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Is He EVERYone’s Dad???

22 Jan

Well, maybe not everyone’s father, but in tons of movies at any rate.  Just check out J. K. Simmons’ Wiki page.  He’s Juno’s father.  In I Love You, Man, he’s Paul Rudd’s character’s father.  “Speedo full of brillo.”  That JUST kills me!  Also, not a technical father in The Closer, but a benevolent authority figure somewhat like a father.

I am staring to really like him.  I’ve seen him as the lovable, and humorous guy a lot.  Sort of a fun, push-over type in every role.  I guess I should watch Spider Man 3–sounds like he’s the villian.  Maybe that would be interesting.  Hopefully the role keeps his good sense of humor.

I had to say I was quite amazing when I recognized his voice in the remake of True Grit.  It was even un-credited!  I think this says good things about my future in audiology.