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2019 Album Countdown: Middle of the Pack 18-12

29 Dec
  1. Sara Berelles:

She’s usually one of my favorites, but this album is kind of out of touch with the general population.  It’s very high-level (example: Orpheus) stretching to intellectual. And musically, it’s slow, which doesn’t help the accessibility of the product.  The songs aren’t catchy at all.

-”Poetry by dead men” is too much, should have been a book of poems, not an album.

-”Armor” is best (Eve)

-”Wicked Love” is good.

-cage where you live, history of silence, drum line beat (sounds like it references Taylor Swift)


  1. Hootie and the Blowfish:

It was nice to see them back on the scene!

“Not Tonight” catch chorus.  Low key night. I like the chords at the end of the song.

-”Hold On” Mentions the news  It mentions love, but it’s not a strong enough political message for me.  A lil’ love is not going to cut it when children and being separated from their families and put into cages, the environment is being un-protected for oil profits, and our democracy is under attack.

-”Lonely on a Saturday” I call it the, ‘I’m about to hit on you’ song.

-”Wildfire Love” The gal dueting on this sounds too Bonnie Rait (who is great) and it doesn’t match his voice.  She is too folk/old country while he is more modern and smooth. I do like the lyrics though.

-Everybody but You”..” I like the beat and I especially like when the lyric “stop” comes up and the music goes silent.  I also like the instrumental break.

-”Half a Day…” Is this a little sharp?  Its discordant in a good, interesting way.


  1. Lil Nas X:

Don’t we have enough “lil” yet?  Of course I like “Old Town Road” that crossover hit that just dominated the charts.  I like the hook, the unexpected pausing within the song, the country duet, and obviously whistling in a rap song.  I especially like that it’s unique and different. So I tried the rest of the album, and while not in one hit wonder territory, it still doesn’t really move me.  

-”Kick It” The brassy background instrumentals make the song more alieve and less dark and harsh.  

-”Rodeo” Good song and it has melody.  Which I miss in rap as a genre.

-”Space Coupe” unfortunately has no melody and too much repetition.


  1. Lana Del Ray

This is an artist I have heard a lot of good things about.  She was seriously hyped when her music came on to the scene.  Taylor Swift, who I respect as one of the best songwriters of ever, said Del Ray is her favorite writer.  I tried so many times to get into Del Ray’s music, but it’s just too sleepy. I’m just not into it, and I can’t make myself get into it.  

-”Happiness is a Butterfly” is good.

-”Mariners Apt…” just sounds flaky and dreamy (like most her stuff) and I just do not like that whisper-singing she does. 

-”Hope is Dangerous’ is catchy, but repetitive.

-”Fuck it I Love You” she speeds up the verse in this one and it’s a nice touch.  

-”Cinnamon Girl” I love at aging lyrics, and this one has nice backing instrumentals.


  1. Marvin Gaye

-“X-mas…” sounds dreamy and experimental

-”Give My  Life…”

Pronounces, “rhap-so-dee” which bothers me, and the horns seem a little forced.

-*”Try it…” was easily the best song, very motown, catchy, with a subtle political message.

-”We can make it” A pop love song


  1. Beth Hart

I really enjoy listening to Hart when she goes really jazzy with it.  Her voice is well-suited for it with that vibrato stuff she can pull off.  I liked this album, but it was a lot more piano than a Mississippi soul sound I prefer.  Not as jazzy but extra-soulful. I guess without the element I love most, the piano is the best thing about the album (and feminism).

-nice piano “war”, skat

-”I need a Hero” = good, introspective lyrics, pretty piano.  ‘She-ro’ is going too far lyrically.

-”Bad Woman…” catchy

-”Woman Down” is nice, dramatic piano

12. Billie Eilish:

Review based on album alone, because I do not care for her weird bag-lady aesthetic.  And I think the industry and gonna take someone with her low maturity-level and chew her up, spit her out.  I see her as a drug addict pretty quickly. Already pedophiles are circling (Drake, I said it). Harsh, yet concerned–I would hire really really smart people if I were her.

I found the album to be like a more experimental Fiona Apple.  I liked most of the songs, with their jazzy flair and low-key, yet very produced vibe.  The ones I don’t care for are those that auto-tuned her voice the whole time. There was too much of the skippy vocals!  I like to hear some singing talent, not obscured for effect theatrics. I see a lot of potential, but the hype is a pitfall, and in interviews from what I see–she’s not equipped to handle a meteoric rise.