job, then get a job interview.  Not only that I wouldn’t know where to start.  How does the procedure work?  What color would I even go with?  Most of those don’t look very natural, and I am just starting to embrace my hair’s natural color (when it has pigment).

So I’m really bummed out and confused about what to do.

Re-Blog from 125: A TMI Envy

13 Dec

I am stealing this post, because it is of great interest to me.  And yup, bold is required, because the subject is just that.  Yes, I would love to do this:

shave the cat

If the world ended or if Cool became a hair-wax person.  I freely admit it–I am a prude, and would never, never, never in a bazillion years show my business to a stranger.  For perspective, know that I sustained a 4th degree laceration to my parts in an unfortunate rainy day bicycle accident–and delt with the pain (the horrific, terrible pain) for 36 hours because I couldn’t stand the thought of ever going to the gyno.  Like ever in my life.  When I finally did go because the pain was unbarable and I couldn’t sit, sleep, bathe, or pee, they said I should have gotten sutures.  But it was past the time-frame that they could do them.  So gratuitous waxing–not ever going to happen.  Even though I’m intrigued by heart designs and I’ve never even heard of bedazzling or whatever, but love bling. . .  And am disgusted by hair and admire those with the courage (and money) to get it done.  Nope still just. . .  No.  I can’t blame it on the fact it’s decidedly UN-feminist, because if I wasn’t prude and shy I would get it done in a heartbeat.  So here, from my (secret) internet bestie, Liz:

Brazilian. Let’s Do This.

My brain is a little scrambled on where to start this post. On the one hand it’ll probably be the most personal thing I’ve ever posted (hawho am I kidding?), but then on the other hand everyone I mentioned it to seemed shocked I had never got one.

That totally threw me off; do most of you ladies go bare, down there? Huh. I had no idea!

I suppose the main reason I never looked into doing it was because of the two obvious reasons:

  1. The pain. Ripping hair from my where? And even back there? Holy hell no.
  2. The awkwardness. Knickers on? Knickers off? She’ll be tweezing where? What’s the etiquette going in? I’ll pass athankyouverymuch.

Truthfully, I’ve never really cared that much about it. I’ve never felt pressure from the media, or guys to go bare down there (although, I see/hear that’s a thing?) so ever since high school I’ve always been a Nair cream & Venus razortype of gal. And up until this week that suited me rather well (cheap, easy, simple). And then, for whatever reason, (cough, going away this weekend & didn’t want to think about it, cough) I decided to do it this week.

The website was daunting. But nonetheless I closed my eyes, hit the radio button, chose my time and waited for the confirmation.


And then I blocked it out until today. And by ‘blocked it out’ I mean started FREAKING OUT. I seriously had no idea what the pre-etiquette was, how much pain it would be, if my skin would react, if Matt would like it (it’s totally a surprise for him), or whether it be worth the money.

So. So despite being THISCLOSE to skipping my appointment, come 6:10pm today I was trying to play it cool in the waiting room of Brazilian Butterfly. I signed the waiver, fiddled with my nails, took sneaky photos (oh the things I do for this bloggy!), and tried to cool myself down – I was ridiculously sweaty from the 34C (93F) weather, a damn hot tram ride, and of course from simply being nervous. Ewww, I know.

My aesthetician, Shannon, led me to a small, tidy, room, but before she could explain anything I blurted out, “this is my first time!” And of course, as everyone had informed me, she was really nice about it, told me not to worry, and I’d live to tell the tale (and I did!).


She told me to remove all my garments on my lower half (f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g. o.u.t. n.o.w.) and left me alone in the room to do so. (First tip: wear a dress – so pleased I did!)  And so I removed my knickers, and awkwardly sat on the little bed (like a massage bed) while waiting & trying to de-sweat myself (God, I’m such a classy broad). A few minutes later she was back, and straight to business. She told me to lay back, and pull my thighs towards my head. Umm what? Okay. (OHMYGOD!! So exposed.) And then she started talking about this, and that, and then suddenly there was hot wax on me. And then suddenly there was not.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, it hurt, but it was bearable. Nothing like I imagined. More uncomfortable than anything. There was, however, one spot on the side that hurt like a bitch. Had the whole thing been like that I think I would have had to stop halfway, but luckily it was badda-bing-badda-boom and it was done (I’d say it took about 13 minutes).  I was really nervous of going “full on”, but did it anyways as I figured I was already in the hot seat (she actually started with the rear end – TMI!! – then the front, then the sides).


So. Hope that helps someone. And I’m sorry I’m not sorry if that made you cringe (false, I am sorry!), but here some final, quick points:

  • It was $70 (including an after-the-fact cream)
  • Are you in Melbourne? Go to Brazilian Butterfly! So clean and profesh!
  • It’s not as smooth as I thought it would be. True, it’s smooth, but it’s the same as when I Nair. Hmmm. (Update: apparently it’ll be smoother in a day or two).
  • It’s supposed to last about 5 weeks! That’s way better than Nair/shaving (I shall report back!)
  • You should have seen all the “bedazzled” designs they do! WHO DOES THAT?
  • Apparently the more I go, the less pain it’ll be.
  • And, the more I moisturize down there, the smoother it’ll be. Wait, what? We’re supposed to put cream down there? I did not know this.
  • Why yes, I too am shocked at the length of this post.
  • Fun fact: I think I was more nervous of her seeing my stomach than my hoo-ha. And yes, I sucked in the whole time.
  • In the spirit of really trying not to put myself down these days, I bit my tongue and didn’t make a joke about my stomach to her.
  • I did NOT take advil/tylenol beforehand – I forgot.
  • WILL I DO IT AGAIN? I would yes, except $70 is like my groceries for a week, so umm, sadly no. At least not until I get back to Toronto and a better income.

Okay. That’s it! Hope I covered everything & of course leave a comment if you have any questions OR if you have a good/bad/horror experience. GIRL TALK!

PS:  Yes, I was embarrassed just reading this post.


13 Jul

Time for another major pet-peeve: One-tonal blonde hair. I am never certain why (women especially) think this looks good. I blame unreasonable expectations driven by patriarchy and capitalism.  Just because a lot of celebs sport the look–which is costly to maintain.  It looks unnatural! And bad. Often it is orangy-yellowy so the color turns out brassy. Not. Cute.  At.  All.  Sorostitutes with brassy orange/gold hair and Oompa-Loompa orange, fake & bake skin = weird looking, not gorgeous.

Also, that icky blondie-blonde color absolutely destroys your hair. Bleach, black, and box dye are 3 of the worst cardinal hair sins. Even IF the color looks good (it doesn’t) the dry, brittle “hair” left on your head looks like it’s about to fall out–it is. People, you do those colors too much on your hair, and that hair will break. Nothing is fashionable about that.  And maybe you will go bald early. Yick. Especially if you process the hair in other ways: Blow dry, curl, straighten, chemically alter.

Maybe worst of all = roots. Roots are so, so, SO, SO ugly! Any that are showing make you look trash-E-trash. Especially people that stray far from their natural color–black roots on a brassy head = appalling. Red roots on black hair–I’m not even going to address it it’s so terrible.  So if you must dye–keep up on the touch-ups.  Even one day of striped hair makes you look lazy and gross.

So do your hair (and spectators) a favor and keep your natural color. Plus, staying within a color-range semi-near your own matches your skin/eyebrows.  [un-matching eyebrows *shakes head*] Not a lot of people can carry off strong blondes/blacks/reds because it clashes with their complexion.  Really, you will look a LOT cuter if you keep a natural look.  Even if you feel like it’s boring.

Or at least get highlights and low lights. I’m not going to lie–if I could afford to do it consistently (and keep up on the roots) I would totally dye my hair.  And I certainly will when too much of it turns gray.  Probably a truer shade of blonde–with low lights obviously.  You have to have mutli-dimensional color–professionally done, and not over-treat your hair for it to look soft, naturally lovely, and beautiful.  Yeesh–get a clue.