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Let the Countdown Begin! 2019 Albums that didn’t make it

22 Dec

There wasn’t bunches of albums I really liked in 2019–especially before the 4th quarter.  It was a little sparse for my tastes.  I miss true alternative rock, and I want more folk.  Despite not loving most of the music put out in this reorganizing music industry, I didn’t hate many this year either.  They all kind of fell into meh to mmmm range.  Here are the bottom of my barrel.



Yep, I said it.  And please don’t make it a race thing or a Taylor Swift loyalty thing (which isn’t even a thing for fuck’s sake).  I loved Destiny’s Child a lot in high school, and they were one of my staple bands.  But this album, I just didn’t get.  I don’t know if this was even meant to be a 2019 album or just a live reiteration of her Cochella performance.  But my reviews are judged as albums, not on any information behind it, performance, or personality, and as such–this album as a stand-alone didn’t resonate with me.  That said, there was Good marching band music throughout.

Jay-Z is featured too much.  His voice sucks, and the only reason he’s any kind of current rap is his association with her.  He should just leave it all to the past and be an icon and stop performing.

This album is really ridin’ on Coechella and is doing all the trash-talk, but it’s overplayed.  I didn’t like the talk or the vibe of this at all.  For starters, it’s too conceited.  Especially in “Flawless” which is over the top for an album-maybe it goes over differently in a festival environment.  Also, there is too much “growl-singing” I don’t think it adds much to the songs.  And too much growling (more than once) is simply too much.

I do not EVER want to hear kinds in songs, not at any time.  They’re in 2?  Pet peeve.  Leave your fucking kids at home.  I don’t want them on my track.  If you must involve your kids in the music business, make a kids’ record.  That people with kids want to hear specifically for that purpose.


Jason Aldean:

This is a name I hear a lot, so I was excited to try the album.  And then promptly disappointed.  I found this album superficial and lyrically simple.  Also not super-authentic.  I want to hear the real you in your lyrics.  Tell your story and don’t pander.  and this album had neither of those elements.  By song:

-”We Back” Catchy, but not much else is here.

-”Champagne Town” Down to Earth, but does it ring true?

-”Some Things You Don’t Forget”  Nice background accompaniment only.

-”Talk About Georgia” It bothers me that he says, “Georgia” in a weird way, especially since the word comes up numerous times.  Is that a thing?  Where is he from?  I feel like he should be able to say the name of this state properly.

-” Cowboy Killer” It’s one of the more lyrically complex, which is good, because I thought this album as a whole was derivative.  



Ugh-he is the worst.  I didn’t even want to listen and support anything about him.  But I was curious. And I found out the new album is definitely out of the mainstream and into the Religious music category (despite the rap, it’s not enough to be a cross-over or genre-bender).

-”God is…” very churchy with gospel chipmunk singing.  He sounds hoarse in a bad way.

-”Jesus is Lord” sounds like Kenye ripped off Beyonce’s marching band brass sound.

-”Use this Gospel” Is auto-tuned to all-hell (per the usual) but has a nice hook and verse.  Though of course he’s still talking shit in this song, and I get really tired of that, and isn’t the whole religious thing supposed to be the golden rule and tolerance and being nice?

-”Closed on Sun” Umm, the Chick-fe-la lyric, which is repeated ad-nauseum, is ridiculous.  Also, he thought he would combine story lines of raising girls with talking about Jezabel later.  It’s all over the place. Like his thought-process.

-”On God” I liked that it was introspective but let’s get real when he talks about his family starving, it’s completely, obnoxiously privileged.  He is missing the point, and still playing the victim.  P.S. a pet peeve of mine is anyone in America saying they are so poor they are starving.  If that’s the case it’s only because you didn’t submit your EBT (food stamps) application or you don’t have a proper social security number (ie illegally here).  America doesn’t let people starve-especially kids.  Is it organic, vegan, specialty gourmet food?  No.  But it’s food, and food stamps go far if you shop smart (from someone who’s been on them 3 times in my adult life).  Poverty is real.  Poverty is detrimental.  People in poverty may not be able to afford gas (or even a car), they may not be able to pay their phone bill (though there’s even a government program to help with utilities, including phone), or sneakers.  But between WIC, EBT, Commodities (my childhood staples), food pantries, churches, and donations = nobody is missing meals.  Knock it off with the staving stuff!  Especially when you have the tax bracket of Kanye.

“Everything We Need” was horrible, and misogynistic with all that Eve, apple stuff.  Barf.

“I Love It” I don’t know if this was actually on the album, or a Spotify suggestion, but it was relevant that it came up.  It had lyrics like ‘you’re such a fuckin hoe’ which just show how this Christian stuff of his has a long way to go. If anything, I think what Kanye does comes from an authentic (if not chaotic, mentally ill, narcissistic) place.  And if this religious music is just phoniness in order to break into a different market and clean up his Trump-loving image, he has a lot of self evaluation to do (getting real with himself) and he needs to do a lot more work. 

I hope I never have to judge a Kenye record again, I don’t wanna give his problematic views credence by devoting air time to him.  Next installment will be the middle of the pack albums.